Motor Club of America (MCA) Honest Review, Why It’s a Scam

Motor Club of America (MCA) Honest Review, Why It’s a Scam

Name: Motor Club of America
Price: $39.95 upfront fee pays for two months in advance,  Motor Club of America$20/month or more
Owners: Mr. Virgil Coffee, Larry Melton, and David Kircher
Overall Rank: 1 out of 5 stars

Turn $40 into $80 this week! Get 200% ROI. Get paid every Friday!”

You may have heard through misleading advertising on Craigslist, Social Media sites, job sites, YouTube, websites, etc.

There’s no information to confirm if this company is legit. All you will find are unofficial sites of affiliates promoting it. So, what are they hiding?

Motor Club of America, Product Overview

They claim to have been in business for 86 years providing insurance and emergency roadside assistance to the general public, but the Oklahoma Secretary of State website says the Delaware corporation, Motor Club of America Enterprises, Inc. was formed on August 17th 1973. That’s only 41 years.

Motor Club of America
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Oklahoma records show the company is owned by Virgil Coffee, Larry Melton, and David Kircher.

They claim to have an A+ on the Better Business Bureau, but if you look them up they don’t even have a rating and instead, use TVC Marketings rating.

They don’t have a legitimate website to describe their products and other information. The official TVC website to login as an affiliate for MCA is hideous, not exactly what you expect.

There are many affiliate websites that look like they are the official Motor Club of America website including: – RE Enterprises Elsenrath – Rodney Walker – Justine J Allen DBA CCB Marketing

The official address used by MCA is 3200 W Wilshire, Blvd, Oklahoma City. That is the primarily listed address for TVC Marketing Associates.

TVC which stands for “Trucker’s Voice in Court” owns MCA and is the marketing side of the program.

The MCA Compensation Plan

Representatives can make money either through the direct sales of the benefits and from team sales overrides. Gold and Platinum members get a 3×8 reward matrix program, Both revolve around the recruitment of TVC affiliates.

Motor Club of AmericaIf you recruit a new MCA Total Security Club Membership member, it would earn you $39.90 upfront and $79.80 in advanced commissions. You also earn $6 from each rep in your downline and $0.66 for each member in your entire downline.

Motor Club of America


MCA Products- A Lie?

While you don’t need to buy any of the memberships to sell the products, how can you sell them if you don’t own them yourself? Also, to effectively promote this you have to have an interest in this.

Motor Club of America membership levels on the TVC Matrix website have five membership plans:

MCA Security Price: $9.95
MCA Security Plus Price: $14.95
MCA Total Security Price: $19.95
MCA Total Security Gold Price: $29.99
MCA Total Security Platinum Price: $39.99

Other vendors that appear on this website is TVC Pro- Driver for commercial vehicle coverage

Pro-Driver 4885 Plan Price: $48.85
Pro-Driver Green Plus Price: $31.90

Motor Club of America also claims to offer emergency roadside assistance and many other benefits including trip planning travel discounts, bail bonds, lawyer fees, stolen vehicle reward, travel assistance reimbursement, credit card protection, farm equipment reward, prescription dental and vision discounts, travel assistance program, emergency room benefit, daily hospital benefit to replace your income, and accidental death benefits.

MCA Product Complaints

You Are Right About This One

AUTHOR: listenup – (United States of America)
SUBMITTED: Monday, December 24, 2012

Yes people should be aware of this company and there Matrix also. They have a Matrix where its like your investing in the business of Mca or Tvc. This is a Scam. From what I do know is these roadside services are not guaranteed. I had to pay for the tow upfront think I would be reimbursed and never was.

Also I had people under me that sign up for free as associate and never received any pay after three months of being a member. Half of the pictures you see are re used pictures.

So yes they are scamming people because if you have to mislead them or do any type of false advertising then that is a Scam. So glad I got out while I can. I smell a Lawsuit!”

Motor Club of America


Motor Club of America and Auto Club of America

These two companies have similar logos.

Auto Club of America, Corp. filed as a Foreign for Profit Corporation in the State of Florida filed on Thursday, January 31, 2008. This corporation is approximately six years old according to documents filed with Florida Department of State. Auto Club of America, Corp. also lists Virgil W. Coffee as Chairman.”

This company seems to be tied to Mr. Belz who is the President of Auto Club of America. He has several corporations suspended for OTC (Oklahoma Tax Commission) in the Oklahoma Secretary of State Corporation’s database for Auto Club of America.

The Reality

Motor Club of America is an illegal pyramid scheme disguised as a legal MLM program.

National Motor Club of America vs. Motor Club of America

Listen closely to this video, they clearly mention National Motor Club of America, not Motor Club of America! Then they go on to promote MCA, really shady.

National Motor Club of America is Better!

 To Summarize:

Why would anyone buy Motor Club of America? Unlike Motor Club, National Motor Club actually has an official website. Their services are identical to Motor Club of America memberships, but are reasonably priced. They also have a recruiting program, but the commissions are lower and the representatives are actually trying to sell the service. National Motor Club is a member of the Direct Selling Association and is accredited by the BBB. They’re also one of the top ten roadside services for 2014.

The Pros Vs Cons of MCA

The Pros

  • Some people are making money and get paid every Friday
  • Rewards you for helping your downline

Motor Club of America Red Flags

  • 99.9% of MCA “members” are TVC affiliates classifying it as a recruitment-driven pyramid scheme. The only people buying this service are the people promoting this company. 51% of sales have to be made to the general public to comply with FTC guidelines.
  • You make money when you recruit, even if they don’t sell anything.

Motor Club of America

  •  Most of the money comes from countless people joining under or after you until it collapses when the recruitment of new reps stops.
  • When people say auto club, people think AAA or what their insurance company freely provides. GoodSam is $80 for a whole year with an option to lock in your rate for five years. Why would anybody join MCA for $10-$20 a month when AAA is about $70 a year?
  • Notice how the “TVC Matrix” and “MCA Matrix” buttons are on the top and how you can join TVC without joining MCA. This proves that they’re completely separate.
  • The “refer 3” model is used on both MCA and TVC, which resembles a pyramid scheme when you are getting paid by referring people who pay who also refer others to do the same.
  • There’s no in depth information on the TVC matrix website about the company or who owns it.
  • You get a charge back if your downline doesn’t fulfill their 17 months and cancel their subscription which means you get charged for it.
  • Liquidated in 1996

Motor Club of America

  • Income claims are constantly made by MCA representatives without an income disclosure which is against FTC guidelines.
  • There are various post and articles saying they are not a scam to hide scam reports.
  • If there was a competing company for AAA’s roadside assistance, they would be aware of them especially if they have been as long as they claim.
  • It’s not a member of the Direct Selling Association.
  • A handful of angry posts has been said to exist against them on some of the truckers boards of how their program targets truckers.
  • This website belongs to an experienced internet marketer. No likes? Hmm…

Liquidation orders in Oklahoma


Tired of Schemes Like MCA? Read About My #1 Recommended Program!

There Used To Be…

  • An article reviewing on the BBB’s website about Motor Club of America, but now it appears to be missing. Basically there were various complaints which included unauthorized charges on credit cards and more.
  • MCA domains- many reps from two years ago may no longer be with the company. When I clicked on their domain, it was no longer there and some guys even had their YouTube video taken down.
  • A wiki page on MCA.Motor Club of America

How Much Does It Cost To Start An MCA Home Business?

You can go to their official website and join TVC6I  for free, but their promoters are making you think that you need $40 to get started and $20 per month. The company is not doing anything in regards to this. This is only available to people living in the United States & Canada.

Other costs that you may be told to pay for include:

  • Registering a domain name, $6-$10 a year
  • Hosting, $4-$10 a month
  • Autoresponder (Automation) MailChimp offers a free account for up to 2,000 subscribers while their paid services are $10-$25.
  • Internet Marketing Training- I saw some members of Motor Club of America promoting some of the hottest pyramid schemes including Empower Network that can run you thousands of dollars. If you’re interested, see my review on Wealthy Affiliate where you can begin with a free lifetime starter account or go premium for as low as $30 a month which will give you everything you need to run a successful internet marketing business including free hosting, unlimited websites, 24/7 expert support, and awesome training.

High Chances of Failing…

I don’t mean to burst your bubble, but when you join MCA, it is unlikely that you will succeed and it’s not because of working hard. MLM is hard, period. Only 1% succeed. Let’s be real here. Offline marketing can take months to see results and unless you have a large following on social networks, you won’t get that much people to join you.

It is unlikely you will get help from your sponsors. All they care about is marketing and keep making money. You may get lucky and get a good sponsor who will train you and employ duplication.

They misled you into thinking that you have to pay MCA…
Misled you that this is easy…
That you’re applying for a real job…
That the company and benefits are real…

When you realize that you could be getting these benefits elsewhere for half the cost or that you can’t use your dental benefits.

Just how they did this, they will make you pay for another pyramid or get rich quick scheme. They’re just trying to get the most money they can out of you.

Motor Club of America Complaints

Submitted: Wed, June 05, 2013
Updated: Wed, June 05, 2013
Reported By: MadeAsucker — Lancaster California

Now, I know there is a ‘movement’ on the web to attack any opposers of this scam so I expect to get some responses here….. MCA is a hoax because they don’t even have a legit website. And why? Because their so-called products are just a front. It’s not about selling auto club memberships, it’s about getting more people to become a member and then go out and find more members. People ARE the products AND the marketers. When you become a member the website has more info on how to get more members than it talks about the actual products. So do the reps actually get paid? … Yes, I believe those that actually bring in more suckers, I mean agents, get paid for it.
… You just so happen to be benefiting from the scam….for now. The small scale success stories are simply a marketing tool. Just because you get some chump change doesn’t mean it’s NOT a pyramid or matrix scam folks. Compare the AAA and MCA website. MCA does not have an office you can walk into. There is no chain of command for complaints, questions, feedback. They don’t even go into full detail about their products online. Not even after you’re a member and they send you the email with so-called membership details, do you feel like a member of anything of a grand scale.
You get an email with links that take you to flyers about the service. I called their customer service line trying to find out more about the products and the rep didn’t even know what they were. She kept putting me on hold each time I asked a question. She didn’t even know what the main website was. I asked her because there are so many fake MCA websites created by MCA ‘dealers’. For a business that was established in 1926, their website design is cheap, customer service is awful and the products unimpressive. Why is that the hotel discounts are only for cheap roach motels? Is that the best they can do? How many agents have actually tried to use the services and felt protected I wonder?
Now of course it appears that MCA/TVC and GWP are two separate entities. Maybe they are and maybe they aren’t. All I know is that I gave personal information to both because they were presented to me together by a MCA rep, Derek Foley (even though the email came from a Deborah Foley), as though they were one in the same.
Here’s the Email I received
Thank you for requesting information about our open position as a Referral Agent.
We have assigned a home agent to help you get started.
Their information is included below:

IMPORTANT: If you were not able to review our information about MCA, CLICK HERE
You Can Get Started Right Now By Clicking –> here
You may also contact your Home Agent Specialist, they will be happy to answer any questions you may have.
Name: Jeffrey Burkey
Direct Number: 7403469450
Contact the person above, they will answer your questions and assist you in setting up your account, getting trained, and getting started generating income today with MCA and Get Weekly Paychecks.
Best regards,
GWP/MCA Referral Agent Enrollment”

Submitted: Mon, December 03, 2012
Updated: Thu, May 29, 2014
Reported By: MCA Victim — Charlotte North Carolina
Motor Club of America (MCA)

…Here were the initial red flags…
* The company [makes it seem] in order to join their program to make money that you PAY FEES MONTHLY
* Their website is completely unprofessional, awfully designed, and just screams SCAM. [That is not their official site, but how are consumers supposed to know?]
* The program is commission only (and again requires money down to join) [misinformed]
* MCA picked a name that is very similar to National Motor Club of America which helps them blend in, and look more reputable. They are NOT associated with National Motor Club of America which has been in business for over 10 years.
* MCA is NOT listed by the Better Business Bureau. They are hidden under the name TVC Marketing.
* Motor Club of America is EXTREMELY expensive for what they are trying to sell. AAA is much cheaper and unquestionably reputable.
The MCA Pyramid Scheme is definitely a RISK for anyone who gives it a shot with a very high chance for failure. Their practices are manipulative, sneaky, and their associates will say anything to get new people…
One of their sharks includes this guy:
(Real name Unknown) LL Cool Harlem
Join our program for 40 bucks! (and 20 a month to follow) and you will be rich! Yeah right f******. Even without the fee to join it still screams scam…”

Submitted: Sun, January 27, 2013

Updated: Sat, May 03, 2014


Reported By: JohnGresham Oregon United States of America

I want everyone to know that TVC marketing also MCA or known as Motor Club of America is a complete rip-off… I had responded to an ad on for a sales position to earn $60,000 to $110,000 a year by working for a reputable company … I provided my name and number and e-mail then I get an e-mail saying that I must attend a webinar to find out about the company and details.
So they have the usual story of how this young man is making all this money…with a great company in business since 1924 or 26 many years listed with BBB A+ rating and all these benefits for its members… So you had to sign up at the conclusion of the webinar and you’ll get this assistance and training to be an associate of the company. Plus you had to become a member. Well I did that…
Then they hit you with a barrage of helpful marketing tools and TVC marketing and different options in which to make you successful with the company is how it appears. I didn’t go for that, Red Flags came up all over e-mails form the Marketing Director back in Baltimore. Then I had tried to call the company a day later, it was difficult to find a number to actually reach a live person to help out in anyway. I had to spend over an hour wait just to chat with someone about the membership and try and find out what is actually taking place with the company after reading up on the company and its aliases that they use.
Long story short I found out they are not a member of the BBB and have not been in business long enough to be a member. I have found out they have many complaints against them and they have copied a legitimate companies material almost word for word and try to capture your attention on YouTube. I filed with the BBB of Oklahoma City, The attorney General’s office of Oregon and Oklahoma and the FTC! I had tried to use the benefits for two things, discounted dental and that was a lie and the towing service was no good unless I was more than 50 miles away from home!..”

