WorldVentures Scam- A Glamorous Way To Make A Living?

WorldVentures Scam- A Glamorous Way To Make A Living?

Name: WorldVentures
Website:                      WorldVentures Scam
Price: $199.95+ $26.99/month or more
Owners: Wayne Nugent and Mike Azcue
Overall Rank: 1 out of 5 Stars

WorldVentures™ has made a commitment to being the most-trusted name in the direct-selling industry through our transparent business processes and open management philosophy. WorldVentures is dedicated to helping our Independent Representatives live richer lives: to enjoy unique travel and leisure experiences; to earn extra income doing something they love; and to help others improve their lives.” –



WorldVentures, An Overview

Based out of Plano Texas and founded in early December 2005, WorldVentures is one of the fastest growing multi-million dollar direct selling companies of curated group travel with a sales force more than 110,000 representatives in 24 countries. WorldVentures is allegedly a travel club in which members have access to hugely discounted vacations. Sounds like a great product, so why are their sales reps spending most of their energy recruiting others into WorldVentures?

They mention luxurious trips in all their promotional materials featuring a sales associates in places like Cancun holding signs that say “You should be here!”

WorldVentures Scam

They tempt people with the promise of a stress-free and a glamorous way to make a living while you’re living. In a world where many people dream of firing their boss, this seems like the perfect business opportunity just like Herbalife and Amway.


  • Learn about networking and decent training on building a home based business.
  • Go on trips and meet new like-minded individuals.


  • This is not a sustainable business. Most of the money is made on memberships for training aids and events, materials, and monthly membership fees more than anything. The training events are as low as $29 up to as much as hundreds of dollars.
  • $100 startup cost and an $11 monthly membership fee just to be able to sell this product to others
  • Many of the packages offered by other free sites such as Expedia, Priceline, and Kayak are several hundred dollars cheaper. The only reason the World Venture package will come out lower is because of the points that you pay for that give you a slight discount from the total costs.
  • All your fees are saved and converted into points, but there’s a lot of terms and conditions including that not all you points are available immediately, expire after a year, there’s a restriction in the amount of points you can redeem at a time, and are only good for DreamTrips Rewards. You can’t use them towards DreamTrips and airfare.
  • According to their 2009 disclosure, 72.3% of their associates did not earn a commission, about 7.5% earned an average of $553, and less than one percent received more than that. The average income of all associates was a measly $100 and that doesn’t even include all of the other expenses. By 2013 the numbers got even more dreadful where 77.51% didn’t earn nothing at all and the median income was $203.59.
WorldVentures Scam
October 2012- September 2013 Income Disclosure
  • Confusing compensation plan with a 65% Payout cap rule.
  • 43 complaints filed against this business in the last three years with the Better Business Bureau.
  • The company is being investigated in Norway and believed to be a pyramid scheme.
  • This is known to be a shady company so be very cautious if you’re planning to give them your credit card information because you may need to cancel it and get a new one.
  • WorldVentures is taking legal action against bloggers that express their concerns with them.
  • According to The Observer, another suit will be added to the two most critical lawsuits from former reps. Former seven month World Venture representative, Jeffrey Ostrove prepared a class action lawsuit along with 200 people that signed on.

This is really ethically wrong, it’s morally wrong,” he told The Observer. “It’s taking advantage financially of people without them knowing about it. They tend to sue ex-reps who leave them for other MLMs or say anything pessimistic about the company, squashing public dissent.”

  • They have a list of very complex rules and regulations including the fact that reps don’t earn their commissions until they recruit 30 customers or downline members, consequently, very few people get paid.
  • It’s very hard to get a refund and you have to get it within 14 days. Their customer service is very poor.
  • With a struggling economy, it will be very hard to sell this product. Not everyone can afford to take vacations adding to the fact that your flight is not even included. For those that are paying, they can’t take a vacation every month.
  • If you manage to receive a free BMW, you have to make the payments if you don’t meet your status quo.
  • Senior Reps only earn $200-$500 a month.
  • It’s just another MLM. Unless you have internet marketing skills, than you have to be very good at persuading your friends, family, neighbors and strangers to join under year which can be very challenging. Unless you’re actively recruiting other people, you will not be able to make money.

