Nu Skin- When Dreams Turn Into A Nightmare

By | January 24, 2015


Nu Skin


“Nu Skin is a paradox, an enterprise that purports to have a higher calling even as it makes breathtaking claims for what are known in the industry as ‘lotions and potions,’ and dangles dreams of lucre for those who sell its products”.- Fortune

What is Nu Skin?

Founded in 1984 in Provo, Utah, Nu Skin Enterprises, Inc. is an international multi-billion dollar direct selling and multilevel marketing company currently in 53 markets.  The company develops over 200 personal care products under the Nu Skin brand along with dietary and nutritional supplements under the Pharmanex brand which are bought and marketed by 950,000 distributors. All their products claim to make people look and feel younger.
Nu Skin’s ageLOC skin care line was amongst the most successful and was responsible for 23% of their total profits, growing to an astonishing 43% at the end of 2012.-NYTimes

The Nu Skin Reality- It’s A Pyramid Scheme

Independent salespeople have to pay a $25 sign-up fee to be able to buy at wholesale and sell them for a profit, but the only way they can succeed is by building a hefty downline and having them duplicate the process. Thus, the vast majority of distributors end up losing thousands of dollars.

The Immoral Nu Skin Co-founders

The co-founders of Nu Skin are Blake Roney, Steve Lund, Sandie Tillotson, and Nedra Roney. Nedra’s name was deleted from their website in an attempt to hide that she is a co-founder because she’s been involved in several lawsuits and pleaded guilty to prescription-drug fraud in 1996. –Fortune

“Over the next 20 years, this wouldn’t be the first (or last) time that one of the female founders had to sleep with someone to achieve a business goal. They jokingly referred to it as ‘net 90 pussy.’- “

– “Formerly Filthy Rich, My Scandalous Life with a Billionaire Cougar” by Adam Baker- based on his six year marriage to Tillotson.

Along with success came money and Nedra became a drug addict. She was bluntly told to stop coming to work due to her behavior and Steve Lund took her position.- Multi-Level Marketing Fraud Uncovered – Nu Skin

Nedra’s husband Robert Clark McKell was accused of rape and sedomy. In December 2013, she was arrested for allegedly harassing an 18-year-old female so she would drop the first-degree felony charges, court documents claim.- Dailymail

Sandie Tillotson was already a multi-millionaire when she co-founded Nu Skin which she made with the Cambridge Diet, another bankrupt pyramid scheme. She is the reason Nu Skin’s sales increased to $500 million in 1984 when she introduced numerous new products including Nu Colour line of makeup, Safiro perfume and nutritional supplements. – Source

Once we were inside she screamed at me to get her hand sanitizer, that she couldn’t stand these people and they all smelled like garlic,” he says. “Now remember, these are people who paid for Nu Skin distributorships and Sandie made a handsome profit on them. And she couldn’t stand them. It was unbelievable. It was the same with her Force for Good charity. We flew to Malawi and she couldn’t stand to touch the children.

“Her whole life was built on lies,” Adam continues. “She wouldn’t even use the products she sold, because she said they were junk.” Baker recounts the story of what he calls “the ultimate scam,” the company’s patented Biophotonic scanner. “The scanner is supposed to measure the carotenoid levels in a person’s skin, and has a money back guarantee. The idea is that if your levels are low, you take some Nu Skin supplements and, bingo, the levels are magically where they’re supposed to be. But the device only works because it knows the identity of the person being scanned. Sandie said it was the only way they can have the money back guarantee, and not pay any money out.”

Nu Skin knew that Adam knew too much about the company and his book was banned from Amazon and Barnes & Nobles.

… Adam says he stands by every word he’s written, and is ready to produce witnesses. If that’s the case, then there is no defamation. Nu Skin says burn the book anyway, before anyone gets to read it. Barnes & Noble rolled over and pulled the book from its website quicker than you could say, oh, Sarah Palin. The Joe McGinnis book about Palin if you’re keeping score, is still available, even if it is defamation, or claimed to be.

The story presented to Amazon by Robert S. Clark of Peer Brown Gee & Loveless of Salt Lake City, said nothing about defamation, but the result was the same. Nu Skin argued that the material in the book was not Adam’s. Baker says that of course it’s his story, and is ready to produce his drafts and copyrights to prove it. No matter, Amazon has pulled the book ‘pending investigation’”.

