What Is Slice The Pie- Is It Legit Or A Scam?

What Is Slice The Pie- Is It Legit Or A Scam?

Slice The Pie- with so many varied reviews online, you can’t help but wonder if this platform a legit and fun way to make side cash or a flat out scam?

In this review, we will discuss what Slice The Pie is all about, how to make money reviewing music, tips for getting the most for your reviews and getting them approved, how to make money reviewing fashion, is taking their surveys worth it, how to make money referring others, and how much you actually get paid.

What Slice The Pie Is All About

Slice The Pie

Slice The Pie is the internet’s largest paid review site that started in 2007 as an awesome way to discover talented artists.

As of today, they have paid over $5 million dollars to their 2 million reviewers which they call “scouts.”

What’s cool about this site is that they give you the option to review music, fashion, or commercials. When you log in, you will be given your choice of how you want to earn.

Slice The Pie What Would You Like To Review

Your reviews will help aspiring artists, record labels, designers and brands. You also have the option to take surveys.

It’s easier said than done, lets go into each of these ways to make money in more detail.

How To Make Money Reviewing Music

Slice The Pie music review

When I clicked on “Review Music”, I clicked when I was ready to play the song.

I listened closely and paused it when I needed to because I can only listen to the song once.

Whatever song I got, I had to review it whether I liked that genre or not. I couldn’t choose what I got.

So there I sat forced to review another country singer; which I didn’t mind reviewing country at first, but for the third time, it was like a broken record.

It was simply torturing to my ears because their voice is kinda raspy.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed the lyrics and developed a new appreciation for country music.

I typed my review and rated the song as it played.

I gave them my tough love and honest opinion on the vocals, production, instruments, rhythm, etc.

Then, I gave my overall rating on a scale from 0 to 10.

You do want every rating to be accurate as submitting all 10 reviews or all 8 reviews could get your account terminated.

Finally, I had to complete a short survey with a list of characteristics where I was asked if the song was a person, which characteristics would it have.

These are rated on a 0 to 10 scale and range from funky, sexy, personal, gentle, innovative, and more.

Once that was done, I finally got to submit my review.

If my review was too short, they won’t let me submit it.

Tips I Found On Getting Paid More For Your Reviews

And Getting Them Approved

*If you consistently write high-quality reviews where you give honest feedback on as many elements as you can and have a high star rating, your pay rate will be higher.

Don’t be afraid to leave negative reviews or point out some things you don’t like about a song. There are people that claim that these highly critical reviews paid them 11 cents each.

It’s not really the length that counts, but the quality of the review. You have to write at least four constructive sentences in well-written English. Install the Grammarly extension on your browser so it automatically checks and corrects your grammar.

*You will make more money on the site if you have music terminology knowledge.

*Make sure your overall rating matches your review. For example, if you gave a song an 8 rating, state what you loved about the song and the minor things that need improvement.

*Vary your reviews and try not to use the same wording as they won’t approve it if it sounds repetitive.

How To Make Money Reviewing Fashion

Another way to earn is by reviewing shoes and clothing. I was rewarded 11 cents per review with just a 2-star rating.

Each review took me about four minutes to complete, but that’s just me. You may type faster. 🙂

Be sure to read the provided description and information about the fabric content.

There’s a “Tell Us What You Think” section where you’ll leave your helpful review, a section to give it your overall rating if you would purchase the item, and you’ll give the price points you think would be a bargain and too expensive.

Slice The Pie Fashion Review

Make Money Taking Surveys- Is It Worth It?

You can also earn money completing surveys which can take 40 minutes to an hour to complete and you will often earn less than a dollar.

I’m not too fond of surveys; they are a pain in the butt. It takes me an hour to finish one survey and I only got paid a few cents.

Sometimes, I suddenly got disqualified when I was 30 minutes into the survey. It’s really frustrating and it’ll just raise your blood pressure. 🙂

mad puppy

How To Make Money Referring Others

You can also earn by referring others. Simply click on refer a friend on the top right of the page to get your unique link.

You can share it on social media, but the best way to promote the platform is by having your own website because you will reach a wider audience that will be more interested and most likely to join your offers.

You will receive 20% of their earnings for the first 60 days and 10% after that.

How Much Do You Get Paid On Slice The Pie?


I earned 2 to 4 cents for reviewing talented artists’ songs and 11 cents for reviewing fashion products, which is actually not that bad. However, that category went away when I logged in to the website the next day.

I need to hone up my music reviewing skills 🙂

So, let’s do the math on how much I am are really earning per hour.

I’m going to add .04 plus .11 cents and divide that by 2 to get the average which equals 7.5 cents.

Honestly, it took me at least 4 minutes to write each review, lol. Each song was about three minutes long and I have a passion for music; so I found it hard not to listen to the whole thing.

So, I’m earning an average of 7.5 cents writing mini-reviews every 4 minutes so I’m getting paid 1.875 cents per minute.

1.875 centsx60 minutes, that equals $1.13 an hour.

But there was a girl on YouTube that said she earns $300 a month.

You’re Time Is Worth More. Learn How To Make Passive Income Online.

How To Withdraw Your Slice The Pie Earnings

If your account makes the minimum withdrawal of $10, you will be able to wirthdraw your money. They pay weekly via Paypal.

What I Like About Slice The Pie

*It’s a fun way of earning a bit of cash while discovering new music and helping aspiring artists.

Music is like chicken soup for the soul. I would die without it, so might as well get paid for it.

“If music be the food of love, play on, Give me excess of it; that surfeiting, The appetite may sicken, and so die.” ― William Shakespeare

*You’ll discover awesome music, some that have the power to touch your soul.

*There are people who say they make $100-$300 a month with the site. I even read about a lady that says she makes $20 a day spending just 3 hours and that she makes between $80 to $160 a week.

What’s Not So Hot

*The pay is frustratingly low. Providing a meaningful review takes time because you have to listen to the song carefully to give your insights to what you like and don’t like.

*There are so many reasons why your reviews won’t get accepted like not being specific enough, sounding too repetitive, not being consistent, etc.

*You really have to follow their terms or conditions or they will lock your account if they think you’re cheating.

*There are people claiming that Slice The Pie refused to pay them for grammatical errors in their reviews.

Slice The Pie At A Final Glance- Is It A Scam Or Legit?

Slice The Pie is legit, but I wouldn’t waste too much time on there. There are just so many reasons why they won’t accept your reviews and there are horror stories of people not getting paid simply because of grammatical errors.This is completely unfair to me.

The pay rate could also be higher as it does take some time to provide quality reviews.

There are better ways to make money online and passive income by building a real online business.

Are you a member of Slice The Pie? Share your experience below.

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