The Juice Plus Scam- The Juicy Truth Unraveled

The Juice Plus Scam- The Juicy Truth Unraveled

Juice Plus knows that the typical American diet consists of pizza, chicken nuggets, french fries, and other fatty foods and that many people are concerned about the well being of their family, so they use this to get you to buy a convenient capsule with insignificant research and studies that it’s even effective.

Their advertising clearly says, “Juice Plus+ is not a substitute for eating fruits and vegetables” and “it is the next best thing to eating fruits and vegetables.”  To me, that basically means that it’s okay that you don’t eat your fruits and veggies as long as you take their product.

But is this a company that’s worth it?

In this article, I’ll talk about what is Juice Plus, the history of this company, if the products are any good, the compensation plan and income disclosure to help you make a decision of whether or not you should join this company.

What Is Juice Plus?- Nothing More Than A Pyramid Scheme

Juice Plus Company

Juice Plus is a health and wellness multi-level marketing company that sells overpriced veggie and fruit capsules, chewables, nutrition bars, and meal replacement powders.

They state that their products are nutritionally dense and made with dehydrated whole foods like fresh oranges, ripe tomatoes, and juicy blackberries that  are grown farm-fresh and they claim  that it nourishes your body with antioxidants and phytonutrients from grains, plants, and algal oils.

If you become a distributor, you have to buy and sell this product to at least two other people and have each person do the same. Of course, that is difficult to do, and you’ll find yourself constantly recruiting and stalking your loved ones and your Facebook friends.

Their Tarnished History

In 1970, Jay Martin who ditched being a  school teacher to turn into an entrepreneur found National Safety Associates.

Fire protection, water filtration products, air filters, and educational games were their first products but were alleged to be running a Ponzi scheme in 1991.

In 1993, 32,000 Florida distributors bought almost $7,000 worth of products each and were unable to sell them so the U.S. Attorney General got them under some fire.

Juice Plus Orchard and Garden Blend- fruit and vegetable juice powder supplements were launched that same year.

While more products were released, Juice Plus Gummies, Thins, chewable tablets and some vitamin for dogs and cats were discontinued.

Juice Plus also achieved $6 million dollars in monthly sales that year.

One article emphasized that a placebo-controlled study in 2002 found that Juice Plus Gummy candies barely improved the antioxidant levels of little ones, as stated by negative outcomes from 6 different antioxidant tests encouraging NSA to erase their company name from there.

Dr. William Sears stated that the Juice Plus gummies were an alternative to fruits and veggies which led to many complaints on the BBB’s National Advertising Division in 2005.

Dr. William Sears

They claimed that it’s misleading, but they still continue to advertise their products as the “next best thing to fruits and vegetables”.

A complaint was filed to the FDA by the Center For Science In The Public Interest to stop Juice Plus Orchard and Garden Blend Capsules from being sold due to the products appearing to be adulterated and misbranded.

They also claimed that the product’s label state that they naturally contain vast levels of vitamins A, C, and Folate, but fail to disclose that these are synthetic vitamins and minerals added during the processing.

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In 2007, the Advertising Code Council warned NSA to stop saying that the products are the same as eating whole foods and emphasized that their statements are in violation.

Dr. Jim Sears proudly recommended Juice Plus on the beloved show The Doctors and said that it helps fight cancer in February 2009.

In October 2009, Dr. Barrie R. Cassileth from Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center warned that Juice Plus is heavily targeting cancer patients based on their claims of antioxidant effects, but that the supplement should not be taken because it can have an adverse effect with chemotherapy and that it isn’t a replacement for real food.- Wikipedia

Several other studies proved that Juice Plus had little effect on homocysteine levels, LDL cholesterol blood pressure levels, vascular endothelial function, serum insulin, blood glucose, or body weight.

However, one study concluded that Juice Plus Orchard and Garden Blend significantly decreased the impairment of brachial artery vasoactivity caused by  high-fat meals in healthy people.

Juice Plus+ Garden Blend failed ConsumerLab’s  test which included using ICP-MS (Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry-a very accurate and sensitive method for testing calcium) for amounts of selected index elements, their ability to disintegrate in solution per U.S Pharmacopeia guidelines, lead contamination threshold set in California Proposition 65, and meeting the FDA’s labeling requirements as it only had 76.4% of its claimed calcium, which was already low at just 4% of the daily value per serving.- Wikipedia

More Reasons Why Juice Plus Products Aren’t Effective Or Good For You

Juice Plus Products

A huge and important factor in determining whether or not you’re in a good MLM company is the quality of the products. That’s why I like to list some of the ingredients, but first, let’s take a look at the shocking testimonial by O.J. Simpson and what other experts conclude.

A University of California Berkeley Wellness Letter and MLMWatch questioned the effectiveness of Juice Plus when a former professional athlete O.J. Simpson signed a multi-year six-figure contract with NSA in January 1994 to become their official celebrity endorser.