Adam’s WordPress blog was also shut down shortly after.

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Nu Skin’s Tarnished History

Nu Skin was investigated by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in the 1990’s over its business practices when Nu Skin invested in Big Planet, a multi-level marketing company selling internet services.

The New York Times noted that Big Planet recruited people that had little knowledge of the technology that they are selling.

In 1992, Nu Skin made settlements with Michigan, Florida, Illinois, Ohio and Pennsylvania in which Nu Skin agreed to manage distributor training meetings, offer 90 percent refunds with no time limit on unopened products, supervise sales to ensure at least 80 percent of them sales are retail sales made to a minimum of five customers who aren’t distributors, and review all sales aids and promotional materials.

But Connecticut’s attorney general, Richard Blumenthal filed a lawsuit against Nu Skin and alleged it’s an illegal pyramid scheme and engages in unjust and deceptive business practices.

Michigan’s Attorney General Frank Kelley filed a notice of intended action against Nu Skin declaring it violates the Michigan Franchise Investment Act and state consumer protection laws.
– Deseret News

In April 1994, following an investigation by the FTC, the company paid $1.2 million and signed a consent order prohibiting it from making deceptive claims about their products and to provide reliable scientific evidence about the benefits and make certain disclosures regarding income potential. – FTC

Pharmanex was acquired by Nu Skin in 1996. They developed a device called “BioPhotonic Scanner” which measures the carotenoid level in skin. According to Women’s Health Letter, the device is a scam since its sole purpose is to motivate customers to consistently consume LifePak for longer periods of time which can be found in their 2002 annual report.

Nu Skin paid a $1.5 million civil penalty for a third time in three years to settle FTC charges over the fat-loss, muscle-maintenance and other false claims it made for supplements containing chromium picolinate and L-carnitine including “Metabotrim,” “OverDrive,” “GlycoBar,” “Appeal Lite,” and “Breakbar” on August 1997 after violating the 1994 FTC court order. –FTC

Nu Skin’s had 80,613 active distributors during 2011.

Nu Skin acquired LifeGen, a genomics company in December, 2011whose genetic database helped launch the ageLOC brand.

In 2012, Stanford University sent a cease and desist letter to stop the use of Stuart Kim, PhD-a professor at Stanford in Nu Skin’s advertising claims and products because he was no longer involved with research funded by Nu Skin. However, the letter did not recognize the existing research relationship between Stanford and Nu Skin. Wikepedia

The Pharmanex LifePak Anti-Aging supplements were tested by and were reported as failing the overall review to clearly indicate its total Vitamin A content per FDA requirements.

If someone tells you they know what the mechanism of aging is, they are trying to kid you,” says University of Michigan Medical School professor Richard Miller, who heads a team evaluating anti-aging drugs and nutritional supplements for the National Institute on Aging. Reversing age-related gene expression in mice is several steps removed from proving anything about humans, he says, much less evidence that a substance will work on people. “You can’t just point to some gene-expression stuff and say, ‘This is just as good as studying the effect of my drug.’” (In August, Nu Skin was forced to remove references to a “collaboration” with a Stanford professor after he protested; he calls its ageLOC claims “science fiction.”) –Fortune

At the end of December 2012, 89% of its income was from foreign countries.

Their active distributors dropped to 67,740 during 2013. –NuSkin

In 2014, China fined Nu Skin $540,000. Six sales staff will also face individual fines totaling $241,000 for illegal product sales and misleading local consumers. –Reuters

“Citron alluded to the negative impact a disruption to China business would have on the Utah based company, pointing out that nearly 30% of Nu Skin’s total revenue over the last year came from China, up from 10% a year earlier and accounting for all the 30 year-old company’s impressive growth. ‘Without that Mainland China growth,” read the report, ‘Nu Skin’s revenue growth would have been negative on a year-over-year basis.”–Forbes

“On October 8, 2014, the Securities and Exchange Commission confirmed in its letter that Nu Skin Enterprises is recently under investigation by them. The company has now been added to Probes Reporter’s watch list of companies with undisclosed SEC probes. The report also points out that in a letter dated Sept. 24, 2014, the SEC cited the “law enforcement exemption” of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) as a basis to deny the public access to the detailed records Probes Reporter sought on Nu Skin.” –

