What Is Wealthy Affiliate- Is It Legit Or A Scam?

What Is Wealthy Affiliate- Is It Legit Or A Scam?


“The training at Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t just simplify processes, it’s better in every single way. From the moment that you go Premium you are going to unlock access to the most sophisticated training platform in the industry. For newbies and advanced marketers alike, our focus with all training is teaching you how to create a successful, long term business within the online space.”-Wealthy Affiliate

An Introduction

Hey, my name is Jennifer. I’ve been with Wealthy Affiliate since June 2013 and I’m never leaving. My goal in this article is to give you a solid, honest, and in-depth review of Wealthy Affiliate so you know exactly what it is and what you can expect. It has various features and endless training, so this review will be lengthy.

Grab yourself some delicious iced coffee to keep you alert so you can absorb as much information as you can about this industry leading program.

What Exactly Is Wealthy Affiliate?- A Diamond In The Rough

Wealthy Affiliate Homepage

Wealthy Affiliate is so much more than just an internet marketing education platform; most of all, it’s an online community where thousands of brilliant and kindhearted people help and inspire each other to succeed in their online business. You will also find their members blogging not only about their success stories, but of their failures and fears as well.

The core training within the platform mainly focuses on affiliate marketing where you will learn how to create a flourishing website in any passion you may have and promote relevant products that you believe in.

Affiliate marketing is a beautiful business model where the hard work you put into your website now will pay for itself many times over- this is passive and residual income at its finest.

You see, unlike any other guru scammers out there, the founders of the community-Kyle and Carson have really crushed their competition by providing their members with everything they need to create a successful online business- from the helpful spam-free community, the topnotch education, the amazing website platform, fast and secure hosting, the time-saving tools, and the valuable personal coaching.

They are the only program out there that has a free lifetime starter membership. No credit card is required. You read that right, a free internet marketing membership for life; or until you feel comfortable upgrading to premium and taking your online business to the next level.

The price of the premium membership is cheaper today than it was in 2005- that says a lot in itself.

They have kept the costs of their membership the same even after adding more features and updates to their already incredible platform every year. Making Wealthy Affiliate a better and affordable place for their members to efficiently create and grow their online business in any topic of their choice is their mission.

The value is especially immense for newbies because it gives them a secure place for them to learn internet marketing without getting ripped off. But it’s also valuable for experienced internet marketers as it gives them an all-inclusive platform for them to run their online businesses in a cost-efficient manner and keeps them up to date on the latest internet marketing strategies.

Kyle, Carson, and Jay give nothing but sound advice on internet marketing. They will only teach you what works now and for years to come. Best of all, if you need help, you can contact them directly. This 1- on-1 coaching is what other guru’s charge hundreds or thousands for. The owners-should I dare say the word? They are truly sweethearts who simply love changing people’s lives.

Image Source: Instagram

I have taken screenshots of the kind of advice that Kyle gives in Wealthy Affiliate:

And here’s a small snippet of a message from Kyle giving me 1 on 1 advice and inspiration:

Kyle giving me personal coaching

The opportunities to get help with some of the most successful affiliate marketers in the world on a daily basis is at your fingertips when you decide to join.

Much has changed and the education platform is way better now in 2019-there’s no better time to join!

Let’s talk about how Wealthy Affiliate started…

Wealthy Affiliate At Its Infancy

Wealthy Affiliate at Its Infancy

Kyle was a very busy college student studying computer programming when he decided to become an affiliate marketer. His first website was hideous and he had to do all the geeky HTML coding himself, but he kept on pushing himself and finding time to work on his online business. Despite not having something like Wealthy Affiliate, within a year, he was making a full-time income online and became a pay-per-click marketing master.

WealthyAffiliate.com was created by Kyle and Carson in 2005 as a simple keyword list service for affiliate marketers to help them rock their pay-per-click campaigns. Since it began, they have been committed to helping people succeed online. They had no idea how prosperous their business would become.

As much as their members loved the service, they requested more tools and training. They asked and they received. Fast forward 14 years later, Wealthy Affiliate has become the extraordinary internet marketing platform it is now.

Wealthy Affiliate now has over 1.4 million members from 193 countries that have access to over 1,800 expert coaches. Over 10,000 online businesses are created monthly.

Now that I have explained what is Wealthy Affiliate and how it began, I will now give you an in-depth review of the various aspects of it.

Wealthy Affiliate’s Superb Training

The extensive training is in various formats to cater to all types of learners and helps you get familiar with how internet and affiliate marketing works:

Core Training Courses

The Online Entrepreneur Certification Course-

The Online Entrepreneur Certification Course is a 5 Phase 50 lesson step by step task-based training on how to build a successful website in any topic of your choice.

Wealthy Affiliate Online Entrepreneur Certification Course

This is the brilliant training taught by Kyle where it almost feels like he’s right there with you taking you by your hand to help you start your first website on any interest you may have. It consists of 5 levels and 50 lessons-10 lessons for each course. By the time you’re finished with this course, you won’t get a certificate, but you will accomplish a lot in a short time. Let’s take a sneak peek at the lessons…

Level 1: Getting Started
Lesson 1- Getting Rolling
-Kyle and Carson introduce themselves, explain to you how you will create success, and give you exceptional advice.
Lesson 2- Understanding How To Make Money Online

Wealthy Affiliate Online Entrepreneur Certification Course How To Make Money Through Affiliate Marketing

-The simple process of making money online with affiliate marketing explained.