He declared that their products healed his arthritis, enhanced his golf skills, and freed him from consuming anti-arthritic drugs to 4,000 Juice Plus distributors.

However, his lies were discovered when he was tried and acquitted for the murder of his ex-wife and her friend when he claimed that he was too debilitated by his disease to have done that and he was still on the anti-inflammatory drug sulfasalazine.

O.J. Simpson and his family

NSA ended his contract and stopped using his testimony to promote Juice Plus.

The MSKCC, UCB, and the CSPI have all emphasized that the overpriced supplement being sold through a MLM scheme has meaningless research and that its slight amount of fruit and vegetable powder doesn’t offer exaggerated benefits. They said that its effects are most likely due to the added vitamins and minerals.

Some studies that were randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled and with more people found that there wasn’t much of a difference in lipid peroxidation, DNA oxidation, or oxidative stress.-

So the main products being sold are the Juice Plus capsules and gummies. Here’s Helen West’s conclusion of the products:

“Taking a Juice Plus+ supplement increases your vitamin and mineral intake. However, there’s no evidence that Juice Plus+ is any better at this than a regular multivitamin…many of the studies on Juice Plus+ have been widely criticized for being industry-funded and poorly designed…

It’s common for companies to fund research on their own products, but the results of these studies should be interpreted with skepticism — as they may be biased. Considering the high cost of these supplements and the lack of evidence of any real health benefits, you should think twice before buying them.”-

And Harriet Hall also agrees and says that all of their studies are conflicting and controversial and that deceitful claims are used.-

They claim that it is absorbed by the body, reduces oxidative stress, promotes cardiovascular wellness, supports a healthy immune system, weight loss and helps protect DNA without any real proof.

This includes a Family Health Study Survey in which an average of 63% of them got healthier and 71% were eating less junk food because it’s data collected from self-reports by their own customers with no control group to compare. They were already eating healthy or they wouldn’t be consuming the product.

The small studies were funded by the company and distributors in which Juice Plus wasn’t even compared to a diet rich in fruits and vegetables.

9-year-old woman with endometrial cancer suffered liver toxicity.- Wikepedia

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My Opinion Of The Product

Browsing through the Juice Plus products, I was impressed at first. I was like wow, their products are vegan, kosher certified, non-gmo, and no artificial preservatives until I ran into their Juice Plus+®Complete Dutch Chocolate

Not only does it have 10 grams of sugar, a long list of chemicals I can’t pronounce in their ingredient list, but also the Proposition 65 Warning Label which states that their product can expose you to lead; which can cause cancer, birth defects and other reproductive harm. Juice Plus Complete Dutch Chocolate Ingredients

Here is a list of some of the chemicals and the dangers they may cause:

Soy protein– Since the powder is not certified organic, they soybeans are GMO and showered with Monsanto’s carcinogenic herbicide

Stevia– It’s 200 times sweeter than sugar but doesn’t raise insulin levels. Vani Hari recommends to look for whole leaf stevia in the ingredient list; otherwise, it goes through a chemical-laden

Arabic, guar and xantham gum– these gums are found in a wide variety of processed foods to thicken and emulsify products. Eating too much of this can cause gas, bloating, and loose stools. It should be especially avoided by people with digestive issues and pregnant

And here’s something funny I found that may prove this.

Dr. Sears says a couple of this, a couple of scoops of that, and WAMOOO, he’s of to school drinking his breakfast. Did I just hear him fart at 15:12 and 15:15? 🙂 If you can’t even hold it during a live Google Hangout, there’s a serious problem. 🙂 lol

Fructooligosaccharides– This is a sweetener that can cause side effects including cramps, nausea, bloating, gas, diarrhea, itchiness in the throat, and dizziness if it is overused. They recommend to consume it in natural whole foods like bananas and asparagus.-

Natural flavor– These are created by scientists and can contain up to 100 different chemicals including propylene glycol, BHA, parabens.-

Soy lecithin–  Soy lecithin is made by degumming crude so oil from soy flakes with hexane which is a neurotoxin that comes from gasoline production-

Sunflower lecithin– It has many health benefits, but the product is not organic which means it has chemical fertilizers, synthetic substances, irradiation, sewage sludge, and GMO’s.-

Complete by Juice Plus Variety Bars also had the same warning label as well as unwanted chemicals. They sound delicious by looking through their ingredient list, but unfortunately, you’re risking exposure to lead and this ‘health food’ turns into something that you don’t want to put in your body.

Juice Plus Nutrition Bars

The Juice Plus Tower Garden- Is It Worth $500+?

They also sell a Tower Garden for $543 that only allows you to grow 20 plants. The Juice Plus Tower Garden also comes with a Proposition 65 warning.

Juice Plus Tower Garden
I found a Garden Tower at Amazon for $349 and you can grow up to 50 plants!