Dr. Taylor’s Personal Experience With Nu Skin and Why He Quit

But just being in the top 1% was very much a losing proposition, after subtracting all expenses, which were not mentioned.., expenses would have to include product purchases. Our family’s purchases of nutritional supplements and skin care products jumped from about $50 a month to over $450 a month, all of course from Nu Skin. This was not unusual for Nu Skin distributors, who were urged to be a “product of the products.”… Meeting purchase quotas is how they “pay to play” the game! This is how investments in the pyramid scheme are cleverly disguised or laundered to appear legitimate…

Before I quit Nu Skin after a year of concentrated effort, I could see clearly what I would have to do to earn over $700,000 a year as a Blue Diamond. I would have to deceive hundreds, even thousands of downline distributors (like I had been deceived), into believing that they too could achieve what I had achieved– and then maintaining required monthly volumes and downline head counts. It simply was not worth it – and not moral. For me to receive that much income, thousands would have to lose their investment–the money would have to come from somewhere. It certainly does not come in any significant amount from actual sales to non-distributors.”-MLMTheTruth

NuSkin’s False Product Claims

The FDA prohibits cosmetic companies to make claims that their products affect bodily structures or functions-

“Nu Skin has learned how crucial gene expression is to retaining youth. In fact, in order to retain a youthful appearance, we understand how science can restore youthful activity patterns to our genes.”

“Nu Skin’s proprietary ageLOC science resets Youth Gene Clusters to create a youthful balance within each cluster—returning them to their youthful patterns of activity.”

Compensation Plan

“To qualify for commissions and as an active distributor, you have to generate 100 PSV (personal sales volume) have to purchase or sell a minimum of $100 of its products every month to qualify for multilevel commissions. $2,000 in monthly sales must be made by their team, accounting for the majority of Nu Skin’s sales. Most of them will lose thousands of dollars in this scheme and have unsold products in their basements”.-Fortune

A huge red flag is that Nu Skin doesn’t disclose the amount of retail sales that are made by distributors to customers to new customers. They also hide that their compensation plan is six levels deep.

“Illustrations that show a person’s downline organization as a pyramid are prohibited. Nu Skin will not allow illustrations that show the structure of an organization without including customers in that structure. The illustration itself should not extend more than two levels deep”-

Nu Skin Products:

Here are some of their product categories:
ageLOC, Spa Systems, Tru Face Targeted Treatments, Nu Skin 180, Nutricentials, Tri-Phasic White, Clear Action, Peels, Masks & Scrubs, Moisturizers, Body Care, Hair, Epoch, Men’s Care, Oral Care, Sun Protection, Cosmetics, TR90 Weight Management, ageLOC R2, ageLOC, Vitality, LifePak Family

Nu Skin products do not “remove” “reduce” or “eliminate” wrinkles, and the Galvanic Spa is not a “wrinkle iron”… Business support materials cannot, however, state or imply that any product can make a person younger or make them live longer… Nu Skin products do not address any disease or health conditions, including any skincare conditions… When making a “structure/function” claim, the claim must be accompanied by the following disclaimer: ‘These statements have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.’”- NuSkin

Income Disclosure

The average commission paid to U.S. Active Distributors each month was $176.00 or $2,112.05 per year. In 2013, the average monthly commissions was $1,240.12, or $14,881.48 per year which doesn’t include all other business expenses. On a monthly basis, an average of 14.19% of Active Distributors earned a commission check. Active Distributors represented an average of 39.17% of total distributors- Nu Skin Income Disclosure

Nu Skin Refund Policy

They deduct an administrative fee that’s 10% of the price and refund the rest minus applicable Bonuses and tax to the distributor on unopened and resalable products, except for business support materials that are returned within twelve (12) months from the date of purchase.- Nu Skin

My Final Opinion of Nu Skin

Nu Skin is a product based endless chain recruitment scheme and this is how distributors advance and make the most commissions, rather than customer sales. There is no demand in the products and new recruits and victims are the reason Nu Skin is a multi-billion dollar company. Nu Skin’s breakaway compensation plan is six levels deep, making it a major pyramid designed to benefit those on top.

For years, they have used deceptive sales practices and false income claims to get people to join . Retail sales information to new distributors are not disclosed. Over 85% of active distributors don’t receive commissions and end up with thousands of dollars of unsold products in their basements, in debt, and find they have ruined relationships with their friends and family.

