The Real Truth of the Big Idea Mastermind and Vitaly Strizheus

The Real Truth of the Big Idea Mastermind and Vitaly Strizheus

Product Name: Big Idea Mastermind
Website: http://bigideamastermind.comwhat is the Big Idea Mastermind
Price: Free, $497/ month plus $45 per month up to $6,000 to join Empower Network
Owner: Vitaliy Strizheus
Overall Rank: 1 out of 5 stars

An Introduction to Big Idea Mastermind

Big Idea Mastermind was created by Vitaliy Strizheus who is now known as Vick. The way this program works is that you ‘invest’ your hard earned money to the pyramid scheme Empower Network  and find others to do the same. Throughout this review, I will go over who is Vitaly, how exactly did he make six figures in one month, and give a throughout review of the BIM.

Who is Vitaliy Strizheus?

In 2009, Vitaliy was sentenced to 90 days in jail during weekends, five years’ probation and wasn’t allowed to leave South Dakota for grand theft. As an insurance agent, he got paid $30,000 in advanced commissions from Mutual of Omaha and Americo from fake applications. He eventually paid the majority of the money back.         what is the Big Idea Mastermind

But that was only the beginning of his criminal activities. After that, he transformed himself to Vick and turned to internet marketing to mark the beginning of several online business scams including the 48 Hour Cash Club, Global Success School , 7 Figure Marketing School, High Traffic Academy, and Big Idea Mastermind.

In all these schemes, he mislead people about his products, made up excuses as to why the training products are not done and did not fulfill his promises of when they would be complete and still charged   monthly fees even after his customers left the programs. He also robbed his affiliates out of their hard earned commissions. Basically, people paid a monthly fee to drive him direct sales and free traffic to his schemes by stealing his affiliate’s leads. He suddenly shut down the programs to work on another scam. The only one that’s open right now is the BIM.

The 7 Figure Marketing School was described as ‘a den of thieves’. In this program, he charged $8.95 for the shipping fee of a DVD then started charging $67/month without his customers consent for a non-existent product. Their support was very unresponsive and refused to cancel their accounts. He also robbed his affiliate’s commissions. This program has an F with the Better Business Bureau and no longer exists.

Vick Promoting The 7 Figure Marketing School

Don’t those words sound so familiar? He says the same thing like in BIM that he wants to create a movement and have a community of like-minded individuals.

More complaints on this program can be found here

 What is Vick’s Secret to make $710,000 in 28 days?

Vick’s secret is that he robbed his affiliates. He told members of one his   what is Big Idea Mastermindmost recent product High Traffic Academy to drive massive and mostly paid traffic to the BIM sales funnel. Then he rotated his link with his affiliate’s links so he got every other sign up to put the handsome $125 per lead in monthly passive commissions into his own wallet. I read about a guy who drove 2,000 visitors into the high converting BIM sales page and didn’t receive a single signup. It’s apparent that he doesn’t care about anyone but himself and is a greedy criminal that hasn’t changed his ways.

The following videos are evidence that Vick stole from his members

Published on Jul 18, 2013 by Katerina: My true story about stolen subscribers – Vick Strizheus secret how he make his money online part 1

My true story about stolen subscribers – Vick Strizheus secret how he make his money online part 2

Published on October 5, 2013: He was stealing leads from Big Idea Mastermind members

Michael Imperiale says,

Vick Strizheus is a scam artist. I was looking at his Big Idea Mastermind presentation and I saw my sponsors name on the left hand side of the presentation and there was a timer on the top of the page. It was a countdown clock in which you have 24 hours to sign up for a free 1 year so the time ran out so this morning I went on to join and in the sponsors name, Vick Strizheus name appeared instead of the original sponsor. SO THE ORIGINAL SPONSOR WENT TO ALL THE TROUBLE AND MONEY TO GET THE LEAD AND HE GETS CUT OUT.

But after he got caught, he was no longer one of the top affiliates with EN.

What is Big Idea Mastermind

 What is the Big Idea Mastermind?

The Big Idea Mastermind is mindset and marketing training that   includes a done for you sales funnel designed to effectively promote the Empower Network. Your main task is to drive a massive amount of traffic to it mostly by using paid advertising methods including pay per click and pay per view.

The system is very misleading by making BIM desirable by telling   what is Big Idea Mastermindyou that for $25 you’ll have access to the basic membership and make thousands of dollars, but right after you join, he says that you need to upgrade to a higher level because the training at the first level is invaluable. The fees go up according to each membership level up to $6000 for your yearly business cost- the ‘all in’ level.

Pros vs Cons


  • The membership is free for those who join EN through a sponsor that’s already in BIM or if you join within 24 hours.
  • You become a part of a like-minded community
  • It’s neat, organized, and simple to use
  • You’ll have a high and unique advantage of marketing EN
  • Full training and success coaching videos
  • He invested over $1 million of his own money to create BIM.


