My Lead System Pro Scam- A Sincere Review

My Lead System Pro Scam- A Sincere Review

Product: My Lead System Pro                                          My Lead System Pro
Price: Ranges from $149.97 per month to $1499.97 per year
Owners: CEO and Cofounder Brian Fanale,
Norbert Orlewicz, President and Cofounder Todd Schlomer
Overall Rank: 2 out of 5 stars

And now MLSP has developed some of the largest success stories and influential leaders you see online today. It all started with a vision back in 2008, and now MLSP is a household name helping countless home business owners all over the world finally realize success.”  –


My Lead System Pro- An Overview

Started in 2008, My Lead System Pro was built as a training resource for network marketers in Fanale’s and Orlewicz team for them to duplicate their success through attraction marketing. Through MLSP, they claim that you will attract prospects by providing value and creating trust.

Now, it’s an overpriced solution for any network marketer. It is designed to generate more leads through internet marketing so you can have more success in your primary multi-level marketing (MLM) business by having access to weekly lead-generation training, a vast library of training resources, and customizable website funnels that brand you.

In addition to all the training, you can make money four ways which are getting 100% commissions for other people’s products, $100 per member per month that you refer to MLSP Mastery, high-ticket products that pay $1,000 or more, and making money through your primary multi-level marketing business. MLSP has paid out over $7,305,318.59 in affiliate commissions since it started.

The Pros and Cons of My Lead System Pro


  • 30 Day Risk Free Trial.
  • Loads of internet marketing training including numerous areas that are not revealed by other programs.
  • Free weekly webinars discussing the latest and most effective marketing strategies including social media marketing, blogging, article marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click, e-zines, solo ads, and more.
  • Customizable websites, marketing funnels, and Facebook fan pages and free email campaign.
  • 100% profits as a Mastery member for products that range from $7- $497.
  • More exposure as you build up your leader rank.
  • Contests to recognize hard working members.
  • Earn more commissions from the recommended products that your list purchases.


  • It’s painfully expensive- How many people do you know that have an extra $50-$150 per month to invest in this? They’re really pushing the Mastery level. Unless you make referrals into MLSP, you won’t make any sales. On top of that you have to invest money into your MLM company and on advertising. My Lead System Pro
  • Various unnecessary upsells- As soon as you sign up, you will be hit with one time offers. In inclusive to this, members have said to have invested about $500 for a mentor and have been pitched $200-$2000 software products. While some of these are essential, most of them are junk.
  • Incomplete training- Members have complained that even though the webinars are about two hours long, some of them provide very little valuable information. Most of the training is vague and requires an email address. In others, they tease you with some information and then make you purchase a product. This to me is unfair and you should be given the information for free for the price that you’re paying.
  • It’s mainly for MLM’s in which the majority are illegal pyramid schemes. I have reviewed some including Herbalife, Amway, Motor Club of America, and Empower Network. You have to be very careful of what company you get involved with because pyramid schemes can eventually collapse, marking an end to all your hard work and wasted money.
  • Complaints for this program about billling, low quality training and support.
  • Most of the training is outdated.
  • Most of the training focuses on expensive advertising.
  • You have to promote MLSP to others to start generating income as building your network marketing business can take time.
  • The done for you websites could be penalized for duplicate content
  • It can be quite overwhelming and you could suffer from information overload.

Signs of a Pyramid Scheme

The main emphasis of the training is to promote MLSP and enroll new members. You will receive $100 for each sign up if you’re at the Mastery membership which is the usual scam tactic used by various illegal pyramid schemes.

Become an Internet Marketing Expert In a Supportive Community That Provides Everything That You Need To Succeed

Who is My Lead System Pro For?

This system was meant for multilevel marketers who already have their own MLM business to promote and as a way to train your downline for duplication.

Though previous internet marketing experience is not required, even those with experience feel overwhelmed through the endless amount of information in the membership and through the purchases of other products.

Also, it is probable that you will be concentrating your efforts on promoting the system itself rather than your MLM company. They also might end up joining another MLM as they will be exposed to many others in the membership in MLSP.

My Lead System Pro Training & Tools


Every member gets a Beginner Marketing Guide PDF. step-by-step training is given to teach members how to use all the tools within MLSP including setting up your landing page, email campaigns, and how to promote your MLM company on the most popular social networks.

With My Lead System Mastery, you will have access to all the training since this company started on how to use the internet to generate leads and sales.  You’ll gain access to weekly webinars from the pros, video presentations, daily mindset calls and more.


In addition to the pre made customizable capture pages (landing pages whose sole purpose is to offer something of value for free to collect your visitors e-mail address), you’ll also be given pre written e-mails that get delivered to your prospects on a daily basis whose purpose is to sell MLSP. A website builder  and hosting is provided with the program.