Instead of being involved with multi-level marketing and pyramid schemes like this, I recommend you join Wealthy Affiliate where you will be given all the awesome training, tools, and support whenever you need it to become an expert affiliate marketer and build a successful online business.

To Your Success,



25 thoughts on “Nu Skin- When Dreams Turn Into A Nightmare

  1. Pam Davis

    Of course, you are entitled to your opinion even of it is mean spirited and totally misguided. NuSkin is a company based on solid science and integrity. I began using their products in 1990. Every product does exactly what it promises. Also, the company has kept every promise to its customers, distributors and stockholders.

    1. Jennifer Post author

      Co-Founder Sandie Tillitson herself admitted to her ex-husband that the products are crap and that she would never use them herself. Even if the products did as promised, they are overpriced just like other multilevel marketing companies.

  2. Ginger Howell

    Pyramid “schemes” are illegal. If it were illegal, they would not have 31 successful years under their belt, nor have gotten accolades from Redbook, Forbes, Fortune, Marie Claire, Women’s Health Magazine, The Cleveland Clinic, The Cady Institute of Wellness, Cosmopolitan, Prevention magazine, Fox News, New Beauty, Euro Cosmetics, . . .
    NOR won 7 Stevie Awards
    There is NO SIGN UP FEE – THERE IS NO REQUIREMENT TO WAREHOUSE PRODUCTS – If somebody lost $$$, they did something other than follow the business model.
    It is your own little ‘franchise” without the fee. I got to quit a dead-end desk job because of the difference in my appearance after getting ageLOC, a facespa and taking some pharmanex. I look and feel younger and make more than I did at my J O B and this is a LOT more fun!

    1. Jennifer Post author

      Yeah, NuSkin has a history of FTC investigations, lawsuits and court settlements. It doesn’t matter how well the product works, if they’re ruining lives with bankruptcies and foreclosure, it’s not worth it.

      There are some complaints of consumers stating that the products are either ineffective or caused an allergic reaction. Rankines Remedies or using a quality aloe very based gel are equally effective and more affordable solutions compared to the overpriced NuSkin products.

      There may not be a sign up fee but reps will usually end up spending hundreds of dollars per month just to meet their monthly quotas.

      1. Willing

        Every company no matter how good, had their fair share of challenges that they had to work out. Trump filed bankruptcy several times. HSBC was penalized for some illegal things they did. Presidents were impeached. So, yes, while Nu Skin has some interesting history & growing pains, it has remained consistent in its culture, science & leadership.

        In China, what you considered were Nu Skin staff, was actually distributors, because in China, distributors are employed by the company. That’s different in other countries. And, just as if Distributors who make overclaims or do something against company policies, they are penalized.

        Reps who purchase products, as you claim, and leave them in their basements, are not doing what a distributor should be doing. They should go out and share with friends the science, benefits & advantages of the products, that is, make a sale. And, if the person sees potential in the products and market, they can decide to join. In fact, we do not encourage anyone to stock up, because, they can always order when the sale is made.

        Most people quit, because they don’t want to talk to friends, make new friends, handle the rejections, questions or objections. They don’t want to spend the time to learn the product knowledge, they don’t want to do the work. So, they blame the system, the quota, the upline etc.

        And most people think that the top makes the most, in fact when you understand the plan, you will realize that it is so fair. In fact, people you bring in, have the ability to make more than you. But, most people fail to get to that level of understanding.

        Anyway, you are definitely entitled to your opinion. I just feel that you may need to reconsider some of your facts. Always remember, Nu Skin is a work program, you work to have a good 30-60 consumers, who use Nu Skin products monthly. And if you have that, you will easily meet your monthly sales requirements to make some significant income; which is more than enough to meet your monthly personal usage needs. And, if you don’t have that many yet, just keep going until you do. You may have to restart again, but, that’s the process, no penalties. Just Persist that’s all. Unfortunately, most don’t….

        There is nothing complicated, just have a heart to want to help others.

        1. Jennifer Post author

          And Nu Skin will remain consistent with its challenges and the authorities.

          No, products end up in basements because distributors are unable to sell it because its inflated and very low quality. There are complaints that the products have caused adverse reactions due to the chemicals. It has nothing to do with reps working hard, I think most of them would being that their primary reason joining is to change their lives and have more freedom so they know that this will only be possible by going out and selling the products and building their team.So now we know what happens if a rep were to stock up.

