The Eight Deadly Sins of Internet Marketing

The Eight Deadly Sins of Internet Marketing

Have you been exposed to the biggest sins of internet marketing that can adversely affect your online business? The real sins as stated on the image to the right relate to internet marketing sins. What can you do about it and how do you recover? Find out in this article.

The Deadly Sins of Internet Marketing

1. Buying Backlinks (Gluttony)

sins of internet marketing

Have you ever been tempted to buy backlinks because they were once a huge metric to getting top rankings and because they’re only $5 for 10,000 backlinks on Fiverr?
Buying backlinks will not get your site rank any higher. Instead, build your links by providing link worthy content. If you write awesome content, people will share it on social media or quote you on their own blog.

2. Shiny Guru Syndrome (Envy)

deadly sins of internet marketing

Are you diagnosed with shiny guru syndrome? This is caused by following self-proclaimed gurus e-mail list.

This is when you’re constantly exposed to claims like, “I’ll show you how get thousands of visitors per day, just fill in your e-mail address!”, product launches, WSO’s (warrior special offers, fancy pants sales letters and videos that flash fancy cars and houses).

All of this stuff are merely convincing words with empty promises. IM Gurus are just good at verbal gymnastics and convincing people to buy products from them.

But when have you actually benefited from this stuff?

They can say they have lots of money, but how do you actually know? Some can claim to have a Ferrari but it can be a rental (Frank Kern got caught before and I actually took a screenshot of someone claiming to have lots of money driving without a license plate).

My suggestion is to stop following them and unsubscribe from their e-mail lists. You’re not going to miss anything and it will never benefit you. Instead, follow proven training for your affiliate marketing success.

3. Taking No Action (Sloth)

What does this mean? That you’re learning, learning and learning and taking no action.

It’s important to have balance in learning and taking action and you will learn a lot more if you take action right after you learn. Procrastination is successes worst enemy.

4. Article Curation and Spinning (Pride)

deadly sins of internet marketing
Magic Article Rewriter, an article spinning software.

Article spinning is taking one article, putting into a software that changes words through a thesaurus and it spits out five different articles that don’t make any human sense.

As a result, you will get penalized by the search engines and your readers will not come back and you will lose credibility.

Article curation is simply cutting and pasting a bunch of articles from elsewhere and talking about and linking to them from your own blog, which is worse than spinning as you’re taking other people’s articles. It’s better just to create your own content and write in your own voice.

5. Stealing Niches (Greed)

Someone tells you or asks for your thoughts on a niche and then you steal it. This is essentially stealing, don’t do it! You can find you own profitable niche.

6. Blackhat SEO (Wrath)

deadly sins of internet marketing

Blackhat SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is gaming the system to outrank everyone. This is unethical practices of search engine marketing which includes buying backlink packages, paying for backlinks, spinning articles, keyword stuffing, and buying articles that backlink to your site.

Some big name companies that got caught doing this are Rap Genius, BBC, Overstock, and JC Penney and as a result got the Google slap.
Source Marketing Land

7. Shortcuts to Success (Lust)

This is trying to find the quickest way to make a lot of money now as you’ve been exposed of gurus making claims of “How to make $7,000 dollars in a week with an automated software that sends tons of traffic to your website!!”

Regardless of how tempting this may be, it doesn’t work and it’s not evergreen meaning that It’s not going to last a long time.

8. Lack Of Discipline (Gloth)

This includes constantly chasing make money online informational products and services, not having a schedule of writing content or writing consistent content, and using social media or watching television on a regular basis.

How To Avoid The Temptation

Think of your online business as building a house, you can’t skip on a few bricks as it will eventually collapse. Running a business is no different.

If you’ve been tempted, talk with someone that will talk you down to reality. If the information was so cutting edge, why would they offer it for so cheap and why are they sharing it with others when they can just keep it to themselves?

How To Recover If You’re A Victim

Okay, you buy something and then all of a sudden, there’s a bunch of upsells. If you got scammed, accept it and move on. You’re not the only victim.

A Solution…

Follow a path to internet marketing success such as a boot camp and certification course. Take lots of notes and take action on all of the tasks.

If you really need to, ask someone to kick you in your pants. You may think that your desired goal is rally far away, but by creating smaller goals that are more realistic and achievable, you will eventually get there!

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