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Hi, my name is Jennifer and I have a beautiful daughter named Juliet. I used to work as a Prep Cook at numerous fine dining restaurants, but I’m currently giving my passion as an online entrepreneur my full dedication. This is my story trying to become an online entrepreneur…

I remember the day that I first became interested in making money online when I was about five months pregnant with my daughter. I was living with my mom watching an infomercial on Jeff Paul’s Shortcuts to Internet Millions. I begged my mom to use her credit card …embarrassingly to say, I fell for that scam. I bought the course and created my websites selling physical products that you had to pay for yourself before you can actually sell it. I called their customer service for help, but they were asking for a credit card with a $10,000 credit line. That was a huge red flag and called to cancelled the monthly membership, but billed my mom anyways.

I felt so bad.

About a month later, I signed up to another membership program that was around $29 per month. I posted classified ads promoting affiliate products and I ended up getting banned from one the best well known internet marketing forums- The Warrior Forum.

A year later, I was living in California and going to culinary school. During that time, I went to Armando Montelongo’s seminar explaining how you can buy houses 70% below market value by borrowing money through hard money lenders, fix them up, and sell them for a $6,000-$20,000 profit. I never took action on the information because I was so busy going to culinary school. Okay, not just that, I was scared of investing and decided it’s just not for me.

Fast forward another year, I got a little postcard by Anthony Morrison inviting me to a free seminar along with free lunch.  So I went only to be tempted to buy their $2,000 three day seminar because Adrian showed everybody a video of a pay-per click campaign making him $40 per minute. I learned some creative ways and places to set up PPC campaigns, but that seminar isn’t worth $995. The majority of what was taught in that seminar, you can learn yourself.

Along with their seminar, they gave me access to “My Affiliate Builder” which gives you an easy and sucky way to create ugly websites. I created a landing page promoting an affiliate program and they used my links to promote something else!  Imagine taking all that time and effort just to have your commissions lining t his pockets.

I became sort of depressed and I ended up subscribing to a lot of mailing lists. In fact, Hotmail transferred me to Outlook and my inbox had about 30,000 e-mails from people selling me product after product, freebie after freebie if I sign up to yet another mailing list. Sometimes I would just scroll through my e-mail out of curiosity to see if I can find that formula to make money online and more often than not, I would be taken to a sales page promising me that I would make thousands of dollars in a few steps while being flashed fancy houses and cars. I may not be an expert in internet marketing, but I do know that you have to create trust and offer valuable information to a list.

After I finished my school, I moved to Hawaii to finish an internship, but I felt like quitting the culinary field. I continued to look for money making opportunities and I ran into Stone Evans Plug-In-Profit site and now, he’s also promoting Empower Network…yikes! But, I finally got my first two digit check in the mail through Strong Future International. I was so happy that day and to my discovery, I made some online sales through ClickBank just by blogging and inserting some banners.

And now, I’m with an amazing program called Wealthy Affiliate and I’m learning a lot. Since joining this awesome community, I have never looked back to my e-mail, unless I need some ideas for products to expose and I will never fall for another scam ever again.

This is my first WordPress website ever and I hope that you like it and come back to visit. I created this website mainly to inform internet marketing newbies on the best internet marketing programs, scams to avoid, and along with some valuable training. I also want to save good people like you from giving your hard earned money to all the “sharks” out there.

Again, I am Jennifer.  It’s a pleasure  to meet you. Feel free to contact me if you ever need anything via my WA profile here.  Thank you for visiting and I look forward to working with you soon.

To Our Success,





Founder of  Jennifer’s Passion 4 Internet Marketing