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World Ventures Complaints

World Ventures Posted: La Verite

Pyramid Scheme with a twist

Complaint Rating: 62 % with 354 votes

While NOT ILLEGAL, World Ventures does work off the old “Pyramid Scheme” setup. You PAY CASH to recruit people and make it back from the cash of your recruits. Logically, someone has to lose money for you to get paid.

However, as they do offer actual vacations and travel services, this is not a crime. One could argue that your money also paid for your access to their exclusive vacation deals, (which are consistently higher than Travelocity, Expedia, or even face-value hotel expenses.) The packages are a rip off, as is the recruitment, but its legal. And realistically, if you can sucker in enough of your fellow saps, you actually can profit. So long as the there is a lower rung on the ladder to pay for your mistake.

They don’t lie to you. They just hide the truth in pretty words and motivational hotel “pep rallies.” Most of the attendees are still buying into it themselves, so they come across as very sincere and enthused. But if you notice, none of them are really making money. Hmms.
Dont be fooled, most of these people are faking smiles to make their money back, even hoping your money will recoup their losses. My advice- don’t get up in arms, this thing is huge and there’s nothing you can do. Just look out for yourself and your loved ones and keep your wallet closed.”

Submitted: Sun, May 20, 2012
Updated: Mon, January 14, 2013
Reported By: Sorely Frustrated — Anytown Nationwide United States of America

I attended multiple events for this company as was led to believe that the so-called leaders of the company were achieving a significant financial gain by following their trainings and work ethic. It would appear on the face value that is someone has achieved a certain rank in the company such as a regional marketing director that that person would be making a significant amount of money due to the fact that you would only achieve that rank based on the qualifiers.

As it turns out, many, if not all, of the top ranks were promoted a certain ranks falsely by the company at company events to gain more representatives into the company, benefiting only these top ranks and company owners.

I spent over 3 years and over $17,000 of my hard earned money on company events, trainings and other things like traveling to these events and I made a whopping $4,769.00 in 36 months.

The company gives specific directions on how to build a home-based business, but it seems very few can earn enough money to have any ability to just work from home and not have a job too.

This company is a rip off in so many ways and are only taking people’s money for the gain of no one but themselves. Most people may only lose a few hundred dollars if they only join the company and do nothing, but if they follow the company’s advice, including their own trainers and so-called leadership, you will lose much, much more.”


World Ventures Tools & Training

The training is pretty decent and will teach you how to make money in network marketing, but some people emphasize that it consists of the few people that got in early and rant about how much money they made off all the new reps joining the company.

As a representative, you will have access to social media tools and other technology to help you work on your business from anywhere in the world.


How Much Does World Ventures Cost?

DreamTrips- one-time fee of $199.95 and $26.99 per month
DreamTrips Life= one-time fee of $199.95 and $54.99 per month
Luxury DreamTrips- one-time fee of $999.99 and $99.99 per month

To be a representative- $99 one-time $10.99 per month

DreamTrips package and become a representative- $360


My Final Opinion of World Ventures

Unfortunately, there’s no mystic way to travel the world and acquire fortunes while doing it. This could work for someone who knows a lot of people, but the statistics do not lie. You could put all your effort into this and still not make a dime while the company is taking your money. The truth is multilevel marketing is too hard and just requires too high of a risk. The only things that’s going to happen is that you’re going to be left in an even worse situation and face destroyed relationships. WorldVentures is just another multi-level marketing scheme where the money is made primary by recruiting others and the selling of training aids and events. There’s just too many red flags revolving the company including the 43 complaints filed against them with the Better Business Bureau, the lawsuits, and that they take legal action against bloggers who say anything negative one. My advice is to steer clear of this company and learn how to turn your passion into a full-time business.


