SFI Affiliate Program Review- An Honest Review From An SFI Affiliate

SFI Affiliate Program Review- An Honest Review From An SFI Affiliate

An Introduction to the SFI Affiliate Program                          sfi affiliate program

Short for Strong Future International, the SFI Affiliate Program is a company that was built from the ground up and claims to make it possible for anyone to earn passive and leveraged income online. It also claims to have paid out millions of dollars in commissions to their affiliates.

SFI is a real debt free company that is part of a growing global industry with annual gross revenues estimated at over $100 billion, involving major multinational corporations and tens of millions of independent business people in every country of the world. SFI won an award as a Bronze Member of the Better Business Bureau and has been in business on the internet for over 17 successful years. It now has over one million affiliates and is presently one of the fastest growing and most popular internet marketing businesses in the world. Thousands of new SFI affiliates sign up  every week. They pay out a handsome 60% of their revenue.

SFI provides its affiliates with free training and various methods of support because they say they want to ensure your success. A brief review of  how the SFI affiliate program works, it’s history, benefits and cons of being an affiliate will reveal if this online business opportunity is right for you even if you have zero marketing experience.

SFI Affiliate Program and TripleClicks History

Strong Future International used to be named Six Figure Income and was launched in 1998 by president and founder, Gery Carson. His amazing accomplishments as an entrepreneur have been highlighted in Money Maker’s Monthly, Upline, Opportunity World Magazine, and in several books and videos. He was also named 1992’s Outstanding Young Men of America and 1997’s Who’s Who in the Media and Communications.

TripleClicks was launched on January 5th, 2009 starting with just 6,000 products.

How Does The SFI Affiliate Program Work?

SFI  is a completely free affiliate and multilevel marketing program and has multiple streams of income. There is never an investment needed to be an SFI affiliate and you can apply free or low cost offline and online advertising techniques to make money promoting their business opportunity, their ever growing online store TripleClicks now featuring over 106,000 products and over 1.7 million members, or their E-Commerce Associate Program.

You can quickly start making money by becoming an E-Commerce Associate yourself because you will leverage their traffic and the marketing power of over 1 million affiliates. You can sell anything from e-books to physical products or a combination of both. Succeeding with SFI does take time and effort just like any other business. It will take time to find your little diamonds who will seriously work the SFI Affiliate Program that will invest in their education and business.

Here are the basic steps that you are advised to follow when you join:

1. Become an Executive Affiliate (EA) and remain an EA every month.

2. Recruit five affiliates.

3. Teach your five affiliates to do these same three steps (duplication).

Pros vs Cons


  • 100% free extensive online and offline marketing tools and personal support and assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Provides a free $297 valued internet income course that reveals the secrets of an online millionaire. The courses include pay-per-click marketing, mobile marketing, and free advertising strategies.
  • You could take a risk and make fast money by bidding on their auctions for brand name merchandise and reselling it for a handsome profit on eBay.
  • You can also start to make a fast decent income by becoming an E-Commerce Associate. You don’t necessarily need a physical store to do this. Anyone can become an E-Commerce Associate and start selling products or services online by leveraging your knowledge and skills to write your own e-book, you can sell your arts and crafts, drop shipped or wholesale products, sell your secret family BBQ sauce, salad dressing, marinara sauce, or sell cheesecake! My point is that you can leverage your skills and talents to start making money online. 
  • It offers six different income SFI Affiliate Programstreams including direct commissions, co-sponsor commissions, ECA referral program, and SFIPPA- here you get paid a one time payment of $15 for each referred SFI Affiliate. They also offer you to tap into their executive pool, Bronze Bonus, Tcredit bonus, and Second Home CSA’s all which can be earned by achieving Executive Affiliate and Bronze Team Leader status.
  •  Once you refer a Personally Sponsored Affiliate or a Personally Referred Member, they are yours for as long as you remain an active SFI affiliate. Your main goal is duplicating yourself by teaching your affiliates how to become successful so you can make money of their efforts.
  • All of their business building tools including Tcredits, gift cards, S-Builder Co-Op,and affiliates for your downline can be won for pennies on a dollar through their popular penny auctions.
  • You can get paid via PayPal, direct deposit, a mailed check, or through their Payoneer debit card. They always pay on time.
  • Your business and income can be willed to a family member.
  • They’re constantly adding new ways of making their program better. Recently they have added their Time Machine game where if you predict the correct answer, you’ll win a share of  about 120 Tcredits which can be used to bid on auctions and buy from their e-commerce website- TripleClicks. The’re also now awarding 1 VersaPoint for each product you upload online that you want to sell. Selling your products online is an easy way to make money selling collectibles, antiques, and products you no longer need. You also get 1 VersaPoint for each music download, Time Machine game entry and auction bid. Up to 100 VersaPoints are awarded for being a Top Author for answering a question from SFI affiliates.
  • If you manage to make 3,000 points a month, SFI will reward you with a share of affiliates added to your team, up to a $106 value.
  • They responded to all of the complaints with the Better Business Bureau. These are people that were doing shady activities such as reporting SFI’s e-mail as spam and ‘unauthorized billing.” I’ve ordered products and have never had  SFI/TripleClicks make unauthorized transactions.