Lesson 3- Choose A Niche

Wealthy Affiliate Choose A Niche

-Here is where the fun begins! You will be choosing what your website will be about. I do advice that you take your time to choose something that truly interests you and that you have a passion for. It could be on weight loss for women, women’s fashion, how to make your boyfriend propose to you, or how to grow your own food. It could be based on anything that you want. Just remember that everything you do will be on your chosen topic.

My tips for you…

  • Throughout your online journey, you may realize that a niche is not working out for you. Failure is a great way to learn and you should quickly move on with another topic.
  • Another piece of advice is to try not to start too many websites at once. Concentrate on just one and work on really making that website a successful authoritative website. Later in your career, you can start a new website or if you realize that your chosen topic is simply not working out for you.
Lesson 4- Building Your Own Niche Website

Wealthy Affiliate Create Your Website

-This is where the exciting part begins! You will start the creation of your website. Don’t get scared, you don’t need to be a technological nerd. Kyle will take you step by step through the process. Jay recommends choosing the Generate Press theme (the feel and style of your website) in his latest webinar. Another honorable mention is the OceanWP theme.

Lesson 5- Setting Up Your Website

-You’ll be getting your website ready for your audience.

Lesson 6- Getting Your Site Ready For The Search Engines

-You’ll learn how to prepare your website to be found by your visitors.

Lesson 7- Creating Your Initial Website Content

-Here you will learn about Wealthy Affiliate’s SiteContent platform, how to create an effective “About Me” and “Privacy Policy” page.

Lesson 8- Creating Custom Menus on Your Website

-You will learn how to create your own menus to offer better navigation on your website.

Lesson 9- Understanding Keywords, the start of your Content

-Here, you will learn how to choose the right words and phrases to rank highly in the search engines.

Lesson 10- Congratulations, and your next steps

-Kyle tells you everything you have accomplished in a very short period of time and tells you what you’re going to learn in Level 2 of the training.

Level 2- Building Your Own Traffic Producing Website

Wealthy Affiliate Online Entrepreneur Certification Course Level 2

Lesson 1- Your Own Domain, Your Brand

-Here, Kyle teaches you how to purchase your own brandable domain name and gives you awesome advice and resources. Some people choose the phrase that they want to rank for as their domain name, but I personally like brandable domain names like Minimalist Baker, Vodka and Biscuits, ELLE, and The Penny Hoarder.

Lesson 2-Move on Over, My Brand Has Arrived

-Here, Kyle will teach you how easy it is to transfer your domain.

Lesson 3-Creating Keyword Rich Content

-Kyle gives beautiful advice on how you should go about creating content and teaches you how to structure it so it is easier for your audience to absorb. This is when you will publish your very first article on your website in your very own voice, just how you would talk to a friend in an email.

Lesson 4- Setting Up A Domain-Specific Email Account

-You will create a professional email account for your website.

Lesson 5- The Traffic Breakdown

-Here, you will learn how more content leads to more visitors on your website.

Lesson 6- Making Use Of Visuals

-Kyle explains the importance of having beautiful imagery throughout your content and gives several resources that you can use.

Lesson 7- Understanding The Low Hanging Fruit

-Here, you will learn how to find words and phrases that rank high in the search engines and eventually lead to more visitors on your website.

Lesson 8- Making Face As A Real Person

– You will upload a picture to show your face when you reply to your visitor’s comments.

Lesson 9- Amplifying your productivity

-Kyle gives his best tips on how to be more productive.

Lesson 10- Boosting Your WA Ranks!

-Learn the benefits of being a Wealthy Affiliate ambassador.

Level 3- Making Money

Wealthy Affiliate Online Entrepreneur Certification Course Level 3

Lesson 1- Understanding The Money In Online Business

-Here, Kyle will tell you exactly how the money comes in your online business.

Lesson 2- Understanding Affiliate Programs and Networks

-You will learn the basics of promoting other products for a commission.

Lesson 3- Relevant Affiliate Programs Are Everywhere

-Kyle will teach you how to find programs that pay you to promote their products. I do advice that you promote products that you trust and are of high quality.

Lesson 4- Adding Affiliate Links To Your Pages

-Here you will learn how to add your unique link to your content so you make money.

Lesson 5- Instant Access To A Million Products

-Learn the benefits of joining the Amazon affiliate program and how to add Amazon to your site.

Lesson 6- Leveraging Product Reviews

-Kyle gives nothing but great advice and teaches you exactly how to create an effective product review.

Lesson 7- Getting Paid For Ads On Your Site

-In this lesson, you will learn how to make money through Google Adsense.

Lesson 8- Earning Pennies or Dollars?

-Here, you will test Google Adsense and affiliate offers on your website.

Lesson 9- A Brilliant Way To Track And Understand Your Traffic

-Learn how easy it is to add Google Analytics to your website.

