Is Amway a Scam?- The Truth About Amway Revealed

Is Amway a Scam?- The Truth About Amway Revealed

An Introduction to Amway

Founded by Nutrilite, Amway is one of the largest direct    Amway Scamselling companies based out of Ada, Michigan that has been around for over 50 years. By the end of December 2013, Amway’s parent company Alticore reported $11.3 billion in revenue annually. They offer one of the largest bonuses to their Independent Business Owners (IBO’s) of all multilevel marketing companies.

Top-selling brands for Amway include Nutrilite vitamin mineral and dietary supplements, Artistry skincare and color cosmetics, and eSpring water treatment systems.

As an IBO, they claim you can make passive income either selling their high quality health and wellness and a variety of other products or by recruiting others and getting them to make their standing order so they meet their certain number of points to qualify for certain levels. To achieve this, it is recommended that you transfer most of the products you are already buying elsewhere and buy it through your store, Amway.

The company has been prosecuted numerous times and in various regions for running a pyramid scheme. For years, they have been in violation of the law, but it’s just too difficult to track them effectively and they have excellent lawyers. The FTC can’t shut the company down because it has political connections and people who were associated with Amway working and benefiting from Amway. Also, the majority of people fail to file a complaint with the FTC.

The Corrupted History of Amway

VanAndel and DeVos had their first bit of success when      Amway Scamthey developed a granola bar around 1959 and made false exaggerated benefits, but the FDA stopped them. They then decided to recruit new independent contractors into their business to do this for them so they will not be held liable. It didn’t take long for this to heavily fill their wallets, so they expanded their operation to other health and beauty products and now, you can buy almost anything through Amway.

According to this 1981 story, on October 4, 1976, Amway was held liable for one of its distributors raping a 12 year old girl and was told to pay $180,000.,7118844&dq=amway+-magic&hl=en

In a 1979 case, the US Federal Trade Commission found that Amway’s sales plan was not a pyramid scheme according to a 1998 statement posted on the FTC website, but they didn’t investigate the scam around its tools. Less than 70% of sales were made to the general public which is still the standard, but they get around this ruling by removing “front end loading”. The vast majority of their sales were made to their IBO’s.

The company reported record sales of $1.2 billion in 1982, but experienced a $70 million drop in sales after Devos was fired as chairman of the national party.

In 1984, Amway and Amway of Canada Limited paid a $25 million fine for criminal charges of defrauding Canada of $23 million.,4307951&dq=devos+republican+finance+chairman&hl=en

According to a 2004 Dateline investigation, the majority of distributors who are making money are not doing it from product sales, but from selling expensive motivational materials which is evident in the following videos:

Amway Quixtar Scam Part1

Dateline – Scam=Quixtar=Amyay=Alticor-(Part2).flv

In 2006, Amway was ranked No. 114 by Deloitte and No. 25 among the major private companies in the United States by Forbes in 2012.

Amway agreed to pay $56 million to former IBO’s for fraud to settle a 2007 class-action suit in that alleged unfair and illegal business practices on November 3, 2010.

Three days later, the ICE reported that 36 out of the 42 passengers in an Amway group on a bus were illegal immigrants.

Beijing’s Air Quality Index climbed an all-time high of 755 on January 12, 2013 resulting in Amway distributor Bi Xiuyan selling 50 air purifiers for two months’ pay of what the Chinese make. (Source Chinese Struggle Through Airpocalypse Smog).

On February 23, 2013, Amway became a Mets sponsor and opened its first North American storefront at Citi Field (might as well call it Ponzi Field now) and hope to recruit Mets fans this season. (Source Amway At Citi Field).

The police seized $23 million dollars’ worth of Amway counterfeit products on May 9, 2013. (Source Police seize counterfeit Amway products).

On November 24, 2013, a fire mysteriously demolished a maintenance building on Doug Devos property.

Doug Devos reported that Amway’s sales are slowing down in the United States, has grown in Japan and have seen varied results in Europe on January 31, 2014

Amway reported sales of $11.8 billion on February 3, 2014, in which 500 million were due to the sales of eSpring water purifiers to countries where pollution is a problem.