  • Starting a website can be overwhelming for some. The SFI affiliate program simply doesn’t provide the training and the tools that you need to build a successful online business.
  • Their compensation plan is 12 levels deep.
  • Only a handful of people out of millions have manage to earn a six figure income with SFI.
  • They say you have the potential to earn $100,000 or more annually if you manage to earn unlimited override commissions on unlimited levels. This of course can take years and an endless amount of recruitment.
  • Most products at TripleClicks are overpriced and can make it hard to make sales. They’re even more overpriced if you want to purchase the items using Tcredits or your Member Reward Points, (MRP) almost twice the price. I also have purchased some products from TripleClicks and three out of five times, I was unhappy with my experience. In one ocassion, the seller took about two months to deliver my product.
  • They used to offer an IAHBE (International of Association of Home Business Entrepreneurs) and now that product is gone. They also used to pay affiliates $5 for each referred TripleClicks member, pretty fishy if you ask me.
  • Your success rate be slower if you don’t invest in your business.
  • Supporting your affiliates an be a challenge if you don’t have any previous experience in internet marketing.
  • Becoming a success can be a challenge as investing for the tools and marketing materials that they recommend can easily add up. By investing in their PSA’s To Go ($30/month), hosting for your website ($20/month), Gift Cards ($30/month), TCredits ($29/month) and S-Builder Coop ($22/month)- it can easily add up to $131 per month! The good thing is that it’s not mandatory to make all of these purchases. I just recommend making a standing order for $29/month for a pack of TCredits to win the tools and marketing materials for pennies on a dollar. Along with your to do list, this will give you the 1,500 points needed to maintain Executive Affiliate status and for SFI to reward you with two Co-Sponsored Affiliates so you can make 15% of their purchases
  • If you don’t maintain make at least 1,500 VersaPoints at the end of the month, you’ll lose all of your Co-Sponsored Affiliates!
  • I invested in their co op and wasted about $66, lost $30 in gift card fees and about $15 in ECA brochures. That means I didn’t get a single penny utilizing their offline marketing tools.

All the training, tools, and expert help that you need to become an expert internet marketer.

My Final Opinion of the SFI Affiliate Program

The SFI Affiliate Program has been around for seventeen years now.  Although they do give you free training, tools and access to a very helpful community of leaders. it’s not the right kind of training and tools that you need to become successful. SFI can be a challenge to succeed in through to the number of overpriced products found at TripleClicks. It could be that there’s not that much demand for their products and services other than the affiliates themselves. This program is really close to being classified as an endless chain product based pyramid scheme. I have followed senior members myself and the fact is that SFI works for those that recruit thousands of members.

How this program differs from other multilevel marketing companies such as Amway and Herbalife  is that it’s not required that you make a monthly purchase every month and there are other different income streams other than recruitment.

If it wasn’t for their auctions, daily deals, or that a minute of their products are fairly priced, I don’t think I would be involved with this program.  If you’re a fan of auctions, I recommend for you to become an SFI affiliate because you will earn versapoints to help you advance in your rank. For anybody else, I suggest you join and read their free internet income course and promote some of their products that are reasonably priced.

My advice to you especially if you’re new to internet marketing is to join Wealthy Affiliate where you will get to try their service for free for as long as you want and you will be given two real free websites. Wealthy Affiliate is really all-inclusive. You will be given all the awesome training, tools including free state of the art hosting and a keyword tool, and support whenever you need it from a community of amazing and helpful individuals to help you become a successful affiliate marketer.

See how Wealthy Affiliate compares to SFI:


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 Are you an SFI affiliate and would like to share your experience? If so, I would appreciate if your comments below.


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  1. SFI is serious business. I see this in all pages I read and so I’m equally serious. To underscore this, I visit my To Do list first thing in the morning, once I get to work and last thing daily. Every other thing can wait since I’m healthy, my family is healthy and I’m planning to retire in years to come on this SFI efforts.

    Md. Ariful Islam (Arif)
    SFI Affiliate

  2. I am fairly new to SFI, and I am still reading about it online about what others say about it. One can never help but be skeptical. I have always found SFI and Wealthy Affiliate in comparison. However, I am not able to try out Wealthy Affiliate since they have a sign up and monthly fee. I am new to Online marketing but I will try to make it work in SFI rather than waiting for the next best thing. Thank you for this review Jennifer!

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