Lesson 10- With Help Comes Financial Success

-Kyle does a brilliant job emphasizing that the purpose of your website is to help and educate your audience through informative articles.

Level 4- Mastering Social Engagement
Lesson 1- What Does Social Engagement Mean To Your Business

Wealthy Affiliate Online Entrepreneur Certification Course Level 4 Lesson 1

-In this lesson, you will learn the endless benefits of using social media for your online business to not solely rely on Google.

Lesson 2- Making Your Website A Place To Engage

-Learn how to effectively ask people to engage with your content.

Lesson 3- Using Facebook The Right Way

-This lesson reveals the six engagement aspects to use in your Facebook marketing efforts.

Lesson 4-Pinterest and The Visual Hemisphere

-Kyle teaches you how you can use Pinterest to attract a following.

Lesson 5- Incorporating a Sound Tweeting Campaign

-Learn how to effectively use Twitter.

Lesson 6- Google Plus or Minus?

-This lesson is currently being updated.

Lesson 7- The Benefits of Being Social at Wealthy Affiliate

-Learn the financial benefits of posting content in your Wealthy Affiliate Blog.

Lesson 8- Make Your Campaigns Social Branding Animals

-Kyle emphasizes of creating your content with the goal being social engagement.

Lesson 9- Using The Wealthy Affiliate Social Community

-Here you will learn how to become a social butterfly in Wealthy Affiliate.

Lesson 10-You Cannot Be A Master of Everything

-Determine which social networks you’re using and why.

Level 5- Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation

Wealthy Affiliate Online Entrepreneur Certification Course Level 5

Lesson 1- Content Is Your Business

-Kyle reveals the four aspects to keeping your content ranked highly on Google.

Lesson 2- Setting Up Google Webmaster Tools

-Learn how to set up and verify your Google Webmaster Tools Account.

Lesson 3- Improving Indexing Time And Speeds

-Learn how to create and submit your sitemap to Google.

Lesson 4- People Need To Read Your Content

-Kyle reveals his five tips to make your content more readable.

Lesson 5- A Year Is A Short Period of Time, Yet Big For Business

-Here, you will learn the thousands of visitors you can be getting to your website within a year.

Lesson 6- Writing With A Devised Plan Architecture

-Kyle reveals his strategies to be more efficient in his writing.

Lesson 7-Writing Your Content With Conversion Intent

-In this lesson, you’ll learn how to create content with the intent to sell.

Lesson 8- Injecting Comments With Intent

-Here, you will learn how to effectively add links to your comments.

Lesson 9-Bing and Yahoo, They Are Still The 33%

-Learn how to submit a sitemap to Bing.

Lesson 10-Articulating A Plan For The Months And Year Ahead

-Here, you’ll be creating your content goals.

The Wealthy Affiliate BootCamp Course

Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp

The Affiliate Bootcamp is a 7 Phase and 70 lesson step by step course for those that are interested in promoting Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp Course

Phase 1-Getting Your Business Rolling
Lesson 1- Getting Started

Wealthy Affiliate Las Vegas Incentive

-Become familiar with the Wealthy Affiliate program.

Lesson 2- Choosing Your Direction

-In this lesson, you’ll be choosing the target audience that you want to help.

Lesson 3- Building Your Website

– Kyle will show you how easy it is to build your website and you’ll be purchasing your domain name.

Lesson 4- A website Look Around

– Here, you’ll be setting up your website and getting familiar with WordPress.

Lesson 5- Activating Your Plugins

-Get familiar with different types of feature enhancements that you can install on your website.

Lesson 6- Getting Your Website Ready For SEO

-You will take your first steps to prepare your website to rank highly in the search engines.

Lesson 7- Your Initial Framework Of Content

-Here, you will learn how to create your About Me and Privacy Policy page.

Lesson 8- Understanding The Keyword Research Process

-In this lesson, you will learn how to research keywords and which ones to use.

Lesson 9- Creating Thoughtful, Insightful Reviews

-Kyle reveals his four principles of creating an informative review.

Lesson 10-The Exciting Journey Has Begun

-Here, you will learn a realistic journey of promoting Wealthy Affiliate.

Phase 2- Content, Keywords, And Conversions

Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp Phase 2

Lesson 1- Creating Readable Content That Converts

-Kyle reveals his six criteria for making his content beautiful.

Lesson 2- Properly Using Affiliate Links

-In this lesson, you will learn how to create pretty links and using your affiliate links in an effective way.

Lesson 3- Understanding Keywords and A Day Of Selling

-You will learn six reasons why you shouldn’t worry too much about keywords.

Lesson 4- Creating Reviews and Using Targeted Keywords

-Here, you will learn how to create a review template for your product reviews.

Lesson 5- Take A Break, Catch Up
Lesson 6- Backing Up Your Website

-Here, you will learn how to easily back up your website.

Lesson 7- Enhancing Your Website Experience

-In this lesson, you’ll learn how to create custom menus.

Lesson 8-Building More Content Through Internal Links

-Here, you’ll learn how to gather content ideas from your existing pages and how to link from one post to another.

Lesson 9-Write A Review and Share It
Lesson 10- Offering Bonuses The Easy WAY

-Here, you’ll be adding a special bonus to your WA review page.