My Final Opinion of Motor Club of America

There are just too many red flags with the two biggest being that they’re just a ponzi scheme and they have an uncompetitive and overpriced product that nobody cares about. They used part of clip from a man that used his National Motor Club benefits and then they used that to began promoting their membership. They don’t have an official website and they’re not registered with the BBB or the DSA. Their website is unprofessional and have a matrix compensation plan. MCA’s affiliates are very misleading and will say anything to bring others in.

If you join, you’re going to be stuck with a MCA membership when you can get AAA for half the price. It’s unlikely that you will succeed and in fact, be presented with other pyramid schemes.

If you’re looking for a way to build a real online business, learn more about Wealthy Affiliate that has amazing internet marketing training and the only one with a free lifetime starter account.

Motor Club of America at a Glance…

Name: Motor Club of America
Price: $39.95 upfront fee pays for two months in advance, $20/month or more
Owners: Mr. Virgil Coffee, Larry Melton, and David Kircher
Overall Rank: 1 out of 5 stars







If you’re a member or have been a member of Motor Club of America, I would love to hear your story below! 🙂


To Your Success,




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180 thoughts on “Motor Club of America (MCA) Honest Review, Why It’s a Scam”

      • Wow MCA is a scam? Hmmm… Lets break down the word SCAM.
        S – Still
        C – Confused
        A – About
        M – Money.

        I mean, besides the money making opportunity that you can make with MCA (Motor Club Of America), the benefits and service are real. I see nothing bad about a company that has been here since 1926 and help many people to earn an extra income working from home.

        This review doesn’t prove anything because this is your opinion and false claims you post about the company. What I really like about this review that I see that your mentioning a company called Wealthy Affiliate which is okay, but at the end of the day this is false claims against MCA.

        MCA’s real website is They are partnered up with MCA which is a product that they are selling to other people that needs the benefits that TVC matrix offers to other people that need roadside assistance or to earn an income working from home .

        “Pyramid Scheme”, “Ponzi Scheme”… come on Jennifer, let’s be real and no disrespect but a pyramid scheme is illegal in America. MCA/TVc Matrix has a real product that is selling to other people that wants it. If this was a pyramid scheme, how are they in business for so many years? A Ponzi Scheme is where you’re sending money to a company that doesn’t even exist, no contact information for example phone number, email, or fax and no return invest.

        MCA/TVC is a real compay. They have a real website with contact information so that people can speak to a live rep to answer all there questions if need. Lastly, you’re paying for a membership which is where the $40 question comes in because you’re getting your benefits in return once you sign up.

        Again, the money making opportunity is optional so you don’t have to refer people to it if you feel like to so that answer all your questions and to any else that is reading this comment..Understand it’s Jennifer’s opinion, but half of everything you post on here is mislead and are false claims.

        • Sure, you can make a lot of money with MCA if you’re able to refer a lot of people. The most effective way is to do exactly what those guys are doing, flash cash on YouTube and Facebook. Then after you get your downline, you have to be able to retain them. The products and services given are just used to mask the scheme and make it seem legit.

          The claim that they have been around since 1926 is a lie. Let’s go back to the beginning of my post:

          “They claim to have been in business for 86 years providing insurance and emergency roadside assistance to the general public, but the Oklahoma Secretary of State website says the Delaware corporation, Motor Club of America Enterprises, Inc. was formed on August 17th 1973. That’s only 41 years.”

          Nothing of what I have written are false claims as I give references as to where I get the information.

          What I’m saying is that MCA doesn’t have an official website themselves. The services they offer are overpriced and more inferior than other more reputable companies like AAA which cost $57 to $167 a year.

          MCA is a product based pyramid scheme. Many people are being deceived and the only reason they are giving their money is for a chance to make riches, not for the product itself and there’s no actual retail demand for this service. MCA relies and profits from the endless recruitment of individuals. The reality is that they will just waste their time and money. And yes,pyramid schemes can run for many years.

          • I do have to leave this one comment, Jennifer i just came upon your website just a couple of hours ago on 09*01*2015 and I will say i have read a few of your Scams Exposed articles and I have to admit that you are hitting everything on the Head about what you are talking about with Scams Exposed, and yes I do agree, MCA is a great product but for what????? I could have spend alot of money, effort and time into MCA 2 years ago but chose not too, I wasn’t good at recruiting people in my downline, If I chose to stay in a company as MCA i would be happy to pay my fees to recieve their products and services, and Jennifer you are speaking FACTS about all these companies that goes down under a couple of years of SCAMMING PEOPLE, and Malik the word SCAM has many acronyms to it, let me just post a few.

            SCAM = Successfully Creating Alot of Millionaires (Wake Up Now was using this acronym)
            Acronym Definition
            SCAM SCSI Configuration Automatically
            SCAM Société Civile des Auteurs Multimédia (France: Civil Society of Multimedia Authors)
            SCAM Source Code Analysis and Manipulation (IEEE International Workshop)
            sCAM so-Called Alternative Medicine
            SCAM substituted-cysteine-accessibility method
            SCAM South Carolina Association of Magicians
            SCAM Superconducting camera
            SCAM Standard Content Archive Management
            SCAM Supreme Court and the Attitudinal Model
            SCAM Suffolk College Alternative Music (radio station; UK)
            SCAM Surveillance Control Alarm Maintenance
            SCAM Spare Capacity Assignment Model
            SCAM Scanning and Alarm Monitoring
            SCAM State Coordination Management Council
            SCAM Structural Composite Armor Materials
            SCAM Simple Cordless Alpha Monitor
            SCAM Stingy about giving out personal information, Check your financial information regularly, Ask periodically for a copy of your credit report, Maintain careful records of your banking and financial accounts (mnemonic to avoid identity theft) ok maybe i didn’t search these myself but the word SCAM has many acronyms that you all of a sudden create to make the one posting an article seem not legitimate,

            Jennifer please Keep up the Good Work and I will be a regular visitor on your website and blog.

          • Let me break this down for you and others like you trying to push their own agendas by attempting to say negative things about another company to compare or further promote another company that you like and might even work for. I didn’t fully read all of your comments.

            First of all what is Wealth Affiliate? What product do you sell? What company are you actually affiliated with? You sure haven’t provided that info based on the name of your company. Motor Club of America provides roadside assistance. See the difference?

            Is it easy to get help? Yes call your sponsor of the customer service number provided on the website.
            Private coaching available? Yes, I provide private coaching to my team and my team lead/ sponsor provided coaching to me. I can’t speak for everyone else in the company but that is what me and my sponsor do. No company that ONLY does affiliate marketing/ referral programs provide training. The affiliates provide training to ppl below them if they so choose. Again no company provides that directly because it is your own business. Mary Kay doesn’t do that Airbnb doesn’t do that Lyft, Amazon affiliates and more. If the company provide direct training you would be an employee not an affiliate marketer with your own business that you set your own schedule.
            Can you Contact the Owners? Yes on the website
            Is there a live chat? Not directly through the company but anyone can live chat with me as their team lead for help. A lot of companies don’t have live chat.
            Is there step-by-step training? I provide it for free and my team lead provided it to me for free
            Are free websites included? Yes they provide two free websites
            Is web hosting included? Yes they provide two free web hosts throughout the company
            *They do provide a free website and free web hosting. Most people just choose to pay for their own because it looks better and is better for selling.
            Can you try for free? No because you can cancel your membership anytime and it is already inexpensive for all of the benefits it provides. I don’t know any roadside assistance company that lets you try it for free.
            Is there a keyword research tool? Yes, the company name Motor Club of America
            Is there an affiliate program? Yes a free one
            Do I recommend this? Yes I am just getting started and I love it. I have already experienced the benefits. *We do have an A+ rating with BBB. 4.9 star rating with BBB. and a 4 star rating with which is a job site. What does Wealthy Affiliate have?

            In a comment below you said. “Mary Kay and Amway have been around for a long time but have but have been accused as being a scam” They are legitimate companies. We are being accused of not being legit by you and we are. So you just further proved our point. Many companies have referral programs. (Mary Kay, Amway, Amazon associates, many companies under Click bank, AirBNB pays people per referral, Lyft, CashApp, and many more) Especially private companies like MCA who are trying to get their name out there and continue to grow.
            You may just be upset because MCA pays more per referral than whatever company you’re trying to compare to us to.

            $80 per referral is a great price. You pay $40 initially and $20 a month to be a member. Becoming an associate is free.
            Which means that if you work for the company you don’t have to get a membership but if you do decide to get a membership AND start selling memberships you have already made the money you spent on buying a membership back with your first sale and a $40 profit. But again you do not have to get a membership to become an associate becoming an associate is free. You just have to find creative ways to sell those memberships.
            And if the majority of a companies revenue comes from referral sales and the rest comes from direct membership sales then what is wrong with that? That can happen with any company.

            Also, if you were an associate or even a customer with MCA previously who had a bad experience and your intentions were to warn people about the company people may actually believe your complaints. Even if you heard bad things about MCA through the grapevine and were trying to warn people. Just something of that nature. I don’t know if you have ever been a member or if you’ve worked for MCA perviously or not again I didn’t read all of your comments. But either or that is clearly not your agenda.

            Your agenda is to compare MCA with another company that is obvious you might actually work for. For the third time I couldn’t read all of your comments because it was a lot and very defensive because you are still trying to push your agenda but that is neither here nor there.

            A scam is when you take someones money and don’t deliver a product in return. MCA does provide good benefits. I have used them. If you want to make a negative comparison just show the differences between the two companies and the pros and cons for advertisement purposes then that’s fine. You are in you’re free right. And that is a way to advertise by stating that you provide different things than another company. I can do that same comparison with your company but actually provide accurate info.

            So don’t use the word scam because that is untrue and what you’re doing is providing false information about one company to promote another company. That is not how you ADVERTISE a product. That is how you CON people into buying a product.

            But I get it we are your competitor so you have to do what you can to make sales. You’re just doing it in the wrong way. And I am not saying there are some bad people in MCA because there are bad people in this world period.
            And people aren’t counter responding after you reply to their initial comment bc we are too worried about making sales and not about speaking negatively and providing false info in a blog about another company which is something you should try.

            If you spent less energy on this blog trying to bash a company so you can make your sale goal which is a very lazy approach you might be a lot further in your sales. Time is money. You are the con artist not us. If your intentions were good you would not be doing it like this.

          • Wealthy Affiliate is an internet marketing training platform that is free to try out and you can remain a free member for as long as you need to. My in depht review is on my site.

            Lol, you’re seriously trying to compare Motor Club to Wealthy Affiliate? Motor Club is not even close as not all sponsors help their downline or provide training.

            Wealthy Affiliate is the only platform that provides everything you need to start a succesful online business.

            Lol, your company name Motor Club of America isn’t a keyword research tool.

            Who cares about your BBB rating when they gave Wolfgang Puck an F?

            There’s a huge difference between being involved in a legit affiliate program like Amazon and Clickbank and being involved in multilevel marketing schemes like MCA and Amway.

            The $80 is an advanced commission and you only get all of it if they stay a customer for a year. If they cancel, you get an annoying chargeback.

            Yes, joining is free, but to advance and receive your commissions, you must be considered an active associate which means you need to pay. You must then recruit many people under you who will do the same to make a decent income out of override commissions.

            It is considered a pyramid scheme if the majority of sales are from the representatives. With MCA, there’s no distinction between product sales and those joining for the opportunity. I bet most people buying the membership is for the money making opportunity.

            MCA does deliver an uncompetive and often, unreliable service.

            Time is money, so why are you wasting your time defending this company? National Motor Club is more credible, has no chargebacks, provides a pension plan and personal stock, and better compensation.

          • So its only 41 years Jennifer. to be honest i think your doing something similar your leaving a negative review and then invite people to your own website for your profit. to be honest if MCA is a pyramid scheme then would not have existed for 20 years let alone 41. think about it. a Usually Pyramid Scheme ususally falls after about 6-10 years either by bankruptcy or the government shuts them down. i see some state revoking authorities but not the FBI knocking at their door. all you mention is baby back bullshit about the company and then invite people to yours. i bet your link is to a “scam” you made well have a great day enjoy YOUR failure

          • But unlike you, my company is not a MLM. In fact, it is free to join and you can remain a free member for as long as you need.

            It can take the FTC decades to shut a company down like the Bernard Madoff scandal.-

            For a company that’s been around for such a long time, the Better Business Bureau had no clue who Motor Club of America was and they didn’t even have an official website. It’s not even mentioned on websites like Top Ten Reviews.


            Motor Club of America still allows their representatives to make exagerated income claims without providing an income disclosure and to have websites that look like their official website.

            No clear distinction is made whether people are joining for the service or for the opportunity, but with the way MCA is being promoted with people holding a stack of cash, I think the majority are joining for the opportunity.

            Wrong, it’s not a scam. Enjoy being part of a matrix scheme while it last.

      • Unlike yourself, I went through some of the partner companies to ask if they were, in fact, in agreement to provide these discounted services with MCA. The three primary for dental, vision and roadside all confirmed that they have partnered with MCA and it is legitimate.

        Further, you do not appear to understand the difference between referral marketing and a pyramid scheme. In a pyramid, you keep getting people to feed money into something with zero benefit. They pay, they get others paying and when it stops the whole thing crashes.

        MCA on the other hand saves millions of dollars in advertising expenses by offering its paid members the option to collect a referral bonus for referring more people to become members. The difference is that MCA DOES offer these discounted services, they ARE partnered with these businesses, the members DO receive an actual service at discounted rates by virtue of their membership fee.

