Neurs Review- Is This A Ponzi Scheme?

Neurs Review- Is This A Ponzi Scheme?

Name: Neurs
Price: $69 monthly Pro, $499 quarterly Pro Elite
Owner: Frank J. Codina, Co-Founder & CEO
Overall Rank: 1 out of 5 Stars

“Over the next few years Neurs will be operating in over one hundred countries, helping millions of people worldwide realize their dream of business ownership.
We will be the premier service connecting aspiring entrepreneurs and business providers worldwide. And our name will by synonymous with internet giants like Facebook, LinkedIn and Groupon. Hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue will be generated. The question is, how much of that do you want to earn?”- Neurs

What is Neurs?

Based out Miami Florida, their company name Neurs was taken from the last syllable of entrepreneurs and was founded by Frank Codina. According to his LinkedIn profile, Codina joined Primerica, a financial services multilevel marketing company in November 1991 and was there for almost 22 years. He achieved the level of Senior National Sales Director, but left in August 2013.

Right after he left Primerica, he partnered with Neurs Capital from September 2013. It was formed in 2010 but launched until January 2014. Within a short year, they signed up more than 300,000 members from more than 190 countries and is really blowing up in the Spanish speaking population including Spain, Chile, and Peru.

They claim to be the world’s largest online community and social network of aspiring entrepreneurs to get connected with their ideal business opportunity.

Their main goal is to index the world of every single startup where every franchise, business idea such as personal shopper or personal chef, social marketing opportunity, direct sales, and multi-level marketing company.

Neurs revolved around the three C’s:

Concept- leading portal for business education with practical education,
Connections- you will get connected and get the help you need from talented people and
Capital- they say you will get the money you need to start your business from investors and lenders.

One awkward thing is that the corporate address used to state that it was located in California for “Neurs LLC” and the other co-founders weren’t mentioned on their website.

How Does Neurs Work?

You can join Neurs for free as either an Entrepreneur or Provider.

Immediately after signing up, you will take a questionnaire so they match you up with some of your ideal business opportunities using a PCP score which is a score to determine how well you’re compatible with that opportunity.

You can then read more information on the ones that interest you and have access to each Provider in their platform.

Next, you need to find the right mentors and get some training through Neurs University to help you become a successful entrepreneur. Though some courses are free, you will need to upgrade to access some of the more valuable training.

The Providers Account

Providers pay $99 a month or $997 a year membership fee to promote their business by placing offers and giving more information on their business and wait. They can also search and look at profiles they think are a good candidate and send them proposals in a ‘private meeting room’ which is just private messaging where they can message each other and exchange files.

They can also host their own webinars to get more exposure and increase connections. Interested members can then access their profile and give a request.

The Neurs Compensation Plan

The more affiliates pay the higher their commissions.

Affiliate Pro members are paid $75 for the first month and $10 residually and can be paid on more levels. For example, if they have five paying members, they are paid on five levels if are a paying member themselves and they must waive the $75 first month and $10 monthly commissions.

Affiliate Partner is available for Entrepreneur and Providers and are paid $75 on the first month, $10 every month residually and qualify for compensation on all thirty levels,

Higher commissions are available for Founding and Full Access membership accounts which cost a one-time payment of $1397 each so they are only paid once. Full Access membership accounts is the same commissions but is also paid on thirty levels and offers an additional $315 bonus.

They can also qualify for shares in a Global Bonus Program where half of their additional profits are taken from “merchandising, advertising and additional credit purchases” that is made by their members. The total number of Neurs network members is multiplied by 40% and the ones that joined within the past month is multiplied by 60% and the results are added. They then decide on the affiliates who qualify for the bonus, the more affiliates they have, the more shares they get.

Pros & Cons


  • As a free member, you will receive online support and how to get started with Neurs.
  • Residual income potential, incentives and bonuses as a paying Neurs member. Their compensation plan is nicely separated from affiliates and the Neurs network memberships.
  • Gain access to reach-a tool that shows you detailed information about who you referred and who they referred along with their locations, the app so you can work on your business on the go, and other tools to help you promote Neurs as an affiliate.
  • Help people find the right people and the capital to start a business.
  • Access to the owners.


