Paid Social Media Jobs Scam – Why You Won’t Make A Living Messing Around On Facebook

Paid Social Media Jobs Scam – Why You Won’t Make A Living Messing Around On Facebook

Name: Paid Social Media Jobs
Price: $47+ $77/month
Owner: Unkown
Overall Rank: 1 out of 5 Stars

What Is Paid Social Media Jobs?

Paid Social Media Jobs is a product that claims to help you start a successful career as a social media manager for small and large businesses.

As a social media manager, you will be creating Facebook and Twitter accounts, posting status updates, liking Facebook pages, replying to comments on all the major social networks including YouTube, and uploading photos and videos.

They claim to provide you with all the training that you need, but it is incomplete.

They also give you access to their practically dead replica of Fiverr jobs database with thousands of jobs that you can apply to, some which are fake and the job descriptions are unrealistic to get done morally like getting thousands of likes or views in an hour or a million in just a few days. Unlike Social Media jobs, Fiverr is a very active, reputable, and popular online marketplace.

An automated software is given to you to help you with those unrealistic jobs. Sure, using this software will get the job done, but the likes or views will not be of quality and you will most likely harm your reputation as a freelance worker.

The program is very misleading because the only way you would be able to make decent income is by already having years of training and experience in marketing or business.

Pros Vs Cons


  • The videos have useful but basic social media information and the importance of it.
  • The advanced training gives valuable advice on getting started as a freelancer including how to persuade your clients,how to set your rates competitively and sample template documents that you can use; however, this training is useless unless you’re already skilled.
  • This program introduces the concept of working from home and the lucrative social media manager opportunity.You can just google ‘how to become a social media manager’ and you’ll quickly run across valuable free info, signup to get free ebooks, and also signup to awesome free webinars like this one: 7 Steps to Becoming a Well-Paid Social Media Manager or Consultant.


  • The three day trial period isn’t enough time to find work and you’re going to be billed $47. You have to pay to get a job and they automatically charge $77 dollars without notice.
  • They trick you into a membership site and they make you think that you will get a job within three days, but you would need more training than what is found in the introduction videos. There are better programs that only charge a onetime fee.
  • The advanced training takes a while to go through and doesn’t even cover in detail how to run successful social media marketing campaigns, doesn’t provide step by step instructions on creating a social media strategy, what you should be posting to get results for your clients, or how to plan out a campaign for a client. If you can’t deliver results, you’re going to fail.
  • Your success is not guaranteed.

Paid Social Media Jobs

  • Unless you’re a college graduate with a degree in marketing or business and have an impressive portfolio of successful social media campaigns, you won’t make that much. As a beginner you will need to take the low paying and competitive tasks to build up your reputation before you can start charging more.
  • The sample jobs in the search jobs seem fake and are just there to entice you to sign up and they’re not willing to share any testimonials or reviews about them with you. The Fox News video emphasizes the social media manager opportunity, but they don’t endorse Paid Social Media Jobs.
  • There’s a lack of support and it’s hard to get a refund.

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Who is Paid Social Media Jobs Really For?

I don’t recommend this product to anyone. There’s much better and up to date courses that cover social media marketing in great detail.

If you’re already skilled, you don’t need to risk your money on this this because you can find higher paying jobs from more reputable websites including Elance, Peopleperhour, and

Obviously, this product wants to scam moms and anyone with the desire to work from home.

Paid Social Media Jobs Training and Tools


The most important training that you should get is excluded from the website which is showing you how to properly manage your clients account and run a successful social media marketing campaign.

As mentioned before, the introductory videos just give you some basic social media marketing training, but it’s not in depth.

Some of the material covered in the advanced training include how to run a business as a freelancer, how to pitch clients, how much to charge them, some information on how to get likes on your own Facebook profile, and how to set up each account. The most essential training which is how to get more likes for your clients is omitted.


They also provide you with downloadable ebooks and sample template documents.

Along with this membership site is also the Paid Social Media Jobs Marketplace along with several other freelance websites and giving you thousands of paid social media jobs that you can apply for.

You can post what you’re willing to do and for how much. But again, unlike Fiverr, none of their listings have ratings, feedback, or queued jobs so this makes it pretty much dead lowering your chances of getting hired.


They have a support desk covering frequently asked questions and you can send a support ticket.  Several people want to know why they have to pay a fee to get a job with Paid Social Media Jobs and why it can’t be taken out of their earnings.

There are complaints that their support is limited and it is unknown who the creators of this service is.

Paid Social Media Jobs Price

They clearly state this is a one-time lifetime fee of $47 to join and that this gives you access to all of their training materials, special tools and resources, as well as unlimited jobs from their job database and job marketplace.
However, when I checked on Clickbank, it says that it’s a rebill product meaning that this is a membership site.

Paid Social Media Jobs

My Final Opinion of Paid Social Media Jobs

Paid Social Media Jobs doesn’t teach you exactly how run a successful marketing campaign and how to get results for your clients so you will most likely fail and hurt your reputation as freelancer. You won’t launch a successful career without further training. Another disappointment is their inactive ‘jobs marketplace.’

The program is misleading when they make people think that they will make a decent full time income right away having fun and doing some easy tasks as a Social Media Manager just to get you to join and take your money on a monthly basis. But being a social media manager is a lot of hard work, a job that never rests, and takes time to build. You should do some more research about this career to learn about the ins and outs and decide if it’s really for you.

Don’t fall for this scam. The fact that the owners hide their identities is also suspicious.

I strongly recommend you join a real business where will be given all the awesome training, tools, and expert support whenever you need it to start making passive income online. Best of all, you can remain a free member for as long as you need to and are given two free websites with free state of the art hosting that you can create in any interest of yours that can turn into a very profitable online business for you!

Paid Social Media Jobs at a Glance…

Name: Paid Social Media Jobs
Price: $47+$77/month
Owner: unknown
Overall Rank: 1 out of 5 Stars



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3 thoughts on “Paid Social Media Jobs Scam – Why You Won’t Make A Living Messing Around On Facebook”

  1. I am not familiar with this product but I am familiar with Fiverr and being a social media manager.

    You do not have to be in marketing and business for years and years to make a decent income. You just have to know the market your client is in, the trends, and be very creative with content for their social media pages. Once the client sees your value, credibility and ease of using your business, they will refer you and you can keep the leads coming in until you make great money. That doesn’t take years, that just takes belief, confidence and hard work and that can be done in months!

    I used to be on Fiverr as a customer and a producer. I like being a costumer,but I didn’t like being a producer. Some customers will ruin your business on there and it was hard to promote your business on Fiverr. They were also only giving spotlight to the higher producers.

    • Thank you for the information Quaisha. And yes, people just need solid training to build up a successful business as a Social Media Manager so they learn how to market themselves better.

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