        Auto club memberships are common. Triple A, AARP are two familiar examples. They have a huge corporate budget and do not offer an affiliate or referral program.

        Let me ask you this – which is the more intelligent business model – giving members a few bucks to refer and bring in more business or spending thousands of dollars on marketing campaigns to produce ads that people will ignore, block, change the channel on, throw in the garbage because people HATE being ad spammed. Right now I’m ignoring every ad on your site.

        Everybody hates ads.

        But a person who has used a service that has been of use telling me about how I can use that service and receive discounts is a referral.

        Why is MCA a scam but Amazon affiliates or Netflix or Paypal is legit?

        • If MCA is so legit, why when I searched for Allstate, GoodSam, or StateFarm roadside assistance I can see that the ads will take me to their official website, unlike Motor Club of America? When I typed, it redirected me to tvcmatrix. If it’s been around since 1926, why don’t they even own their own company name as their domain? They claimed mcamotorclubofamerica was their official website, but according to WhoIs, that domain was registered on March 27, 2012 and its ownership is hidden.

          MCA didn’t have a record with the BBB and they reported that TVC Marketing opened in 1989. Now their recorded website links to TVC’s membership plans. They have had 39 complaints in the last 3 years, about 26 regarding their product and service. The BBB barely established them in mid 2014.

          The domain was first registered in 1999. Sites located on the same server included,,,,
,,,,, and

          Except for glenncoffee,onetouchonline,tvcmarketing and tvcmatrix,the other sites no longer exist.

          According to corporate records, MCA is originally a Delaware corporation that was formed in 1973, not 1926.

          Texas official records indicate that David Kircher is the president of the company, Larry Melton is the secretary/treasurer, and Virgil Coffee is the director and CEO.

          If Motor Club of America is so reputable, then its headquarters should be a large presence.
          It’s official address is the primarily listed address for TVC Marketing Associates.

          While the internet is flooded with a plethora of associates promoting the program and trying to bring in agents to sell uncompetitive and unreliable roadside assistance, I could find very few reviews about the service itself and as you read, they are not guaranteed.

          Having a referall program is the more intelligent business model and yes, they should offer it and MCA should consider investing a couple thousand to give them the mass exposure that AAA and AARP have. And it obviously works or those companies wouldn’t be wasting their money like that.

          Amazon and Netflix are legit because they’re referall program is only one level and they are well known companies.

          • Eric, please, don’t make me laugh. Yes, the BBB’s rating system is unethical, but the complaints and reviews are reliable. It doesn’t mean your endless chain recruiting scheme isn’t a scheme.

          • OK so the first thing about Amazon and PayPal being legit companies is true but in my mind i think that better companies do have better offers. i guarantee you if eBay wasnt so big then Paypal wouldnt have been popularized in society. Maybe if MCA did have something better then TVC then maybe they would be well known.

        • And the shooter in Las Vegas was told by subliminal messages in the words if a country western song to shoot at over 30,000 people. Put down your crack/meth pipe and smell the coffee. If you compare just ONE fact, cost…AAA is $70 per year with no monthly recurring charges, you can get towing and roadside assistance no matter how near or far from home you are. MCA is $80 to join, a minimum of $20 per month recurring charges and their towing and roadside assistance is sketchy at best because lets face it, how many APPROVED MCA repair stations are there nationally? DO THE MATH….ZERO!


        • Amazon and Netflix are KNOWN REPUTABLE companies. MCA is not. also with companies like Amazon’s the individual knows what he or she is getting into and ATLEAST knows the name of the company before anything else. MCA members don’t even say what company they’re with when they promote. they just wave cash at the camera and say “like and share my video and comment “info” below” nobody gets any answers what the company is upfront.

      • First off, ALL companies are MLM, or pyramid… Look at Walmart… but you make no money from Wal Mart… I used to do skip tracing for a living… I actually found another OLDER date.. 1966… So you are the scammer. If you can’t post the truth, don’t post

  1. Ok, so I read a lot of negative reviews about MCA. I don’t know much about the affiliate aspect of the company, but I do utilize the services. Repeat… I do not sell Motor Club of America. I merely have the $20 a month membership. Here’s my experience with MCA:

    I joined MCA in July of 2014. I am a student and sometimes only work part time. I also drive a not-so-reliable car that is paid for, so I need to keep it for a while longer. However, the first time I needed to use MCA was actually for my roommate. He stopped by the gas station on the way home from work and when he went back out to his car, his transmission cables had broken. I met him up there and called MCA. A tow truck arrived and hauled us off to the repair shop. The tow truck driver said that they receive a $100 from MCA for the tow, but I only paid $20 for my monthly service fee. This was in August 2014.
    In September 2014, I was on the way to the beach and decided that I had better get gas first. After pumping gas, my car wouldn’t start! I called MCA. A tow truck driver arrived and towed me back to my apartment. Before he left, he raised my hood and discovered that in fact, I just had loose battery cables, which he showed me how to fix myself and then I was off to the beach!
    In February 2015, I had to work at one of our locations quite a ways from my home. As I was pulling in, terrible steam arose from my radiator and my car had overheated. I called MCA and I was towed to a repair shop.

    These are the only services I have used from MCA so far. But I feel I get a great service for a good price. I am aware that AAA is cheaper over the whole year, but I can afford $20 a month, billed to my credit card, much easier. Also, I have had AAA in the past. I lived with my sister in Virginia and we were on a plan together. Our plan only included 3 or 4 miles of free towing and they really want to keep service calls to a maximum of 4 a year. We paid around $150 for the year with AAA. MCA has an unlimited amount of 100 mile free tows. I would have paid a hefty sum to have my car towed from where it overheated to where I like to have it repaired, closer to my home.
    As a member, I am aware that I can sell MCA memberships, but I really just don’t have the time to commit to it right now, nor do I see myself selling it in the future, because I don’t think I would be that good at internet marketing. I am just grateful to know that if my car gives me trouble today (and it might!) that I have a reliable (so far) service that I can afford and call and not be afraid about being stuck on the side of the road.

    • Thank you for sharing your story Bethany.

      As mentioned, there are much cheaper and more reputable companies to choose from and a lot more affordable options. Good Sam is only $80 per year and covers your whole family at no additional costs! If you can’t afford to pay $80 upfront, borrow it and pay them over the course of four months.
      You can call them anytime you need it and they will pay all of the towing fees even if you’re 500 miles away from your house and there are no pre-set mileage restrictions or dollar limits.

  2. I joined to be a representative; however my so called sponsor tells me I should go on my Facebook and start liking sports figures and celebrity pages. Something didn’t sound right. When I phoned the company, no one answered my question about this. It sounded far fetched to me. Yes it’s a scam and those who promise to help you build your business and membership, those who promise to quote unquote train you. Don’t waste of valuable time and money.

  3. Jennifer, I see that they have a legit website If your going to spend so much time trying to tear down someones company that they are improving their families lives with and improve their income position “legitimately”, you need to get your facts straight. You need to spend less time hating on people and companies and more time on finding the good in people and companies. You will be a much happier person in life.

      • Very interesting you point this out Jennifer that MCA doens’t even have an official website, MCA is a Scam Non the Less,,,,Hope people are ready to ask the CEO and Founders of MCA what the Official and Professional website is of MCA.

      • Jennifer, you ARE SO WRONG. I just checked the website Kevin mentioned above and this is their CORPORATE contact information:
        MCA Enterprises Inc.
        3200 W. Wilshire Blvd.
        OKC, OK 73116
        Customer Service: (800) 796-7710
        Roadside Help: (800) 435-7622
        Cancel Payment (800) 227-6459
        Fax: (405) 607-2500

      • You do realize that MCA tell you that they provide u with a web site to help promote business right and as for those who have problems with getting in contact with their associates is be cause the people they signed under are not doing their job correctly that’s all it is believe me I’ve done all my Home Work before I post this and this is a individual who is not even part of MCA but I can assure you u have a bad way of down grading company’s. You have to look at the big picture from different angles.

        • I don’t doubt that that website is simply your affilate website because if MCA provided the training and tools that their affiliates need, there wouldn’t be so many reps failing.

      • TBH im not an MCA Rep yet. i plan to be and am doing research which is what you are supposed to do in order to guarantee success in certain ways. and i dont even have a good website for my company or even a website at all im literally using facebook. do you realize how hard it is for a company to make a website. there is Programming such as html editing css and other stuff similar. Now also i do admit my research also uncovered that the sales associate get paid minimal with the company. but their doing minimal work. to truely succeed in a company and todays market you have to go the extra mile. when i start mca i will truely see what they have to offer. i plan to work 3 times as hard as they say your supposed to work. and i only want to join their company for the profit yes but not for myself. i want to further my car company adn hopefully MCA will help me. and when they eventually fail i will have MY company to fall back on. So it could possibly fail most companies do after 3 years. even older one will meet their end. No company really lasts. So you need a backup income. and tbh im only 18 years old but i research more information on MCA in about 3 days while you could have done it in about 2 months. bacause i am fast paced and can memorize. and so far things have been positive from MCA the only bad thing i hear is that the income is stretch but i can still prosper. Now i have a company to start. Have a good day. Soon you will see Cattani Automobiles with good news about it. i hope to come back here to read that you would write something like this about my company and ill be there to PROVE. YOU. WRONG.

    • you forgot the s on http:// usually that screams NOT A LEGIT WEBSITE. IJS I’m just reading and reviewing here so carry on.

  4. This blog was made to bash one program in order to drive traffic to her program she’s pushing……….Now what if someone did the same thing to this blogger, trashed her program just to drive traffic to theirs…..I guess they didn’t take that into consideration.

    I love how in todays “Internet” world, I love how peoples “opinions” of something gives them right to call whatever they dislike or don’t agree with, or know nothing of, a “scam”.

    If MCA stiffed reps and did not pay them, or stiffed members and didn’t provide the benefits they paid for, now we would be working with something, but what’s listed on here is far from proof of scamming.

    You need to get your information correct, you also need to stop “price shopping” something as justification for calling something a scam. Good sam mentioned, you need to make sure you’re comparing Apples to Apples, and not Oranges to Oranges as far as pricing and benefits. Also, i can go to one dept store, then another down the road, and low and behold, they are selling an exact item for $30 higher than the other. Do i get to go around calling them a scam now for having a higher price?

    In order to be equal to what MCA total security offers, and even then, Good S falls short, but even still you would need their platinum plan, which is 179.99 per year, not 79.99. Keep in mind, mca has a 9.95 per month or 120 per year plan themselves, but, as i said, we need to get as close as possible to comparing apples to apples, not just taking one companies lowest plan offered, then comparing it to a higher plan of MCA

    FYI, good s does not do 500 miles of towing, their plan is unlimited mileage TO THE NEAREST SERVICE CENTER, so basically, no matter where you are, you don’t get to chose where your car goes, it goes to the nearest viable service center. Now with their top plan ($180) you also get up to 100 miles to OF YOUR CHOICE, just like MCA does, except for MCA does not limit you to just 4 service calls per year, MCA is unlimited calls per year

    Now with that said, without even getting into more detail of why MCA’s benefits are better, just on the service calls alone, lockouts, tows, battery, gas etc etc. Good S and AAA limit you to 4 per year. MCA gives you UNLIMITED, 365 days a year, that alone without touching the other benefits that make MCA better is a slam dunk. So with MCA total security at 20 per month or 240 per year, compared to Good S 180 per year, that’s not the big savings as you are trying to project here.

    AAA no longer offers referrals, Good S doesn’t either, so that in itself is another reason MCA is far superior, with AAA if your aunt, cousin, neighbor, co worker, whatever says, hey, who do you use for roadside? My car has been acting up, or my car stopped on me the other day and i had to call a to truck and they hit me for $150 bucks. If you tell them to call AAA, you’ll have nothing to show for it, with MCA, you just made $80, im sorry but that’s pretty darn good if you ask me. Besides, you bash MCA, and it’s no different than AFLAC or any of these other benefits services, even AAA used to pay for referrals until recently…..Now they don’t give you anything….

    As far as MCA, they indeed were started in 1926, you are confusing MCA the actual benefit providing company, with TVC Matrix who is simply the marketing division that coordinates the agents that sell the memberships.
    They also do indeed have an official site,, and they allow reps with their approval to create their own sites to market their products, if you’ll notice, if you go to that site you listed above, and actually try and purchase a membership, it re-directs you right over to a tvc checkout in order to make your purchase. They handle taking the payments and setting up your membership, then they pay out that rep for getting the referral.

    To that paula person, the one that stated its a scam because the agent she signed under told her to market on facebook. Honestly, sometimes i really wonder how on earth this nation hasn’t already sank yet when i read posts like that. So now MCA is a scam, because some agent who you signed up with told you why not market on facebook, oook. So you felt you weren’t trained properly, that’s the companies fault….

    How about this, how about you stop waiting on someone to save you, make a few flyers, go out, post on there about MCA’s unlimited roadside assistance benefits, put them out on some houses, cars, laundromat bulletin boards. Keep in mind, there are 100’s of millions of cars on the road, and every last one of them is a prospect for you, you don’t need to do facebook, you just need to get out and work, that’s what many others are doing.

    • This article was meant to inform people the truth about Motor Club of America and yes, people are receiving an overpriced service. And yes, members are paid decently with their matrix compensation plan for promoting this business opportunity. I did compare apples to apples. Good Sam’s roadside assistance is now only $70 and it provides coverage for your spouse and dependent children, your RV; car; van; SUV; motorcycles; and boat trailers, and they have a nationwide tire replacement program. MCA’s Total Security is $240 per year making it 3.4 times more expensive. Good Sam’s Platinum Plan is $115 per year which is $9.58 per month. The extra benefits that MCA offers are included just to justify the cost of their overpriced membership and that extra money that they’re making are being used to fund the pyramid scheme. The only reason why representatives are buying it is to make money with it, not because of the actual product and a large focus is being placed on recruitment and not the actual product itself.