          Part of the reason they quit is as you said, they are tired of facing rejections, but of also of losing money and realize what is really going on.

          Yes, people can make more money than their upline and work their way to the top, but they would have to scam thousands.

          And that is the problem once again as Nu Skin products are about four to eight times more expensive and this is why most people fail.

          When you are involved in a scheme like Nu Skin, you’re not helping anybody.

  3. Vicky Gordon

    You do not pay a penny to join this company, after reading they charge you to start I stopped reading.
    I’ve used the products myself and I personally love them. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion but there is a difference between an opinion and lying.

    1. Jennifer Post author

      It doesn’t matter if an MLM is “free” to join. If there are minimum volume requirements that must be met in order to advance and receive higher commissions, if you’re expected to pay for training seminars, workshops, etc. or compensated to recruit others who will spend money on overpriced products and training, then it’s a pyramid scheme.

      1. LYN SIECKER

        Many “regular” jobs you are expected to do extra training to advance, so these must be pyramids too? With nuskin, you are not compensated for recruiting only on product sales. Everything, in the end, is both networking and a pyramid scheme. For your info, you do not need to go to training seminars or workshops to advance, it is ones choice. I and my husband are a product user more than a business builder and will always be as we know how well they have worked for us.

        1. Jennifer Post author

          Jobs and MLM’s are completely different where a job provides paid training. What percentage of your product sales are from your downline vs the public?

          I have read that some products do work well and some products that have caused headaches, red spots, and even worse ones appearance and energy levels. Kinda reminded me of that CatWoman movie. 🙂

          I just personally wouldn’t buy them knowing there are more economical and natural remedies out there such as the use of certified organic frankincense essential oil to reduce age spots and lemon essential oil to whiten your teeth.

          I also found two tiny bottles of juice being sold for $94 with additives including sodium benzoate, natural flavor, citric and ascorbic acid.

          Sodium Benzoate is a synthetic preservative that when combined with ascorbic acid (vitamin C) causes the carcinogen benzene.

          Natural flavors can contain hundreds of ingredients including synthetic chemicals such as the solvent propylene glycol, the preservative BHA, or the exititoxin MSG.

          Citric acid used in packaged foods is typically derived from mold made with GMO corn (not from fruit). It can cause tooth decay and irritate the gut. –Foodbabe

    2. Jerome Stone

      There is a starter package in every country which is at a cost. They DO charge to join.
      Or maybe you talking about being a customer yea? Where you Get no bonus. But that’s how they bend the truth. They tell you it’s free to join. But costumer prices are way higher then distributor. Then to become a distributor you must pay. It’s all crap!
      And when they tell you how much money they make they always tell you the entire circle.
      The best one is their million dollar circle members. They make you think these people have made all that money when it’s income from everyone below them.
      Usana is another one. These two companies are connected. Check the history.

  4. AJ

    The people complaining about this article puzzle me. Have they actually read the article? They are in denial, obviously. Thank heavens that others are starting to wake up to this insidious business model (MLM) and speaking out about their experiences.

  5. Mardin V Pleitez

    I wish all multi-level companies burn in hell. My wife was just brain washed and has started with the pharmanex crap. She would not listen to me. The sad part is that she does believe that she will get us out of our financial troubles once and for all. Its a shame that these scammers are allowed to deceive people with such impunity (and success!). The saddest part is that most of the “distributors” involved are in general very naive and easy dreaming persons that willingly spend the money they do not have because of the incredibly efficient and deceptive psychology used on all these, mostly naive (stupid) people all over the world…

    1. Jennifer Post author

      I believe your wife has the work ethic and determination to have a successful online business Mardin. Have her check out my #1 recommended program that is free to get started, no credit card needed. MLM is not the answer as the majority of all MLM companies are schemes.#1 recommended program

  6. Kathleen

    I have been using ageloc vitality for 3 months and it appears to increase my strength and endurance however, I haven’t been feeling well. In fact, i’ve been feeling strange. Tired, hot cold rushes through my body, metallic taste in my mouth with strange sensations. Does anyone using the product else have these symptoms?
    Thanks …