Phase 3- Giving Your Site Social Value

Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp Phase 3

Lesson 1- Making Your Site Social With Plugins

-Here, you’ll be adding a social plugin to your website.

Lesson 2-Making Your Social Profiles Brand Friendly

-Here, you’ll be adding your website to your social profiles.

Lesson 3-How To Create Socially Engaging Content

-Kyle reveals how to create a quality post.

Lesson 4-Social Waste Vs. Productivity

-In this lesson, you’ll learn how to be more productive.

Lesson 5- Take A Social Hiatus!

-Here, you’ll take a break and catch up on any unfinished tasks.

Lesson 6-Power Writing Gone Wild!

-Kyle challenges you to create as much can in 30 minutes.

Lesson 7- Adding Google Analytics To Your Site

-Learn how easy it is to install Google Analytics.

Lesson 8- Leveraging The Jaaxy Affiliate Program

-Learn how to promote Jaaxy, a keyword tool.

Lesson 9- Make Promotional Use Of Your Sidebar

-Learn how to add banners to your sidebar.

Lesson 10-Build! Build! Build!

-In this lesson, Kyle wants to give you 20 days to add more quality content to your website.

Phase 4- Get Visual, Get Aesthetic, Get A Brand Through Media

Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp Phase 4

Lesson 1-Introduction To Website Design

-Here, you’ll learn how to improve your existing content and add charts and screen captures.

Lesson 2- An Image Says A Thousand Things

-Here, you’ll learn how to use Pinterest to boost your Wealthy Affiliate campaigns.

Lesson 3- Leveraging Wealthy Affiliate Videos

-Learn how to add Wealthy Affiliate training videos to your blog posts.

Lesson 4- Creating Logos & Images

-Here, you’ll learn how to create textual logos for your website.

Lesson 5-Give Yourself A Break!
Lesson 6- Creating An Effective Jaaxy Review

-Here, you’ll learn how to create a powerful Jaaxy review.

Lesson 7-Research Jaaxy Keywords, then Show & Tell

-In this lesson, you’ll learn how to find relevant keywords to promote Jaaxy.

Lesson 8-Pinning Habits Leads To Pinterest Power

-Kyle will teach you how to effectively use Pinterest to promote your content.

Lesson 9- Creating Your Own Videos

-Learn how to use screencast software and various other tools.

Lesson 10- A Lesson On Customer Perspective

-In this brilliant lesson, Kyle reminds you that you are dealing with real people on your website and to be able to relate to them.

Phase 5- Know Your Audience and Catapulting Your Referrals

Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp Phase 5

Lesson 1- Creating Content With Intent

-Kyle emphasizes that writing content with a purpose increases your conversions.

Lesson 2- Getting Your Comments To Convert!

-Learn how to master your comments.

Lesson 3- Video, A HUGE Source of Traffic!

-Here, you’ll be creating your very first video.

Lesson 4- From Keywords To Live on YouTube

-Kyle will teach you how to post your video on YouTube.

Lesson 5- A Discussion on Reviews And A Break

-Here, you will learn where other members get ideas for their product reviews.

Lesson 6- The Ultimate Referral Tool!

-Kyle will teach you how to create custom sign-up pages.

Lesson 7- Incorporating Your Custom Sign-Up Forms

-Here, you will add your custom sign-up link to your website.

Lesson 8- Helping Folks Is Critical!

-Here, you will learn how to help the people that you refer to Wealthy Affiliate.

Lesson 9- Create A Custom Video Sign-Up Page

-You will create a custom video sign-up page.

Lesson 10- Create A 6-Week Plan Of Attack!

-Here, you will plan out your internet marketing activities.

Phase 6- Bing, Yahoo, and The Power of PPC

Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp Phase 6

Lesson 1- An Introduction to PPC On Bing Ads

-In this lesson, you will learn how pay per click ads work.

Lesson 2- Letting Bing And Yahoo Know About Your Site

-Here, you will learn how to search engine optimize your website for Bing And Yahoo.

Lesson 3- Paying For Traffic on Bing And Yahoo

-You will create a Bing Ads account.

Lesson 4- Setting Up Your First PPC Campaign

-Kyle will teach how to create a successful Pay-Per-Click campaign.

Lesson 5- Take A Break, Do A Little Math

-Learn the math of pay-per-click campaigns, no calculus involved.

Lesson 6- Creating Small, Bite-Size Review Groups

-Kyle will teach you how to create targeted pay per click ad groups for product reviews.

Lesson 7- Setting Up Conversion Tracking

-Learn where exactly your conversions are coming from.

Lesson 8- Capitalizing On Hidden PPC Landing Pages

-Kyle will teach you how to create hidden pages for pay-per-click campaigns.

Lesson 9- Getting Real Creative With Keywords

-This is a brilliant training to thinking outside the box with your keywords.

Lesson 10- Refining Your PPC Campaign and Your Journey

-Kyle will teach you how to refine your pay-per-click campaigns and the core elements you should be focusing on.

Phase 7- How To Scale Successful PPC Campaigns

Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp Phase 7

Lesson 1- Blasting Your Wealthy Affiliate Earnings With PPC

-Here, you’ll be setting up your Google Adwords Account.

