16 Strategies To Creating Passive Income With Your Website

16 Strategies To Creating Passive Income With Your Website

Creating passive income with your website is a great thing. This means that your website will be making money for you whether Passive Income Websiteyou’re in your honeymoon, great vacation, sick, or just unable to work. Following a few simple strategies, you can do this too!

What Is A Passive Income Website?

A passive income website is a website that promotes an affiliate program with a recurring commission. That means that as long as that person stays a member, you get paid!

Okay, so without further due, let’s reveal the ninja strategies to create a passive income website.

1. Have Awesome Evergreen Rankings

A recurring income website is able to get sales on a consistent basis on awesome evergreen rankings
which are keywords in the search engine results pages (SERP’s) that do not have a specific date on them.

For example, “2015 super bowl tickets” is not evergreen, but “best super bowl ever” is.

2.  Make Your Long Term Goals

It is very important to have long term goals for your website. This could be monetary, amount of pages or posts and amount of leads.

Ask yourself these questions and write them along with the answers on a piece of paper.

How much money would I be happy earning?
How much money would you I be ecstatic earning?
How much time am I willing to invest to achieve these goals?

3. Next, break them down into 12 smaller and achievable goals.

Tape these goals somewhere where you can see them and remind yourself of them every day. Your wall is going to get filled and people might ask you what you’re doing so let them know.

4. Avoid Shiny Distractions!

There are an endless amount of make money online products being released and all of them are filled with empty promises. It would help you a lot if you unsubscribed from all the gurus that scam you out of your money.

5. Be organized

Have a schedule and a reliable staff.

6. Promote quality affiliate products that really help people

Promoting garbage can ruin your reputation.

7. Know your audience or your niche

Don’t just go after something because it’s profitable!  I would never promote World of Warcraft because I don’t know anything about that. You want to have a passion and knowledge of what you’re promoting.

8. Analyze Your Competition

After you find your niche (keyword), spend some time researching it and analyzing your competition. Sometimes a keyword may have a low number of competing pages, but it may actually be rotten.

What does this mean? That the keyword is rotten.

The competition for that keyword is so fierce-you will be trying to outrank high authority sites like Amazon and Wikipedia!

9. Have a Unique Voice For Your Content

We all have our own personalities and that’s what defines us, why not carry your personality in your writing? Don’t bore your readers to death with dull content that could cure someone with insomnia in a heartbeat!

10. Use Related Videos

It also helps to use relevant videos within your content because it breaks it up and it’s a sneaky way to make people stay on your site longer.

11. Use a simple but stylish theme that’s mobile friendly

It doesn’t have to be too fancy.

12. Properly Resize Images

It’s very important to properly resize images because a distorted image can ruin your whole page.

13. Have A Good Funnel To Your Money Page

You also want to have a good funnel to your page that makes you money which is most likely your review on a product or service. Don’t have affiliate links scattered all over the place, you want to strategically centralize your affiliate links to your money page.

You also don’t just want to drive people to your affiliate link because they’re not convinced yet and don’t have enough information. Driving them your actual review on your website will be more effective.

14. Write Lots Of Comparisons

For example product A vs. product B, people love this stuff! Get them to go to your main review page.

15. Make Your Website Unique

When it comes to marketing, it’s important to “think outside the box”. Find your own unique angle.

16. Brand Your Website or Brand Yourself

Create a logo!

When you have a nice looking site, it makes people want to stay longer.

Bonus Tip: Track Your Conversions- If you don’t keep track of what’s working, you’re shooting in the dark.

Video: Tracking Affiliate Goals In Analytics

tracking affiliate goals


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I hope you enjoyed this article and if you have any questions about creating a successful recurring income website, please leave your questions below. Thank you!

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