A to Z Cash System Review- Beware of this Scam

A to Z Cash System Review- Beware of this Scam

Name: A to Z Cash System
Website: http://theatozcashsystem.com
Price: $4.97 3 day trial, $77 then $57 per month
Owners: Sophie Vaughn
Overall Rank: 1 of 5 Stars

Congratulations! You Qualify! Join the millions of people making cash from home…Only 500 spots available today!”- http://theatozcashsystem.com

Ookay, everyone qualifies and there’s an unlimited number of spots available. Avoid any programs with such claims.

A to Z Cash System, Product Overview

A to Z Cash System is yet another hyped product scam from the creators of Income Infuser and Easy Cash On Demand- both of which got shut down. They make you think that you’re going to make hundreds of dollars per day through affiliate marketing by selling products from ClickBank. They get you interested in the product with their fake checks and fake snapshots of ClickBank earnings that can easily be manipulated using Photoshop software.

Throughout this review, I will be discussing the key warnings and why you should avoid this product.

Pros and Cons of A to Z Cash System


  • They make it very clear that you’re success or earnings are not guaranteed.
  • Before you pay, they tell you that further billing will be made if you don’t cancel.

A To Z Cash system Red Flags

  • “Free Personal Consultation”- This means that you’re going to be called by sales representatives to get some information from you about your goals and finances to persuade you to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on traffic, overpriced coaching, and/or additional training.
  • You have to enter your phone number on the initial page- this is a mistake. Again, this is for sales reps to hard sell you on additional services.
  • Strict no refund policy. – It’s not easy to get a refund and they will waste your time by putting you on hold and hang up on you. Getting your money back can take anywhere from several hours to a week.
  • You have to cancel your credit card to prevent further charges.
  • The original website, www.atozcashsystem.com no longer exists.

is A to Z Cash System  a scam

  • There’s no specific information on the products that they want you to buy and they do not tell you what you will be doing to earn this income.
  • There are more upsells for other scammy and low quality products once you gain access to the membership site.
  • The usual tactics used by scammers are used on first page that you land on including limited number of spots and that you qualify.

is A to Z Cash System  a scam

  • They have fake stock photos, fake timers, and fake testimonials. The same testimonials have been used for their other scam products and for a different product called Clicks 2 Cash.
  • In the sales page, they show various way to pay, but once you get to the order page, you’ll see that they only accept debit and credit cards. They don’t accept PayPal.
  • It makes you think it’s only $5 on the initial sales page.
  • They make you believe that it’s easy and fast to earn hundreds of dollars per day.

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Who is A to Z Cash System For?

This product is targeted to the unemployed and those who want to make money online.

A to Z Cash System Training and Tools


The vague and outdated training is presented in the form of step by step video tutorials on Facebook, Google, and other marketing methods for a total of five courses. Since all of the training is in video, this is a downside to those who prefer text and image training.

The video training is not reinforced through a summary and you’re not given clear instructions. It is very basic and tedious to watch.

You also get some Private Label Right (PLR) e-books that are low quality products. It’s better to know nothing than to be given outdated information. This is not the way to start a successful online business.


You’re given a website, any further costs is unknown and I highly doubt they will provide hosting for you or a free keyword tool.

Does A to Z Cash System Offer Support?

They have 24/7 customer support http://support.easykits.org/kayako/. You can also contact them by phone at 1-888-793-3429.

For the price that you’re about to pay, you should be given a lot more support than this such as a live chat in the members area and the ability to interact with other members.

How Much Does A to Z Cash System Cost?

It’s $4.97 for a three day trial, but if you exit the page, you can get started for a $1. These is the usual tactic that is used and this should be a warning that there are more pricey upsells coming your way.

is A to Z Cash System  a scam

After the three days, you will be billed $77 then $57 per month. This is very expensive for this low quality training.

My Final Opinion of A to Z Cash System

This product is linked to other shameful scams including Income Infuser and Easy Cash On Demand, all that use the same fake stock photos, fake snapshots of thousands of dollars per day, and fake timers. Also avoid anything that promises easy and fast money online. Building a successful online business takes time and hard work.

Don’t give companies such as this one your telephone number, e-mail, or credit card information to avoid getting scammed and avoid future headaches.

For the price that you’re paying, this product is nothing put a pure ripoff- the training, tools, and support provided are unacceptable. They get you in the door with a low ticket offer because they know that they will make hundreds to thousands of dollars off you.

If you’re looking for a way to make money online, I recommend that you check out my Wealthy Affiliate review. This is where you will be taught how to build a successful online business through affiliate marketing. They are the only internet marketing program that offers a free lifetime starter membership.

A to Z Cash System at a Glance…

Name: A to Z Cash System
Website: http://theatozcashsystem.com
Price: $4.97 3 day trial, $77 then $57 per month
Owners: Sophie Vaughn
Overall Rank: 1 of 5 Stars


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