Lesson 2- Understanding The Google Adwords Opportunity

-In this lesson, you’ll learn how to properly create a Google Adwords Campaign.

Lesson 3- Maximizing Review Pages With PPC

-Here, you’ll learn how to create a successful product review campaign.

Lesson 4- You, The Affiliate Are Responsible For Analysis

-Learn how to create and integrate comparison charts in your reviews.

Lesson 5- Mastering The Flow Of Relevance

-Here, you’ll learn why relevance converts and you will learn the relevance checkbook strategy.

Lesson 6- The “Double Down” Approach To PPC

-Kyle will teach you how to create already converting content and make more money from it.

Lesson 7- To Direct Link or Not To Direct Link

-Here, you’ll learn how to create a direct linking campaign to promote Wealthy Affiliate.

Lesson 8- The Mathematical Business Model of PPC

-Get familiar with quality scores and percentages in your pay per click campaign and what it all means and how to pay less for your ads.

Lesson 9- Using Concise Pages For PPC

-Here, you’ll learn how to create content for your pay-per-click campaigns.

Lesson 10- Creating A Long Term, Scalable PPC Campaign

-Learn how to scale your profits.

The Mind-Blowing Wealthy Affiliate Live Webinars

The engaging and informative live webinars are hosted by Jay each and every single Friday evening at exactly 5 p.m. pacific time to keep you updated on the latest internet marketing strategies. There are 353 past recorded webinars (each an average of an hour and fifteen minutes long) available at your fingertips when you become a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate to turn you into an internet marketing veteran.

Jay has also done entire webinars dedicated to reviewing members niche websites and giving them tough love to make their websites better and he has even done real live case studies where you can watch over his shoulder as he builds a website from scratch!

I absolutely love the webinars and I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy them too. To me, they’re truly the heart of Wealthy Affiliate. When you go premium, I will send you a list of my favorite webinars that I recommend you binge watch before you continue with your website to vastly increase your chances of success.

Kyle even hosts his own webinars about once a year!

Wealthy Affiliate Live Webinar Insights Into Becoming An Expert In 2018

Here are some more recent and past awesome webinars:

The Amazing Wealthy Affiliate Classrooms

Wealthy Affiliate Classrooms

Wealthy Affiliate has a total of 13 classrooms with videos, tutorials, and courses. They cover everything from using WordPress to every single internet marketing strategy.

Want to become an expert in pay-per-click marketing? Head into the pay-per-click classroom.

Want to become an expert in video marketing? Head into the video marketing classroom.

I will dive into the 11 core classrooms and reveal the lessons that are in each of them.

Getting Started

This classroom is available to both free and premium members. Within the Getting Started classroom, there are eight awesome tutorials that you should read to get familiar with internet and affiliate marketing.

  1. Wealthy Affiliate- The Open Education Project
  2. Simple 7: Seven Steps To Building A Successful Niche Website

3. WordPress- Complete Setup Guide

4. Mastering The Keyword Research Process

5. Six Ways To Make Money With Your WordPress Blog

6. Penny Pincher Marketing Techniques

7. Feel Like A Duck Treading In Water? Be Successful With S.M.A.R. T Goal Setting

8. My Top 9 Tips For Internet Marketing Beginners– These tips are priceless.

9. How To Make The First 7 Days of Your Starter Membership Count

(The rest of the classrooms are only for Wealthy Affiliate premium members).

Authoring & Writing Content

Authoring and Writing Content

  1. Starting from Scratch: The Strategies I Use to Build & Maintain Successful Websites– Awesome training!
  2. How To Write A KILLER Product Review That Generates Affiliate Sales– A Must Read!
  3. Step By Step Guide To Create Your First Article
  4. How To Obtain Relevant Backlinks – Part 1 – Article Submission
  5. How To Come Up With Fresh Keyword Focused Content Topics For Your Blog, Lens or Articles
  6. Updated: The Basics of Squidoo HTML
  7. 3 Steps To Affiliate Bum Marketing
  8. Duplicate Content
  9. The Better Article Writing Guideline – Some 18-Year-Old’s P.O.V.
  10. Creating Unbelievable Value to Your Email Subscribers
  11. Writing Effective Sales Copy
  12. Understanding Relevance
  13. Keep Your Articles From Dying Part 2
  14. Article Marketing, 102, Part 2- Ins and Outs
  15. Want To Create Your First Ebook In Double Quick Time?
  16. Write A Quality Article-Tips and Techniques
  17. Inbound Marketing- The New Way To Market
  18. Dealing With Ezine Articles
  19. Writing Articles To Promote Wealthy Affiliate
  20. Article Marketing: Getting The Word Out
  21. 4 Guidelines For Writing Throughout Your Life
  22. Finding Motivation To Work
  23. Article Theft, What You Can Do About It
  24. How To Write 365 Articles For The Same Niche
  25. My 100 Visitors A Day In 2 Weeks Formula
  26. Help, Someone Stole My Article
  27. The 6 Golden Rules As A Fiverr Seller
  28. Article Marketing Secrets
  29. Authority Site Development Process
  30. 11 SEO Tips For Optimizing WordPress
  31. How To Use LSI Keywords
  32. Compress It – How to Cut Your Research Time from Two Hours to 15 Minutes
  33. Using Google Docs-Documents
  34. Write Compelling Article Headlines To Attract More Visitors
  35. Generate Ideas For Articles And Blogs Using MindMapping
  36. How To Write An Article
  37. Editing And Proofreading Tips
  38. How To Write And Publish An Ebook
  39. How To Use LSI Keywords
  40. Conquer Words That Cause Confusion

Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Pay per click

  1. Are Your Adwords Campaigns Getting The Best Of You?
  2. Keyword Tracking-Tools and Advice
  3. The Key To Killer CTR’s In Google’s Adwords Ads
  4. Writing Ad Copy
  5. Conquering Google AdWords
  6. Pay-Per-Click Advertising
  7. Top 10 Common PPC Mistakes
  8. Using PPC To CPA- A User Guide And Tips
  9. An Introduction To Pay-Per-Click (PPC)-2012 Edition
  10. Common Keyword Technique
  11. Analyzing Data
  12. Wealthy Affiliate Super Affiliate Training Course
  13. The Proper Way To Use PPC With Your Website
  14. How To Set Up A Wealthy Affiliate PPC Campaign on Bing.com
  15. Google Adwords Account Suspension- Dealing With It
  16. Traffic: It’s Not Only Article Writing

Drooling Over The Training Inside Wealthy Affiliate? Get Your Free Starter Membership Now!

Website Development And Programming

Website Design and Programming

  1. The Basics of Dreamweaver
  2. The Basics of Domain names, IP’s, and DNS
  3. How To Mask or Hide Your Affiliate Links Using Your Domain Name
  4. How To Choose Your Domain Name
  5. Editing Titles And Headings In DreamWeaver
  6. Step by Step Guide To Building BackLinks To Your Landing Pages
  7. Link Cloaking-Step by Step Guide Using My Linker
  8. Landing Page Optimization
  9. Components of A Landing Page
  10. Creating A PDF Bonus Guide
  11. How To set up a Website
  12. What Do Those Letters Mean? Ultimate Beginner’s Guide To Programming Languages
  13. Website Design
  14. Web Hosting- Getting Started Guide
  15. Robots.txt
  16. HTML- Learn To Love It
  17. Setting Up A Landing Page Using Blogger Blogs
  18. Cloak Your URL V. 1.0
  19. Pointing DNS Nameservers To Your Domain For The WA Blog Funnel
  20. Setting Up A 301 Redirect For Your Preferred URL
  21. How To Upload A File To Your Website For Downloading
  22. Understanding Link Terms
  23. How To Activate Your Domain’s Email Account
  24. Editing Templates And Making Them Show On The Internet
  25. Authority Site Development Process
  26. Choosing The Killer Domain Name
  27. Where To Find Images For Your Website
  28. Making Effective Use of Color In Websites
  29. When and Where To Use H Tags
  30. 2 Best Ways To Add Google+ Profile To Your Website and 1 Way
  31. Simple Tool To Resize Pictures For Your Website
  32. Buying A Domain And Changing DNS Settings with 1&1.com
  33. How To Resize Your Picture With The Paint Program
  34. Adjusting The Look Of Your Website With CSS & Child Themes
  35. How To Wrap Text Around Your Affiliate Unit Using HTML
  36. Ideas For Infographic Designs
  37. Preventing People From Accessing Your Products Without Paying
  38. How To Create Zazzle Products To Sell On Your Website
  39. How To Make A Website On WA
  40. Exclude Your IP Address From GA
  41. How To Add Feedback To Your Website
  42. Can You Read This?
  43. Offline Websites-The Easy Way
  44. Finding And Buying A Domain Name
  45. SiteRubix Websites VS Your Own Websites
  46. Working With Joomla Guide

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

  1. How To Tweak WordPress Permalinks For Better SEO
  2. Beat Million Dollar Companies Out Of Google Top Rankings Using This
  3. Search Engine Optimization-Getting Started Guide
  4. SEO & How To Slap Back At Google
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  6. How To Obtain Relevant Backlinks – Part 3 – Link Diversity
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  25. Google Authorship
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Social Engagement And Marketing

Social Marketing

  1. How To Create A Facebook Fan Page
  2. Setting Up Your Twitter Account
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  4. 2 Best Ways to Add Google + Profile to Your Website and 1 Way to Track Your Statistics
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  9. Using Twitter Part 2
  10. Optimize your Pinterest activities
  11. Get started with Pinterest
  12. Create a Twitter schedule
  13. Tidying your Twitter account with Tweepi
  14. Google + or Pinterest – Which should you choose?
  15. Newbie Series – Your Blog and Facebook Fan Page Hook-up
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  17. Using the Pinterest App on the iPad and iPhone
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Everything WordPress


  1. How to Set Up an Online Store
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  4. Creating a Free Website at Wealthy Affiliate
  5. How To Remove The Dates From Your Blog Posts
  6. 01 WordPress: What is it?
  7. 03 Posts and Pages
  8. 04 WordPress Settings
  9. 05 Widgets – not gizmos or thingamajigs
  10. 06 Navigation Menus
  11. 07 Adding Images, videos and stuff
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Keyword, Niche, And Market Research

Keyword Research

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Email Marketing

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  13. MEN ONLY to read this Guide
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Local Marketing

local marketing

  1. Creating a Local Domain Business
  2. Local Marketing Keyword Research Techniques
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  4. Keyword Research Techniques for Local SEO Firms
  5. Local Marketing: Add Local Biz to Google Places
  6. Earn $50 or more, Per Month, Easily!
  7. Local Marketing Training – All Under One Roof

Member Created Text and Video Tutorials

There are over 10,000 text and video tutorials created by members and several are added daily on various internet marketing topics.

