How to Easily Find Profitable Keywords in Three Steps

How to Easily Find Profitable Keywords in Three Steps

Marketers heavily relied on Google’s free keyword tool, but since it has been replaced the Keyword Planner, a lot of things have changed and they can’t solely rely on Google anymore. Another problem is that other keyword tools provide irrelevant data. See my review of my #1 recommended tool here. Finding profitable keywords for your website doesn’t have to be painful when you do just a little bit of research and use the right tools. The best keywords are those that are ‘SEO (Search Engine Optimized) ready’

Find Profitable Keywords in Three Easy Steps

Step 1: Come up with keyword concepts. To begin finding the best profitable keywords, you must first think of your audience. What do they need help with? What are the things that they are being exposed to? Will these keywords lead to revenue for your website? If you really don’t know what keywords to start with, use question and answer sites such as Yahoo and Ehow. Type in your broad keyword in Yahoo Answers  and/or at Ehow to get a list of questions that people are asking within your niche and get ideas. Forums are also an excellent resource. You can find these forums by typing in Google your niche and the word forums after it.

How to Easily Find Profitable Keywords

Step 2: Create a Keyword List by Using the ‘Alphabet Soup’ Technique and/or Q&A Sites

The Alphabet Soup or the ‘Google Instant Technique’ Explained – Google has more keyword data than any other company in the world. When users type in a keyword, Google wants to help them by displaying the most popular search terms giving you more related keywords. First, begin typing your keyword in the Google search bar. Skip a space and start to type in a, erase it then b, erase it then c and so on before and after your keyword. You can also use Google Instant to verify if some of the questions at the Q&A sites are popular.

If you rather watch a video explaining the Google instant technique, you can watch this. Using the Alphabet Soup Technique to Find Keywords

How to Easily Find Profitable Keywords

Step 3: Determine Your SEO and Quality Keywords- Grab your chosen keywords and research the competition and monthly searches. To simplify your keyword research process, I strongly recommend that you use Jaaxy or the WA keyword tool. Using these tools will save you time and money whether you’re an internet marketing expert or not.

How to Easily Find Profitable Keywords
Jaaxy Keyword tool
How to Easily Find Profitable Keywords
Wealthy Affiliate Keyword Tool






The best keywords are those that

(A)   Have less than 400 QSR (Quoted Search Results) in Jaaxy or Result using the WA keyword tool. Ideally, you want less than 300 competing pages.

(B)   Get at least 50 searches a month to even make them worth your time and effort. Also, any amount of traffic that a keyword gets is good if you manage to rank because it adds up over time. If you How to Easily Find Profitable Keywordsrank for 100 different search terms that get 10 visitors each a month, that’s 1,000 monthly visitors coming to your site. Yes, it would be great to rank under a term that gets more than 4,000 searches a month, but these phrases only represent 30% of all the online searches. The majority of them representing millions of searches are made up of “long tail” keywords (keywords that are made up of at least three words or more) that have a small amount of searches each. Also, “long tailed” keywords convert better because they are more targeted and catch customers when they’re ready to make a purchase.

(C)   Have very high monthly searches and a low number of competing pages. If you find a keyword that gets a decent amount of searches and less than 400 competing pages, you have found a golden nugget.

(D)   Make Sense. If the keyword doesn’t make sense, don’t use it. If it’s missing a word within it, research the phrase that does. If they meet this criteria, it’s time to create content around that particular keyword.

How to Use These Quality Keywords for Articles on Your Website

Write your content by showing and not just telling to help and connect with your audience. You have to talk to them from their perspective. Use screenshots or images to represent what you are talking about. Also, use your keywords in a natural way. This will lead to an enjoyable user experience and better conversions. Remember that these people are searching because they need help and if you do this, your online business will thrive. To find more about creating quality content, click here.

Using the Alphabet Soup Technique (as outlined in the video), researching in question and answer sites, and using keyword tools like the ones at WA or Jaaxy, you have access to an unlimited number of profitable keywords within ANY NICHE. If you get ranked under these keywords by following the criteria and creating quality content, you will soon have a good amount of traffic coming to your website every day.

If you need any further help in your copy writing skills, check out my Wealthy Affiliate review here.

If you have any questions or comments about keyword research, feel free to state them below.

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