Could it be a sign of desperation that on March 19, 2014 Amway expanded into its first Islamic country, Kazakhstan?

Amway may be feeling the pressure from the Herbalife and FTC Formal Inquiry and announced a change to their compensation plan at a North American Diamond Club on April 7, 2014 with the most obvious change being the replacement of the 3% and 6% bonus brackets with discount coupons and halving the group volume requirements 9% down to 300PV. (Source Amway North America proposes biggest changes to compensation plan in 25 years).

On April 29, 2014 Amway and husband-and-wife distributors Barry Chi and Holly Chen were being sued in superior court by nine Los Angeles distributors for alleged breach of contract, fraud, false advertising, unfair competition, unjust enrichment, conversion and negligent misrepresentation. (Source Amway’s Claims Are Malarkey, Distributors Say).

Amway’s CEO William Pinkney got arrested for the        Amway Scamsecond time in two years on May 27, 2014. (Source Andhra Pradesh court rejects bail plea of Amway India CEO William Pinckney).

It was reported on June 6, 2014 that Amway wants Amway wiki shut down possibly because it’s a gold mine of information for regulators proving it is a pyramid. (Source Amway wants me to shut down Amway Wiki).

On June 21, 2014 it was reported that Amway criminally removed $1.3 billion dollars from India in a period of 10 years. (Source Amway sent Rs 8,000 crore to US, says Enforcement Directorate).

Police officials of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana arrested Amway Diamonds who have received quick and easy commissions from selling tools on July 2, 2014. (Source Cops tracking ‘Diamonds’ of Amway).

On August 4, 2014 in South Korea, the FTC gave Amway corrective orders to stop the price fixing activities and remove the clause from their sales guidelines. (Source Amway Korea Flaunts Regulations-Receives Slap Wrist).

Amway Korea Flaunts Regulations, Receives Slap on the Wrist – See more at:
Amway Korea Flaunts Regulations, Receives Slap on the Wrist – See more at:
Amway Korea Flaunts Regulations, Receives Slap on the Wrist – See more at:
Amway Korea Flaunts Regulations, Receives Slap on the Wrist – See more at:

Signs of a Pyramid Scheme

  • Again, sales are from the 99.95% of people that fall into this business and their CEO is currently in jail in a south Indian state.
  • Distributors make the majority of their money through the sale of motivation materials including CD’s, books, guides, manuals, seminars, and tickets to conventions to their downline more than anything else.
  • Once you become an Amway distributor, you have to buy their overpriced products, tripling your expenses. You will have to accumulate at least 150 PV every month for Amway to pay you on  the amount of points that you accumulate in your network. $2.50 is 1 point for Nutrilite and Artistry while L.O.C. and S8 are a lot less points per dollar and you will have to spend $11 to earn a mere 0.7 points. The costs can easily add up to over $500 because of the high shipping charges and taxes.  
  • According to the Amway Business Reference guide, out of the three million IBO’s, only 138,000 are active and make only $2,424 per year. Typical expenses are over $300 per month including other business related expenses. Some earn less than $100 per month. Ambitious people who have genuinely worked the business for years are now drowning in debt even if they did everything they were told to do. It was until they stopped doing the business and it was when they went back to their job that they began to get their life back.
  • Within a year, about half of IBOs will quit.
  • Uplines are secretive about their business financials.
    Even if you reach the Platinum level, you will not make a profit.
  • Home foreclosures, bankruptcies and financial struggles are common for people involved in Amway despite being at the “Diamond” level.
  • Amway has greatly financially affected the lives of millions for over 50 years and it all starts with their lies that you will become wealthy by selling their overpriced products. It is evident that only a small number of people have become wealthy.
  • As with another direct selling company, you will need to pitch to your family members and friends through home events and meetings. After you have exhausted your warm market, you will be told to approach strangers wearing a nice business suit. Most of the people will not join or buy a product. The overpriced products makes it hard to get customers to buy $80 per month vitamins. To reach 300 points a month, you need customers 5 to 10 % of your total sales is yours. It is more of a “recruiting” game more than anything and the majority of IBO’s will never even sponsor a downline.