World Ventures at a Glance…

Name: WorldVentures
Price: $199.95+ $26.99/month or more
Owners: Wayne Nugent and Mike Azcue
Overall Rank: 1 out of 5 Stars

If you’re a member or have been a member of WorldVentures, please share your experience below.


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44 thoughts on “WorldVentures Scam- A Glamorous Way To Make A Living?”

  1. I was in World Ventures for quite some time. I never made any money from it and actually cancelled after finding out that my DreamTrip was priced higher than Expedia. Like everything, you must do your research. I am now with a company that within the first 6 months of marketing it, the company is paying the monthly fees and I enjoy a growing residual income with actual travel agent benefits. I actually possess my CLIA (Cruise Lines International Association) credential, earned through the free coaching and training from my current company. Bottom your research…

    • Paycation is one of the endless recruitment schemes by David Manning that last three years or less including Traverus, TravelWorks International, and Hi 5,

  2. First off it looks as though you left some things out: First and foremost once you are able to sign up four members you no longer have to pay the monthly dues, when you do sign up for a membership you get your money back as points to use on your trips, thirdly you are refunded your money in full if you can find a cheaper deal, we offer so many other features then just dreamtrips i.e. you can use our shop online tool and this accumulates points for your next trip.
    We are not a get rich quick scheme, but in all honesty what company is?
    We are backed by O magazine, in 2013 we won the “world’s leading travel club” at the world travel awards grand finale, according to wall street journal we were billed as “the travel industry’s equivalent to the oscars” and we both know they wouldn’t just back up anyone.
    Your article is incomplete and seems to only have the negative side of World ventures company. Please update and include some of these things. Thank you.

    • World Ventures was judged a pyramid scheme in Norway and the problem with schemes like this is that the majority of people will end up losing money than making money.

    • It’s now 2018.
      They haven’t been paying reps and vendors since October of 2017. Reps are losing their cars and houses because WV is not paying them what they are owed.
      WV didn’t even make the top 100 in the 2018 DSN.
      Corporate has been going thru massive layoffs and there is no money. Open talk of bankruptcy.

    • About 300 of the 600,000 Mary Kay women make a six-figure income by working 40-80 hour weeks. 98% of them lose money and the ones that do profit is just as much as the minimum wage when you deducts all other business expenses.

      It seems safe to give this business a try since they pay a 50 percent commission and a 90 percent buyback guarantee on their products, but this is not reality.

      When consultants want to return the products because they are unable to sell them, they are persuaded not to do this because the Mary Kay sales directors and team leaders will have to pay back their commissions.

      In the meantime, consultants will be accumulating interest and finance charges on their Mary Kay Rewards credit card.

      So yes, Mary Kay is a Pink Pyramid Scheme.

  3. Hi Jennifer, After reading your article I felt the need to address several points that you express about WorldVentures are not entirely accurate. I have been in World Ventures for several years and have been very happy with the company. While there is truly no perfect company, I have never had a reason to doubt the integrity of WorldVentures. They guarantee the lowest prices on their dreamtrips. If you find a trip that is cheaper on some other website that is apples to apples with what World Ventures is offering, they they will send you on that trip free of charge. The key word is that they have to be the same trip with the exact same features, inclusions and itinerary. WorldVentures is far more just a travel company or travel club. They have dining and entertainment discounts that can be used whether you are on a vacation or just looking for something fun on a Friday night. So there is value there for members outside of vacations. While it is true that fees are saved and converted into points, those points are dollar for dollar. Also, Do you think that companies like Disney, Carnival, Norwegian, Hilton and Delta would choose to do business with a company that’s a “SCAM” or somehow not legit?
    The reason 73.2% of associate don’t make any money as stated is because most people don’t have the work ethic or willing to make the personal sacrifices it takes to make the money. MLM’s require people to get out of their “comfort zone” and most people prefer to stay in that zone instead of walking out onto the water. Those people are the ones who say WorldVentures or any MLM doesn’t work. How many people who have filed a complaint against WV actually succeeded with the company or built successful business in life? What business doesn’t require a startup fee and cost associated to run that business? It takes $750,000 in liquid assets for a person to open a single McDonald’s restaurant. In 2009, the Kauffmann Foundation estimated that the average start-up cost for a business was approximately $30,000. How can you say that “The truth is multilevel marketing is too hard and just requires too high of a risk? Which is riskier, spending $30,000 to open a traditional business or a couple of hundred dollars it usually takes to join a MLM? There is no guarantee a business will succeed and make money, but I would much rather take the risk with a couple of hundred dollars than with several thousand. The beauty of MLM is that it allows the average person to open a business without the financial risk associated with a traditional business. It can also provide an additional stream of income and allow for the time needed while people turn their passions into a full-time business. I could go on with a dozen more points, but for the sake of time I will leave it at that. Thanks and have a blesseed day.

