Instant Payday Network- Is It Worth Your Time and Money?

Instant Payday Network- Is It Worth Your Time and Money?

Name: Instant Payday Network
Price: Low Cost if You Don’t Join the Empower Network
Owner: Jeff Buchanan
Overall Rank: 1 out of 5 stars     nstant Payday Network

What Is Instant Payday Network?    

Instant Payday Network is a done for you four step marketing system that requires   you to register and fulfill the qualifications of two sites that work alongside Fortune 500 companies.

In step one, you have to register with Express My Cash Freebies which requires you to receive one full credit. In step two, you’ll have to get two credits with Double My Cash Freebies. Both of these sites have various offers that include Direct TV, Discover Card, Equifax, Netflix, and Game Fly- each of these range from .10 credits to one full credit which will require you to complete 2-6 offers for you to get three credits. Some of them have a free trial, some of them have a small shipping cost, some are pricy, and some don’t even state how much they cost. Thus, it make take 35-45 minutes pulling out your credit card and giving out your personal information just to make it through the first two steps. Fortunately, you only need to this once.

After you complete those two steps, you are eligible to earn $20 per referral with Express My Cash Freebies and $30 per referral with Double My Cash Freebies through Cost-per Action marketing. You can choose to have the money deposited to your PayPal or Payza account or have a check mailed to you. You will also be able to utilize Jeff’s free marketing system, access his very basic internet marketing training and back office to set up your account for you to start getting paid.

The last step is completely optional, but it’s very tempting to join Empower Network because if you don’t, the person above you who is a member of EN will reap the benefits from your hard work and will make all the sweet commissions. I don’t recommend that you join Empower Network because it’s a pyramid scheme and will end up costing you at least $45/month to thousands of dollars.

Pros vs Cons



  • Multiple squeeze and landing pages, mini auto responder that may close a sale and sample classified ad templates- all these tools are useless if you don’t drive massive traffic to your referral link.
  • Video marketing, pay per click, and article marketing training. Additional support is available from their YouTube channel and Facebook Page.
  • His system is low cost and it is possible to make money of the two first programs given you learn about internet marketing and put in the time and effort promoting the program itself.



  • Jeff demonstrates how he made $12,000 his first month, but what he failed to tell you is that he already had a large e-mail list.
  • The lead capture page doesn’t really have a high opt in rate. For every 200-300 people that you refer, you will get less than 10 signups which means that in order to make good money, you will need to send thousands of people to your assigned link.
  • Most people don’t complete Double My Cash Freebies so you will receive less commissions.
  • Jeff’s training is very basic. It’s not enough to ensure that you are going to be successful with it and a lot of members are confused on how to get started.
  • This system is promoting the biggest scam online right now- The Empower Network.
  • It can be torture to try to cancel the trial offers. You need to very organized- read and print the Terms and Conditions, write down the dates in which you joined the offers, when to call to cancel, and write down the customer service numbers.

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 Who is Instant Payday Network For?

Instant Payday Network is mostly targeted to internet marketing beginners, but due to the lack of valuable training, only the more experienced and the ones who join EN will be able to earn decent money with this.


Instant Payday Network Tools & Training


You get a free low converting lead capture page that says, “Stay At Home Mama’s  instant payday networkBoy Earns $1832-$2856 Per Week Working PART TIME!!!” I would be embarrassed to state something like this on a capture page.

You also get a ‘mini’ auto responder with a couple of  e-mails, which are mostly useless. Did you know that the average person receives about 100 e-mails a day and the majority of e-mails are ignored or deleted? Thus, e-mail marketing is not that effective anymore unless you build trust, credibility and a strong relationship with your list first.

You’ll have access to written ads, but you’ll have to rewrite them since there are so many other marketers using these same ads. If you don’t change them,  people will not acknowledge your ads and you’ll be wasting your time.This is the same for any program that you join.  Several numerous ads are required to see any kind of money.


This includes a getting started guide, very basic marketing training including YouTube video marketing, Craigslist, Article Marketing, and ranking high in the search engines. Everyone else in IPN is promoting it with YouTube, so you’ll be competing against them for the same keywords and in the very competitive ‘make money online’ niche. You can follow updates and training on IPN Facebook Page, Twitter, and YouTube Channel.


Instant Payday Network Support

You will be provided with your sponsor’s phone number, Skype and e-mail address.


Instant Payday Network Price

The first two steps are basically low cost or free if you manage to cancel the trial offers, but Empower Network is at least $45/month plus the products that you want to be eligible to earn a commission on. All the overpriced products from EN can add up to $5,000.


My Final Opinion of Instant Payday Network

If you work really hard and you keep posting numerous effective online classifieds, spent time on article marketing, social media marketing, and manage to rank your YouTube videos and your Blogger blog on the first or second page of Google by posting Empower networkcontent on a consistent basis, you will make money with IPN, but if you don’t join Empower Network, the person above you who did join will make the commissions off your hard work. Otherwise, only the people with a strong internet marketing background will make any real money utilizing this system. It’s free for a reason and that’s because Jeff knows that you’ll be tempted to join EN and he’ll make a nice commission off you. But remember, you have to be careful on what you promote online because your credibility is at stake…do you want to lead people to a pyramid scheme?


Instant Payday Network at a Final Glance…

Name: Instant Payday Network
Price: Low Cost if You Don’t Join the Empower Network
Owner: Jeff Buchanan
Overall Rank: 1 out of 5 stars

VERDICT: Promoting CPA offers is Legit, EN is A Pyramid Scheme






Are you a member of Instant Payday Network? If so, please share your experience below.

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4 thoughts on “Instant Payday Network- Is It Worth Your Time and Money?”

  1. Thanks for this review. I don’t like programs that require you to do offers. They almost always cause more headache’s than they’re worth.

    • Hi Steve, thank you for your comment. Yeah, I have completed those types of offers before where I call to cancel and they will ask you, “Why are you cancelling?”

      This program is not worth your information getting robbed and your e-mail getting spammed. I have to admit that Jeff has a pretty down to earth personality and I think this is what makes people fall for this. His training is not even worth it.

      We must also take care of our reputation when deciding which products to promote online.

  2. Jennifer,

    Thanks so much for the great review on IPDN.

    You make some great points about who it is targeted towards, but who can actually make it work. The Big Rub as I like to call it.

    Keep up the great work and the rest of the site is very clean and professional.


    • You’re welcome Gary. I’m glad it helped you.

      It’s very hard to make this system work, especially since it’s so saturated, especially on YouTube and Craigslist. The whole thing is set up to promote Empower Network once people join and they will likely end up losing thousands of dollars.

      I will keep up the great work- It’s just the beginning.
      Thank you Gary. 🙂 It’s the Infoist theme.

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