The Juice Plus Income Disclosure

It’s now 2019 and I could only find a link to their annual earnings summary report from 2017 which states that 76% of their distributors are making less than $1,186 per year and close to half are earning less than $227 per

Juice Plus Income Disclosure
The Juice Plus Compensation Plan

After you pay your $50 fee to become a representative, you can earn income through retail sales profit like $39 for selling the Juice Plus Trio.

The second way is through commissions in which there are three levels:

6%- Direct Distributors will earn $49 with the Juice Plus Trio.

14%- Virtual Franchises will earn $63.

22%-Sales Coordinators will earn $76.

They’re earned through the Purchase Volume Credit value of each product. The Juice Plus Trio will earn you 169.5 points.

The third way is through team building bonuses.

-Achieve 500 PVC in 30 days and you will receive a $100 bonus.

-If you reach Virtual Franchisee by accumulating 2000 PVC in 60 days, you and your sponsor get a $300 bonus.

-If you reach 8000 PVC in 6 months or less, you and your sponsor will get a $600 bonus.

Their income plan is divided into three phases:

Phase 1: New reps start with the Fast Track plan to “Virtual Franchisee” position in their first 60 days.

Phase 2: Build Your Juice Plus Team that takes you to the Sales Coordinator position that can be achieved in 6 months or less.

Phase 3: Leadership positions

  • Senior Sales Coordinator-  Earns you top commissions of 22%.
  • Qualifying National Marketing Director
  • National Marketing Director

All these are eligible for a monthly expense allowance, holiday bonus and Family Benefits Package.

As a Sales Coordinator, you will be qualified to get leads through Juice Plus online marketing efforts.

The fastest way to reach these positions is through the power of 3. 

So you and two others place an order for their overpriced products and then you have to convine your downline to do the same.

Juice Pluse Power of 3
Many peope struggle to do this and the only way to accomplish this is to keep on recruiting. Some people in Juice Plus are making illegal health claims to get people to sign up under them. 

Juice Plus Illegal Health Claims

As you grow your business, you can get qualified to receive Business Incentive Bonuses which can be as much as $3,000 per month.

What I liked About The Company…

– Low start up costs.

-They sponsor St. Jude, Volunteers of America, Boys Club of America, and the Children’s Hunger Fund.

-They offer nice bonuses, a family benefits package, and college tuition reimbursement.

-They encourage healthy eating.

-Dr. Jim Sears stated in the above video that after his kids started taking the chewables, that they started craving more fruits and vegetables.

What Makes Juice Plus A Pyramid Scheme

-Almost 50% of their reps are making less than $227 per year.

-They constantly repeat how their research is gold, yet there are various sources that claim they funded their own clinical studies meaning that there is no real evidence that their products are any better than other cheaper multivitamins.

– Several of their distributors boast that their products can cure a variety of diseases when in reality, many of their products are ridden with harmful and toxic chemicals and labeled with the California Proposition 65 Warning.

-Many of their distributors are making illegal health claims that the products can heal anxiety, depression, and fibromyalgia.

-You are most likely peeing away the nutrients for the overpriced products you paid for because concentrated high doses of nutrients are not bioavailable. 

-One of the doctors in their video claimed that he likes to think of their capsules as a salad bar in a pill, lol. Since when are salads juiced, stripped out of their fiber, added synthetic vitamins and minerals to compensate for the ones that were lost during the processing stage, processed into a powder, and turned into a capsule? 

Juice Plus As A Salad Bar
-They mislead you into thinking that their products will reduce your DNA damage and other health claims. There are many people buying similar products from numerous multi-level marketing companies, yet, we’re sicker and fatter than ever.

-They call their pyramid scheme business opportunity a “virtual franchise.” They couldn’t be more ridiculous. Since when do these MLM’s have national promotions and real training? Since when does the owner of the franchise start recruiting loved ones, get them on a monthly product shipment for crappy products, and get them to get another two, get their two to get two more each to do the same and so on?

-The University of California Berkeley Wellness Letter and Stephen Barrett of MLM Watch claimed that they’re simply using the foundation as a way to advertise their products because of the endless Juice Plus customer surveys on their website.

-They make it seem like you’re going to be earning a lot of money selling their products, but the majority of the distributors aren’t making a significant income. You’ll most likely end up spending more than what you’re earning. Don’t get yourself in this pyramid scheme that’s deceiving you, they don’t deserve a penny.

Juice Plus At A Final Glance

Many experts emphasize that there’s no real research that proves that Juice Plus is any better than any other multivitamin. Several of their distributors boasts that their products can cure a variety of diseases when in reality, they are full of harmful chemicals and the majority of them have the California Proposition 65 warning label for lead exposure. Do not get involved with this deceitful multi-level marketing scheme, you will end up spending more money on toxic products then what you will end up earning.

Please share this article to let me know that you found it useful and to help others and if you want to share your valuable experience or thoughs of this company, please comment below.

To Your Success,


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