The Wake Up Now Ripoff- Don’t Fall For The Hype

The Wake Up Now Ripoff- Don’t Fall For The Hype

Name: Wake Up Now
Website:  What Is Wake Up Now
Price: Silver $24.95 monthly, Gold $49.95 monthly, Platinum $99.95 monthly
Owners: Kirby Cochran, Jason Elrod, and Phil Polich
Overall Rank: 1 out of 5 stars

Our Story: WakeUpNow was founded with the vision of helping people save, manage, and make money. Kirby Cochran, Jason Elrod, and Phil Polich have been business partners for years; but in WakeUpNow, they saw an opportunity to create something unique. From the beginning, they were determined to change the industry with two profound goals: 1) offer products with outstanding value for the money, and 2) offer distributors a real chance to change their lives.” – Wake Up Now


What Exactly Is Wake Up Now?

Wake Up Now is nothing more than a pyramid scheme created to tie members to a monthly membership fee for products and services that are freely available throughout the internet. It’s an all in one HUB utilizing a web-based search tool to find deals including electronics, shoes, groceries, and restaurants. Software, magazines, and language learning tools are also available. One of their most attractive features are their travel packages that are about $300 on average for a seven night stay in a nice resort.

What Is Wake Up Now

$100 Monthly Recommended Platinum Membership- Are They Serious?

There are membership fees to be able to access the HUB which are as follows:

Silver- $24.95 monthly
Gold- $49.95 monthly
Platinum- $99.95 monthly

They don’t own any of these products, they are just affiliated with them and their HUB is nothing more than riddled affiliate links. This is why joining their program is free as a Preferred Customer so every time a member makes a purchase from their website, they get a sweet commission.

One of the most beneficial aspects of being a Wake Up Now Independent Business Owner is having the opportunity to scam others and possibly make some money while the company lasts. Once you join, you’ll have access to a Quick Start Guide that shows their formula for quick success in what they call their B3H3G3 (Bring Three, Help Three, Get Three customers) system.

What Is Wake Up Now

In other words, you recruit three people and you duplicate yourself by training and helping them get their three and so on. If everything goes well and NOBODY drops out, this approach can help you achieve membership in the 600 Club in which you are earning at least $500 per month ($100 is taken out of your paycheck). The system needs to be followed to the tea – you need 3 who get 3 and so on for 12 paying members in total. You can’t get them all yourself. To go higher than that, there’s a lot more involved.

Wake Up Now Myths Debunked

MYTH #1: Wake Up Now and Make Your Dreams Come True

FACT: Only 1% of members in this scheme break even or make money at all. Yes, only 1 out of every 100 people.

What is Wake Up Now
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81% of individuals are losing money, 95% are making $1,214 or less, and less than 1% are making any significant amount of income.

Other than a few YouTube videos, they don’t provide any internet marketing training or tools and your only support are your upline team members.

Wake Up Now Training: How to Recruit 20 People in 30 Days

There are also other videos teaching  you to scam your friends and family on social networking sites and other people on Craigslist.

Wake Up Now members claim that they can’t prove their income because they can get terminated; however they harass and call people names, use high pressure sales tactics, and make blatant lies so there is no way that they can get terminated for showing their income statement.

Check out this document posted on their own site:

Page 11 tells you how much you can earn on each level. To make $2000 per month, you have to have 100 paying members in your downline which will be a difficult task to do due to Wake Up Now’s high turnover rate.

MYTH #2: There’s No Balance/Team or Line Requirements.

FACT: The compensation plan is very complicated.

According to their compensation plan, you need at least 25 people to make $700 per month and you need 50 people to make $800 per month. You have to continually keep bringing more people in, you need at least seven people who have three people active (D3). You can’t have any one person doing all the work or else, you’re not going to get paid.

What Is Wake Up NowMYTH #2: It’s a Billion Dollar Company.

FACT: It’s not even close to making a billion dollars per year.