  • Solo ad sellers reject businesses like this one. You can promote it to your subscribers, but after that, promoting the program only gets tougher and you may never seem to recuperate your return on investment.
  • Some people had problems with the sales funnel not working correctly because there were ‘bugs’ that needed to be fixed.
  • You will need even more money for advertising the system.
  • Most of the training content for all the BIM level weren’t uploaded in time or when Vick said it would be done while still charging $145/month to his members
  • Even though there wasn’t a complete product, Vick still send emails and sales tools for his affiliates to promote it.
  • You will only get commissions off the products that you own.
  • Vick Strizheus was stealing affiliates sales from High Traffic Academy and from BIM members.
  • With so many members, the funnel will eventually lose its effectiveness.
  • You’re branding Vick Strizheus and BIM.
  • Promoting this program, you will make money in an unethical way and you are putting your credibility at risk. You’re putting those who you sponsor through two scams- BIM and EN.
  • You will need to invest time, effort and a lot of money into this. What if they all eventually get caught by the FTC?

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 Who is Big Idea Mastermind For?

BIM can be used by both newbie and experienced internet marketers to create a five figure income in the fastest way possible in an unethical way. However, is mostly safer for those who have a background in internet marketing and a huge list to join the program.

 Big Idea Mastermind Tools & Training


  • Pro level squeeze pages that can be made with his free landing page software.
  • Done for you system so all you do is drive leads.
  • Pre-made follow-up e-mail messages
  • Banner ads, swipe copies, etc…


The training in BIM consists of hundreds of videos and some modules including

  • BIM Success Coaching, Internet Marketing Mastery, Weekly Training Webinars (exclusive to Platinum members only), Paid, Free and Advanced Traffic Methods
  • “30 Days To $10K” Program (step-by-step daily guide for building at least $10K within your first 30 days. (Diamond and Platinum level only).
  • Access to High Traffic Academy Masters Course (Diamond and Platinum levels only).
  • Diamond Monthly Mastermind Advanced Trainings
  • Introduction To The Most Secret Traffic Networks In Existence

 Big Idea Mastermind Support

Their support is not that responsive.

 Big Idea Mastermind Price

It’s free if you join through an EN sponsor who is already with BIM or if you get at the $25 level within your first 24 hours. Otherwise it cost $497/ month plus $45 per month up to $6,000 to join EN.

 My Final Opinion of Big Idea Mastermind

People like Vick love to take advantage of people who do not know how to make money online. He gets you involved in a product based pyramid scheme and even robs your commissions. He is a very smart charismatic and greedy guy that hasn’t changed his ways. The BIM is basically a system designed solely to promote the EN along with mentor ship and internet marketing training for the fastest way to make five figures a month by scamming others. This is an unsustainable business model. I would rather learn how to build an online business from scratch and everything there is to know from two internet marketing experts that are there to help you for a very affordable cost and be surround by like-minded individuals.

Big Idea Mastermind at a Glance…

Product Name: Big Idea Mastermind
Price: Free, $497/ month plus $45 per month up to $6,000 to join Empower Network
Owner: Vitaliy Strizheus
Overall Rank: 1 out of 5 stars







If you are or have been a member of BIM,  please share your experience so others can benefit from it.


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4 thoughts on “The Real Truth of the Big Idea Mastermind and Vitaly Strizheus”

  1. Vick is a huge con man. I’ve been watching his moves. I see his webinars even right now. Its pathetic. Just keeps flapping his gums about things to come. Always about the future and now with his new partner in crime Jason. I know a single mother who paid him already and has not made a penny. Even the free 14 day courses are filled mostly with you can do it crap. “THERE IS NO MAYBES OR ILL TRY IT” Its do it now. Pay pay pay. I’m sure they even read this website. Why don’t they just sell actual products? Why just take peoples money? Everything they mention is free on YouTube. People don’t need to pay for these losers. There’s a video of Vicks code being switched when promoting his products so he gets your commission after you directed people with your money. Wow, just stealing from people.

    • Lol, yes. Yes, that’s how he brings people in is by telling people that they can make an enormous amount of money in the shortest amount of time. He charges people a monthly fee for incomplete training and then sends his dishonest emails as to why the program is not complete. All of a sudden that program has been shut down and he begins promoting another scam. Not only does he swaps with people’s affiliates links to steal the paid traffic that people have brought in to increase his sales, but he will also steal their email subscribers.

      He makes himself look successful, but the reality is that his car and house are rentals-his house can be found on

      Unlike Vicks programs, my #1 recommended internet marketing training has a free starter membership that includes access to 24/7 live chat, over 500 training modules, 3 classrooms, 2 free websites, and access to the keyword tool. To be honest, Wealthy Affiliate’s free starter membership is better than paid products.

      Thanks for sharing your insights Patrick.#1 recommended internet marketing training

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