Empower Network Honest Review- 15+ Things I Hate About Empower Network

Empower Network Honest Review- 15+ Things I Hate About Empower Network

Name: Empower Network
Website: www.empowernetwork.comEmpowernetwork
Price: $25/month for the Viral Blogging System and 8 “Fast Track” videos,   Empower network$100/month Inner Circle, $500 Costa Rica Intensive, $1,000 15k formula, $3,500 Costa Rica Masters Retreat, $19.95/month E-Wallet Fee, and an optional $20/month auto responder fee.
Owners: David Wood and David Sharpe
Overall Rank: 1 out of 5 stars

What is Empower Network?

Empower Network is a pyramid scheme where only the people on the top of the pyramid make the real money and the ones on the bottom are struggling to receive their return on investment which adds up to thousands of dollars. The only way you’ll make real money is if you buy all of their products as stated above leaving you in a financial hardship and by getting others to do the same. They claim that you can get started for just $25, but this a misleading statement because you can only promote and earn 100% commissions from what you buy. Pyramid schemes are illegal in the United States- maybe that’s why David Wood resides in Costa Rica and they’re using a UK payment processor.

Who are the Creators of Empower Network?

The creators are David Wood and David Sharpe. Both of these men have a “rags to riches” story. David Wood used to be broke and homeless  Empower networkand lived in a van with his wife. David Sharpe was a former alcoholic that used to work in the construction industry. Through Empower Network, they were able to transform their lives.

 Pros vs Cons


  1. If you get in the right team, they will help and support you by teaching you internet marketing so you are not operating alone.

 Why You Should Stay Away From Empower Network


  1. They teach you to use duplicate content.
  2. They focus on you making money first and hardly teach you anything before you get started blogging.
  3. Inadequate training of AdSense and pay per click marketing that can get you banned. empower network
  4. Their emphasis is on using article spinners.
  5. There’s no training of keyword research or writing high quality content.
  6. You can’t choose your own niche.
  7. They don’t let you delete your websites.
  8. They say you can get started for just $25, but they call you a “wussy” and make you feel like garbage if you don’t get “all in.” They brainwash you to pay them thousands of dollars if you want to make real money.
  9. If you mention the Better Business Bureau to them, prepare to be blocked out of your account and all of your downline will go to your sponsor.
  10. You have to spend $5,125 upfront to get “all in”, or else, you won’t qualify for all of their 100% commissions and once you do, you may never see that money again because they don’t accept refunds unless you contact the Better Business Bureau. The majority of the people that are “all in” aren’t making more than a couple $100 a month. Most of the people who sign up will fail because they will struggle just to get one single person to EN because it’s a highly competitive product to promote.
  11. There’s no product to promote other than EN itself.
  12. The blog that you pay for is owned by EN and they own the traffic and your hard work once you stop paying for your membership.
  13. Facebook and YouTube has banned and deemed www.empowernetwork.com and other related links dangerous.
  14. You will become an Empower Network zombie with only four phrases in your vocabulary which are “David Wood”, “100% commissions”, “Costa Rica”, and “Don’t be a wussy.”
  15. You have to be an internet marketing teacher yourself because you are going to be the one who will teach people who sign up under you and that is your job as their sponsor. Unless you’re not on a level that can qualify to teach others about internet marketing, no one will join under you. Thus if you’re a newbie, no other newbie will join your team.

Learn How To Built A Thriving Online Business Surrounded With Successful Online Marketers That Care About Your Success.

Who is Empower Network For?

Empower Network is for:

• A dishonest person who will sell people their dreams in order to get them to sign up under them and leave them with nothing.

• An internet marketing expert who will teach their team how to succeed. This will include 1 on 1 Skype/Facebook coaching with every single member who joins you and this can be time consuming.

If you’re not any of the above, you will fail.

Can you make money with Empower Network?

The majority of people who join make nothing to a couple hundred dollars. Empower Network was not meant for newbies because it goes from worthless boring training to really advanced marketing strategies that will cost you thousands of dollars to access. The people making thousands a month with EN Empowernetworkare the ones who were already experienced in the internet and multilevel marketing industries and that already had a massive e-mail list and followers. But why would anyone want to promote something that is a rip-off and some of the products have no value at all?

The fact is that 44% of the people don’t make a single penny, 31% are making a couple hundred dollars, and the ones making thousands of dollars a month are the “EN Gurus”.

You can look at their Income Disclaimer found at http://www.empowernetwork.com/income.php.

Empower Network’s Overpriced Tools & Training

$25/month Viral Blogging System and “Fast Track” training–  You will pay $25/month to build content for Empower Network. You will receive a worthless blog that you have very limited control of and just a few templates to choose from, without the options for additional plugins. Most of them are loaded with the EN banners and the “sign up now or forever be doomed” adverts. The system will have you blogging consistently for their authority blog each day because they make you think that you can leverage their traffic, but just because you’re writing on their authority blog doesn’t necessarily mean that your blog will get ranked or even get traffic (visitors to your site).

Additionally, you do not own that blog or any of your content and if you decide to leave Empower Network, they will own your hard work. Also, there’s really no training in the “Fast Track” training. You think that you would receive some tips and tools to market your blog, but it’s actually a sales video featuring the two founders David Wood and David Sharpe encouraging you to go “all in” to be successful; which means spending an additional $1,500 to access their internet marketing training. They tell you not to show your face if you’re not “all in”- harsh.

$100/month Inner Circle: An overpriced audio series of interviews with “gurus” (industry experts) who mostly boast how much money their making while they’re sitting in their yachts drinking martinis and pointing out how good Empower Network is while you helplessly sit in front of your computer listening to all of this wondering why they don’t just reveal their tactics such as SEO or Traffic Lead Attainment or anything that they’re doing to be successful.

