Bring the Fresh Review- A Detailed Review of Bring The Fresh 2013

Bring the Fresh Review- A Detailed Review of Bring The Fresh 2013

Name: Bring the Fresh
Price: $7 one week trial/$87 one time fee + Upsells
Owners: Kelly Felix and Mike Long
Overall Rank: 79 out of 100

 Bring the Fresh Overview     Bring the Fresh Review

Bring the Fresh has been one of the top selling products and has created numerous success stories, taking beginners and turning them into internet marketing experts. Kelly Felix teaches how to get niche affiliate websites ranked high in the search engines through search engine optimization utilizing high competitive keywords. Traffic generation methods, how to build 1,000’s of back links in record time, and conversion rate tactics for increasing profits are also covered.

 Pros vs Cons


    • Kelly Felix does a divine job of updating the content.
    • They both genuinely want to see their members succeed.
    • The forum is a goldmine of information where other members of Bring the Fresh share their success stories and how they did it.
    • Members of BTF get to watch over Kelly Felix’s shoulder as he builds a profitable website from scratch.
    • Both Kelly Felix and Mike Long have over 10 years of marketing experience. Kelly specializes in search engine optimization while Mike specializes in video marketing and the dating and gaming niche.
    • Greg Morrison made $3 million dollars creating local websites following BTF techniques. This is the beginning of his success…

  • Kelly is very active on the forum.



  • There are up sells in the back office for “Full Disclosure” access loaded with a lot of valuable information and videos, which can be overwhelming.
  • Hosting is not included. Additional products are recommended.
  • They don’t always deliver what they promise.
  • It is recommended you go through other means for getting help rather than contacting them personally on their cell phone.
  • They teach their members to use article spinners.

Get everything you need to run a successful online business including Free hosting , websites, superior training and access to expert help.

Who is Bring the Fresh for?

Bring the Fresh can be implemented by new internet marketers to the more experienced. If you’re experienced, the basic tutorials may be boring.

Bring the Fresh Tools & Training

Inside the members area you’ll find…

BTF Road map– demonstrates how to navigate through the members’ area.

Fast Start Guide– An e-book covering everything from how to build profitable websites, how to structure it, how to get back links, and how to get it ranked highly in the search engines.

Fast Start Videos– Watch over Kelly Felix’s shoulder as he builds his money making website step by step.

1 article to rule them all-Write just one article, use an article spinner to “spin” it- basically, it’s a piece of software that’s going to create 1,000’s of unique articles from one article to acquire 1,000’s of back links to force Google to rank anyone that uses it high in the search engines. I don’t recommend you use article spinners because it will produce awkward articles that don’t make sense. Google likes unique high quality content.

In the up sell, members get access to:

Full Disclosure–  This is where David Mill reveals how he made $20 million creating products.  Kelly and Mike Long show you how they have been successful. Advanced search engine optimization techniques, advanced videos, monthly live site reviews, and monthly interviews with the masters is also covered including:  Annihilation Engine video where Mike Long instructs what he did to create success, Underground Biz Philosophy, Inside 7 figures– a behind the scenes video where Kelly Felix teaches how he created 7 figures with “The Rich Jerk”, a ‘done for you’ Bring the Fresh website, 1 on 1 coaching, done for you templates for a profitable website that members are encouraged to copy, how a YouTube video received more than 3.5 million views, and access to a private, advanced section of their forum that allows members to have their site reviewed by Kelly and receive his advice on how to improve it.

Power Finish Modules– Modules that cover a variety of techniques including video marketing.

Project Profits is another up sell that they have.


Bring The Fresh Support

  • A very active forum with helpful members that are willing to share ideas and strategies.
  • Submit a ticket to their support team.
  • 1 on 1 coaching with Kelly Felix with the “Full Disclosure”.


How Much Does Bring the Fresh Cost?

It’s $7 for one week, then $87 if you decide to stay as a member plus additional up sells. Close their website for half off the $87 for lifetime access. Additional costs to run this system as with most other programs will include registering domains for about $10 each, about $8 a month for hosting, and additional recommended software.

How to Cancel Bring the Fresh

If you want to cancel Bring the Fresh, contact their support team.

 My Final Opinion of Bring The Fresh

Bring the Fresh is a great product for new internet marketers. Kelly Felix and Mike Long almost take members by the hand to show them how to rank high on Google and show them how to increase their conversions. They point them to the software they use for their online business. The upsell reveal the exact methods that they have used to make their fortune online so members can instantly duplicate their success; however, sometimes their support is lacking. Their forum consists of helpful members that are willing to share their success stories and strategies. Kelly Felix does a great job of updating the content every year. However, the upsells come as a surprise for those that didn’t read this review. There is additional recommended software you have to purchase, hosting, and pay for your domain name registration fees.

I recommend Wealthy Affiliate, the only all inclusive platform that will give you everything you need to run a successful online business including awesome training, state of the art hosting, and access to experts whenever you need it.

 Bring the Fresh at a Final Glance…

Name: Bring the Fresh
Price: $7 one week trial/$87 one time fee + Upsells
Owners: Kelly Felix and Mike Long
Overall Rank: 79 out of 100









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