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Amway Complaints

Submitted: Mon, August 31, 2009 Updated: Wed, April 23, 2014
Reported By: Bart — Bartlett Illinois USA

The point behind my story is, whether or not Amway is legit, it’s still a waste of time, money and it’s a good way to alienate your friends and family. How bullsh*t is it to receive 7 dollars for slaving at the bottom of the pyramid while pushing 250-300 dollars’ worth of products. The only people who make any actual money or get rich off of it are the ones who do it by lying, stealing and selling all those motivational bullcrap to people… their money is just blood money sucked dry from the people at the bottom who do the work and see little to none of the results. I’m too moral to get rich doing something that evil to good, honest people.

… My sponsor Sam rarely talks to me, occasionally he’ll text me and try to get me to go to a meeting or an expo which I would gladly go just to have a good laugh. I also gave him my old laptop a while back because it had problems…He’s probably going to try and keep it as collateral for me owing him money for CD’s, books, the function I went to and other Amway bullsh*t … Another thing too is he asks me or anyone if I have a job which he only asks because then we would have money to spend on Amway products…He’s also stocking people…I know he doesn’t make any money doing the business, he’s been in it for years and he’s so blind and in denial.

Other things to keep in mind:

The regular weekly meetings held at hotels by Amway are the same exact thing every week…

Diamonds don’t actually make 250,000 a year, I know this because I’ve been in my upline Diamonds home many times and he doesn’t have anything in his house someone making a quarter of a million would have… The only thing he has is a Lexus….

You can see the frustration, anguish and sleepiness in downlines and crosslines eyes and you know that they work hard but see no results…
Yea. Sure, Amway is partners with many legit companies and stores but that doesn’t give you legitimate credit. What do they care if you’re exposed for your fraud, it still won’t hurt their sales no matter what happens to you Amway.

… Amway is just a waste of time and money and it only leads to heartache, an empty pocket and lost friends. Even if you do get rich off this scam, you’re no better than Bernie Madoff and that’s just not worth it.”

Ian Cassinera
1 month ago

“I went to an Amway business presentation the other day and they tried to convince me to leave my high paying job to buy their products without actually explaining anything about the system and how to make money. At the end of the 3 hour presentation they asked me if I would like to join and that all I would need to do is pay them $150 and a couple thousand dollars on their products a month to learn more… What was really insulting is that they wasted 3 hours of my time and were promising me I’d be able to make 10,000 a month after the first year. (I already make that much) Sure you could make some money with them, or you could get a real job and make a lot more money.”

My Final Opinion of Amway

In conclusion, the ultimate goal of every Amway representative is to achieve Diamond status so they can retire from their downline. There are people who have sincerely tried for years to make it work and none of them made a profit.

I personally don’t believe in taking protein bars and vitamins as I rather get my nutrients from real food, so I wouldn’t sell anything to others that I personally wouldn’t buy.  How much better can their inflated products be than any other leading brand? You can find the same quality and more economical products at your local vitamin store. In a struggling economy, the majority of people are looking for better deals.

The Amway business has a high turnover rate along with a small number of sales the general public, making residual and substantial income nearly impossible. There will never be time to rest, you will have to constantly keep working your business and keep bringing people in to maintain your earnings. In Ruth Carter’s book, Amway Motivational Organizations: Behind The Smoke and Mirrors, even though a diamond had a net income of over $300,000, he still lived in debt, barely paid his mortgage, and was constantly spending money traveling from events.

Starting your own business shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg and that’s why I chose internet marketing as a way to build passive income. That means you do the work once and you get paid for it for as long as your website is live on the internet.

If you have been an Amway business owner, please share your experience below.

To your Success,


29 thoughts on “Is Amway a Scam?- The Truth About Amway Revealed”

  1. Although I haven’t been involved in the Amway scheme, I know many people that have and they all say the same things about this program.

    First, they say that as a rep, you are required to get to the events. That is pushed very early on and in order to ‘make it work’, you have to attend all of the hype-you-up events (which can get very expensive considering you will be traveling).

    Then comes the shameless selling and the focus on getting people in your downline/powerline.

