YouTube Video Marketing-How to Create and Rank YouTube Videos

YouTube Video Marketing-How to Create and Rank YouTube Videos

YouTube now receives the third largest amount of traffic right after Google and Facebook-it’s no wonder why savvy marketers are using YouTube video marketing to how to create and rank youtube videosdrive targeted traffic to their websites, promote affiliate offers, and to build their list. People value receiving information through video rather than reading articles and videos are a lot easier to rank in Google than traditional websites because Google owns YouTube. In this article, I’m going to go over proper market research and how to create videos and rank your YouTube videos.

Market Research

Before you began creating your video, you must find a popular topic that you’re knowledgeable about and have personal experience with because people want to listen to an expert. Use Yahoo Answers and forums to find out your audience’s most burning questions and answer them in your video.

Keyword Research

Next, it’s essential that you do keyword research. Go to and type in a keyword. As you’re doing this, Google will suggest other popular keywords. Thehowtocreateandrankyoutubevideosn put your it in quotation marks to find out exactly how much competition you’re up against by going to the last page of the results. Also note that if it has videos dominating that keyword, it’s going to be tough to rank for it.

Then, type your phrase in Google’s keyword tool and click on ‘Exact’. You want at least 100 searches and no more than 400 competing pages. The more searches and the less competition, the better. Jaaxy is a very powerful time saving keyword tool that allows you to analyze whether a keyword has been ranked on videos and allows you to know your exact competition within just two clicks.

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How to Create YouTube Videos

When it comes to creating YouTube videos, you have a couple of options as to what type of videos you can create.

Types of Videos:

  • Screencasts are over the shoulder type of videos. These are perfect when you’re showing your audience how to do something.
  • Webinars are usually PowerPoint based presentations and over the shoulder. They can be a little overwhelming because you’re talking to an audience. Make sure you do a sound and video check.
  • Video Scribes are animated hand draws.
  • PowerPoint Slides are used for educational or editorial videos.
  • Video Camera is you being in front of a webcam which can be scary for some, including myself.

 Video Creation Software:

  • Animoto- It’s really easy to create professional videos using Animoto. You can create cool 30 second long videos for free with images and music. The paid version is only $30 per year.
  • Camtasia- This is $300 but they give you a free trial. With Camtasia, it’s easy to create professional videos.
  • Imovie- Imovie comes already built in your Mac.
  • Camstudio– Camstudio is completely free but a bit technical.
  • Screencast-o-matic-  This is my favorite one because it’s really easy to use and it’s free.

Getting Your Video on the First Page of Google

Getting your video to rank well in the search engines starts with saving your video with howtocreateandrankyoutubevideosyour keyword as the files name. While you’re uploading your video to YouTube, include your keywords twice in the title, somewhere in the first and last sentence and sprinkled a bit in your articles body. Your description should be treated like a 200-400 word article. Make sure you include your URL at the top and bottom of your description. You can also choose to include the narrative or the text of your PowerPoint there. You want to have a keyword density of about 3%. Anything over that is keyword spamming. In the tags, just include about two keywords and your channels name.  

How to Get Free Visitors to Your Videos

Social bookmark your video to popular  sites such as Reddit, send an e-mail to your list, send links to it by writing articles to article directories, embed it in your blog post, and share it on social networking sites.

In conclusion, this is how you create and rank YouTube videos. They are a lot easier to rank than websites  YouTube video marketing can be a very powerful way to start your internet marketing career. In order to do this, you need to spend a little time on market research and finding the right keywords. If done right, you can easily beat other well established authority sites.

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  1. Excellent walk-through Jennifer. Sometimes what people forget is the fact that they should be focusing on keywords like you mentioned within ever video they post to Youtube, in particular low competition ones.

    There are several tools within Jaaxy that I use for this and it works brilliantly well. There are billions of visitors that use Youtube and this can equate to a lot of traffic and revenue if done right.

    Very helpful and informative post.

    • Thank you Kyle, I really appreciate your comment. Yes, exactly. Keyword research and getting ranked is important and with YouTube video marketing, anyone regardless if they have any prior knowledge of search engine optimization can leverage the power of video marketing implementing the strategies in my article.

      All they have to do is provide quality content enabling them to become an authority in their chosen niche. It’s also important to be professional and keep their channel solely for one specific niche and for business purposes only and not mix them up with personal videos. Video sharing is growing at such a rate that there is no chance of saturation occurring.

      This is working smarter and not harder. An authority website, an auto responder, leveraging YouTube, and using Jaaxy is a formula for success. Jaaxy is the ultimate tool for keyword riches.

      Thank you again Kyle. 🙂 This is why I love WA.

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