The Super Affiliate Network Review- Say Aloha To A Big Dent In Your Wallet!

The Super Affiliate Network Review- Say Aloha To A Big Dent In Your Wallet!

“We show Affiliate Marketers how to grow their businesses leveraging cutting edge digital marketing tactics! We help our students through strategic education, online courses, ongoing mentorship, and personal hands-on help. Our services include top of the line information products, one-on-one coaching, and in-person hands-on training.”

An Overview Of The Super Affiliate Network

Is Misha Wilson putting his credibility on the line by creating a misleading product? The Super Affiliate Network promises to help you live a dreamy lifestyle., but in my review, I will rereveal why that is a hoax. Everything in the training is just meant to teach you how to promote the program itself to others and expose them to unethical upsells.

Let’s start by discussing who Misha Wilson is and why I thought that this program was legit when I read about his impressive successes.

Who Is This Handsome Guy Misha Wilshon?

Misha Wilson

Misha Wilson is a college dropout who moved to Las Cruces, New Mexico on January 7, 2014 with almost $10,000 in debt. He bought various make money online programs only to get scammed multiple times.

He went from struggling to pay his measly $380 rent bill for his small apartment to making millions online just three short years after he started in internet marketing by the age of 25. Misha Wilson and Vick Strizheus YouTube Channel

It’s not certain what companies he was affiliated with, but I found a YouTube video that reveals that he was one of the top earners of Elite Marketing Pro. I also spotted Vick Stizheus, owner of the Big Idea Mastermind in his YouTube channel.

Now he lives his life to the fullest in breathtaking Maui, Hawaii in a beautiful oceanfront condo.

Based out of Kihei, Hawaii, Misha launched The Super Affiliate Network in February 2016 after he witnessed that many affiliates failed to replicate his success.

The eight men who first joined the program were assigned as founding coaches to help and guide new members.

He is also the founder of and a sought-after author, speaker, trainer and coach. He has helped many marketers make six figures online.

Misha Wilson FaceBook page

What Exactly Is The Super Affiliate Network?

The Super Affiliate Network is an internet marketing training course that focuses on a three step system to making money online by promoting high ticket programs. In short, it focuses on using lead capture pages with sales videos to build your email list. You will be using solo ads where you will be risking your money to get people to join The Super Affiliate Network. Due to the number of overpriced upsells found in this program, I don’t recommend you do that.

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They have six main components that they claim sets them apart:

  1. 1 on 1 hands-on help- Upon joining, you will get a personal coach that will help you from becoming overwhelmed.
  2. Live interactive community– Join hundreds of aspiring entrepreneurs with the same goal.
  3. Email marketing mastery– Learn how to write high converting emails to get more sales in this step by step training modules.
  4. Live training– Monthly or weekly live training depending on what product you buy.
  5. Cutting edge traffic training– Learn how to drive traffic with solo, Facebook, YouTube, and pay per view ads.
  6. Global sales system– Learn how to sell.

The Super Affiliate Network Products And Costs

Super Affiliate Monthly

This is a newsletter on the latest internet marketing strategies each month.

The Profit Boosting Bootcamp ($1 trial, $47 a month)

The Super Affiliate Network Profit Boosting Bootcamp Modules

The Super Affiliate Network Profit Boosting Bootcamp

This is a 15-Module step-by-step 30 day intensive training where you’ll learn Misha’s most cutting edge digital marketing tactics to start an online affiliate marketing business with just your cellphone and a WiFi connection. 90% of the work is done for you.

There are three phases:

Phase 1: Laying the foundation– Learn the fundamental components you need to build a profitable and sustainable online business.

Phase 2: Launch your business– How to quickly and easily apply maximum leverage and launch your six figure lifestyle business.

Phase 3: Scale your cash flow– Learn the cutting edge systems and strategies you need to grow your business to six, multiple six, or even seven figures.

You will also get:

  • Monthly access to company immersion coaching and The Super Affiliate Insider Facebook Group.
  • The Super Affiliate monthly video newsletter
  • 70% commissions per sale
  • Done for you webinars and email swipe file copy to send to your list
  • Weekly inner circle- This have some value in them, but they’re mostly meant for you to keep on purchasing more products. (How this is named reminds me of The Empower Network– another collapsed pyramid scheme).

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Solo Ads Success Formula ($297- Could Go Up To $997!)

This is an 11-Module step-by-step course where you’ll learn how to generate leads using risky and expensive Solo Ad Marketing.

You will learn how to choose quality Solo Ad Vendors to drive red-hot traffic to your lead pages using email marketing, how to write high converting ad copy, and how to track your campaigns so you know what’s working.

You will also find your affiliate link to your 100% commissions sales funnel and get access to the Top Earners Secret Vault.