To make that much, they have to be in multiple markets and countries- they can’ really expand outside the US. For top multilevel marketing companies, check out this list of the top 100 direct selling companies.

MYTH #3: The VALUE Offered At Wake Up Now Is Tremendous. This Alone Pays For The Membership Fee.

FACT: You don’t need Wake Up Now. Their Products and Services are Available for Free or For a One Time Fee.

The travel packages are affiliate links from Our Vacation Store,  Adventure Zone, Book It, Carnival and Royal Caribbean.

You don’t need to be paying $100 a month to access these great deals, just visit their website and sign up to their mailing list to receive even better money saving deals straight to your inbox. On the other side, they claim that one of the greatest benefits of being a member are their vacation packages, but as a company whose main target are low income individuals, how can they even afford their airplane tickets and meals? And I highly doubt that the majority of people that are either losing money or barely recouping their membership fee can afford to take the trips and utilize these offers.

You can get Taxbot for free for six months with a coupon. You can also buy Tell Me More  for a one-time fee. Invisus is $30 per month. All of these products offer coupons. You can’t get 22% off your cell phone bill for Verizon or AT&T because you have to be an employee. Money Desktop is available for free from your bank. handles your finances for free. Sites like Ebates give you cash back for free.

The freebies are the ones where you have to sign up for a free trial and keep track of when your trial ends or else, you’ll be charged a membership fee. Along with signing up for these offers is being spammed and possible identity theft.

Wake Up Now Complaints

Submitted: Sun, November 10, 2013
Updated: Fri, May 09, 2014
Reported By: Janice — Atlanta Georgia

Wake Up now is the largest scam on the internet right now. It is led by young individuals that use FEAR AND Intimidation to make people join. I have seen first-hand Gregory Perdriel and Eric Turner call out people on social networking sites and even threaten them.
The Glorified affiliate marketing company ACTUALLY pays these guys (UNDER THE TABLE) to do what they do. Wake up now recently made changes to insure the FTC stayed off their back but it has only fueled the backlash from GREGORY (KASHIZ KING) AND Eric. IF I WERE you I would stay so far away from this company and THESE guys… WAKE UP NOW IS A HUGE scam and will soon come falling down…”


SUBMITTED: Sunday, August 25, 2013

My family and I did make the choice to sign up with wakeupnow. I was told it was a multi-level marketing company. However I have found its operations to be more like a pyramid scheme. I have been debited continuously since cancelling my membership. Although it has been three months I am doing my best to wait patiently for the matter to be corrected. I will give them a couple more business days. If the matter is not resolved I will share the details of my disappointing situation. Overall, good choice in not giving the company a chance. More problems than they are worth.”

The Wake Up Now Pyramid Scheme Is Coming To An End

Found in Wake Up Now’s Annual Report for 2013:

  • They have been losing money since 2010 and have borrowed money to keep operating this year.
  • 15 million dollars is owed to various investors and creditors.
  • They have to deal with a lot cancellations, meaning the company has a high turnover rate.
  • Legal action or fines may be taken because of the way their members are marketing the business.
  • They don’t own any property at all, they just rent it.
  • Three Corporate Officers on its board that have drivencompanies into bankruptcy.


At this rate, the company is expected to shut down by the end of this year.

There’s a lot of debate also going on that regular jobs are also considered pyramid schemes and that colleges are a rip off . I strongly agree on those two statements and having your own business with the proper education is one of the best ways to liberate ourselves from corporate America; however, at least with a job as much as you may hate it, you’re guaranteed to make a profit while in the contrary with Wake Up Now, you’re chances of losing money is 99%. You’re recruiting your loved ones into a scheme and risking your good image. That’s why it’s important to join a legitimate online business.