  • Paying to be exposed to scams and schemes and even end up losing a lot of money.
  • If there’s no actual demand for the products and services, it could be a recruitment scheme.
  • They are being a broker by taking credits as a commission, they can get in legal trouble with the SEC and other investment regulators.
  • Very limited free membership and most of the free training is geared towards those that want to start a MLM or franchise and there’s no real step by step training on making money as an affiliate.
  • You can’t promote them unless you pay.
  • Neurs gained a lot of negative reviews in the beginning of their launch for showing any real service making it hard to promote Neurs.
  • You may run out of credits and will have to buy more.
  • Some people may just be joining out of curiosity or just because it’s free, making providers waste their money searching and contacting untargeted people.
  • Why pay Neurs when LinkedIn is free?

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Who is Neurs Really For?

Neurs is for beginners and experts who are interested in network marketing, starting a franchise, or another type business but don’t have the money to start.

It’s also for people who want to invest capital into a business and for those that want to promote their existing business opportunity.

Neurs Products and Services

Neurs main service is a social network. Neurs University covers some social network marketing training, starting an MLM business and internet marketing training. They also provide access to lenders and investors.

Neurs University

There’s not that much information on affiliate marketing and some of the social networking marketing training is ‘private’ for free members. To get some decent training, you will need to upgrade your account and you might be exposed to even more usells and some junk training that won’t really help you or even some scams, one that his heavily promoted is My Top Tier Business.

How Much Does Neurs Cost?

There are three options for joining Neurs as an affiliate. Once they upgrade, they will be given credits which are the virtual currency used within the Neurs network that must be purchased to do more ‘actions’ like connecting with other members, create training, promoting proposals, search profiles and more.

Affiliate Basic – free (very limited)
Affiliate Pro – $69 monthly
Affiliate Pro Elite-$499 quarterly
Affiliate Partner – $79 yearly

Pro – $69 a month

  • Search 100 Entrepreneur Profiles
  • Send 50 connection requests
  • Bump your content to the top 25 times
  • Post 10 offers to our community
  • Create 1 Business Profile
  • Create & Upload 1 Educational Course

Pro Elite- $499 Quarterly-

Same thing as Pro multiplied by 10

Provider – $997 (15,000 credits)

Full Access – $1397 yearly to get 40,000 credits yearly.

Founding Member – $1397 onetime payment to get 30,000 credits every year for life.

My Final Opinion of Neurs

MLM social networks end up full of affiliates pitching and spamming each other the various business opportunities they are a part of causing some members to leave, evident in major MLM social networks. They are not needed since people will not join without properly researching a company and will not base their decision from someone who is paying $99 a month or over a $1000 annually and there’s already half a dozen websites like Neurs such as BetterNetworker and IBOSocial. LinkedIn is free and there are much cheaper internet marketing courses that are much better than Neurs University.

Due to affiliates being able to self-qualify themselves for commissions encourages endless recruitment and duplication to receive commissions of them, ignoring retail sales of Neurs network memberships. If credits aren’t being used up and if the number of paying Neurs network members is less than half of the affiliate members, it’s a recruitment scheme.

Neurs is also an investment scheme because Codina says that Founding members will be the first ones to receive equity offerings and he guarantees more than 100% return on investment (ROI).

Saying they have lenders, investors and the “pay it forward” concept is just a marketing strategy used by disreputable businesses and affiliates will offer to pay for their recruits startup cost because they will make much more of them.

Being a broker by taking credits as a commission, Neurs can get in legal trouble with the SEC and other investment regulators for operating a Ponzi scheme.

Kickstarter portals are required by the JOBS Act of 2012 to be registered with the government.
The Global Bonus Program is paid from external to affiliate interactions and just because an affiliate pays doesn’t mean they will qualify.

I recommend you join a real business where will be given all the awesome training, tools, and expert support whenever you need it. Best of all, you can remain a free member for as long as you need to and are given two free websites with free state of the art hosting that you can create in any interest of yours that can turn into a very profitable online business for you!

Neurs at a Glance…

Name: Neurs
Price: $69 monthly Pro, $499 quarterly Pro Elite
Owner: Frank J. Codina, Co-Founder & CEO
Overall Rank: 1 out of 5 Stars



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