The IM Profit Formula ($7)

This is a book that focuses on violating the rules of ad platforms that can get you banned. Here’s the training covered:

  • How to “hack” the strict laws on popular ad platforms to get thousands of your visitors and make tons of sales. – this could get your account suspended.
  • The simple way to add 300-500 new leads per day using a two-step “Bridge Funnel”.
  • How to easily exponentially increase your profits selling high ticket $2,000+ products!
  • The simple model to use to apply maximum leverage when first getting started, even if you don’t have your own product.

The Super Affiliate Inner Circle ($297- Could Go Up To $2,997!)

The Super Affiliate Inner Circle gives you 12 months access to the profit boosting bootcamp and adviser, weekly Inner Circle coaching, monthly immersion coaching with corporate team members, and access to the Solo Ad Success Formula.

The Maui Intensive Mentorship Coaching Program- Why Is It Not Listed In Their Products Section Before You Sign Up?

The Super Affiliate Network Maui Intensive

There is also a Maui Intensive Mentorship and Coaching Program, but it was not listed under the products menu of their website before you sign up. The fact that there are personal coaches usually means they will up sell you on this product which again, could cost you thousands. Here are the lessons covered in this program:

Lesson #1- Overview of a 6 figure ecosystem

Lesson #2- Market research and creating your customers avatar

Lesson #3- Personally branded sales funnel in-depth

Lesson #4- Your traffic strategy

Lesson #5- Building your attractive character

Lesson #6- Communicating with your list for maximum impact

Lesson #7- Presenting for profits (webinar script and template)

Lesson #8- The ultimate webinar machine

You also get more Maui Intensive Resources and training.

The Pro Vault

This is another product up sell, with this you’ll get:

  • Access the freedom call replays
  • Pro monthly immersion replays
  • The Solo Ad Success Formula
  • The Traffic Bootcamp
  • Systematic Profits
  • Authority Hacks
  • The Push Button Profits Swipe File
  • Traffic Bootcamp- Solo Ads, pay per view, YouTube Ads, Facebook Ads
  • The Magnetic Selling Machine

The Top Earner Accelerator Coaching And Mentorship Program-Another Up Sell?

Another service not mentioned before you sign up. Again, this can cost you hundreds to thousands of dollars.

What I Liked About The Super Affiliate Network:

  • The program has improved since it first launched.
  • You can join the program for free or for just $1 to access the bootcamp courses which will give you access to hours of training on the basics of affiliate marketing.
  • There are a handful of people making a lot of money with this program.
  • Misha Wilson is a very likable guy and his positive outlook on life is contagious.

Super Affiliate Network Red Flags:

1. Many people joining this program are losing a lot of their hard-earned money. According to their income disclosure, 90% of their affiliates are making an average of $8 a month.

The Super Affiliate Network Income Disclosure

2. I saw a video on his Facebook page where he says, “Get over your internal wussy.” This is the owners of the defunked Empower Network favorite word; so it gives me a suspicion that he used to be a promoter of one of the biggest pyramid schemes.

3. There’s various training you can’t unlock and you have to constantly speak to your coach first. You’re prohibited from moving on to the next module unless you fill out a form where you state what you learn and contact your coach first. This can be very displeasing because your coach can take a while to get back to you. It also doesn’t keep track of the modules you have already completed and you will have to go through them all over again.

4. Coaches are usually there to shove up sells and this is not okay. Yes, you go to McDonald’s and they ask you if you want a drink and fries with that, but this is different. The fries and the drink won’t cost you hundreds to thousands of dollars. They’re probably trying to up sell you on other products and expensive life events.

5. The Super Affiliate Network mostly focuses on email marketing and solo ads. While those are effective, they should be implemented by more experienced marketers. Furthermore, you have to have traffic first to understand your audience before you begin an email list.

6. Even though they do have training on how to build a website and content, I recently saw a person asking in their Facebook Group how to create product reviews which are essential for your success. It seems like they withhold a lot of information to get members to keep on buying.

The Super Affiliate Network Facebook page

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Is The Super Affiliate Network Work Worth The Cost?

As I did some research for this review, I mostly saw members from my #1 recommended program dominating the search engines on the first, second, and even third page of Google. I think I saw one website from the program by Ace And Rich.Search engine optimization is crucial to master and is the preferred marketing method because it is free traffic and visitors to your website.

Given that, most websites that I did found were, well not to be mean, but they weren’t nice to look at.

The Super Affiliate Network Member Website
The Super Affiliate Network member website.

The content was painful to read as they didn’t have the right typography, images, or heading tags. I saw this girl on YouTube though and she is down to earth, hard-working, has a positive mentality, and has a lot of potential to be successful.

It’s Conclusive, The Super Affiliate Network Wasn’t What I Expected

Due to the locked training, “coaching and mentorship”, a plethora of membership up sells, ticketed events that may cost thousands of dollars, I don’t trust this program. The Inner Circle calls just give small snippets of information and tips, but were mainly designed to further push their other products. Many members are losing money to this program, don’t be another target. The members of my number one recommended program are dominating the search engines. You will also get free one on one help from the owners with a premium membership.

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