      An why do they state that have been in business for 80+ years when the Oklahoma Secretary of State website says they’ve only been in business for 41 years?

      Motor Club of America itself doesn’t have an official website and like I said, their actual website is very unprofessional. It’s not an accredit business. And why in that YouTube video they use a testimonal from National Motor Club of America? Unlike Motor Club of America, National Motor Club is a member of the Direct Selling Association and is accredited by the BBB. They’re also one of the top ten roadside services for 2014.

      MCA is a scam.

      • Hello, I just would like to thank everyone for commenting and sharing their Thoughts. But I would like to remind you that those people who intentionally bash a company because they do not like it or trying to drive traffic for their own benefits. I just would like to remind you that God does not like those who lies and he will curse soon or later even for marketing purposes. I am not against honest criticism at all but you are attacking MCA fiercely. and deceptively. MCA offer many Packages to its members from 9.95 to 14.95 to 19.99 a month. The customer has a choice to choose the package he can afford with different benefits. MCA offers a real product and Serve its members in the U.S and Canada and they have 24/7 customer Service how the hell in the world its a scam. I agree with you that someone of the agent are using deceptive tactics to recruit people for the commission which is really their fault not MCA Fault because they believe everything the agent tell them without reading MCA rules and conditions. Sales associate can make good money base on their performance. Please remember that we all day and we will be accountable for everything we write or we say about anything and that God is called the most just. You will be rewarded by God if you are honest in your criticism. I love criticisms because we can always improve and get better but lying is a pure evil. Life is so short. Please post my comment and thank you for your big heart.

        • Sadiq I do not lie, deceptive are the promoters of MCA. AutoVantage is just $70 per year or about $6 per month and it covers your entire family. MCA lies about how long they have been in business. They are never mentioned as one of the best roadside services, not registered with the Direct Selling Association, don’t have an official website and their promoters tcan’t even use a real testimonial.

          • You do not LIE, I have not seem anything you wrote was the true and another thing you not the sharpest knife in draw you speak as if you think you are smarter than everyone else if you was not around tomorrow this world would do just fine without you and your lies!!!!!!! Wealthy Affiliate that is a real joke, join everybody with this who Sayer I did, now that’s a SCAM go head join free in the start but not in the end

          • Jack, what demons attack you?

            Wealthy Affiliate is free, upgrading is optional. If you work hard, you will reap the fruits of your labor. Just don’t quit.

            The concept is simple, you start a website based on your passion. Sometimes a niche may not work, but if it really doesn’t, you pick yourself up and try again.

            Building a business takes time, just how Rome wasn’t build in one day.

          • OMG jennifer i would like to ask you something would you rather get into arguments with a whole bunch of people about your opinions on an organization you dont like or would you rather just take the feedback given and move on. you dont like the feedback given dont fight back just take it and be mature. ive actually read your article the entire thing ive watched the videos and everything. most things you said about MCA are not accurate. have you tried the company for yourself before doing this?

          • ok i need to ask something about this entire website as a whole ( i was doing some research on the site internally. what i uncovered is advertising behind the scenes. out of every scam review there is always a link to the review about the Wealthy Affiliate website. as a consumer, i find that sneaky and forced because everything negative review about another marketing company Jennifer writes about is Ranked at most 2 out of 5 stars and is dubbed a scam while Wealthy Affiliate is always shown in a link at the bottom of a page. once i clicked i noticed that there was not one thing negative about the site. the worst thing reviewed on there was the cons. well i also seen that WA never uses anybody’s last name doesn’t that get confusing does every other “scam” have full Identification on affiliates from “pyramid scheme” but once i go to WA all i see is everybody’s first name no other information about anyone’s identity is listed on that site. what if we would like to research what “wealthy Affiliates” about if all we get on it “affiliates” is their first name. i kinda don’t get that. and you were saying AAA and MCA had higher prices. but your company charges $47 for a premium service when i can go to and create a site completely free. that’s the thing i don’t get. well as a consumer i wanted to rate this site honestly. and so i will.

            “RANK” for “”: 2 of out 5 stars for constant negative influence and judgement.

            “RANK” for “Wealthy Affiliate”: 3 out of 5 stars for being sneaky and having an affiliate do behind the scenes advertising.

            Your Welcome.
            Have A Great Day.
            Theres My Review.

          • Yes, I do direct my readers for an opportunity to start an online business whether it’s in affiliate marketing, to promote their MLM or their own business.

            I am recommending an opportunity that can change their lives or else, they will keep on falling for more scams. I know I would of and I am grateful for the person that introduced me to WA.

            I only said MCA had higher prices, not AAA. Wealthy Affiliate is $47 for the premium membership, but it is only $299 yearly with the Black Friday special offer. They also offer a discounted 6 month membership.

            Lol, ouch…well that was harsh sweety. I spent hours doing research on these companies and I was only trying to help my readers.

            Wealthy Affiliate teaches all their members to do what I do. 😉 I think you will change your mind once your in.

      • clearly you have NO idea what your talking about i have been selling as well as using MCA since 2012 and i’ve used there towing,tire change,prescription,dental,and eye exam benefits for the last 5 years ive saved thousands on just those benefits alone not to mention all the money i’ve made from referrals part time handing out flyers and you know nothing about the company apparently. $19.99 a month is nothing compared to all the benefits you get as well as getting paid to refer.and as for your gripping about there website MCA does not put ANY money into advertising it all comes from word of mouth from customers using there own methods of marketing in my back office i have 5 mca websites that were given to all employees to use for marketing as well as premium mca websites .Its kinda pathetic your trying to bash a good company with allot more benefits then you named on here just to try to get traffic to whatever garbage your promoting but then again thats what people do but out of all the referrals i’ve made since 2012 i dont remember ever having to bash another assistance program to get traffic like you because when i actually show the list of ALL the benefits for only $19.99 a month the memberships sell own their own.If you actually knew as much as you think you do about the company you would probably be jumping on the bandwagon yourself and another thing you clearly didnt know when you were website bashing was the real good websites are in the customers backoffice so unless you were sent a referral link with the premium website you have never seen one bc as i said before they give all the good websites,flyers,business cards,post cards,and car decals with personalized website domains with the MCA webpages linked with referral links so you have no idea how great the customer/referrer MCA websites look so keep bashing because you sound real stupid to the customers that actually know about ALL the benefits you get and i dont mean the few benefits you mentioned im talking about ALL of them.oh yes and as for you claiming they dont have a BBB rating ill send you a link to disprove you for the lying schemer you really are—90036519/reviews-and-complaints read it 4.8 out of 5 star rating on BBB and IT SAYS MCA STARTED LOCALLY IN 1996!!! the MCA started over seas in the 1920 so there you go clearly twisting words to make it sound like its not what it is…what a joke…try to actually pay attention and learn about your competitor before you embarass yourself from people that actually do know the details about the company moron

        • So you claim how great MCA is- they didn’t even make it on the top ten on like Allstate, AAA and Good Sam.-

          MCA affiliates making exaggerated income claims on Youtube videos and going against FTC guidelines is even more pathetic.

          What I’m promoting is not garbage or even a MLM like your garbage opportunity that also gives you discounts to roach infested motels.

          I haven’t seen a single car with the MCA decal.

          Please don’t call me a lying schemer, something that the top promoters of MCA are. They didn’t used to have a BBB rating or an official website. Anyone that pays the BBB can get an “A” rating.

          Lol, you sound really evil and unhappy.

  5. Know what is also amazing, wealthy affiliate that you are promoting also has a referral payout, you said so right in your review, so using your own logic, wouldn’t it be a ponzi as well if MCA is?

    MCA makes revenue exactly how insurance industries do, they also pay out their agents in the same manner.

    They know that people will hold their membership for quite sometime because if they cancel it they’ll end up needing it one day, and it not be there, so they pay commissions in advance to their MCA agents (same as insurance agents are paid) So this ponzi accusation is false. If that’s the case, so are life insurance agencies, supplemental insurance like AFLAC, health insurance, auto insurance etc etc. The revenue that’s brought in is by the customer holding thier policy and keeping up payment on it, that’s how the money is generated. And if they ever have a claim, they are part of a large pool/group, and that’s how they are covered. This is nothing new, i think people just love attacking anything that’s an online program. If MCA was offline only, sold in small offices nationwide, we wouldn’t be here right now………

    And keep in mind, you can also sell MCA benefits without even owning a membership…….You just sign up as a rep, and start selling….

    The reason people want to be an agent actually buy the membership is because 1, they use and need it, because if you drive, shop, rent cars, rent hotel rooms, travel etc etc, you can use MCA’s benefits

    The other reason is, if youre going to be promoting something, you should at least own it and use it yourself, which makes sense.

    End of day, there’s zero cost to be an agent, because even if you buy a membership, that is actually paying for your benefits that you have access to, there is no separate fee to be an agent, on top of the cost to get a membership package…..

    Let’s see if any of my posts are approved and make it to your blog……

    • Yes, Wealthy Affiliate has a referral program but it is very different than MCA in that it’s only one level and what separates it from a scheme.

      You can’t compare MCA to legitimate companies… The owners of MCA are
      charging 2.5 times more than the
      industry leader AAA to fund their

      The only reason people are buying it is because of the hope of making a full time income from home which very few people will achieve. The majority of the clients are the reps themselves.
      charging 2.5 times than the industry leader AAA. It is nearly impossible to sell this very uncompetitive product and they throw in all the extra benefits that people don’t really need to justify the price.

  6. There is no official website for MCA. Motor Club of America is a SERVICE, not a business. It’s the titled given to the membership plans, so I don’t understand why people keep saying that or why the company doesn’t intervene. I have promoted MCA for awhile and have done extremely well, with my website (which looks official, but I hand designed it to look that way on purpose) and have received everything I was promised. The only complaint i have is that sometimes the customer service can be bad or towing can take awhile to get to you, but other than that all is great. I’ve been paid weekly as promised, service as promise, discounts as promised, etc. etc.

    The company is great as far as the benefits they provide, and I don’t care what anyone says I’m leaving it at that and not about to argue. Don’t know it if you haven’t used the service yourself.

    Now on to the bad… I DO however hate the association that the company has with bad reps. People that market by flashing money around like buffoons, the people that con people into joining with claiming they will train them and don’t, and the association with Rodney being a sex offender in Florida now being the big problem talked about so much. None of that has ANYTHING to do with MCA, it’s just the reps doing what THEY do. Shame on MCA for not cancelling there accounts or at least stepping up, but it is what it is.

    The MLM part every speaks about doesn’t matter. If that were not attached, would MCA not be a great service? The MLM doesn’t even really pay much. You are getting paid for REFERRALS just like anything else. I don’t get where people keep claiming it’s a scam… makes no sense to me.

    I looked up at some of the comments and just like I thought… REPS told you all stuff to do that was fishy. They are INDEPENDENT REPS whom mostly have been taught by others whom were taught the same thing. There is real training in your backoffice.

    • Every legit service has an official website including National Motor Club. MCA is not a member of the Direct Selling Association and they are not accredited by the BBB. No mention of them is made on ‘best roadside service’ articles.

      They add a bunch of unnecessary benefits to justify their overpriced service and use their revenue to fund their scheme. That’s why they’re 2.5 to 3 times more expensive than the industry leaders.

      Yes, MCA cares about only making money no matter how it’s done.

  7. Motor Club of America not only suck as a way to make money, but the product sucks. I never used this is away to make money. I just wanted the towing services. I probably been a member for over 2 yrs. They wouldn’t tow my car to the shop because they said it had not been running for 4 days and that this is no longer considered emergency towing. They could call out a tow truck but I would have to pay for it. I was trying to tow my car from my house to a auto shop about 2 miles from my house. I’m from Indianapolis, IN car broke down near Ft Wayne IN. I towed it from Ft Wayne to house with u-haul tow dolly. I just needed to get it to the shop from my house and they wouldn’t do it. They said it was longer than 24hrs since it broke down. I pay these jerks 19.99 a month for this type of service. I cancelled on the spot. Do not get this tow service go with the bigger, better, more affordable AAA if you need a tow service or use the plan offered by your auto insurance. But this is a joke! I only bought it because of the possibility to make money with it, I only kept it because of the towing service. But believe me it is a waste of your money!

  8. You may be a little misinformed. First off you don’t have to pay $40 to become an associate. To become an associate is free! Also before i was an associate i was using the benefits which are real. They were able to provide me with 37 mile tow at now out of pocket cost and the customer service was great. As i am riding in the tow truck i get a phone call from a MCA CSR and was checking if i had gotten assistance. So she called to make sure i was being assisted. It seems to me like you guys thought selling the benefits was hard and couldn’t make a sell, gave up, and now taking the frustration out by writing this article. I actually am making great income and I don’t offer the business opportunity but just offer citizens in need with these great benefits. I know that most associates dont do as i do and that is why they are the scam and unsuccessful.

    • Yes Larry, MCA is free to join but people are being led to believe that they have to pay. As I mentioned before, MCA doesn’t have an official website that actually says Motor Club of America. What you will find are websites done from the reps themselves.
      MCA is uncompetitive and overpriced in order to fund the pyramid scheme that they are running. They throw in all those extra benefits to justify the price but those are things that you don’t really need.

      • Thats ridicules. I sell/use the service. People love and need them. Thats why the official reviews out rank AAA. Why are you so mad at MCA, why ruin future reps chances of making a nice income? Cause they’re not signing with your opp? Thats a sad way of marketing.

