Success With Anthony- Is It A Scam?

Success With Anthony- Is It A Scam?

Name: Success with Anthony and The Fast Traffic Sniper      Success With Anthony
Price: $49 + $5,000+ in upsells
Owner: Anthony Morrison
Overall Rank: 1 out of 5 stars

What Exactly Is Success With Anthony?

Success with Anthony is a training and coaching program that claims to possibly make a newbie thousands of dollars in a very short period of time using his unique software that can drive thousands of targeted paid traffic that will cost you about one cent per visitor using pay per view marketing within a matter of minutes. Once you get familiarized with the training videos, you can be on your way to set up your first campaign. It consists of workbooks, videos, quizzes. Done for you campaigns and personal coaching are some of the upsells.

What is Fast Traffic Sniper?

Fast Traffic Sniper is a software that drives fast targeted traffic to any affiliate program of your choice. All you do is type in a keyword and the software grabs all the top related domain names from Alexa and Quant cast from Google, Yahoo, Bing, and YouTube with the click of a mouse. It also gathers information for misspelled keywords which gives you a huge advantage. You could do this manually by typing in keywords in every search engine and copying and pasting the URL’s at DirectCPV or Traffic Vance, this just saves some time; however, if you type in a keyword and there’s a domain that you don’t want to target, you’ll need to sort through hundreds of pages related to that domain. This program comes with step by step video training and a workbook to help you along the way. It covers advanced strategies and secret tips on 8 weeks free webinars. It also includes a built in Return On Investment calculator.

Pros vs Cons


  • The website is well laid out and easy to navigate.
  • The quick start guide is very detailed and gives you a plan to easily implement.  The other e-books and the training available seems to be fairly basic, but okay if you have never done Pay per View or Cost per Action before.

Now for the Cons:

  • The original version of this product was banned from Clickbank because it had a very high refund rate and a number of scam complaints. Now he’s using his own payment processor and affiliate script and handles the refunds and affiliate payments.
  • After you buy the initial product, you’re hit with four to five upsells which can add up to thousands of dollars, including a $3995 upsell and you’ll need money set aside for testing. He also has his partners pitching their own products.
  • Dishonest tactics are used in the Success With Anthony product. They claim that you can get “FREE websites”, but you have to spend $300 for a couple months of hosting in order to get them because it makes them more money. You can get five years worth of hosting from a more reputable company like Hostgator.
  • They have very poor support and it’s hard to get a refund.
  • This product was being advertised under a different name, Auto Traffic Conspiracy.
  • He doesn’t mention that Traffic Vance requires $1000 minimum in advertising costs and Traffic Media requires at least $200.
  • There is a section for pre-made campaigns that are Anthony Morrison focused and not course specific.
  • The system comes with pre-recorded videos which many of them can’t be fast forwarded or rewound.
  • The sales page emphasizes how people made money in 90 minutes, but you actually have to wait at least three weeks to make money meaning that you have to spend on the other upsells.

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 Who is Success with Anthony Meant For?

The very first level of  the Success with Anthony program is perfect for beginners. You will get a lot of quality e-books and decent video training. For a new internet marketer, you don’t need all those upsells. The 1 -on 1 consultation is good for advanced marketers that want to take their skills to the next level.

Success With Anthony Tools and Training

1.    Homework – This consists of a three page “Quick Start” 60 day plan and tasks you should implement to ‘point you in the right direction’ and to avoid any confusion. It tells you to build your free website and to get an Aweber account and to start learning how to use it. So right away, they’re setting you up to spend hundreds of dollars for their recommended hosting.

2.    Get Your Free Websites – You only qualify for these websites if you sign up for really expensive hosting. Here you will find 5 ‘done for you’ squeeze pages targeted in the dating, weight loss/ fitness and make money online niches. This includes done for you videos, articles, websites,and auto responder e-mails with custom subject lines.

3.    Choose Your Personal Coach – This is an upsell. If you do decide to do have one, you complete a questionnaire that best describes you, how committed you are, and what you really want to achieve. You also have to complete an interview over the telephone so that you can discuss your strengths and weaknesses, your budget, etc. They sold this service to an old lady making just $24,000 a year and in debt for $5,000!