$500 11 lesson Costa Rica Intensive: The Costa Rica Intensive consists of 11 one hour long boring webinars with some outdated information. You will be staring at the person on front of a white board. They teach you to get out there and build a relationship first to build more trust with the people that follow you and that it takes time to build that trust and it isn’t something that is just given away by people. The additional training courses provide internet marketing strategies including paid advertising, social media marketing, Search Engine Optimization, solo ads, e-mail marketing, blogging, and several other marketing strategies. It consists of interviews with several experts.

These can be useful to some newbies, but the problem is that they record their webinars in such a mind-numbing way, it’ll put any internet marketing newbie to sleep.

$1000 $15K Formula: A nine part video series each 2-3 hours in length covering a single marketing method that is more tactical in nature including how to create useful content for social media and setting up Facebook ads and Google AdWord campaigns. You’ll basically get more of the same training as the “Costa Rica Intensive” only for twice the price.

$3,500 Costa Rica Masters Retreat: You have to pay $3500 to get worthy information. The Empower Network Masters Retreat was held in Costa Rica at the Hilton Papagayo Costa Rica Resort & Spa. The reason why the “Masters Retreat Costa Rica” was so exclusive was because the people that attended paid $5,000, but they would get their money’s worth by having the right to meet really successful Empower Network leaders and the chance to learn their secrets.

Empower Network Support

There’s no sense of community. The support you’ll get will depend on your sponsor and how good he/she is at teaching internet marketing so it is possible that you’ll get no help at all and will feel tempted to purchase the other training materials. I would recommend you join a program where you can get direct access to the owners.

Empower Network Pricing

They emphasize that you can get started for just $25 for a worthless blog plus the $19.95 mandatory E-Wallet fee just so you can get paid and an optional $20/month auto responder fee which is necessary to capture leads. As soon as you join, you’ll  be tempted to go “all in” which will include a ridiculous $100/month for their  Inner Circle webinars full of worthless material,  a one-time payment of $500 for the boring Costa Rica Intensive, a one-time payment of $1,000 for the 15k Formula, and a one-time payment of $3,500 for the Costa Rica Masters Retreat. So, that’s $1,979 a year in recurring monthly fees including the auto responder and the other training comes up to $5,000 adding up to a total cost of $6979 for that year, then $1,979 every year after that.

My Final Opinion Empower Network

My final opinion is to put your wallets away and save yourself a great heartache. Empower Networks Viral Blogging is worthless because you don’t own your blog or any of the content. The “Fast Track” training is an up-sell to the  Inner Circle membership that hardly teaches you anything related to internet marketing. Some of the content found in the Costa Rica Intensive is outdated and is really tedious to listen to. The 15k Formula consists of pretty much the same training except for twice the price, so it’s like you’re paying $1,500 for the same information. The Costa Rica Masters Retreat is a great product where “IM Gurus” reveal their tactics, but you can get the same information for a lot less elsewhere. Their program is not newbie friendly at all and even if someone was skilled at internet marketing, why would he/she  promote such overpriced products, some of which have no value at all and if you do apply what they teach, you might get banned from Google.  Mention the BBB to them and you will get blocked out from EN and you will lose your downline. This is a pyramid scheme where the victims are those that desperately need to make fast money online, but the ones making the real money are the ‘EN Gurus’ who already had a massive e-mail list and followers. If you’re new to internet marketing, you will struggle to recuperate your investment. Remember that there’s no refund if you decide to purchase all of their products and that comes to a final amount of $6979  for the firt year in start up costs. I would much rather join programs turn novice marketers into internet marketing experts for about $30-$47 a month and have a try before you buy option.

Empower Network at a Final Glance…

Name: Empower Network
Website: www.empowernetwork.comEmpowernetwork
Price: $25/month for the Viral Blogging System and 8 “Fast Track” videos, $100/month Inner Circle, $500 Costa Rica Intensive, $1,000 15k formula, $3,500 Costa Rica Masters Retreat, $19.95/month E-Wallet Fee, and an optional $20/month auto responder fee.
Owners: David Wood and David Sharpe
Overall Rank: 1 out of 5 stars

Final Verdict: 100% PYRAMID SCHEME






If you have your own experience of Empower Network, please share it below so others can benefit from it.


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9 thoughts on “Empower Network Honest Review- 15+ Things I Hate About Empower Network”

  1. Have you joined any of the programs you are saying are a scam. That’s what MLM marketing is. It’s about reach those high level commissions. Any business that you do online is about MLM. If own a clothing, you’re doing MLM or Network Marketing. If you own a Mcdonalds or Burgr King, it’s about MLM. Everything in life is Network Marketing. Thanks for the information but I’m sorry, everything is not a scam. You just have to trust and believe in the company vision and your dreams.

    • Sadly, in the case of network marketing, almost everything is in fact a tremendous
      scam. It’s all lotions and potions that don’t are overpriced and very low quality. They only
      reason they have products is just to hide the fact that they are a recruitment based pyramid scheme.

      Anything more than six levels deep is design to make those at the top the most money. And unlike Burger King or McDonald’s, people are actually making money.

      Mufti-level marketing has a lot of devastating effects including loads of debt, divorce, loss of friendships, depression,
      and the list goes on.

      In the case of Empower Network, there is really no product. The product is having the right to promote Empower Network to others. So you will have to spend thousands of dollars to get any help and training and will need to find others to do the same as you did to recoup your investment and so on. Chances are the majority will lose money.

      I hope you can open your eyes and see the true scam in the majority of network marketing companies.

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