Here’s a sneak peek at five of them:

Every training module has a comment section where you can ask questions that will get answered within minutes.

The Wealthy Affiliate Website Platform- An Internet Marketer’s Dream

Wealthy Affiliate Website Platform

The valuable website platform at Wealthy Affiliate is second to none. Kyle and Carson have provided you with all the tools you need to efficiently create and run a very successful online business. Here’s what’s included:

  • As a Premium member, you can host up to 50 websites-25 on your own domain and 25 on the SiteRubix platform.
  • You can choose from almost 52,000 website feature “add ons” to enhance your website, from adding e-commerce, beautiful images, membership, and contact forms to your website.

Site Manager

  • Easily login to your website, check if it’s index in Google, and check how many posts; pages; and comments it has.


  • Build your website in just a few steps and in less than 1 minute.

Wealthy Affiliate Website Builder

SiteDomains, Wealthy Affiliate’s All-Inclusive Domain Registrar

  • WHOIS privacy protection, 24/7 support, next year guarantee pricing, domain security, unlimited email accounts, & advanced DNS management and instant set-up all for one low yearly price of $13.99.


  • If you become a premium member, you can request comments for your articles to help you rank better in the search engines.


  • Get community feedback on your website so you can improve your design and increase your sales if you become a Premium member. You can also give feedback to other members of the community and earn a little cash for doing so!

The State Of The Art Hosting

Wealthy Affiliate Hosting

With your Premium membership, you get secure and lighting fast hosting, others would charge you $250-$300 per month! Here are all the hosting features:


  • This will boost your website speed without plugins or clunky software.


  • Protect your website from comment spam, back-office hacking (passwords), and website load speeds (Botnet Attacks) without plugins.


  • This tracks the overall “health” of your website using red, yellow and green. It will monitor your website activities and tell you how you can improve.

SiteSSL-Keep Your Website Secure For Free!

  • Easily add website encryption with the push of a button all included to you for free as a Premium member.


  • Did something go wrong with your website? Get technical help for your websites in minutes!

Jaaxy, The World’s More Powerful Keyword Research Tool Included To Premium Wealthy Affiliate Members!

Wealthy Affiliate Has Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

Jaaxy helps you instantly find phrases in Google that are getting searched a lot, but have a low number of other websites trying to rank for it so that you can rank highly in the search engines. Here are all the features of Jaaxy:

  • Site Rank– easily find out where you are ranked in Google, Bing, and Yahoo.
  • Keyword List– create and save your own list of powerful keywords.
  • Search Analysis– spy on other websites.
  • Alphabet Soup– discover millions of phrases and lucrative niches.
  • Brainstorm HQ– Find hot and trending niches.
  • Affiliate Programs– Search and find relevant affiliate programs.
  • Niche Keyword Lists– Exclusive to Wealthy Affiliate Premium members, save niche keyword lists.

There is an option to upgrade Jaaxy, but that is totally optional. I simply use the one already included with my premium membership. There is no need to upgrade until you feel completely comfortable with this whole internet marketing thing.

SiteContent- The Ultimate Content Platform

Wealthy Affiliate Site Content

SiteContent is more than just a content editor where you can create, manage, and organize your content. It allows you to set writing goals, choose from over 1 million high definition images, image optimization, you can check if your article is indexed, checks your grammar and spelling, and will even check for duplicate content right before you publish your article to your website.

The Endless Help And Support

Unlike other internet marketing programs that leave their members in the dark or just offer an inactive outdated forum, Wealthy Affiliate has many ways for you to get help when you need it:

Live Chat

If you need prompt help, just head to the live chat. Wealthy Affiliate Live Chat

Training Questions and Answers

What’s great about Wealthy Affiliate is that every single training has a comment section where you can ask your questions as you have them.

Ask The Entire Community

You can ask your question in a question platform if you need help with your website.

Personal 1-on-1 Coaching

As a Premium member, you can private message any member within the community- including the owners! I have gotten real help and I can tell you that they’re down to earth people. They simply care about your success.

Personal support from Kyle:

Personal Support From Kyle Co Founder of Wealthy Affiliate

You should “follow” every elite internet marketer within the community so you can stay in touch with them. Kyle is always in Wealthy Affiliate helping out his members.

What I Don’t Like About Wealthy Affiliate

Okay, I’m taking a deep breath here and stating exactly what I don’t like about Wealthy Affiliate.

Upon joining, all members are directed to the “Online Entrepreneur Certification Course.”