You’ll also receive split testing tools, sample ads, video and media hosting, a Facebook fan page template, pre made website funnels, a marketing schedule and other tools.

My Lead System Pro Support

Their support and the community is very limited. For the amount of money that you’re paying, this is not acceptable.

$1,799 Per Year, You Have To Be Conning Me!

That’s how much My Lead Pro Mastery costs.

There are now two memberships to choose from, My Lead System Pro University, and My Lead System Pro Mastery.

My Lead System Pro University is $49.97 per month. You get the some training and the tools here, you just can’t profit from referrals to MLSP or other upsells they have within their membership. You also won’t have access to trainings and webinars since 2008 or updated weekly webinars. Another thing is that you won’t be able to create custom training, your own welcome videos, or make recommendations to products in the Custom Member Options.

My Lead System ProMy Lead System Pro Mastery is $149.97 every month. For this price, you will have access to the MLSP “7-figure” Training Library which unlocks all the past recorded webinars, custom member options where you can create your own welcome video, trainings, and resources pages for all  your MLSP referrals.

You will also receive 100% pure profit products where you will have right to sell Gurus products, receive $100 per member per month and 100% commissions on all “One-Time-Offers” that are basically blasted to your referrals once they join MLSP.

My Final Opinion of My Lead System Pro

They say they are just an affiliate program, but it seems more like a pyramid scheme. By the custom feature options, you will be sponsoring and training your team to promote MLSP. Similar to other pyramid schemes, the only ones making money at MLSP are the owners and the IM gurus versus those that are implementing the system to generate leads to their MLM business.

The support and the training are unacceptable for the outrageous price that you’re paying. For the beginning marketer, this is just simply too much.

If you’re trying to promote your own MLM, all your referrals may find another opportunity within MLSP and leave your MLM. It’s also suspicious that they don’t even accept PayPal given that more than 106 million people use it. According to some past complaints on IM Report Card, several people have had issues with billing and had money taken out of their accounts without their consent.

If you’re looking for a way to get started in internet marketing, I recommend Wealthy Affiliate where you’ll have access to superior training and you can contact the owners personally and other expert internet marketers 24/7. They offer a completely free lifetime starter membership that will equip you with more valuable training that you will ever get with My Lead System Pro.

You’ll also receive two free websites to get you started or unlimited website installs with a premium membership. But remember, all you need is one website to make a full time income online.

See How Wealthy Affiliate Beats My Lead System Pro


My Lead System Pro at a Glance…

Product Name: My Lead System Pro
Website url:
Price: Ranges from $149.97 per month to $1499.97 per year
Owners: CEO and Cofounder Brian Fanale,
Norbert Orlewicz, President and Cofounder Todd Schlomer
Overall Rank: 2 out of 5 stars








To Your Success,





If you are or have been a member of My Lead System Pro, please leave your comments below.

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16 thoughts on “My Lead System Pro Scam- A Sincere Review”

  1. You’re an idiot. The only scam here is you. You bash MLSP to promote your bullshit stuff. What a crock. You should be ashamed of yourself.

    • Oh, what else do you want to defend, Herbalife and Empower Network? My goal here was to give a balanced review.

      Tell me why it’s bullshit. Unlike you’re unethical program, Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t have any upsells, has a free lifetime starter membership, an optional premium membership of only $30-$47 a month, and has a community of internet marketing experts ready to help you out any time of the day. The live webinars are full of information and it just keeps getting better and better. And the training can be used to build your own profitable niche websites, unlike My Lead System Pro in which all the training is to educate people on how to promote MLSP to others. That program is a rip off. And no, I’m not going to call you any names.

      I’m not ashamed for pointing people to the right way to build a profitable online business.

  2. You never talk bad about another business. That just looks bad on you and Wealthy Affiliate. Never trash the competition. Apparently you don’t understand direct sales and networking marketing. Understand them before you trash them. If they were illegal they would not be practicing. You never see any of these other companies bad mouthing wealthy affiliate…they don’t have too. I know this is not your fault. It is what Wealthy Affiilate teaches you. Maybe I should do a blog post on them since I was a member but I did not want to wait ten years to get paid off my blog.

    • MLSP’s affiliates have ties to Empower Network and the owner, David Wood. I hope you realize that Empower Network is a pyramid scheme and 99% of people will lose thousands of dollars.

      It’s already bad enough that this program is overpriced, and yet, there are more upsells in the members area or you need to give away your e-mail for access to the information.

      And as far as bashing My Lead System Pro, I think I gave a fair review and after all, this is just my opinion.

      And like I mention, the training and tools are overpriced for it offers and many top affiliates don’t even use the tools themselves.