My Final Opinion of Wake Up Now

Wake Up Now is not a sustainable business, it’s a marketing scheme that doesn’t do anything about the way that their scheme is being marketed. They don’t care about the lies or the high pressure sales tactics being used and now they’re worried about facing legal action. If you hate going door to door, cold calling and care about your reputation, then this scheme is not for you. All of their products and services are either freely available around the internet or available for a one-time fee and they’re charging members $100 a month for this. If you want to make money online, you need tools, top-notch training and support whenever you need it and that’s exactly what you can expect to get in my number one recommended product.

Wake Up Now at a Final Glance…

Name: Wake Up Now
Price: Silver $24.95 monthly, Gold $49.95 monthly, Platinum $99.95 monthly
Owners: Kirby Cochran, Jason Elrod, and Phil Polich
Overall Rank: 1 out of 5 stars


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Wake Up Now
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13 thoughts on “The Wake Up Now Ripoff- Don’t Fall For The Hype”

  1. That really doesn’t sound good. It’s scary how many scams are out there and once this one comes to an end, two new ones will pop up in it’s place.
    Thanks for sharing and keeping people safe from one more scam.

  2. I get so frustrated with all the scams. Sure makes it difficult for the ones of us who promote the quality products like Wealthy Affiliate. I hate to see people taken for their money when trying so hard to get ahead by building a business online.

    • I feel you Virgie. If only we could step right in front of them when they’re being exposed to all these scams, we could save them thousands of dollars. I remember when I first started in internet marketing, I didn’t always do my due diligence. I wish I could go back in time and not given that Anthony Morrison thousands of dollars, but ever since I became part of WA, I have become more knowledgeable on avoiding scams and that there’s no shortcut for success.

      Thank you so much for stopping by Virgie, I appreciate it.

  3. Thank you Jennifer for spending time looking this over. I soon met sometimes in social media, I even are written to directly about the product.

    I hope that with this product can help to elucidate the het just once trickery.

    With luck, there are some who read this warning before they start the business.

    • Hey. Jennifer is a member of Wealthy Affiliate which is a Network Marketing Co. So naturally she will not like the competition. Just Sayin.

      • Mary Ann, Wealthy Affiliate is not a network marketing company. We are just affiliates and we’re not building a downline or upline. We are not required to support the people that we bring in, but I still do because that is just the type of person that I am.

        It is a community of internet marketers where everything is included to start a successful niche website including training, tools, hosting and instant support and a completely free lifetime membership is provided. Premium membership is only $30-$47 per month as opposed to the $100’s of dollars per month you’re spending with Wake Up Now.

  4. I would like to start by saying great review, I am not here to argue or bash just giving a first person perspective of the company.

    BEFORE I REPLY I advise you the people reading this if you don’t want to be a PROFESSIONAL network marketer then don’t join you will fail. BUT if you do this a great company to start off with.

    While you are correct in saying most of the products and services offered by WUN can be found online. You are wrong in calling it a “scam”. You’re paying not only for access to these services and product but you’re paying for the convenience of having “taxbot”, “mint” “coupons” “vacation deals” into ONE app or company.

    another thing yes they haven’t returned a profit in the past few years but that is a common trend among most start up tech companies (IE: alibaba, google, apple) MOST of their capital goes towards Research and Development (R&D). But in the later years it will eventually pay off.

    also yes they have large debts but that point is irrelavent because the company is majority funded by their own capital (CEO, & Founder).

    PS ( I am a certified financial consultant so trust me, not blowing steam out my a**)

    2. While getting signups is the most common way to make money. You don’t earn based on how many people you get rather by your group volume. You receive volume by buying the products and using the services as well SOOOO in a sense it does pay its self off.

    From you’re review your essentially saying all Network Marketing is a scam and that is false.

    Yes only 1% make a good amount of money with this just like only 1% of our country is super rich. This goes to show that only 1% of people WORK HARD. Its not easy money, you DO have to work and work very hard to be successful just like with anything in life. You the internet people are the ones who give NWM the “get rich quick” image.
    To be successful you have to work even harder than you do at your regular job, To be a professional network marketer you have to want it bad but if you do YOU WILL BE SUCCESSFUL making alot of money.

