12 Tips to Writing Great Content for a Website That Converts

12 Tips to Writing Great Content for a Website That Converts

The internet marketing world is so much more than marketing, IM also Writing Content That Converts stands for influencing many and this is what you want to accomplish throughout your writing. Writing content for a website is similar to writing a research paper, except that in the internet marketing world, we’re using our content to entice visitors to take some sort of action. You do not need to be that great of a writer, your audience nor Google are going to judge you, but you do need to reduce the amount of grammatical errors on your articles. The most important thing is that you do your best and provide value. Throughout this article, I’m going to go from how to properly use your keywords  to writing engaging content that converts.

1) Use Your Keyword Properly – First of all, make sure that you do your proper keyword research and use the best keyword tool. Include your main keyword in your title and somewhere in the first or second paragraph and you’re good to go. You can also look up other related keywords for your headings. Next, it’s time for some research.

2) And we’re back to High School- Researching Your Topic- If you do not have knowledge of your topic, make sure you take some time to do some research. This is the second most important step and will help when you start to write your article. Google your topic, watch YouTube videos, go on forums and Yahoo Answers. If you’re writing a review for a product, you can go to Amazon and leverage the reviews of other people. Read and take notes. Do not copy other people’s work word for word, this is plagiarism and can get you punished and slapped by Google for using duplicate content and you will not get ranked in the search engines. Instead, put the content in your own words, use direct quotations, or reporting-this is when you use the words ‘According to’ and summarize the information.

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3) Create an Outline-You’re Outline Is Going to Cover

A)  An introduction as well as your thesis statement. Your introduction should begin with an      how to write content that convertsattention grabber and can be a quote, statistic, story, or a question. It then gives a touch of information. Lastly, the thesis statement- this is usually the last sentence of your introduction and tells the readers what to expect or makes a claim.

B)   One to Five Main Points with facts and supporting statements.

C)   Your Conclusion– Your conclusion should summarize everything that you talk about and give one  more final thought that leaves your readers in suspense.

 4) When you write your article, use interesting headlines. Use ‘How To’ titles, ask questions and use numbers.

5) Provide quality content that will help people. Do your proper research and/or use personal experience. There is a reason why ‘Content is King’. Having  high quality content can lead to better rankings on the search engines that leads to more visitors to your website which equals not only more revenue for you, but makes you an authority in your niche and more sites linking in to    you. Do not focus too much on your keyword, just write naturally. Remember that you’re writing for people and not for the search engines.

6) Make sure you sound as though you’re talking to someone. Try using a voice recorder on  your phone and talking out your article. You can even try typing your article in your e-mail. Engage your visitors at the end of your article and ask them for comments or questions and respond   to them in a timely manner.

7) Use small paragraphs. People do not like reading one big block of text- that is torture to the eyes. Separate your paragraphs with heading tabs (h3 or h4) and use related keywords for these.

8) Capitalize the first letter in you your headline- This makes it easier to read.

9) Use black text on white background.

10) Use a few relevant images within the first fold of the page and throughout your article.

11) Embed a YouTube VideoUsing a video that has similar keywords can help with your rankings.

12) Check your spelling- Having one or two mistakes is fine; however, having too much can have a negative effect on your credibility and people may not read your article.

In conclusion, you want to choose your proper keyword and take the time to research your topic. Creating an outline will help you organize your ideas and make the process of creating your article much simpler and will help you be more productive. Create readable high quality articles with interesting titles and use personal experience. Writing high quality content takes time and effort; however, you will get better with practice and your unique content will pay off.

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