    • Ben, I don’t think you’re aware that on November 28, 2014 WorldVentures was judged to be a pyramid scheme in Norway.

      There are several complaints regarding this dishonest company regarding their products and services.

      As far as dining and entertainment deals, you can find that for free on sites like Groupon and Living Social.

      The reason people don’t make money is because they can’t convince people to use World Ventures services which I mentioned are overpriced and they are lacking customer service skills.

      The same beauty is with internet marketing Ben. It allows anyone to turn their passion into a successful online business to make passive income in an ethical way and without chasing and scamming your friends and family.

  4. They are still pushing that they were nominated for EOY finalists with Ernst & Young back in 2010. Ernst & Young rescinded that nomination in 2013 due to information that Mike Ascue and Wayne Nugent failed to file income taxes statements for 4 years, leading to a court case and fines. Ernst & Young asked them to remove the nomination from WorldVentures promotion training and Facebook page but they did not do so, and have been sent another letter from Ernst & Young asking them to cease and desist.

    • I heard about that BJ. They have no right to be touting that nomination anymore as what they did is illegal, but they still want to use that as a way to bring people into the scheme. Honestly, I don’t think they will ever remove their Ernst and Young nomination from their promotions.

      Thank you for your comment.

  5. I had a representative from Oklahoma and Kansas give me the presentation. In the video it says you will get refunded if you’re not happy with the product. I signed on trying to get four people so the membership would be waived. I went to one training that we had to pay for . After that, the guy that was ahead of us in the pyramid was very pushy and turned me off on it when he said we need to do the old bait and switch on customers, when again they said present it at the right time when i signed on. To me people got brainwashed because we had to deal with customer service and I politely posted on Facebook that the guy from customer service was rude and in a hurry to get me off the phone. Within 5 mins I got a lot of responses (from the group page) that I can’t vent on Facebook and they deleted my post . There is more then that, that made me cancel . We stopped the membership in June, started in March. We have yet to see that money that was supposed to be refunded to us. I’m giving it a bad review because world ventures representatives get brainwashed to excite the product, that they don’t see flaws. I want other people to do research before wasting time and money .

  6. Ah what a great summation of why this thing sucks! As someone who has been in commission sales across many industries my entire life I’m very familiar with different compensation plans. I was approached by a friend last week to check out this “opportunity” and without asking him any questions I decided to trust my friend and see what was being offered. After all, he said the guy providing us information was making $5,000 per week in this great business “opportunity.”

    Sitting down at a Panera with another potential recruit and five WV members, including my friend, I heard about how this thing is awesome. If you sign up four people your dues are waived FOREVER. On the compensation plan, it very clearly states that after signing up four people, your fees are waived for the next month. The presenter also went on to say that as you reached milestones your income became guaranteed FOREVER. And again, you have to maintain all those numbers each month.

    If your product sucks so bad that you have to lie to sell it… probably not worth investing in. $360 for a turn key business that will “realistically earn you $200,000 per year after three years.” (Yeah, that’s what they guy said) is a no-brainer… and things that are too good to be true usually are.

  7. They have moved now to mainland China and are absolutely scamming the poor Chinese….Please someone in China help. I am not able to write in Chinese and someone needs to inform the Chinese that this is an absolute SCAM. The ones who have joined so far are totally brainwashed and they are recruiting by the thousands….help stop these two scamers from entering the Chinese market. They are represented in Asia and I believe they have offices in Hong Kong…BUT ARE NOT REGISTERED IN CHINA.

