How to Make Money Buying and Selling Domain Names in Four Easy Steps

How to Make Money Buying and Selling Domain Names in Four Easy Steps

Over 750,000 domain names expire every month; therefore those domains are buy and sell domain name now available to be registered and anyone can purchase them. The purchasers benefit from  the residual traffic if a domain name has had existence and has back links because it has the ability to rank higher in the search engines. Your job is to buy these domain names for about ten dollars each and “flip” them.

Once you sell your domain, you can make hundreds to thousands of dollars! It’s similar to buying and selling real estate. Some people make millions just by using this technique alone and it’s really simple. Throughout this article, I’m going to be explaining what a domain name is and the simple four step process you should follow to achieve the best results.

 What is a Domain Name?

Domain names are letters and numbers bought by individuals or companies to identify where their website is. An expired domain name is a domain name that nobody wants anymore or wasn’t registered and it and can be purchased through an authorized registrar. Domain names are like “internet real estate”.

 Follow the Four Step Process known as “FAST” for buying and selling the best domain names:

Step 1. Find the right domain name

Find expired domains at Don’t buy domains from them, just use their tools to browse through their expired domain search tool.  Think about an industry, topic, or niche that you wish to market such as computers, mortgages, foreclosures, loans, weight loss, dating, etc. Come up with five to seven keywords related to your niche. To help you out with finding related keywords, you can use  Google’s keyword research tool at‎. Then type in the keywords into the search criteria tool. Make sure you are logged in so you don’t have to enter the CAPTCHA code. You can also use Jaaxy, a very advanced keyword tool to easily find available domains.

To buy the very best domain names, they cannot start or end with numbers or hyphens because they have less perceived value. Secondly, your domain name shouldn’t exceed 24 characters in length, the shorter the better. Make sure it’s easy to spell. Think about the simple domain name that Marc Ostrofsky sold for millions of dollars, Google and companies love generic names. Lastly, only choose .com domain names with excellent keyword that have a high search volume. Copy and paste your domains in a text file.

Take  your list of excellent domains and see if they’re available by  copying and pasting the domain names  in’s bulk search tool. See what domain names make sense and which domain names anybody in that industry would be interested in buying in the future. For example, don’t buy, but Top

Step 2. Acquire   GoDaddy

This is where you buy the domain names from GoDaddy.

Step 3. Sell– Sell your domain name on Flippa, BuySellWebsiteflippaForums.DigitalPoint, InternetCompanyForSale, and/or

Step 4. Transfer the domain name- Pick up the phone and call Go Daddy’s customer service and they will transfer the domain for you.

It’s as easy as that. Find domain names with high perceived value, see if they’re available, buy it, sell it, and transfer it. The whole process should only take about 30 minutes of your time.

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