      I think you should check out MLM The Truth and educate yourself on the red flags of a pyramid scheme which the whole purpose of this program is to promote this schemes.

      To make money in this program, you need to sell MLSP to others in which their tools and services are inferior compared to others.

      Pyramid Schemes can last a long time, especially with clever moves of their owners.

      These companies have nothing to bad mouth a legitimate company like Wealthy Affiliate, that’s why. They can’t compare and they know their training and tools are far more overpriced and of less quality. Again, take a look at my comparison chart above.

      No, Wealthy Affiliates doesn’t teach members to label everything a scam and promote them. They teach you to write a balanced review and them compare that product to their amazing training, support and community.

      I’m sorry you failed Collen. Yes, you failed because you quit and didn’t give yourself enough TIME to succeed.

      You are building a business based around your passion or interest and all you had to do was continue learning and taking action on the information provide. You were given EVERYTHING that you needed to run a successful online business including unlimited website installs, state of the art hosting, 24.7 live chat, direct access to the owners and thousands of other experts, superior weekly live training, 13 classrooms, access to their Affiliate Bootcamp and Online Entrepreneur Certification Course, unlimited searches on their keyword tool, and updated training, blogs, and discussions.

      Now, you’re going after the next get rich quick program and looking at other shiny programs. But you will be back to join just where you left us and realize that you made a big mistake.

      • Very unprofessional.. and clearly not a review, just a way to get people to join you.. which after reading this.. I’d rather not. MLSP has connections with just about every 6 and 7 figure earner out there. They are also nicknamed the leadership factory, and the ceo is very easy to get ahold of.. I talked to him personally the first day of my trial. There’s got to be a better way than bashing other companies for exposure to get sign ups.. I’d rather be on a 3 way during a home party then get that kind of rep..

        • Holly. this is in fact a professional and honest review, and yes, I do point people to a service that is in fact free for life and of high quality. A service that is meant to actually help people create a successful online business.

          Just about every scheme has connections with 6 and 7 figure earners. These are the “IM Gurus” with enormous list that with the push of a button, they wake up to making 5 figures the next morning to scam people dry out of their money.

          The fact that the CEO is easy to get ahold of means nothing, he just wants to make it seems like it’s legit again simply to take your money.

          Paying for signups makes MLSP a product based pyramid scheme consisting of overprice products, lacking support, incomplete and outdated training, and it’s main purpose is to promote other illegal pyramid schemes. The only ones making money with it are the ones promoting the overpriced and inferior products and once you get others to join, they will be attacked with upsells.

          I would like you to come back in 6 months to a year and give me an update on how much money you wasted by getting involved with pyramid schemes.

  3. Jennifer, thanks for your review. I have to say a while back I actually used MLSP when I first dabbled in internet marketing in 2008. They are big reason I eventually got into digital marketing professionally.

    I’ve also gone through the WA trial many years later and was impressed with their approach as well. Really like what Kyle and company have done.

    Here’s the thing. I’ve been in marketing now for 15+ years. Been doing it for some of the largest brands in the world — both on the traditional and digital front.

    I don’t think MLSP is a scam. And I think it’s unfair to call them out as such. They use a form of affiliate marketing, but certainly not an uncommon or illegal one. And their association with the MLM industry just means the founders found a niche they could focus on and provide value to the community — which they do.

    Frankly, it baffles me that so many WA affiliates use this “scam alert” tactic. You give away your agenda a mile away by attacking a competitor in this way. There are better ways to offer value and attract people to you, especially if you’re leaning on inbound marketing best practices to drive results for your business.

    Respectfully, I’d like to add a few more points for balance:

    If $50-$150 is painfully expensive to invest in marketing, then I suggest folks stay focused on the J.O.B. until they can afford to spend close to twice as much. It cost money to operate a business. Marketing is one such expense. And tools are part of it. Premium tools are always going to cost more—assuming they provide premium value.

    In general, over 30% of all truly small businesses — on average — spend over $500/mo for marketing. About 47% spend at least $250/month. And 16% are spending over $1,000.

    In fact, the average cost of a good marketing platform with both inbound marketing and marketing automation tools is roughly $650/mo and more than worth it. This is especially true when you consider that on average users are seeing 50%+ increase in leads generated, lower cost per lead and lower customer acquisition costs as well.

    There is no such thing as an unnecessary up-sell. The basis for marketing is that if a market exists, and is willing to pay for goods, then you have every right to exercise your capitalist spirit and earn that revenue. You’re entitled to your opinion, of course. But, that is purely subjective to the individual. What may not hold any value for you, may hold significant value for others.

    I agree with you on the training. But this applies to Wealthy Affiliate too. It’s nice to boast about a library packing hundreds, if not thousands of hours of video. But for example, what good does the SEO video training, produced in 2009, do you today? Nada. Modern marketing evolves too quickly.

