My Online Business Empire, Just Another Pyramid Scheme

My Online Business Empire, Just Another Pyramid Scheme

Name: My Online Business Empire (MOBE)
Website: is my online business empire a scam
Price: $49 + 19mth + SEVERAL upsells
Owners: Matt Lloyd and Jonathan Budd
Overall Rank: 1 out of 5 stars

My Online Business Empire, Sucking People Out of Money

MOBE is simply an overpriced multi-level marketing scheme. Matt and Jonathan are just part of the careless internet sharks trying to scam people out of their money. They have all the veteran gurus with enormous lists promoting this system.

Within this system, you have to buy the products in order to get 50-90% commissions on each product with the promises that you’ll make your return on investment.

The program starts with a 21 step training course from My Top Tier Business (MTTB). If you apply and register to be an affiliate for them for $49 and are accepted, you will be stopped at the fifth step. If you want to continue with the rest of the training, you have to pay $1997.
None of the other numerous upsells are mentioned within the sales page.

What It’s All About

The system is teaching you to promote MOBE. They have set up an automated system where they will follow up with your customers and make sales for you so all you will have to do is drive visitors (traffic) to an opt-in page (a landing page whose sole intention is to collect names and e-mail addressed by offering an amazing gift for free).

Your visitors or anyone else you refer to MOBE through your link will then be hit with the never ending upsells. And thus, the vicious cycle continuous. If you all fall into this program, you’ll have to heavily focus on marketing to recover your losses.

If you’re interested in ripping people off and make money in an unethical way, this program is just what you’re looking for since it can make you handsome commissions, otherwise, I suggest that you stay clear from this program. There’s absolutely no reason why any internet marketing beginner has to pay thousands of dollars for a quality internet marketing education. There is an awesome, legit, affordable and even all inclusive program.

The Pros and Cons of My Online Business Empire


  • Some of the training is satisfactory.
  • New and improved sales funnel to double your conversion rates
  • High commission payout if you drive loads of traffic to your opt-in page.
  • He admits that it’s going to take time and effort to see results.


  • No money back guarantee
  • Excessive and pointless overpriced upsells and downsells within the system after the initial $49 price point
  • The training on traffic is insufficient and you can get the training cheaper or even for free elsewhere.
  • It’s just a Ponzi- You’re just purchasing the products that you’re unfamiliar with so you have the right to sell them.
  • The tactics of getting people involved in this scheme is dreadful and deceiving.
  • The personal coach you get just talks about the program and how much money others are making.
  • The first six steps are similar to a sales letter to entice you to pay for their rights program, misleading you into thinking you can make money online from others when you’re the one being sold to.
  • Unacceptable customer support for the price you’re paying
  • There is little focus on creating an actual business.
  • You probably won’t make your return on investment back and waste a lot of money on the products, paid traffic methods and on an auto responder service for e-mail marketing campaigns. Matt said that $25 a week will hardly get you any traffic, so expect to be told to set aside a $100 per week or more for your marketing budget.
  • If you follow the 21 step program and it doesn’t work for you, you probably won’t get the promised $500 because Matt has a sneaky way of making sure you don’t fulfill the two requirements.

Awesome and Updated Internet Marketing Training and Everything You Need To Start A Successful Online Business

My Online Business Empire Training

  1. Affiliate Bonus Domination –everything you need to have the best bonus offers displaying in your affiliate website
  2. How To Build A Funded Proposal – how to leverage your list
  3. My Email Marketing Empire –how to create a list and effectively follow up with them
  4. Marketing Secrets Master Mind – Over 30 hours of interview and lessons produced by ten millionaires that reveal the secrets and cutting edge strategies that they use to make money online such as AdSense, copywriting, and pay per click.
  5. Get Traffic 3.0 –7 modules including making money form Facebook.
  6. How To Achieve Top Search Engine Rankings– A step by step process on ranking websites in Google and search engines.

My Online Business Empire Upsell Galore, What They Don’t Tell You

1. $1997 MOBE License Rights (Full Program) – Pay $1997 to have the full license and rights to sell this junk to others. The payments can be divided into four monthly payments of $597, but it’s going to cost you almost $2,400! The following training is included if you buy this:

  • MOBE Licensee Course
  • My Online Business Empire (8 hours)
  • Funded Proposal (17 hours of training)
  • Affiliate Bonus (11 hours of training)
  • OPT formula (14 hours of training)

If you are fascinated in ripping people off, you have to own the products you want to rip them off with. The following is the list of the more affordable products that you will earn a 90% commission on:

  1. $9.95 – Internet Marketing Revolution Handbook
  2. $194 – Funded Proposal
  3. $194 – O.P.T. Formula (Outsourcing Formula)
  4. $194 – My Email Marketing Empire
  5. $97 per month – Inner Circle Membership
  6. $97 per month – MOBE Elite Earners
  7. $97 per month – Done for You Emails
  8. $291 – Affiliate Bonus Domination

And that is just the beginning…there is an abundance of products in MOBE. Are you ready? These will earn you a 50% commission:

  1. $997 – Online Income Revolution194-+194+
  2. $997 – The 90 Day Challenge
  3. $997 – Six Figure Coaching Secrets
  4. $997 – Add the Nitrous
  5. $2400 – 10,000 Leads in 100 Days
  6. $4,997 – Diamond Coaching Program ($1,200 commission)
  7. $8,997 – Titanium Mastermind

Investing in all of these products will cost you $310 per month and a whopping $23,855.95 in one off payments! This is not even including the thousands of dollars for travel they make you pay for conferences and meetups. And I thought Empower Network was unethical, this is by far one of the biggest scams I have ever reviewed. With this kind of money, you can pay for the best internet marketing program for 65 years! My advice is save your money and do something useful with it.

Past MOBE Complaints- Matt Lloyd Can’t Be Trusted


The Astonishing Support at MOBE

Instead of the millionaire company MOBE offering quality support within their back office, you will find him helping others on his Facebook group. When a company hasn’t even taken the time and energy for this, it should raise a red flag.

is my online business empire a scam
If you’d like to access support, you can also go to You can also access this from your MOBE back office (

My Final Opinion of MOBE

MOBE’s intention is to get you to buy the products so you can promote them to others, often times your friends and family. Your referrals will be hit with overpriced products that don’t teach how to build a real business online. The more products you buy, the more money you can make and the happier you make the person who referred you. This is nothing but a ponzi scheme.
Chances are, you won’t make your money back and will probably lose a lot of money, adding to the fact that it can ruin relationships, trust, and reputation. Matt Lloyd is very deceiving and can’t be trusted.

Don’t Fall For This Ponzi! Read About My #1 Recommendation Here. 😉

MOBE at A Glance…

Name: My Online Business Empire (MOBE)
Price: $49 + 19mth + SEVERAL upsells
Owners: Matt Lloyd and Jonathan Budd
Overall Rank: 1 out of 5 stars







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