          • I’m not a rep for MCA, but MCA also gives them more value for the money than AAA.
            Professionals, unlike yourself, don’t choose to tear down another company to build there own; regardless of who the company is. I guess that’s the way to teach you to do it at WA. MCA is not a scam, because they are telling you in black and white exactly what you will receive, so where is the deception. I am not referring to a few morons on youtube that flash cash. Go to there web site and show me where the deception/scam is, and then we have something to talk about. a side note, its pretty disgusting how much time you spend knocking another company, instead of spending time building yours.
            Like i said, you are EXTREMELY unprofessional.

          • All you MCA reps are so dramatic. I am not tearing down anything, I’m simply stating the truth.

            And yet, these MCA reps have been deceiving people for years and MCA hasn’t done nothing about it.

            Also, its pretty obvious that MCA is a scam since when I uploaded my video stating that MCA reps were using a testimonial from a customer from National Motor Club and they deleted the video.

  9. And I do have to mention this, maybe adding fuel onto the fire Jennifer, but after your replies to everyone, not one do I see them responding to your posts after you have replied, how unprofessional is that? I just wonder where these people get their so-called facts from.

    Its a bewilderment to me to see people that are bashing you when you are just making an honest opinion that they can disagree on, but please disagree in a very respectful way, everyone is right to their opinions and Jennifer, you are right to express how you feel, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.

    • Yes, they have nothing to say. Usually people get really defensive about a business opportunity they’re involved in or usually they are the people promoting the business commenting in here.

  10. All this talk about MCA scam, this MCA scam that you need to stop and define the term scam before using it darling. My thing is this… if the benefits are being supplied and people are actually using them, how is it a scam? If the company promises you’ll be paid for your referrals and they pay like they stated, then once again how is it a scam? Here’s an example if TVC promise to pay me when I referred some people and it turned out they actually didn’t, that will be a “SCAM” because they lied which is “Deceiving” then you would have a “Legitimate Argument” if they stated the benefits were gonna serve the people for the money they put out; when it came time to use the benefits they didn’t work, that will be a “SCAM” once again then you’ll have a “Legitimate Argument” but you don’t so stop wasting your time. You also mentioned the BBB, well sweetie it seems to me that the BBB is no stranger to fraud activity either, take a look lol and yall have the nerve to be screaming, oh if they are not with the BBB they can’t be real. Shut the bleep up! After you watch that video, you’ll be singing a different tune about the BBB yourself. Lastly my thing is this if this TVC/MCA is running some kind of illegal pyramid which I know they are not, what the hell does that have to do with you…absolutely nothing. Worst case scenario is that the company will shut down then people will move on with their lives and find something else to associate themselves with…But the way you talking you act like you gonna get jail time or something. Damn, calm down. Its not that deep as long as the benefits work and I’m able to make legit money and I won’t be prosecuted behind selling these memberships I’m good… let the owners deal with the rest of that unnecessary stuff you’re talking about… because at the end of the day as long as my commission check is dumped into my bank account come Friday morning and my benefits continue to work during the times I need them, that’s all that matters. There’s absolutely nothing else to be concerned about Jennifer, you just sound bitter and immature

    • The fact that their overpriced benefits are not guaranteed, there’s no official website, that the majority of the people buying the MCA membership are reps, and that they use deceptive marketing is what makes MCA a scam. Of course, it is to their benefit to pay their reps if they want to have people joining their endless recruitment scheme.
      Yes, I agree with you that the BBB is somewhat unethical.

      How is the fact that MCA a pyramid scheme have to do with people? Some of the effects are that they will waste their time and money, damage their reputation and hurt their relationship with their family and friends.

      You need to open your eyes and stop being so close-minded.

  11. I have been with MCA for three years and I sell only the benefits. I never been shorted a dollar and I’ve never known the services not to work. MCA is not a scam simply because they pay me every week and changed my life. Really, all you’re doing is bashing my company with bs to gain traffic. If I was to make a post about your company pointing at bs, you will be offended. Just cause you didnt make any money with it does not mean its a scam because I’m a normal person that does normal marketing and MCA is my biggest source of income. Please stop cause MCA has been around before your mother was born. If it was a scam, it would of been gone by now right? What scam do you know been around for this long?

    • MCA is a scam because there is more emphasis on the recruitment of indiduals rather than the services. If MCA was so legitimate, why do they steal a testimonial from National Motor Club?

      Actually, my mother has been around longer than MCA.

      The FTC takes very long to identify and shut down pyramid schemes. Since 2001, only five companies have bedn shut down.

      Mary Kay and Amway have been accused of being pyramid schemes and they have been around for a long time.

        • Wealthy Affiliate is already an awesome platform for marketers of all skill levels. They will have everything they need to start a succesful online business from websites, hosting, keyword tool, step by step training, live chat support, and live classes with a Q&A session.

          Wealthy Affiliate is the most technologically advanced, comprehensive and cost effective platform in this internet marketing industry.

          They’re always working on improving their platform and you can access Wealthy Affiliate for just $299 a year with the low Black Friday offer and lock this price for life.

          Wealthy Affiliate is adding more training, more support channels, more powerful websites, more features and upgrades to their website suite of tools, more brand new additions and entirely new platforms. 

          On top of that, they’re adding more exciting new ways to earn money online all to make members more succesful.

          All that’s missing is your hard work, dedication, and desire.

  12. No one responds because they realized she was just going to recycle from her hypocritical opinionated article.
    SCAM is a big claim to make. I can understand poor service. But SCAM is a whole other ballpark. Soon defamation is going to come into play with some of these companies.

    I’m going to need more than just some bad reps and opinions to prove MCA is a scam.
    My grandfather had MCA. I have the table with the car stickers he had. One of them shows the difference of inflation by the change in benefits. See the problem with your claim to MCA being formed in Oklahoma is not digging deep enough to their history. Virgil is not the first owner to Motor Club of America. And Oklahoma is not the birth home to Motor Club of America. Look again.

    Not sure how the benefits offered are unnecessary when they all aim to protect when traveling. Legal benefits are offered when you are in an accident. For when you are at fault or when someone at fault may be under insured. Health coverage is always good if a mishap happens. And Roadside is obvious. AAA on the other hand offer things that don’t required a membership. Many people don’t need advisors to buy a car.

    Not being listed on the Direct Selling Association does not validate your SCAM claim either. There are MANY well known direct selling companies not listed. Like AVON. They have an “official” website. But they are not apart of DSA of BBB. Your opinion of MCA not having an official website is void. It may not be all modernized to your liking, but it gets the job done for those that matter. MCA does not put any money into marketing. They rather pay more into their agents. The reason MCA comp plan being so high.

    Yes, there is a great deal of bad PR for MCA with ignorant representation lately. But that doesn’t make claim to SCAM. It just means those reps are undertrained. Veteran IBOs know producing a recruiting business is suicide.

    • MCA is a scam because most of their customers are their reps that joined only because of the income opportunity and not their uncompetitive insurance plans meaning that it’s not complying with FTC guidelines. They will pay you just to recruit and this is a sign that it’s a pyramid scheme.

      They also used a testimonial from National Motor Club to promote their scheme and their name is very similar to theirs to make them seem more reputable.

      People are being led to believe that they have to pay to become a rep and that they will hundreds to thousands of dollars a month and nothing is being done about it so they will most likely lose their investment.

      MCA is never mentioned as a top service and I wouldn’t want my insurance from a multilevel marketing scheme.

      Avon is in my list of companies to review.

      It’s not an opinion, its a fact. MCA doesn’t have an official website like AAA or National Motor Club. If you find it, let me know.

      No, they don’t waste thousands for advertising which would result in a great loss but they do charge two to three times more than a regular insurance company to pay their reps.

      • you have no clue, you must be a AAA member. Keep trying our company is not going nowhere. Our website is and also how it is a scam I have to file a w9 to get paid oh by the way the IRS, government has a copy and they send me that to file taxes. Jennifer I belive you’re insane lolll. Get a life

  13. Do your research the so called BBB is under investigation ,many reviews and complaints have been made about them .Did you know that in order for your business or company to be rated an “A” you have to pay a member ship of $500 to the if not your rating will be an “F” .

  14. Hi Jennifer. I came across your site while looking for MCA marketing tools. I must firstly say that you’re providing valuable information warning others about scams. However, I’d like to point out that even though you provide useful info to potential scam victims, it would be helpful to your readers, and would make you stand out among other reviewers, if you had personal experience using the product or service you write about.

    As an MCA member and agent myself, I can say the benefits are real and are being provided to members who need and request the services on a daily basis. Yes, there are affiliates/agents that lead with the income opportunity rather than the benefits. But it still doesn’t make MCA a scam.

    Complaints of grudges against a company doesnt make them a scam either.

    The fact is that even the most established and well known corporations have many complaints and lawsuits filed against them. Many of which are frivolous. In business, it comes with the territory. It doesn’t make those corporations a scam. There will always be people who are dissatisfied with a product or service for numerous reasons. Again, that doesn’t make the company a scam. Its just the reality of the business world.

    A scam would be being promised a product and/or services and then the company or
    individual not delivering as they promised after accepting payment for them once or many times afterward.

    Motor Club of America has been around long enough to provide a service needed by many, and which is being utilized by those who are satisfied with it.

    I also don’t believe it would make them a scam just because they don’t have a fancy website and/or corporate offices in high rise buildings. There are many legitimate and successful companies and individuals operating home based businesses.

    Without the costly overhead, they are able to pass the savings on to their reps/agents, can provide reliable and consistent service, and are able to pay their agents great commissions for acquiring customers who might need the services.

    Perhaps, a better way to find out if MCA is in fact a scam would be to contact them, not an affiliate, directly, ask questions, and try the services yourself to see if they do provide what they say.

    You would be in a better position to criticise the service(s) from a personal point of view rather than from hearsay and/or negative comments which may or may not be from a competing or rival company’s members.

    I mean, even if you had the basic membership and only used it for towing or lockout service, would you still consider them a scam if you received the service you requested through MCA?

    If MCA did not provide you with any one or more services from their list of benefits, then you would certainly be justified in your honest criticism of the company.

    But not before then.

    One more thought. Perhaps, you could get feedback from those who have successfully utilized the services, but are not marketing the MCA income opportunity.

    Thanks for allowing comments.

    • Yes, the benefits are being provided, but some of them are not guaranteed and their service isn’t one of the best, and for the price they make people pay, it should be. 99.9% of MCA “members” are TVC affiliates making it a recruitment-driven pyramid scheme. 51% of sales have to be made to the general public to comply with FTC guidelines.

      If MCA wasn’t a scam, why did they use a stolen testimonial in their promotional video? Deceptive marketing is being used to recruit people and make them think it’s $40 to get started with their own business, but trick them to sign them up with overpriced insurance.

  15. I find it funny your trying to put down mca and do that by promoting your own affiliate program i have been in mca for 2 years now and i literally knew nothing about marketing and things like that and now I’m living in a 4 bedroom house with 3 cars all because of mca, i have used my mca benefits many times also mca has been in the news. i just used my mca benefits yesterday to pay my hospital bill and occasionally help people on the side of the road with my benefits this whole story is sketchy not a lot of proof everything hear is not true at all. good luck but i recommend not calling other things scams just so you can get people to sign up with you and your program. ha what a joke

    • I find it funny how former MCA representative DeLorean can’t explain why only his king size bed can fit in his ‘$600,000’ house. The only one making the news is him.

      With impersonation, copyright infringement, business scams, violent threats, and the luring of people into business scams, DeLorean has caused the outcry of thousands to the social media site.


      • That is someone that used code and created a fake signup page that rerouted the signup fee to his paypal account all while using the MCA likeliness/conent and their business opportunity. That does not solidify MCA as a scam. He is a scammer in general but not the company.

  16. It’s an MLM. Empower Network uses the same situation, except they only sell blog space. Empower network was able to convince several of my friends to join. People of reasonable intelligence. They are selling a fallacy, an illusion of grandeur, and making sure to cover their bases by discrediting naysayers as… people who can’t rise to the opportunity. It’s a powerful sales fallacy that is used to grab impulse decisions out of non-impulsive people. By creating doubt or trying to convince you that in order to be a wealthy person you need to take risks that nobody else does.

    here’s the thing about MLM companies. Eventually…someone is going to get screwed. If the entire population of the world decided to join, over 50 percent of them will be on the bottom of the sales matrix, making pennies, and there will be nobody else to recruit to help them gain more money. So what is going to happen? These people are going to cancel their memberships, and stop paying monthly because it will be costing them money.

    If you think you are the best salesman in the world, if you think that you can be the top scam artist in a group of scam artists…go for it. Other than that, you’ll find profits are easier made by providing legitimate services to the public.

    I still don’t understand why it’s called a pyramid scheme. A pyramid requires a solid foundation. These schemes just have a top, collecting money while people try to stack themselves up at the bottom and fall over each other when everyone who they recruited realize that they are spending more than they are making, or give up because it’s too difficult to sucker people into joining below them. It’s more like a series of pullies, where the man on top gets lifted up, and the people on the bottom sink together, and their efforts only keep themselves from falling as fast as the others.

    • Empower Network is based around you selling the scheme to others. There is nothing special about their blog. People will be tied to the domain which is seen as spam by Google, they will be forced to promote EN and they won’t own any of their content. People are better off starting their own website based around their interests.

      Nice comparison and analysis Sean and thank you for your comment.

  17. If someone, anyone not just this poster, devotes an incredible amount of time attacking a particular company, alleging fraudulent business practices, pyramid scheme etc., what’s in it for them? Why are they so interesting in spending their precious time attempting to derail a business rather than using that time to promote their own business opportunity? Could there be a link between actively marketing the assailants business while attacking the other?

    WIIFM – What’s In It For Me(The original poster)? No one acts out, good or bad without a motive. What’s her motive? Surely you don’t believe she’s acting as Mother Theresa trying to save humanity form the evils of MCA? You’re not empty headed readers, researchers and buying her ‘do gooder’ angle, are you?