    In addition, why would I want to go through the overwhelming process of sifting through so much content? I’d much rather have 100 hours of regularly updated content that’s organized in well-structured, themed curriculums. Give me everything I need. Spare me everything I don’t.

    Lastly, I do think there’s too much fluff out there, and not enough meat and potatoes. I’m all about positive mindset training. Been doing it for years and it has helped me shape a very nice, rewarding career. But too many outfits spend way too much time pumping you up and then giving you very little nuts and bolts. Everyone has a story, but I worry about the effects of emotional projection and classical conditioning when you use “stories” this way. Just cause you figured out how to make $50K every month doesn’t mean that’s what I want or need. I may be fine with $50K per year. And yet, the marketing method employed — through projection — now sets the bar so high that failure is almost inevitable.

    Anyway, I hope others find this useful as they continue to explore their options for tools and resources that help them build their business. Best wishes to you, Jennifer, as you continue your journey as well.


    • You’re welcome Camilo. There’s a difference between affiliate marketing and being involved in a scheme and you will know if you’re in one if the compensation plan is several levels deep. I agree on you that it is profitable to upswell, but MLSP attacks people with way too many.

      The difference between Wealthy Affiliate and MLSP is that Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t have any upsells and it is more superior and cost effective.

      Best wishes to you too.

  4. This is a great review, Jennifer! I am currently trying to decide between MLSP and WA. I’m currently a member of both. The thing that I LOVE about MLSP is that the marketing strategies for Mastery members is actually AMAZING! But you’re right that a lot of the focus is on promoting the system itself rather than your business, and it is super hype-y and kind of obnoxious. I love what WA does, but wish they had more on copywriting, YouTube videos, etc. Maybe I’m just not looking deep enough into it.

  5. Here is my two cents. I did the “trial”, didn’t find it useful for my purposes and wanted to cancel. Went through the steps to cancel and there is NO REFUND so $150 just gone. THEY DID NOT CANCEL AND JUST HIT MY CARD FOR ANOTHER $97 TODAY! And guess what? THERE IS NO PERSON TO TALK TO and NO OPTION ON THE MEMBERSHIP PAGE TO CANCEL AND I CANNOT DELETE MY CARD FROM THE ACCOUNT. So whoever is defending this company can kiss my ass. This is a crock of shit. There is no option to cancel because it says I no longer have a subscription yet they are taking my money and I cannot talk to a PERSON to get my money back.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience with My Lead System Pro Stacey. I hope you were able to get your money back by filing a claim with your bank. So multiple unauthorized charges like this don’t happen again, I recommend you open a completely free checking account with Simple allows you to quickly block and activate your card and you never have to worry about any kind of fees ever again, including overdraft fees.

  6. I joined the mlsp 10 day trial. I think the training was okay. Most of the information in their videos, I could find watching YouTube videos. I canceled after 7 days, i have a business that isn’t online but I wanted to build my online side. I felt my coach tricked me by saying mlsp would help build that, but what I noticed is they want you to get others to join.. etc. and as soon as I cancels my memebership she stop talking to me and took me out the group. I feel it’s a pyramid but because they offer all the “training” I can see how they can justify it’s just a training site.
    And another point if you pay the 149.00 month and get to use their system to build your leads. What happens if you quit? It seems like you lose all your work. So I don’t understand why anyone would pay 150+ a month to a company that doesn’t allow you to take your leads… maybe I’m wrong but that’s how I read it.
    but overall nice article

    • Lol, she was very mad she didn’t make a dime off you and if she stopped talking to you just because of that, she didn’t care about your success.

      Many companies use their product/service to mask the scheme. If the products are overpriced, low qyality, and the majority of sales
      are internally, you’re involved in a pyramid scheme.

      Yes, people that are involved in this type of companies will lose time, money, and all their leads.

      Thank you Nicole for your compliment and I have no doubt you will have much success in your business. 🙂

  7. Jennifer, thanks for writing this. I have been looking at the other MLM training website for over a year. I want to join but it’s very unclear how to cancel. So this week (because 1/2 of my New Years Resolution, “find clarity in things”. I emailed them over 24 hrs ago asking “if I join and down the road want to cancel, how do I do that”. I have looked all through their pages and can’t find instructions. I am a newly single mom, and I’ve learned O so well how fast things may change. I still haven’t gotten an answer to my very simple question.

    • Hey Paula, programs that charge thousands of dollars down the road just like My Lead System Pro does are very unethical.

      They probably didn’t responded to you because they knew you would eventually cancel.

      Wealthy Affiliate is the leading internet marketing platform and they have a free membership and you can remain free for as long as you need to.

      To your success. 🙂

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