    • Hi Jennifer
      Just an update…..the two American scammers are currently in Beijing with the Hong Kong IMD…sir somebody ??? another con man scamming more Chinese and making it all look legitimate. All the brainwashed blind followers are going crazy as if THE FATHER, SON and HOLY GHOST have arrived…The wechat is full of this currently. In case you are not aware…Wechat is similar to Facebook social pages.

      • Thanks for the information John. Many didn’t recoup their money lost since traveling to Hong Kong to sue will cost them over $5,000 for their trip, hotel, lawyer and court fees.

    • My best friend who lives in Fu Jian joined WV as a “sales rep” and he tried to recruit me to join as well. After hearing him pitch to me the “opportunities” and how the “recuitment scheme” works, I had alarm bells ringing everywhere.

      I immediately told him “no”. Instead of being the respectful friend that I knew him to be, he started getting very frustrated and assertive towards me, saying that if I don’t join now, I’ll be “missing out” and “other people will be at the top”, and I will be “at the bottom”. When I told him that this company doesn’t sound like a good company, he accused me of “not trusting him from the start”. As someone that DID trust him from the start, that hurt. BAD.

      Long story short, I ended the convo before the convo could end our friendship. Then I did my research and based on my experience with my now-not-so-best friend, I came up with several conclusions:

      1. WV brainwash their “sales reps” into thinking that WV is the “best decision they’ve ever made”.
      2. “Sales reps” SELL THIS SCHEME to others and disguise it as “SHARING AN OPPORTUNITY”.
      3. When anyone declines their offer, they get very defensive and desperate because THEY NEED PEOPLE TO PAY FOR THEIR OWN MONTHLY SUBCRIPTION.
      4. This company ALMOST ended a really good friendship.

      Bottom line: I hate WorldVentures.

  8. I unknowingly was invited to attend one of these pitches. Upon arriving, I sat in horror while they gave the presentation and spoke negatively about people who need to do their research prior to committing to the company. Their rhetoric in a nutshell was “this is a great opportunity and if you’re smart and rational…you’ll sign up today”. I don’t make financial decisions on a whim. I do my research and talk it over with my partner. I was annoyed that they would speak so negatively about people actually checking into the company.

    Next they mischaracterized the income disclosure statement. It wasn’t until I got it in my hand did I realize that the number of people getting paid was extremely small. It was snatched out of my hand after I said that I wasn’t interested.

    It seems like the cruelest thing ever that I was basically forced to sit thru that horrible presentation (I know, first world problems lol) It makes me sad for those who actually sign up because they feel bullied into this.

    The actual travel part makes no sense for me. I don’t want to go on group vacations, I’d rather just hang out with my partner. I know that there are other options btw. Secondly you can find some great deals on Expedia and groupon and I don’t have to pay to use those search engines. I understand that some of the monies from your monthly fees get transferred into points…but there are so many stipulations on when you can use them. Why not use a savings account instead?

    Thanks for the post.

    • Thank you for sharing your experience Bee.

      So basically they were calling people who want to do their research idiots? Lol

      Exactly! The fact that there is no need for this product is what makws WorldVentures a product based pyramid scheme.

      You’re welcome.

  9. Well guys, I hate to break it down to you, but you have to put time and effort in any business to make money. If you sit your ass on the floor, money will not come to you and I can already tell you the person who wrote this article did not take their time and research. If you dont want to join just dont!

  10. Jennifer,

    Is there an active class action against this company?
    I trusted a good friend of mine in joining because they said that the money that is put in was to be able to use on their trip but after paying almost 2 years of dues, I am able to use 50 points.
    I asked them what happened to all my money they just said they were converted to points and each trip I could only use certain amount of the points.

    During the presentation they said I could use the money that is have invested like a saving for a trip.

    • No there isn’t, but you could start your own class action lawsuit. They’re very misleading and a huge rip off.
      Thank you for sharing your story Dexter.