    I’ve been apart of WUN and had little success. In 8 months I earned over 5K compared to others I know. BUT i invested over 1,500 into my business so as you could see I more than doubled my investment.

    I wasn’t as successful as my other friends because I didn’t want to.
    I recently quit not because I was getting scammed but because I decided to shift my focus to my ultimate career goal.

    The people who fail at these opportunities are the ones that really didn’t want to succeed just like in America. Those who fail at life or dont reach their ultimate level of success was because they chose not.

    I REPEAT if you don’t want to be a professional network marketer then don’t join you will fail. BUT if you do this a great company to start off with.

    • Hey Alexander, thank you for your compliment.

      No, I wasn’t wrong in calling this a scam and this is by far one of the worst companies to start off with.

      I have to say, this is NOT saving money at all. Rather, the membership fee has caused great financial hardship to people. They are better off purchasing things like Taxbot and Rossetta Stone for a one time fee and save money in the long run instead of continuously paying a monthly charge. People are much better off going to sites like Expedia and Adventure zone for their travel deals. The reality is that there’s no actual demand for this product.

      Wake up now stock price is at the lowest point it’s been since the stock split ($1.14) and is still in a steady decline. It has also declined in MLM Rankings. From this, Wake Up Now is going to continue to lose money.

      56% are making .10 a year with the highest being about $8.75 per month for the people that are just selling the product.

      So, you get three people to join under you and you tell them to buy the services and then they have to go out, recruit others to do the same and on and on. Classic illegal pyramid schemes are also based on volume of recruits, just like Wake Up Now is recruiting IBO’s People are making the most money recruiting others, making it a pyramid scheme and eventually, this scheme is going to collapse.

      According to the Better Business Bureau, they’ve received 51 complaints in the last 12 months, most dealing with refund, billing, and product/service issues.

      And no, I don’t believe all MLM’s are scam. There are legit MLM’s such as Mary Kay and Pampered Chef.
      Fortune High Tech Marketing got shut down after 10 years in business.They sold the exact same services that Wake Up Now is selling now.

      I don’t believe people are lazy at all. See, when there’s no demand for the product, it just doesn’t sell.

      This is a quote from a Wake Up Now IBO:

      When I looked at everyone else below me they were struggling. $100 may not seem like a lot for some people, but for the rest of the people in the world…that money can feed their families for a few weeks. Now all the things they tell you about the discounts, free items, awesome programs, etc…they’re all BS. I mean come on…I’m still a member right now (just waiting for all my down lines to quit) and I still haven’t received my 3 free magazines that IBO (Independent Business Owner)’s are supposed to get. Not to mention, the site doesn’t even work half of the time and that’s solely what the company is built upon!

      Honestly though, with this company you can make money. However, you’ll have to work it without a conscience. Why? Because you’re going to have to sell empty promises to friends, families, and people you don’t know. What you’re doing is basically living off of many people’s misfortune. It would be one thing if the products and services actually worked, and benefited the normal everyday person…but it really doesn’t. I mean, it does kinda…but it’s services you can find for FREE online vs. giving WUN $100 a month to use something that is FREE! Now you’re gonna hear people talk about you saving hundreds or thousands on your taxes. Yeah…sorry, doesn’t work that way. Talk to a CPA and you’ll see what I mean. Don’t believe the hype of Wake Up Now…unless you’ve got money and time to spare, this isn’t the company for you.

      I quit my job to do this full time…6 months later…I’m back at a JOB.” Wake Up Now Scam Facebook Group

  5. Yes, I got duped into signing up as an IBO for Wake Up Now. They robbed me of hundreds of dollars, I was stupid enough to be lead blindly into paying for a QR code, pamphlets, business cards, travel expenses and more. As I started asking questions my so called WUN friends turned & ran, acted like they didn’t know me. DON’T DO IT ! IT IS NOT WORTH IT !

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