    There has not been one legitimate truth to MCA being a pyramid scheme on this thread. Not ONE.

    To become a referral agent with MCA/TVC Pro etc, you do NOT need to purchase a membership of any kind. There is NO monthly ‘auto withdraw’ to refer/sell any type of membership within the MCA/TVC/ProDriver umbrella – None.

    Is there a Matrix plan(residual) where referral agents can capitalize on their earnings by building a team of customers? Yes. When an individual purchases a platinum package they are a customer. Their is NO DESIGNATION of being a ‘referral agent’ – one is purchasing the product line. Period. Will another Platinum Membership holder reap legitimate residuals from the purchased membership? Yes. Is there more than one level? Yes. Is this illegal? No.

    This is ‘PRODUCT BASED SALES’ – ASSURANCE SALES .. A BENEFIT SPECIALIST IF YOU WILL. This business model is similar to any other Insurance company who get’s ‘residuals’ off of purchased products.

    I had a god laugh when the author of this post, who’s peddling her affiliate program, says her company is legitimate because it only has “one level”.. I’m not doubting the legitimacy of the company but having more than ‘one level’ within these product based memberships which creates over rides and residuals are a common practice within the benefits industry. Please point out the illegality with this pay structure. Be specific – save the emotional rants.

    Does the author believe there are better options out there for towing, prescription, car rental, and travel savings? OK. Does the author believe the legal assistance isn’t comparable to what someone can find with a private attorney? OK. Does the author believe some of it’s independent reps are misrepresenting the facts? OK. Does she think MCA isn’t legitimate because it doesn’t have an “up to date’ website -? OK.


    So t begs the question — why is mother Theresa of the business world attacking MCA on an online forum? Why? Simple my friends – follow the money. She’s using attack marketing to build her brand(sad-ultimately VERY INEFFECTIVE way to do it.)

    As there should be authorities over seeing true pyramid schemes, there should be authorities to prosecute those who falsely accuse and slander legitimate marketing arms for businesses as illegal. This poster should be held accountable. I would bet my house(s) and my family’s, a Direct selling attorney would wipe her out cold and charge her with slander.

    but the poster isn’t swimming with the sharks as she’s baiting the weak and ill informed on here.. she’s feeding the tadpoles.. She’d be eaten alive already otherwise.

    WIIFM – poster? Potential $$ for you. Trying to build your”one level”..? Sinister way of doing it, wouldn’t you think?

    For those who take the poster at her word, is this someone you would want to align yourself with when considering starting a business? Wouldn’t you rather be aligned with someone who’s concentrating on building her brand in an ethical, moral manner? Is this who you want to learn from?


    • Even if it’s free to “sign up” for MCA, if there are minimum volume requirements to advance to higher levels or commissions it means you’re paying to play.

      Unless members are referred, nobody would make money. In MCA’s case, the majority of their “members” are also TVC affiliates, meaning it’s an endless chain recruitment. People are joining because of the business opportunity and not the inflated and inferior service.

      They pay overrides to affiliates rather than from sales to the general public.

      When the compensation plan is more than five levels, it is meant to enrich those at the top while scamming those at the bottom.

      Sinister are the MCA reps misleading people and then promising to help them people after they pay their $40 and they don’t.

      • You just don’t understand something. ALL THEIR SALES ARE TO GENERAL PUBLIC at the time of the sale! They are NOT affiliates until AFTER the sale. This means 100% of new sales to anyone NOT already using the system is general public. A system like this only works if they indeed do keep making new sales. Otherwise due to the Higher cost you point out so often, people would just leave. I can tell you are NOT an attorney. Otherwise you would see the loophole. EVERY good business uses loopholes to their advantage IF not immoral. There is nothing immoral about the general public who just made a buy then becoming an associate. It is not a pyramid scheme because it is leveled off by the matrix and does not go from all at top to many at bottom or the opposite. It also offers a legitimate service regardless of what you feel of the service. Pyramid schemes focus more on recruiting other participants than selling the product or service, making little to no mention about the market for the item. They mention in great detail the product. AGAIN, regardless what you think of the products offered. Your opinion is they offer a lot not needed by most to seemingly make up for the extra cost. However, the 10k accidental death ALONE would normally cost many $8-$12 every single month if over the age of 30 yrs. Most get the $19.95/month deal. If you use the Hospital benefit or if you just get injured in an Auto accident and go to ER. You will make enough money to pay for YEARS of the service! TRUST ME I UNDERSTAND YOU! I agree they are skating boundaries of the law. Again, most companies do! That is why they have legal departments to advise them. You can skate the law as long as you are not breaking the law. That is how Trump became a multi-millionaire 3 times over lol. Lastly. THEY DO have a main web site. It explains the time line you had questions about. IT is also a decent web site. How you claim they don’t have a legit web page is Way beyond me. It is a great sight that explains the product. “no official MCA website = WRONG
        not listed on BBB = WRONG
        (they’re listed under TVC, their parent company)
        AAA is cheaper & offers more = WRONG: (it’s cheaper, but it also doesn’t offer the same benefits and is not listed as a premium service as MCA is sold as.)
        they chose name to appear as National Motor Car Club of America = WRONG (MCA Motor Club is 90 years old) MANY and even MOST companies claim their heritage to date back as far as it’s founders original company. (You are just being literal). However he would win in court of law on this claim!
        MCA used to be Pre Paid Legal = WRONG (TVC CEO Virgil Coffee used to be involved with them but it’s separate)
        Glassdoor gave them a 4.1 rating. Impressive.”
        Sorry but you did not investigate far enough! You only went as far as it took to confirm in your mind that you were correct. As well you don’t seem to understand they sell their product in their minds to others as a PREMIUM product above AAA and others. Many people learn to sell to those clients looking for such. GO TO THEIR WEB site. THEY HAVE TRAINING THERE Members. Don’t depend on those selling you the product. Use the web site to get classes.
        You may not agree it is superior product. However, many do. And they will be the ones to pay for it.
        Sorry, but they do I fact have a SOLID web page and a solid product as well as a training program.
        THEY ARE a legal company that do in fact have MANY more subscriptions to service than they have “resellers”. Did you not check this out? You assumed way to much. The very thing you tell others to quit doing with you. The catch is they sell it as PREMIUM product. MANY people want what they think is the best. EVEN if others don’t agree it is premium or even think it is less. IT’S all about the sale of perception. If it brings piece of mind and in fact delivers what it claims them so be it!

        You would do best just to stick to your argument on cost verses what is supplied and why you think that makes your product a better sale for those trying to make money.

        • Is it really considered a sale when the majority of MCA reps get people to become customers by leading them to believe that their small initial investment will turn into thousands which is against FTC Guidelines? No, I’m not wrong about MCA not having an official website. You know that for a long time they didn’t used to have an official website. Why was the video that I uploaded deleted? I can’t think of anything else but to hide that you tried to mislead people by using a man using his National Motor Club of America benefits into thinking that it was MCA.

  18. Hello Jenn, I gotta say, you must be part of a illumiatti group. To worry about what one entrepreneur company does to promote it’s products, is simply a waiste of typing time. There are so many cimpanies out there that used to seem like a scheme, that has now gone mainsream in the fortune 500 genre. Why waiste your time trying to tell people to give up, don’t try, or Stay broke. You are not a “people helping people person.”

  19. M.C.A. is a great idea to help Americans in these bad economical times. More college grads are out of work and can take advantage of m.c.a. to move on in life. A stay home mom/dad can make a lot of money and pay bills or buy things. So make money America this chance may not come to you again!

    (URL removed)

  20. I have MCA as my roadside assistance program, I left Allstate’s roadside assistance program for them. I have to say they are not a scam. I have been with them for about 5 yrs now and my membership has paid for itself many times over. I have always received courteous, prompt service from them when needing roadside assistance. They even paid $500 to me for an accident which I had to go to the ER for, that wasn’t even a car accident 3 years ago. Plus they are getting ready to pay me $500 more for a car accident I was in 2 days ago and seen in the ER for. That is just one of the many perks beside roadside assistance you get with MCA. Although I do not promote MCA online, I must say that I do enjoy the perk of getting $80 for the referral of someone I know. As a matter of fact, I will be getting one Friday. They always pay. I would not suggest doing this as a “job”, but using this as a motorclub membership and enjoying a referral bonus from time to time or however much you choose to promote it, is great!

    • Motor Club of America is not #1. Top Ten Reviews named AllState as the best and they have a $52 offer for new members, making MCA about two to five times more expensive. In fact, MCA wasn’t even mentioned and I have never heard of this company. Without the income opportunity, nobody would become members making this a product based pyramid scheme.

  21. If MCA wasn’t a scam, why did they use a stolen testimonial in their promotional video? Deceptive marketing is being used to recruit people and make them think it’s $40 to get started with their own business, but trick them to sign them up with overpriced insurance.


    You’ve been bashing MCA for the longest saying it’s a pyramid scheme, it’s a scam, its more expensive than AAA; they stole testimonials, yada, yada, yada. Lady, you sounded like an old broken 45 r.p.m. record everytime the needle skipped.

    Let me tell you this: Ever since it relaunched in 2011, tens of thousand people promoting MCA not only made over millions of dollars in commissions, but signed up over 2 million+ members enjoying over $150,000 worth of benefits. So, to responded to your accusation that MCA is a pyramid scheme, is just bunk.

    Also, you said MCA stole a testimonial video. The company did no such thing. Granted that some of the MCA reps used a testimonial video from an NBC affiliated station in Philadelphia promoting MCA’s competitor, National Motor Club, but did you know that many other reps made testimonials of members using MCA services to prove beyond the shadow of doubt, that it’s services is real.

    Finally, Jennifer, you keep saying MCA is more expensive than AAA. That’s because our services is more valuable than AAA. MCA offers UNLIMITED roadside assistance 24/7/365 compared to AAA best services which you only used 4x a year. In other words; it’s like comparing a Chevy (AAA) to a Bentley (MCA).

    I understand that this is your Soapbox, and you’re entitled to your opinion. However, I wanted to set the record straight that you don’t have your facts straight about MCA and its going anywhere soon.

    • I will say it again that MCA affiliates used a testimonial from National Motor Club after talking about how much loads of cash and the luxurious lifestyle you can have being a member of Motor Club of America right in the YouTube video I have embedded on this article from 3:05 to 4:22 to be exact.

      If Motor Club of America’s services are so valuable, why didn’t their reps use their own testimonial to promote their uncompetitive insurance?

      AllState is only $52 a year also with a 24-hour toll-free emergency road service.
      Their roadside assistance includes road & tow service, a dispatch guarantee, fuel delivery, lockout service and tire change. You can also get up to $750 in trip interruption bebefits and member-only discounts on travel, shopping, ect.

  22. MCA is clearly a scam and if you are fooled by the reviews from MCA members you need to do some more homework . Screw this company and AAA will always be the best bet . No one should ever have to make money and then pay it back because someone had a change of heart . Funny they flood YouTube with the videos with the words scam in the tittle , but it’s clearly a trick . I support Jennifer like you clowns support MCA . Great job and if you are looking for an honest review she has it 100% with facts . MCA just another bullshit company .

  23. You are 100% correct it is a scam. I paid for the service. Could not get in touch with anyone when needed after a few months. When I finally did it was some ghetto sounding person who didn’t even know how to answer any of my questions and kept telling me to go to some weird website. After some research, there are so many people “selling” the service, making up their own websites, but no one who is actually “using” the service that I can find. But I did find complaints about the service itself. I found Rodney Walker online and asked him about the service and he treated and spoke to me like I was some dumb person. I couldn’t believe it. He was trying to sell me how wonderful the company was instead of answering my specific questions but kept saying to refer back to his website. This is all selling and personal websites and no actual service. I hate to say it but this reminds me of Bernard Madoff.

    • For a company that claims to be around for more than 80 years, they are very unprofessional. Sounds to me neither Rodney or that person knew anything about the service- they both point you to their websites so that website does the selling for them. This is to prove that the majority are reps are in it for the business opportunity, not for their supposedly superior roadside assistance and benefits.

  24. Some of these replies defending Motor Club of America are probably from Rodney Walker and/or “associates” selling the service. When I researched this company and came across his name….people were saying some of the positive comments for Motor Club of America were from the same IP address as Rodney Walker, but under different names on a few websites and blogs addressing if this is a scam.

    • Yes, one example of that would be David and Lisa commenting here. MCA reps are some the most defensive I’ve ever seen. They’re all over the Internet.

      • Glad to see people are were still commenting. I can’t believe you put this much effort into a report to say it will pay you and it’s a scam. Have a crack at this readers:

        If I open up a company and i make 38.8 million people (the population of only California) pay 15$ a month for the services my company offers. I’ll make 582,000,00$
        If you and five of your friends helped me to make that money all year, by getting more customers or doing customer service, and i paid each of you 1,200$ a week for your work I would spend only 374,400$ paying you. If you’re seeing alot of people on facebook showing their MCA memberships and money, stop playing around, and get yourself in the game today before they decide to stop.

  25. Ive been with MCA for over 2 years and I make normal annual salary by the end of the year, and I get a tax return. Im not understanding why so many people think its fake? Is it just because you can make a lot of money? I just dont see how its fake. Ive had nothing but success with MCA since starting with them. You dont see people calling AAA a scam so why call this a scam? LOL MAKES NO SENSE do your research and some interviews with actual sales reps before posting a blog post that makes you look “un-intelligent”. By the way, Im a professional web developer and hold a bachelors degree in computer science as well. So I take offense to anyone who says if you sell MCA, your not very smart. Id like to see you program an entire full scale web application using multiple technologies.

