17 Exciting Facts Why Affiliate Marketing Still Works In 2019 And For Years To Come

“Affiliate marketing has made businesses millions and ordinary people millionaires.”- Bo Bennet

There are many former marketers that think affiliate marketing is dead.

Is it too late and is there simply too much tough competition?

Will you waste your precious time and money all for nothing?

Is it worth it?

Okay, I asked too many questions, lol.

But the truth is, it’s not too late. 

You can help people by recommending quality products that you love and trust while making beautiful passive income

Without further ado, here are 19 amazing facts why affiliate marketing will work now and for years to come.

1. An Impressive $4.7 Billion Dollars Was Splurged On Affiliate Marketing By Companies.

That number is expected to hit $6.8 billion by 2020.- Source: Awin

2. Affiliate Marketing Is A Massive $13 Billion Dollar Worldwide Industry.

– Source:Wealthy Affiliate

This is how much companies have invested in their affiliate program and this number only continues to grow.

3. Elite Hard-working Affiliate Marketers Are Responsible For 16% Of All Digital Media Sales.

-Source: Awin

This is the same as email marketing.

4. It’s Not Slowing Down Just Yet…

It’s expected to grow by 10% each and every single year at least until 2021.-Souce: Awin

5. The Wire Cutter And The Sweet Home Were Sold For Millions.

They’re simply awesome and succesful affiliate marketing websites that were started by one guy. 

They were both sold to The New York Times for 30 million dollars and shortly after, The SweetHome was integrated into The WireCutter in 2017. They know that their investment will pay off many times over.- Source: Vox.com

The New York Times buys The Wirecutter

6. Forbes Also Wants A Slice Of The Pie As They Start Promoting Services.

Forbes promotes credit cards as one of their affiliate marketing offers

7. This Is Why I’m Broke  Is Also A Very Successful Affiliate Website.

This Is Why Im Broke Homepage

It’s a very interesting and unique successful affiliate marketing website born out of a post on Reddit. 
It features cool, crazy and weird products that nobody really needs, but they still buy it. This website was different and this is why it became so popular. 

There are now many similiar websites.

8. PeerFly Has Accumulated Over $100 million In Sales For Their Customers.

They also had 8 million dollars in conversions.- Source: Peerfly

9. Awin Paid Out A Mind-blowing $714 Million To Their Affiliates Last Year.

– Source: Awin

They have 260 affiliates joining everyday and 15,500 brands inclusing Etsy and Pretty Little Thing.

10. Jason Stone Makes $7 million Dollars In Less Than Two Years With Instagram!

-Source: EntrepreneurJason Stone makes $7 millionJason is genius!

11. 81% Of Marketers And 84% Of Publishers Use Affiliate Marketing To Make Money Online.


Affiliate marketing is a very profitable way to monetize your website. 

They understand the power of affiliate marketing and the many reasons why they should use it. 

This is exactly why Amazon has had so much success since it started. 

12. Groupon Is Now One Of The Most Successful Companies Who Was Doomed To Fail.

In 2009-yeah, you guessed it, they put an emphasis on their affiliates. 

When they focused on creating a relationship with them is when their fate got turned around.- QuickSprout

13. Publishers With The Highest Income Have Been Using Affiliate Marketing For More Than 5 Years.- 

Source: Investopedia

14. Making Sense Of Cents Is Another Wildly Successful Affiliate Site Making Six Figures A Month. 

Making Sense of Cents

It started and is still run by one frugal girl named Michelle who simply wanted to help people save money. She never imagined how successful her blog would become.

Michelle now happily travels all over North America in her RV.

“Before I was making money from sponsored posts and by writing for other blogs, and now the majority is through affiliate marketing — $50,000 a month is from that, and that’s the bulk of my income. There are 15-20 companies I actively promote on my social media and blog platform.” Source: –Forbes

15. There Are 4.38 billion People Online.

It’s no surprise that Google is the most popular website with an average visitor duration of 9 minutes and 12 seconds.-
Source: WearSocial 

Each and every single day, there are more people with internet access and shopping online which means this lucrative opportunity only keeps on growing.

16. Affiliate Marketing Is Not Dead And It’s Very Much Alive. 

See, the competition is lower now because a lot of websites were penalized by Google because they tried to game the system.

Even if there is competition, you shouldn’t feel intimidated. If there’s competition, that’s a great thing because it means that there is money to be made. In fact, you should build relationships with others in your industry.

Affiliate marketing is still a very popular business model amongst bloggers to create dreamy passive income online.

17. All You Need To Do To Succeed Is To Create  An Awesome Authority Website With Engaging High-quality Information That Shows Off Your Personality. 

If you start your website with a creative and brandable domain name, have a simple yet professional design and logo, create engaging content with attention-grabbing headlines and imagery, if you properly optimize all your pages with interesting title and meta descriptions…

If you make helping people your primary goal…

 If you stick to it, if you’re ambitious and determined, if you stand out amongst the crowd, and if you think outside the box, I have no doubt that you will achieve your goals. 

This will take blood, sweat, and tears, but it’s so worth it. This is the time you should work even harder because you’re working to make yourself rich, not someone else.

It may take a few months or even a year to make your first sale, but once you do and if you consistently keep on publishing new content on your website, your traffic and earnings will exponentially increase.

How fast you succeed and how much money you make is in your hands. The more awesome content you publish on your website, the faster you will succeed. But always keep in mind, it’s quality over quantity.

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