  11. I was recently shown the video at a travel party by a friend and was taken in by the presentation and hype of this is going to be a “huge” payout. I signed up as a rep and have quickly learned it’s not for me. All I keep hearing is how it’s going to “blow up” in a few months when it goes live. Has anyone else heard this?

  12. Jennifer thanks for your post, my wife and I were sucked into meeting some newly met “friends” for what we though was just coffee. Sure enough, they whipped out their laptop and presented to us. We politely declined. To our shock, we noticed that they decided to post “hate when people waste our time” on their Facebook about 3 minutes after we left….all that talk about working hard and making “real” relationships doesn’t mean anything. It’s about sales and tricking customers into thinking that they are doing themselves the greatest service by investing in this company (which is usually pawned off as “investing in yourselves”).

    I’ve looked at dozens of Facebook users who are apart of WV and it’s quite odd to see their inspiring quotes, saying things like “It’s not about the money it’s about the adventure!” and then following it up and hour later with “gotta get that money for my next dreamtrip and BMW!”

    • You’re welcome. That was really rude and they shouldn’t have acted that way; especially being involved in an MLM, they should learn to take rejection most times.

      Yes, that’s really contradictive. For them, it’s all about the money. Thanks for sharing this. 🙂

  13. lol jennifer… great idea talk a lot of shit about network companies and then promote your own BS one. (world press website) your right up there with other bloggers that make money talking shit about hard working companies.

    • My company is not BS, its not even a mlm. And yes, I do promote my company as you promote your World Ventures BS. It’s WordPress, not world press, lol.
      Nobody talks shit, just facts and opinions. The only one talking shit here is you.

  14. I got into this about 7 months ago, and have been paying my fees,

    Not that I am lazy and want a quick buck, I really believed that I was signing into a Global company and If I work hard it will pay off… So for you who are going to say no work no pay, by the way i did 4 travel parties a weekd, 3 big presentations a week, and Mondays call cessions..
    Before you judge again, I attended the Regional and National training, but I soon realised It was nothing but a pump up that I again paid for,, and its frowned upon if you do not attend trainings, I was already into personal development, I noticed very quickly that the leaders used the same Language that mentors like Zig ziglar, Les Brown and Jim rohn used to motivate the reps.. for me , I didnt see the value of paying over R2000 for something i can get from youtube.

    Mind you I am in Africa where the minimum wage is less than $300 per month, so already you can imagine the market that you are exposed to, not many people have an option of travel if they need to pay bills etc.

    Anyway I became judgmental of everyone who was not seeing the ” opportunity” there is too much mind game that is imposed, if you do not get a sale, you didn’t have faith, or believed in the product..I started questioning the whole thing, n seeing people who were in this for 3 years and not reached Senior Rep yet, or just a titivated bunch , I know they are exceptions, and I am aware that your efforts give you the results, but ultimately people’s decisions to join is what make you money,even doing 20 presentations you can still get nothing.

    the culture that a JOB is a journey of the Broke is absurd, I had just graduated with my Bachelors degree and and was in a process of doing my Masters up until I learnt that Going to school is a lie, according to WV, and you are actually wasting your time.But then that JOB pays for the monthly fees anyways…
    I am glad I am out of this company after I realized I was nothing but an employee after 6 months of bothering my friends and subjected to calling people that I did not even like to talk to, at work I almost talked to my Boss, I am glad I did not otherwise I would have lost my Promotion.. I

    All I can say is That Its not for me, I did take the dream trip, I felt like we ate as a group in our corner, it was not intimate only when iIwas in the hotel room.All i can take from this experience is the motivated people and friends you meet alone the way, who are all fighting to make a living,living* if there anything really like that**

    If it working for you,and you believe in the product, all the best,this comment is for individuals who want to hear the both sides of the same coin…

    • Thank you for sharing your experience. Wow, $2,000 is insane and another way for the World Venture pigs to profit of their sales force. I wish you much success in your future endeavors. 🙂

  15. I have been with WV for awhile now. Everyone is entitled to their impression and opinion about WV but most importantly it must be a qualified conclusion about the company.