4.    Ultimate Success Challenge – This is where you test your knowledge of what you have learned so far to unlock prizes of T-shirts, eBooks, trophies, iPads and much more. The levels go from Bronze to Platinum and the more money you make, the more levels are unlocked. They want you to send a screenshot of how much money you made to their team.

The training consists of seven areas which are

 Email Profits– In this section you have a complete 232 page e-book to read, plus 14 different video modules covering everything from how to create ‘opt in’ pages, subject lines and content that converts, and how to get traffic to your squeeze pages. Many of the Module 1 training videos can be watched on YouTube for free. They go from the very basics to advanced marketing strategies; however, the 10 Aweber training videos are the video tutorials from AWeber that you can get access to for free yourself if you choose Aweber as your auto responder company. An auto responder is an essential tool used to capture leads and follow up with them.

Social Profits-Great information on how to drive fast traffic from social media sites can be found within the Social Profits Workbook. Social Profits focuses on four social media sites which are Facebook, Google+, Youtube, and Twitter each with its own e-book. It also includes 13 video modules covering everything from creating Facebook pages, the “YouTube Ninja” method and integrating Twitter on your blog.

SEO Profits– Learn the outdated basics of search engine optimization-Google has changed their algorithms. This starts off with a video about Webfire which is a monthly service. Make sure you know the basics of email marketing or this is going to be a waste of money. There are 7 videos in all to watch on SEO, keyword research, article marketing, and getting backlinks.

All of these courses come with a quiz at the end.

6 Weeks Free Training:  These are 6 motivational live webinars with special guests and experts in the internet marketing world.

VIP area: The VIP area consists of The Ultimate Success Challenge, Video Lead Builder Software-another upsell. It goes from how to create and edit videos and how to put videos on your webpage, 5% “Inner Circle” where you get a glimpse of Gary’s training and videos, Future of Marketing-It goes over Mobile Marketing, Gamification, Social TV, CrowdSourcing, and Artificial Intelligence.

Success with Anthony Support

After you register for your 1-on-1 consultation, you will immediately receive a call from an account manager who will ask you some personal questions. You will get one year of training and support; however; if you’re just trying to get some help and you paid less than $47, their support team can be very unhelpful and rude. Getting a refund can be a challenge.

 Success with Anthony Pricing and Upsells

The initial product is $49, but you can click out of the page and get it for $7. For the one- on one consultation, the minimum entry fee is around $1500, the next level is around $2500, and their last option for real ‘serious’ people who really want to be successful is $5k! The truth is that they are a rip off, you can get years’ worth of superior training and support for a much lower price. They have multiple upsells in their members’ area as stated above which can add up to thousands of dollars.

My Final Opinion of Success with Anthony

They initially really try to bring you in by offering the $47 product and offering it at a lower price but to get into your wallets even deeper with their multiple upsells in their members area. The initial training is decent enough for an incoming marketer, but it’s not worth more than $27 due to the fact that some of the information within the videos can be found for free, the SEO course is outdated, and going through the training can be confusing. He claims that you can make fast money online, but then when you do join, he states that you have to wait at least three weeks to see any results. Their software is great for driving a massive amount of traffic to affiliate offers, but you might have to sort out 100’s of pages to exclude the ones you don’t want to target and you will need at least $200 to invest for traffic. They are very misleading and have poor customer support. The whole system has been set up for you to spend thousands of dollars as you go through each task. In reality, you can get started with affiliate marketing without a website or a list. Does he really care about your success? If he did, why not charge you after you made your return on investment, after all, he is a millionaire. Unfortunately, Success With Anthony is a scam. With my number one recommended product, you’ll never need any of this expensive coaching. You’ll have everything you need to create a successful online business.


Success with Anthony at a Final Glance…

Name: Success with Anthony and The Fast Traffic Sniper
Price: $49 + $5,000+ in upsells
Owner: Anthony Morrison
Overall Rank: 1 out of 5 stars







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  1. My experience was a little different then yours but I believe the out come was awesome. I actually got more then I bargained for the amout of traffic I was obtaining was ridiculous and a bit over whelming and I didn’t have to spend thousands out of pocket I believe it was a good investment and I learned more then I thought I would so that’s was a plus. Thanks Anthony for helping my online business grow.

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