  26. Hello Jennifer,

    I was reading one of your comments that one guy posted. He said there is a website for mca So I looked it up and it looked legit. I called the 800 number and it kept leading me to the same person after trying the different options in their automated service. After trying multiple times my number was blocked. Now tell me how does a automated 800 “number” block a call? That tells me that this website wasnt legit. And the so called 800 number was a personal cell number. I also looked up so youtube videos and one guy named William Britt. He is talking about how it isnt a scam and he supplies a number for roadside assistance. I called the number from the so called website and it did lead me to a road side. Also the number that William Britt gave lead me to the same road side. How is it that there is to different numbers?

    • Thank you for sharing this Edgar. is owned by Rodney Walker. Due to the scam reports, TVC Matrix now has an official website for MCA and that’s It seems to me like MCA reps are paying to have their own 800 number and forward it with sites like

  27. Excused Me, but you people kill me trying to talk about MCA, I’v Been a Memeber For 3.5 Yrs, and if we are a Scam, then why do they give Discounts of my Prescription every mo. NEVER SEEN A SCAM DO THAT, also when i need towing they always come, NEVER SEEN A SCAM DO THAT, and they even pay for my Traffic Ticket, NEVER SEEN A SCAM DO THAT, and you will Never See MCA Advertise the Tradtional way, because they take that money and pay their memebers to Advertise by Word of Mouth ( the best way to advertise) and cost less, then a TV commercial . I have a Real MCA Card and use it when ever i need to, with all the Jam Pack Benefits that it Carries, so you need to Get your Facts Straight before you try and put a Company down,…Just because a Company does business in a smarter way then others, that does not make them a Scam.

  28. Long long comment. I need to rant out about this MCA stuff.

    I was searching more about MCA on their benefits & then I come across this. People who earn money with MCA of course will get defensive, because you are putting down our company down, saying it’s a scam. Hurting us to make your company look good. We are trying to earn money. How would you feel if someone bashes your company saying it’s a scam when you are trying to earn money? As a MCA rep, it is not a scam. The services are real & you can earn money by recruiting. It helps a lot of people out in college, etc.

    You talked about a man using a clip from the National Motor Club to talk about the benefits & membership. Then you talked about how they how they don’t have no official website. If they don’t have a official site, then they don’t own any videos. The man is working for MCA as a sales representative who is trying to make a sale. Some do poor jobs & use anything to make a sale on their own end. Was it under Motor Club of America channel? The official one. I dislike how you are trying to make the company look bad on this.

    However, I dislike how MCA reps show off their money on social media & treat this like a hiring job to people than sharing benefits with people. That seems like they only care about the money than sharing benefits with people to help them & make their lives easier. Plus, they show people they earn this much money this week by this many dollar bills, yet they could saved up, and took a picture. When they say you can earn over $1000 in a week or something. It seems like it isn’t realistic. When it comes to that, it is all about how hard you work on marketing yourself. I don’t see many members promote and share MCA by their benefits.

    I don’t do that. I am sharing the benefits with people. I was going to make a graphic for the memberships, so people could see what each membership offers for it’s price. TVMatrix (owner of MCA), their site for associates where we can check out our sales, and stuff. They have a page of all the memberships, but little more detailed about the benefits than what the free associate site we get when we begin. On TVmatrix site, The Security Plus membership said it offers Legal Services. I checked out Total Security membership, it didn’t say it on there when it should. It is under on the on my free associate site. I dislike that. I also dislike how on TVmatrix site, under Total Security membership, they list all the things they do for the emergency roadside assistance. The last thing they listed was “And more!”. They should be more specific what makes the membership stands out along the other memberships. They only using that, just trying to sell. In that same section, they talked about Motorcycles, RVs & trailers like it can only be used for this membership. Motorcycles, RVs & trailers can use one of the 3 memberships.
    I DISLIKE how they are not detailed enough. They should be mentioned under each membership what kind of motors are acceptable. ……..To myself, I’m not using this TVmatrix website to show people the benefits. It’s NOT GOOD for me. I’m a detailed person.

    Security Plus VS. Total Security is the same thing, the only difference is the referral program is under the Total Security membership one. It cost about $10 more.

    If someone has an interest to join, you have to choose your sponsor wisely. Some are not good sales rep, may take your money & leave. Not help you at all. Find someone who you think deserves it. Ask other people that he/she is recruiting (they welcome new members when they recruit someone) .. what they are like. Do some research. Look at their profile & all. This goes for ANY company that is recruiting. Training is basically watching tutorial vids on the training site. It is up to you to do the work & do the research on marketing. They say they will help you, but some people don’t. They are too busy with doing their own thing -making sells. Some of them will say, “Watch the training vids” …
    Some people when they are trying to recruit people, some will be like “Stop making excuses.” when they talk about they can’t afford to pay $39.90 to refer people. Some people need that money for car payment, food, etc. Those are some of the things I have seen lately.

    Another thing, I haven’t made a sale yet. Some members said I can join their team to help me get started because my sponsor is gone for a bit, but guess what other sponsors want? MY MONEY. You think they would help a person out who is working in the same company as them than doing than that crap. I already paid $39.90 to earn money. Why would I want to spend another $39.90 to earn money? You don’t have to keep paying for the total security membership when 2 months is over to earn money.

    I’m thinking about stop doing this MCA stuff. Try to find a different company & promote their benefits/products. Pretty much it’s hard when it doesn’t have an official site & stuff. That’s like no one will believe it’s a true motor club.

    Is it a scam? I don’t think it is. The services are real. People just need to stop treating it like it’s something to hire people & flashing their money around on social media, start sharing/promoting the benefits to people to show what MCA has to offer.

    • They do offer overpriced roadside assistance and they’re not even listed as one of the best. If the majority of sales are being made to the representatives themselves, that’s when it falls of being a pyramid scheme.

  29. Can someone tell me where I need to go to become a free associate of Motor Club of America? If I join free can I still make the same amount of money the members are making what I mean is is the commission plan the same

    • You can join for free just by going to their site, you’ll be paid based on the plan you sell. Like the 39.90 plan paid $80, 29.90 plan you are paid 60, 19.90 you are paid 40. So yes you can

    • Ericka, you can join either, if you don’t want to sell you don’t have to, I joined 2 yrs ago because I have 5 cars and wanted to protect them , you know unexpected things can happen, youre left out on the highway at night, battery dead, or no gas, locked out, MCA has your back, Ive used all of these services. So you cant get the benefits for free, these cost $20 a month, now AAA has a lot of these services but much more expensive and adds on more money the more people you put on the acct. In MCA towing and all services is unlimited, but not free, now to sell, I joined this year and it didn’t me anything I just told my sponsor and I registered as an associate. And in a certain way yes it is a multilevel marketing business and you can grow your own team, help them out. Compensation plan is the same 80 dls. per referral.

    • Ericka you and anyone else can join free by going to**** and click on “Become an Associates”. Let me say this Motor Club of America is a Direct Marketing company that has Affiliate or Associate that market Motor Club of America products. So, they don’t have to have a official website if they did not have one. If you want to join my team we have a Co-Op advertisement to help our team members grow their business.

  30. Why does everyone that promotes wealthy affiliate call every other company a scam? It’s ridiculous is that the “training” you get when you join with WA to call every other company a scam to get results? MCA is a great company and opportunity. You clearly have no idea what you are talking about at all.

  31. She’s not bashing anyone or trying to break down anyones company she has had a horrible experience and did some investigating that brought about more questions. Yes, i wuld love to see the CEO respond to all her allegations and questions as well as others while proving every validation with truthful evidence. Obviously, thats not gonna happen but these other MCA “reps” comming at her sideways with these nasty comments doesn’t make the company look any better. Why would you want to represent a company like that anyway? Thats the problem with people they wanna belittle each other…. instead take the time and educate someone don’t down them because of a bad experience and an opinion. All you MCA “reps” should hv responded with elegance and not ignorance. Slandering her doesn’t do anything but make me wonder what kind of bigoted company u work for.

  32. i don’t believe a single thing on here that jennifer has written your opinion and that is ok but a scam is when you spend the money and never receive anything they take your money and run if you think its a scam good for you but posting about it is down right wrong and i have never been told they were rated in the bbb so i don’t know where you get your info from and they have been in business since 1926 but virgil coffee wasn’t the orginal owner of mca do your research better before putting a company down just saying.

  33. Oh, I can answer that. First off that because TVC is the parent company of Motor Club Of American. That’s why when you search MCA, TVC comes up because TVC own them. Secondly, MCA does have an Offical Website that was not created by an agent so here it is..

    Thirdly, there are a lot of legal company that is not on the BBB site & you want to know why? Because in order to get an A+ or B+ rating with BBB, you have to pay them LOL so I can see why MCA is not on BBB because they not gonna pay them just to look good. So sound like to me & thousands of other BBB is a scam, once again here the proof ===>

    Now you say MCA was not founded in 1926 but in 1973, let’s just say you are totally right, That’s still 40+ years in business LOL so what.

    But now it true they were founded in 1926, think about it, history is always passed along. Once again, here is the proof from the New york times itself ===>

    Going back to your comment on MCA should invest Thousands of dollars into TV & Radar ads, MCA is not gonna do that. Yes you right it did work for AAA & many other companies but that was in early 90’s when Promoting on TV was a hot way to get your message out, now with the advance of technology, people are able to skip past commercial & some stations are commercial-free, plus everybody is on social media these days. Even youtube get more rating did TV commercials ever did so why would MCA do commercial ads when most people are not gonna see it lol. In fact to proof my point on that, Most company like Walmart, McMahon, burger king, Target, Direct Tv, & many others company you see, shop, eat, & work at also have an affiliate program so look like they gonna be doing what MCA is already been doing pretty soon. If you don’t believe me then go to the bottom of their website & you see where it say Affiliate.

    One more thing, A simple of the MCA products on youtube will show that so many people are using MCA benefits so not sure where you were searching at, but it all over Youtube & other places online.

    I think I speak a lot of facts & true here and hopeful I answer all your questions.

  34. Jennifer,
    I am not affiliated with any companies in any way shape or form. I am just a normal woman who was curious about the company and I prefer to do my research to test legitimacy. I found your information slightly confusing, slightly biased, but still does its job by raising questions all people should be asking if they are going to join ANYTHING. I mean you wouldn’t let your child just go to any day care, right?
    Any how, I am not here to bash anyone. I just want some truth. I happen to love reading others opinions because they make me ask questions I never think to ask.
    While reading all the comments and arguments, I have drawn a conclusion. Anytime someone does present you with legitimate information, you do not respond, just as I have noticed with all who have written to you and you’ve shut down their arguments. I would like to see a response to

    Steve Coffee
    April 23, 2016
    Would the New York Times be an acceptable source for the origin date of Motor Club of America?
    May 29, 2016
    you have no clue, you must be a AAA member. Keep trying our company is not going nowhere. Our website is and also how it is a scam I have to file a w9 to get paid oh by the way the IRS, government has a copy and they send me that to file taxes. Jennifer I belive you’re insane lolll. Get a life

    I mean besides the childishness, this is a legit website and NY times is a pretty reputable source.
    I’m not going to lie, I would have found your article more convincing had you not have thrown the plug in at the end. I was all into it until I saw that, and it made me question your intentions for this review.

  35. Hi Jennfer,
    I have had many reservations myself concerning MCA. However; to be honest for the most part, it may not be with the company itself but for the way their affiliates represent the company. I feel very often that I am dealing with someone on a street corner or that they are working out of their car trunk! Does the corporate office not care- maybe not as long as they get their cut? Also during the past year I have come across at least 50 ads targeted to my area on Craigslist. How do these people make any real money? Yes you can build your own website and learn how to drive traffic to it, but these people probably don’t get enough support on how to go about doing so. Again if corporate gets theirs, why should they care. And that is the real problem. I would love to know what the retention rate is.

    • Support does usually lack in these types of programs and I wouldn’t doubt if members leave quickly. At MCA, people are being led to other scams often costing thousands of dollars just to learn how to market their business.

  36. Mca i’s very real and the original company is TVC which still remains, they were only servicing the trucking companies since 1926 but in 1973 they broadened their service to more than trucking companies and called it MCA, They are still TVC and MCA been with the company since 2013, just because a company don’t advertise on TV don’t make it a scam, I only started out with the benefits 1st then moved to opportunities part of TVC/MCA also they are not an insurance service, but roadside assistance service plus a great benefits package that’s cheaper than insurance companies offer and the MCA membership has much more to offer so learn it 1st not a SCAM

  37. People have 800 numbers for the company for professional reasons, customers will call your cell phone all times of the night, so when you have an extension number you can set it to reach your cell phone only at certain times so that you aren’t disturbed at 3-4a.m etc. If the 800 goes directly to a person cell phone you can always check the number out but my number only display to my clients and no random in the middle of the night calls but can email me anytime

  38. People seem to be stuck on comparing emergency roadside srevices which as has been proven, is no real comparison since MCAs is unlimited IF you have either the $14.95 or $19.95 plan.
    With that said, let’s get to the REAL reason MCA APPEARS to cost more! Ready? (Drumroll please!) MCA BUNDLES (meaning “tied together”) their service. By offering members both emergency MEDICAL & emergency Roadside Assistance does indeed drive the cost UP!
    Your argument being based on price alone IS the MAIN reason why most roadside companies have (emergency medical) but do not make it a point to openly offer it to their members because for one, they are an all payment upfront kind of company and if their members had to pay they would react exactly like you are! MCA however, makes including medical affordable by breaking down the cost of having it included, into affordable monthly payments. It’s funny, nobody has mentioned this as it appears most are not as informed as they should be.
    Another thing, call any of those aforementioned companies and ask if they offer and how much the total cost for UNLIMITED 100 mile towung, roadside assistance AND emergency medical services would be and then compare what MCA offers-oh! And don’t forget to ask if they offer it broken down in monthly payments! Then get back to me. Also, since nobody never seemed to fully answer the question…MCAs corporate phone number is 866-467-2221 and their website IS Tbey have 2 offices. 1 in Oklahoma City and the other newer one in Ada.
    You can find them on social media. If you’re on Twitter, be sure and say hi @TVCMarketing
    Any other questions or statements I will be happy to answer or better yet, call or tweet or FB the company directly. Have a very blessed day!