    The program is far less about you selling their overpriced products (which are artificially inflated because of the underlying scheme), being part of the Amway MLM is getting people beneath you and getting people beneath them.

    It doesn’t take anyone to architect the framework on a piece of scrap paper before it starts looking exactly like a series of pyramids.

    You can either hustle within a program like this, hustle your friends, hustle your family, or you can focus on creating a real business. After a few experiences within the MLM industry, I chose the latter.

    Very thorough and insightful review of Amway here Jennifer.

    • Hey Kyle, thank you for your insights.

      I have read about some people that are not pushed by their upline to go to events or buy any motivational materials, but this is in the minority. It is to the interest of the IBO to sell seminar events and materials as it can easily add up to a six figure income for them.

      Exactly, it is about recruiting people and getting them to buy Amway’s overpriced products and getting them to do the same.

      Anyone can start a successful business utilizing their own skills and talents and nobody needs Amway to do it.

      Thanks again Kyle. 🙂

  2. I was a member of Amway for a very short time many years ago when their laundry cleaners were their main products. I had two small children so was not able to put the time traveling around giving demonstrations. I did however like the cleaning products they had.

    I haven’t kept up with them all these years so this post was very interesting to me. Thanks for sharing.

    • Lol, yes Virgie, an Amway business is very time consuming and costly. Yes, no doubt that many people find their products effective. I did however read about a woman who got a skin rash after using Amway’s skin care products.

      I’m glad you enjoyed my article. You’re very welcome and thank you for stopping by. 🙂

  3. I read this article with great interest because for a short stint last year, I was very involved in their talks and products. Here are my opinions:

    1) Not all supplements are created equal and the source of the ingredients is one of the factors. I have compared this along with costing, retailing and scientific research and found Nutrilite to be one of the more (if not the most) reliable brands out there.

    Why do I take supplements? Because, sometimes I know I won’t get enough nutrients from the food and I know my body has certainly benefited from taking them.

    Will I go for the beauty products? I prefer to age gracefully and I will let my healthy body do the job.

    2) The lavish lifestyle portrayed by most of the IBOs are very materialistic, something that I am not used to (and probably never will). If I think that big cars, big houses and fat bank accounts are the only thing that can make me happy in this mortal world, then I think I am missing the bigger picture in life.

    3) But thanks to Amway, I was able to break away from that comfort-career mindset and I am now more aware with my reality and focus on building my business online – something that Amway will not allow me to do.

    Lastly, there are a lot of sincere people in Amway and they have certainly inspired me a little when I went through a rough patch in my own career.

    • Hey Cathy, I’m glad that you enjoyed my Amway review and thank you for your thoughtful comment.

      Nutrilite is a customer favorite and it is of very high quality, the problem is the price and that most people can’t afford it.

      I agree with you that beauty products aren’t as essential as vitamins are. Also, with a quick Google search, one can find natural ways to keep your skin healthy such as using coconut oil and avocado masks.

      Yes, having all the money in the world simply can’t buy happiness, but it certainly can be a big motivator to get people involved into this scheme.

      I’m glad you have turned into the entrepreneur that you are today. Thanks again for your thoughtful review Cathy, I love the way you think.

  4. I’ve been involved in other MLM businesses and they all are the same.

    They have a pyramid structure business that makes it very difficult to make a buck.

    This is a fantastic article about Amway, thanks for sharing.

    • Yes, Amway is very comparable to Herbalife and their recent change to their compensations plan was in regards to everything
      that is going on with Herbalife and it’s pyramid scheme claims such as the lead generation and overpriced products in which the
      majority are being sold to the independent business owners. And yes, failure rates are 99% and people make way less than working at a
      minimum wage job. I don’t dispute being your own boss, but people have to find their passion and turn it into a full time income, which is more than
      achievable in an online business.

      Thank you again Evelyn.

  5. lol this blog is such a joke. Not even the ‘facts’ are correct. Cmon now, if you believe this, you’re as sad as the creator.