In my personal opinion, I think it would be better for members to read a guide first on “How To Make The First Of Your 7 Days Of Your Starter Membership Count” where they’ll be advised to read, “My Top 9 Tips For Internet Marketing Beginners.”

If a member decides to go Premium, they should watch at least a handful of the awesome webinars before they even begin their first website and it will greatly decrease their chances of making mistakes and greatly increase their chances of success.

For example, if a member decides to change the look of their website, some of the content and images can get all messed up and it can be a really daunting task to fix everything.

The latest 2019 Niche Case Study series and the tutorial, “Starting from Scratch: The Strategies I Use to Build & Maintain Successful Websites” will help them familiarize themselves even more on how to create a successful niche website.

After they have done all this, the “Online Entrepreneur Certification Course” will be much easier to digest.

Here are some other small cons:

  • Sometimes Wealthy Affiliate can be a bit disorganized due to all the updates.
  • I also think it’s worth mentioning that once you upgrade to Premium, you can’t go back as a free member. Sometimes members may find a need to do this as they find it hard to afford their membership. See, your website probably won’t make you money at first. It may take 3, 6, 9, or even a whole year before you start seeing the fruits of your labor.
  • Wealthy Affiliate may seem like a multi-level marketing scheme due to all the people promoting it almost the same manner, but I can tell you that it’s not a scheme. It’s simply an internet marketing training platform with an affiliate program where you can refer other members. There’s a huge difference between being an MLM distributor and an affiliate.
  • One last thing, you can’t get commissions if your account is inactive.

Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam?

I remember when I first joined Wealthy Affiliate I still had my guards up. Thinking it was just another scam, I proceeded with caution.

But once I got through my first lessons of the in-depth training, I realized I was dead wrong. Here was a system laid out for me with step by step training that has me taking action as I learn. If I needed help and support, I got it in a timely manner from caring and friendly members.

I read a comment that stated that we tell people it can take time to build their online business just so they keep paying for their premium membership when that is far from the truth. We tell people this because it does take time to build an online business. It takes time and effort to fill up your website with lots of engaging content with beautiful images and start making money.

Unlike all the make money online programs, Wealthy Affiliate is an industry leading internet marketing training platform that provides all the tools, training, and support that you need to run your online business at an affordable price and the only one offering a free lifetime starter membership.

Who Is Wealthy Affiliate For?

Successful person

Wealthy Affiliate is for you if you want to break free and add more freedom to your life.

The hard work that you put into your online business now will not pay off right away, but will pay off many times over, even for the rest of your life. You will be creating a beautiful thing called passive income.

If you’re willing to do something different than what others are doing and may not support you on because they think it’s just another make money online scam, you can change your life.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a military veteran, a stay at home mom, or someone just out of high school or college- if you are someone who is dedicated and you’re willing to commit both your time and some money to your new online business and to give yourself at least a year, Wealthy Affiliate is for you.

How Much Does Wealthy Affiliate Cost?


The Starter Membership is free for life or until you feel comfortable going premium.

The Premium Membership has various price points:

$49/month– This is if you pay month to month.

$39/month– If you pay every 6 months, it’s $234. That is a savings of $60 and 20% off.

$29.92/month– If you really commit to your business and go yearly, you’ll only pay $359. That is a savings of $229 and 39% off the regular priced membership.

But there’s a bigger deal… every Black Friday and hopefully they’ll do it again this year, Wealthy Affiliate offers its members the chance of becoming a premium member for only $299 for the entire year. That’s an average of just $24.92 per month and a whopping 49% off the regular priced membership!

Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday

Take them up on the offer on Black Friday and you’ll be given this price every single year!

For all that Wealthy Affiliate offers, the Wealthy Affiliate regular priced membership is cheap, with the Black Friday price, it’s dirt cheap. I mean, we’re talking about just $0.83 per day to start your own online business. Heck, even some hosting companies charge more than that and just for hosting-no thanks!

It’s Conclusive, Wealthy Affiliate Is A Marketers Dream

Year after year, Kyle and Carson are always adding new features to their amazing internet marketing platform and they still keep the membership at an affordable price. Nowhere else will you get personal coaching from the owners themselves, the kind of support that Wealthy Affiliate offers, the free lifetime starter membership, and all the tools that you need to create and run your online business. It is evident that they just love to see people succeed. They have really simplified the process of building a website, provide fast and secure hosting, provide comprehensive training and integrated Jaaxy all to make their members be more efficient. Whether you have a burning desire to start a website in your chosen topic or are a small business owner that needs a website, Wealthy Affiliate is for you. I know you will love Wealthy Affiliate as much as I do.

If you have any questions or if you would like to offer your insights of Wealthy Affiliate, please leave them in the comments below.

Thank you for reading,



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    • Hey Christian,

      Wealthy Affiliate is an affiliate marketing training program where you will learn how to start a website based on your passion and promote products that you trust, love, and know will help people.

      Yes, when you join, you will be taught how to build an online business from scratch. As a free member, you get access to 20 free lessons and the Get Started classroom.

      There is no obligation to upgrade to Premium and no credit card required. Rest assured that if you join, I will be there to help you every step of the way. 🙂

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