    When I joined, I came in with an approach that…ok, I travel anyway, so just try it out and see if it is really that good as it claims. So far, I did 6 Dreamtrips on my regular travel schedules (didn’t do anything differently from pre-WV times), I selected trips which I found to be of better “value”. So, I actually save quite a fair bit of money from these trips, so I have no complains about it. BUT…are all Dreamtrips cheaper than elsewhere? Not necessary. But you still have a choice of not taking the Dreamtrip if you can get it cheaper elsewhere. But it all boils down to price protection. If you can find an exact same trip with same inclusions that is cheaper elsewhere, the company will refund you the booking.

    With the Price Pledge on airfare and hotels, I received great rebates for my travels and I think on a long term, it does help in stretching my dollars for more travels in the future. But this platform is not necessary suited to everyone. Just like not everyone drinks coke! 🙂

    As to experience with reps you have encountered, I think it is only fair to understand that we are all dealing with individual conducting their business and that is not conclusive of the company or the product. It is disheartening to know of your bad experience, but just like in Finanacial Planning…not all Financial Advisors are equal.

    I personally think in all business, the product itself must be of value, so I guess the flaw of many people in MLM (not just WV) is the overemphasis on the compensation plan, the opportunity, the “riches”, etc. I think looking at the whole intent of what the product can do for you should be placed first and the opportunity comes next.

    It’s a relationship biz. Relationship matters over closing that one sale.

  16. Who are you Jennifer.What creditability do you have.Folks be careful.what you read on the net more so from who.

    Like Jennifer here – there are many – many people with very little creditability or none at all.Whos probably failed & are now bad mouthinf organisations out there.

    Worldventure is a credible company naki v every effort tocha he people’s lives and at the same time making a profit.Its called BUSINESS Jennifer- something l don’t anything about

    Go to the right sources folks – like the Direct selling Assoc – Inc 5000 etc.These are legitimate organizations unlike like Jennifer whom just abt nobody knows.

    Now Jennifer – go & blog abt something you know abt.I some how feel that’s gonna take some doing.

    Pyramid Scheme – lol…

    It’s Network Marketing – a disruptive business model that’ll change the lives of many.

    Good luck all – l hope this reaches y’all & Jennifer!

  17. WV hasn’t been paying their reps since September of 2017. I know several RMDs who haven’t been paid commissions, residuals and Dream car/house payments. WV is also not paying vendors and owe them at least $15 million. Vendors are withholding services, so the “great” tours and vacations turn out to be rip offs when the member gets to their destination. They find out they have no rooms, although WV took their money and told them they had reservations. The hotel (the vendor) tells the member that they don’t deal with WV any longer cause they haven’t paid their bills. Now the member is stuck.
    Check out Glassdoor to see what corporate employees are saying. Open talk of bankruptcy. Numerous (at least 3 since January) C-level officers fleeing the company after seeing the true financials. The still non functioning Flye card lost them so much money that Wayne Nugent is using his own money to make corporate payroll. Massive monthly layoffs of corporate employees. Double IMDs leaving. Didn’t even make the Top 100 in the 2018 DSN.
    You might also check out the recent (within the year) David Woods/Empower fiasco, where WV threw ALL OF THEIR REPS UNDER THE BUS.
    WV was able to finagle all of David Woods information on former Empower members from him with false promises. After getting the info and not paying Woods, They fired him.
    Corporate then sent an mass email to all the former Empower reps offering them Platinum memberships at $99 (plus the monthly), while reps were still forced to sell the exact same package at $399 (plus the monthly).
    Needless to say, ant Empower member went thru corporate, rather than the reps to obtain a cheaper membership. Thousands of leads dried up immediately.
    What’s even worse is corporate gave the Empower people lower member numbers that people who had been in WV for 3 or 4 years.
    Now brand new people, who haven’t made a sale for WV are sitting higher in the chain than people who have been with WV for years and made numerous sales.

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