  6. Look at yourself Jennifer……. Sad sad state of affairs lol. Love it.
    Too bad you moderate every comment. Whatta suprise!!! Unfortunately everything you say is wrong and myself and my wife have been retired through this opportunity for 5 years now.
    Carry on in your sad ways…. We’ll keep helping people retire young 😉

  7. Retiring young is a myth that Amway people perpetuate. I don’t even see any diamonds “walking away” from their business and retiring like they claim. They don’t do it because their business would fall apart like a cheap suit once they did that, and secondly, a diamond who left the business would no longer be paid for speaking at functions which is where they earn their real income.

    • Amway Diamonds file for foreclosure and bankruptcy to fund their millionaire lifestyle on top of their Amway expenses on a $150,000 annual income. Exactly, that’s where most of their money is made. Thanks for sharing your experience Jason.

  8. It’s okay if some people disagree, but I find your writings are highly accurate!
    This is exactly what I see and feel about my “Amway friends”.
    Sadly enough, I think it’s too late now for them to aback because they have been in the business for quite long time, for almost a year.
    Thanks for sharing Jennifer, cheers!

  9. How can you people really comment something which is no were near to ground realities. Amway’s products are the most assured, upgraded and R&Ded and made out of Organic stuff (no chemicals used).

  10. Good commentary . I was enlightened by the specifics , Does anyone know if my assistant would be able to acquire a blank Court Form DR 31 copy to work with ?

  11. Jennifer,

    I also find that internet marketing is full of scams. Promises of making a lot of money, and its so easy just use my formula, which I normally don’t share with anyone, but … Just pay me $49, and I’ll show you step by step how I made over $50K in just one month, and continue to do so. Of course, the first time I saw this I figured it was too good to be true. And sure enough, the next page tries to upsale me because my $49 investment was actually missing something, and this time they want $197, but you will really need this and give you a little of what I previously forgot. After 4 more pages of this with prices going up and down, you get to check out really. If you bought every you would have spent around $500. This is the scam, because they don’t teach you anything other than you were scammed. So generally I consider most of IM programs on par with most MLMs. Of course, if I’m wrong tell me how and why what you have found is truly the panacea to replacing a $5-6K a month income or more, because I’ve been looking to do that for the last 25 years. I did Amway, and relooked at it 3 times. The funny thing was after I got out of Amway, I had about 30 tapes in my car, and someone broke into it and stole the tapes. I’ve looked at several other MLMs as well. I joined one because they sold gold in small increments, and I was looking to buy it that way. They also didn’t have any requirements to buy anything beyond your initial investment, and had no annual fee to keep being a distributor. Unfortunately, I lost my job and have been out of work since, so no more gold for me.


  12. Hi Jennifer. From here in South Africa I had joined amway with my wife last year through a friend who did the presentation and so forth. At first I was excited of the so called benefits and all. But the discouragement came when you look at the returns and the pressure you are in to be up there. You go to seminars where you are introduced to so called diamonds who are living the life and it sets the goal so high regardless of how much they try to simplify it. In the end me and my wife dropped out because we felt it was expensive, time consuming and we felt like we were chasing a misty dream which kept on eluding us. There is no focus on the proper welfare of the members like whether they will afford their products or not as they are highly priced. You have to keep up appearances at seminars and each month when you work out the cost of the products its way to high for us. thanks for your article though it is enlightening to us.

  13. Here’s some food for thought about Amway IBOs and other salespeople who use a curiosity approach when selling a service, product, idea, or business opportunity:

    Using a curiosity approach is a lot like giving someone a wrapped present or gift. They don’t now what’s in side, they know they might or might not even like it, but they’re sure curious and mildly excited to find out what it is.

    I don’t find gift-wrapped presents or spontaneous surprises from people at all distasteful, mischievious, harmful, or irresponsible. One, I appreciate their thoughtfulness in presenting me with a gift. Two, after opening the present, it might have been the best gift in the world I never knew I always wanted.

    In light of this, I don’t think the vast majority of Amway IBOs who use a curiosity approach are out to run con-jobs on people. All they know is that they’re excited, they have tremendous hope of the opportunity to build a better future, they believe it’s possible because other people have done it successfully and have the evidence to prove it, and they honestly want to offer other people the same exciting opportunity for the potential of building a better, brighter future. “Hope through soap!”

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