  39. Jennifer I am not a MCA member. But after reading what you wrote I can tell your just bashing a company. I am a small business owner in California and I will be honest with you. You have no business sense what so ever and you are not a businesswoman. A SCAM will be shut down very quickly this is america lady. The fact that you put links promoting your pyramid scheme shows that your just a lying piece of dog shit. MCA is motor club of america. Your website is Jennifer’s passion for internet marketing so your main goal is to market whatever shit product you have and MCA just sells memberships that you can actually call and use. Has over 7 million members.

    • My opinion is based on facts. It can take the FTC years to shut down a pyramid scheme. No, my company is not even a MLM. Dog shit? Cunt? You are the exat representation of the low life reps selling low quality memberships to mask the scheme it really is.

  40. I have seen many MCA folks on facebook and other social media over the years.
    By “many” I mean well over one hundred.
    Never ever have I seen one single person trying to sell the services.
    All any of them are doing is trying to recruit.
    It is an endless recruiting scheme dressed up with a side of benefits.

    There is no distinction between being a member and being a representative.
    There is no financially distinguishing way to tell if one is actually selling benefits or is selling earning opportunity.
    It is this lack of distinction that makes this a pyramid scheme.

    One needs not to be able to point out why this is a pyramid scheme, but rather why it is not. By co mingling benefits sales with opportunity sales, there is nothing to separate the selling of a service and the selling of an opportunity. Maybe MCA was not intended by its founders to be a pyramid scheme, but they are complicit with their representatives running it as such.

    A pyramid scheme does not require that there not be a product. In fact many of the greatest pyramid schemes did have a product. The difference is whether the majority of the money comes from product sales or recruitment.
    Based on years of observations, most people who purchase MCA are doing so because they think it is required to buy into the opportunity, and there is no official information available to them to tell them otherwise. MCA is at fault for allowing the reps to proceed like this.

  41. Wow, there are a lot of MCA shills on this site. The author, Jennifer, posts factual information about this “company” to help and warn potential targets (coughMARKScough) about MCA and all of a sudden every Tom, Dick and Malik come to MCA’s defence. Haha.

    Chill out guys, I was just about to sign up to their program to make thousands of dollars a week, but then I read this article, because I do my homework, and she changed my mind. Thank you, Jennifer !

  42. i been a MCA customer for 10 years now i love the benefit’s they never let me down. I use the legal service and so much more

    • Katherine, I was about to erase your ugly domain that’s not even secured, but I decided to leave it.

      I doubt anyone will click on that. Did you really had to use my blog to steal traffic- don’t you know how to get your own?

  43. In my opinion I believe MCA is a real service,I have not yet purchased their product because my pay day is in two weeks,& I’m 17. I see all these great benefits,I’ve seen so many reviews about their services negative & positive. Most of the reps are gargabge & just flash money,I emailed one & he seems pretty legitimate. I have faith that I won’t be scammed when joined under his team,yes I’m using this as a business opportunity but also the benefits it provides. If you’ll like to see the agent I’m joining under search Eric Alvaro on YouTube,even though he does flash his money but also shows proof in his back office ( He does vlogs) If I do get scammed by MCA I’ll let you know down the road thanks for understanding my opinion 🙂 *7/27/17*

  44. Ive used MCA fo r road assistants on many occassions since 2012. Their service and custoner support is outstanding.

    • Wealthy Affiliate is better Shay 🙂 You can be a free member for as long as you want and the first level of their certification course is free.

      They will teach you step by step how to start your own online business based on your passion whether you want to create your own e-commerce website, your own affiliate niche website, or you want to start a website to promote your own business. Read my complete review here.

      Many blessings to you. 🙂

  45. My friend and I were at worm getting ready to leave. We go to pull out and she realizes her tire is flat. She got all excited (because she is a referal person) and she proceeds to tell me how this would be good for people to see that MCA is real and blah blah blah. So she calls the first time. No answer. A second time, no answer. 4 or five times later and no one is answering DESPITE the fact that she waited on hold for 6 min if not more.
    She then decided to call AAA and got someone to answer within a few rings. The tow truck came and everything worked out.

    My issue is, the 2 differnt times she had to call MCA it seems like she never got an answer. One time it was even telling her she was caller number 32. Ive never had thay issue with any of my services, busy or not. It made me feel weird, that something wasn’t right.

    • Thank you very much for sharing this with us.

      It’s kinda funny she couldn’t prove that MCA is real and she had to call AAA to come to her rescue.

      I wish you and your friend much success and I hoped this experience opened her eyes.

  46. Wow, Im so glad I investigate things. I knew this was too good to be true. Sad that these folks go around flashing the bills $$ and say “its so easy” etc etc. So glad I didnt join. Like the old addage says “if its too good to be true, then its probably no goo.” Peace out

  47. Overpriced , scam , BBB=Blah blah blah. I’m sorry lady but your judgement and opinions are nothing but negative. There are tons of things in this world that are over priced but you know what people still buy them. The service price ranges you don’t have to be in to sell the service nor do you have to buy the (overpriced)top tier package. As a member of anything you give something to gain something. There’s a reason for everything so this so called scam that has helped thousands of people wouldn’t still be around if there wasn’t any success. The only way it would be a scam is if you put money and got nothing in return but that’s not the case is it ? Just because you read the wrong information on something doesn’t give you the right to bash something that has nothing to do with you at all. All you can do is tell someone else about the service, they then make their decisions based off of what they were told misinformed or provided with every detail to the best of ones knowledge. You calling it a scam then calling overpriced over and over bringing up other affiliate opportunities makes you look really bad, why would any one want to join someone who bashes something that’s not relevant to them. You are someone I would just call mislead, misinformed, and misunderstanding. At the end of the day everyone wants to make money not everyone situation is the same someone’s life choice is their own , should anything you said affected any reader looking for more information on the opportunity you may have very well messed up it up for them .

    I wish you the best of luck with anything you do but please remember your opinion is your own and people are gonna take a leap or a step back it should have nothing to do with you

  48. I read your blog and I have absolutely no idea what you are complaining about.

    What’s wrong with the $80 referral bonus? This can be used to pay for gas, oil change, car battery, maintenance…

    How people choose to spend their $20 is none of your business

  49. Hey mca is a pretty good service, I have it and I’ve used it. As for the affiliate program, don’t do ehat everybody else is doing. I make sales. I have a sponsers, never showed me anything. I learned on my own how to sale the roadside assistance. I also offer the affiliate program building up a team. Most people , because they are new to sales, don’t get it, they think just post an ad or two and they’re going to make a sale. it took me 2 months took make my first sale. You have to stick to it. Before I strated I read how it’s a scam and was skeptical, but I need my car towed and it ended up being a rep for mca, who now my sponser, or maybe I would not have joined. But now i’m glad I did. People it’s not a scam, it’s only a scam for those who haven’t figured out how to make sales and quick, because it’s not easy it takes work. I’m kooking for people, who use to making hard sales like insurance brokers, people selling life insurance anything of that nature, because they understand, what it’s like to make direct sale or hatd sales. They want jump ship after 2 months, but someone with no clue, will maybe jump ship after 1 month and call it a scam. Just my 2 cents.

  50. Excellent work Jennifer. I was scammed from MCA back in 2014. I was desperate for a job. I tried MCA and build a large downline worth a thousand. In one month everyone on my downline quit and I became in debt for a thousand dollars. Great job exposing these frauds. There are people right now still trying to say that this is a legit company.

  51. It is credited by the BBB and most product are gonna be overprice and MCA isn’t saying it’s the cheapiest, it’s saying it’s the best. It’s not a scam until the Government says it is, not by someone’s opinion.

  52. Thank you for the review. I read all the replies up to this point. I feel like Jennifer and all the people who made comments have provided great insight of what to expect if I choose to join MCA or not. The internet is filled with good and bad information about almost every product or service. The major points I gained from this post are: If I join MCA I have to pay to join the program, I will received road assistance and other benefits, and I will have the OPPORTUNITY to make money by referring people to the program. While in the program do my best to not mislead people about the opportunity, ensure I have the correct information to ensure my down-line and customers can contact the company and actually use the services when needed, don’t redirect clients to false call centers, and know that this is not a get rich program. If did decide to promote beware that it may take time to get people started, I may lose money if people join and quiet, and their is a high chance of failure.

    Also, I wanted to comment on your affiliate review site. I love the setup and information. I am new to internet marketing and hope to have a website similar to this setup and professionalism. Looking forward to reading more of your post, Thanks.

  53. MCA Top Earner 2018

    Explore Million Of Services For As Little As $5 Get Inspired To Build Your Business | How To Get Motor Club Of America

    MCA | Motor Club of America

    Motor Club of America in a nutshell:
    Think of popular roadside assistance benefits you get from companies like AAA, your auto insurance and other places. This is what MCA essentially is. But in addition to that, they also provide you with benefits that go beyond just towing.

    The price for being a member of this organization varies as there are several options. Either way, whatever membership you join, it will cost you month to month. And the overall price of this membership is higher than other competitors.

    This certainly makes MCA less attractive for most people to try as well as the fact that it’s not as mainstream as the other businesses that offer the same things.

    But this is where things get interesting…
    MCA also offers a referral program to it’s members. In other words, when you become a member of MCA, you also have the option of recommending/selling it to people. If you can successfully do this, you can make monthly commissions from each person you refer.

    In addition to that, you can also make commissions off people your referrals make as well! It’s not going to be as much as people you directly refer, but it’s something that adds up and people have been building entire businesses off doing this.

    This is where the MLM question comes into play. MLM which stands for multi-level-marketing is a form of business where people can make money through a “pyramid like” fashion. You not only make money through referring people into an MLM, but through people they refer as well, and downwards, but the money flows up. This brings up a VERY important question…

    Is MCA a pyramid scheme?
    The answer is no. Pyramid schemes and MLM’s have a lot of things in common (full explanation), the most notable indicators being:

    There being NO actual product.
    There being/not being a product, but the price of it being priced beyond what’s considered fair.
    In Motor Club of America’s case:

    There is a product. It’s a service being provided.
    The cost of this service is relatively fair.
    Taking this into account, MCA is not guilty of being a pyramid scheme. But I did mention before that I’m not a fan of it’s referral program because it is in fact an MLM.

    Some people are huge fans of this business model. I am not one of them. There are exceptions to this such as MCA and the truth is you CAN make money through this program, a good one at that. But it is also true that a lot of people who get into this company are not going to succeed for a number of reasons.

    1. You do get training to help make selling MCA easier. I can’t vouch for it’s training since I haven’t personally seen it, but it involves doing offline/online marketing. We’re talking door-to-door sales pitches, business cards, trying to get your friends to join and basically things that are normally VERY difficult to do. Think about it, when was the last time you accepted a sale’s pitch from a phone, a knock on the door or a friend?

    On a side note, there are training programs like Get Weekly Paychecks focused entirely on helping you promote MCA specifically, but they are going to cost you extra to try.

    Many successful MCA associates making considerable amount of daily income using the MCA training materials, why not you?

    • Jesse, if you’re not a fan of their business model, why are you with them?

      Is Motor Club of America mentioned on J.D. Power? No.

      Is it mentioned on any credible source as a top roadside assistance company? No.

      Are their services reliable? No.

      Did their reps use part of a news footage from a man using his National Motor Club benefits to promote MCA and then promptly deleted the video after I posted that video on my blog? Yes.

      Many companies do have a product or service to mask their scheme.

      You seem like a very hardworking guy and I would love if you joined the top internet marketing platform for free and truly be the owner of your own online business.

  54. Motor Club of America was in existence in 1926 founded by three brothers William, David, and Samuel Green until they sold it in December 1986 entire holdings were sold to Trac Inc. The Green brothers remained directors and officers of the company. In 1996 Trac Inc sold MCA to Virgil W Coffee who along with John W Hail founded the original TVC Marketing. They have every right to use the MCA name the company is 100 percent legit providing roadside assistance and paying for referrals to their associates. No you don’t have to be an affiliate to be a customer. But you do have to be a premium 20 dollar a month customer to be an affiliate which also gives you 50K in accidental death life insurance. Why would anyone buy a membership of something your not a member of yourself? You get paid commission on any plan you sell whether it is the 10 15 or 20 a month plan so no the customer does not have to buy premium plan for you to be paid. Don’t put all the MCA reps in the same basket there are plenty good ones out there. And I am one of them.

  55. They treated me like they couldn’t service me on a technicality. I cancelled the same day. I didn’t get approved to use the service. Waste of money.

  56. Dear Jennifer,

    Thanks for sharing such a great, very informative and useful review on Motor Club of America. I think you done a great job on this review and walked me through the detailed information. Very good stuff. I’ll come back when I have more time and see what else I find here. Thanks and good site! Wishing you all the very best!

    Your Friend,

  57. The first time I needed MCA for a tow, they refused to tow my car. They are scammers. WTF am I paying them for, if they refuse to honor the contract? Allstate towed me twice on the same day, with no hassle at all. I’m so glad I had Allstate as my other roadside assistance plan. The Allstate rep was also extremely helpful, unlike the rude lady at MCA.

    • Richard, thank you so much for sharing your experience with Motor Club of America. Allstate was ranked number 11 on the 2018 J.D. Power Auto Claims Satisfaction Study while Erie Insurance, Amica Mutua, and Auto-Owners Insurance ranked as the top three.- J.D. Power

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