  7. V.N.

    As of 6/19/2016 I cannot believe the stunt that NuSkin pulled on me. I came to utah from advertisement that I would be going to a seminar to learn about online business. Turns out that it is just a convention for Nu Skin. I was so mad, but stayed a few days to see when online buisness would show up. I am a student of sociology, so we have been trained to almost be immune to advertisement. They made me pay $80 for a ticket for 2 days. The whole 2 days it was solely the promotion of Nu Skin, making believers of Nu Skin, and how Nu Skin changes your life. I believe this is another way they make money now, especially by targeting many vietnamese immigrants who desperately chase the American dream. Nu Skin knows this, so they play into their desires, and sells them a milllion dollar scheme. People’s senses seem to go out the door. It was probably 650 people there by doing a multiplication of rows and columns of chairs filled. Thats about $52,000 for few days of motivation speaking and promotion of Nu Skin. I am sure they do this multiple times a month, and those numbers will add up fast. The whole time I was there, it felt wrong, down to my core. They never made me feel comfortable and when I told anyone I did not want any of this, they attacked my plan for the future. Its funny they talk about having an open mind but are so narrow minded when you tell them that you do not want a part of this. They talk about how they are different from other companies that do not want to interact with you if you are not buying something, but they seem so negative towards my idea of not joining. You are introduced to successful people after another to try to make a believer out of you. I feel truly sorry for the vietnamese immigrants who are fooled so hard into this. In their speech, they said that Nu Skin has helped this lady loose 40 lbs, this man stop smoking, it will provide security for your family… I could go on. They promote it as a miracle that fixes everything, and one of their speakers even said that education is not important to a successful future. This is so wrong.. although you do not need an education to be successful, their are studies that show education is the most important factor in determining future success.. This is because their target audience is likely to not have a degree, so they tell them it is okay to not have one. What companies recruit a bunch of nobodies, who do not even have a background in sales. They did a poor job explaining what NuSkin was and what the job actually was. Their presentations are horrible and did not clarify anything. Although I did not need clarification because I knew what Nu Skin was about, I dont understand why their presentation did not provide any clarity. Oh, maybe because they would have revealed their real agenda. I know it was on purpose to be deceptive rather than clear. They also promote people to leave their careers and sell their business to join Nu Skin. Nu Skin is so wrong in so many ways, I just wanted to share my experience and opinion.

    1. Jennifer Post author

      Thank you for sharing this and helping other people. I can tell you’re a very sweet person and I wish you the best.

      It is clear that they don’t care about others and will lie to practically rob people out of their money to sell overpriced chemical ridden products and the usual “rah rah” events.

  8. Vic

    What Jennifer says is very much accurate. My friend recruited me; we tried to work as a team and were two highly successful women. The concept as she explained is a losing proposition. We did lose lots of money and lots of friends. After a while, people avoided us and our calls because they could see what we could not until we figured out as time went on that we had been basically scammed. This was in DC in the early nineties. It was almost cult like with the top people holding high energy “sales” meetings with new recruits building the hype. If my memory is correct, I believe they even hired people like Deepok Chopra to come and speak at these meetings held in a high end hotel. As time passed; it became apparent to both of us what was going on and we lost money and quit because we also felt a moral obligation to be truthful with people. It was a hard, financial lesson learned.

    1. Jennifer Post author

      Thank you for sharing this Vicki. I hope your loved ones forgave you because I can tell you’re a good person that never meant to scam anyone. My best wishes to you 🙂

  9. So TRUE!

    YOur job is a bigger pyramid scheme than anything. Your boss will always make more money than you. GEt a Life!!

    1. Jennifer Post author

      In a pyramid scheme, people lose a lot of money- often in the thousands. In a job, your boss does make money than you, but you will always get paid and receive benefits.

  10. Annonymous

    It’s the brain washing that really gets me … one of my best friends and his wife started with nu skin around 18 months ago , all i see is posted crap all over social media and its all about recruitment , its constant.
    he used to be a proper lad and a good person to be around , he doesn’t socialize with any of us now and i haven’t seen him for almost a year…. they come out with stuff like be an entrepreneur and ‘look how we are securing our financial freedom’ going to seminars abroad acting like it was paid for by nu skin when i know full well they funded it themselves…. even his own mother asked me when i saw her in the street if she thought her son had been brainwashed . i really hope that it all comes crashing down around them so they can finally snap out of it. such a shame …….

    1. Jennifer Post author

      Wow, they did change him. Just because he starts a new business doesn’t mean he forgets about everyone else. Thank you for sharing this. 🙂


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