Is Primerica A Scam?- The Truth Revealed

Is Primerica A Scam?- The Truth Revealed

What Is Primerica?

Based out of Duluth, GA, Primerica is the trade name for Primerica Financial Services, Inc.

They will deny it, but it’s your traditional multilevel marketing company and distributor of financial products to middle income families in North America.

The business opportunity includes the sale of term life insurance, auto and home insurance, mutual funds, variable annuities and pre-paid legal services.

On April 1, 2010, Primerica left Citigroup, its former corporate parent company.

How Does Primerica Work?

To become a Primerica representative, you have to pay an IBA fee of $103.95 that includes sales taxes and you’re also encouraged to pay $28 per month for Primerica online.

Once you’re ‘hired,’ you are told to write a list of your ‘warm market’ that consists of your friends and family so you can immediately start recruiting them which can then duplicate the process. Representatives put a strong emphasis on this as opposed to finding their own customers.

Reps are then required to take a brief class to become life insurance licensed and are told that their fee will be reimbursed.

They are given a script that will be used to persuade their friends and family to meet up with them and their upline for a presentation to turn them into customers.

Primerica representatives are independent contractors that solely get paid minute commissions through the sale of any of these financial products with some of the profits passed up to their upline.

The company employs an 11-tier upside system in which they get a fraction of the commissions from their down1ine down to the 11th level.

Representatives are told to pitch their ‘warm market’ because they are more likely to become a customer. After they have gone through them, they are told to approach strangers, also known as their ‘cold market’ when they’re out and about.

A False Dream…

I have been to their meetings before and they have a way of convincing people that this is the best opportunity ever, that just by making a few sales per day and attaining just a few customers on a part-time basis, within a year or two you could be earning a six figure income and can spend your days playing golf and still be earning money.

They explain how you eventually will have the ability to leave your job in which they explain stands for ‘just over broke’ and become your own boss so you have the freedom to travel and spend more time with your family.

But in reality, they stay in business by taking advantage of undereducated and low income people.

…there is no guarantee that you will achieve any specific cash flow level. Most RVPs/representatives do not achieve the levels illustrated. From January 1 through December 31, 2013, Primerica paid a total of $536,506,140 in compensation to its sales force, at an average of $5,614 per life licensed representative…” – Primerica

  • 231,390 people were recruited in 2010 and 134,550 dropped.
  • 244,756 people were recruited in 2011 and the average yearly income was $5,544.
  • 152,901 dropped.

This equates to a 60% failure rate.

Source: 2011 Primerica Annual Report Page 7

In 2012, $509,227,049 was paid to its sales force, an average of $5,513 per life licensed representative.

According to Simply Hired, the average salary for state farm agent jobs is $32,000.

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Why You Should Avoid This Company

  • Only the ones at the top of the pyramid are successful.
  • Not only are their unexceptional products overpriced, but face fierce competition.
  • They only guarantee level premiums for up to 20 years where other carriers can guarantee up to 35 years.
  • Primerica traces its roots to A.L. Williams where the main goal was to find the best and cheapest term insurance to replace their whole life policies to invest the money saved. This is where Primerica fails because they employ captive gents. Representatives can’t find their customers the best deal because they only sell one product and their rates are the same for both males and females. Just go to sites like and you will see that other life insurance companies have rates that are 10-50% less expensive than Primerica.
  • All of their mutual funds are load funds.
  • After you get licensed, you get a low commission of 25%. Your upline keeps the difference between your contract and theirs. Some trainers keep a portion of a sale that you make even though they are already making 75%.
  • The agents are taught how to recruit and are not trained properly. Most people would prefer legit brokers with an MBA over buying insurance from friends and family.
  • It’s a nightmare for customers to cancel their services with them and you can’t replace their insurance for up to seven years.
  • If you decide to leave Primerica, you will lose all your clients resulting in them banking in on your commissions.
  • You don’t even own your business and you can only sell it to another Primerica agent.
  • There is a two year non-competition clause if you go independent.
  • You can’t have your own website because the company wants to control all of the content.
  • It ruins relationships.

My Final Opinion of Primerica

The only way you can make a full time income in Primerica is by working hard by building your team and selling people overpriced insurance. You will earn very low commissions and annual salary that will not be enough to live on. This isn’t a decent company to be involved in and there are much better companies that allow you to keep your clients, recruiting is not needed to advance, you can sell for anybody and sell your business to anyone.

You won’t be helping people by selling them Primerica life insurance because there are others that cost hundreds of dollars less per year which could be used to invest in a mutual fund with lower fees. In the long run, this could put tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars more in your clients pocket.

If you’re seriously considering a career in finance, go independent where you will truly own your own book of business. You will be able to shop around and you can always recruit other agents to get overrides without them thinking it’s a pyramid scheme.

If you don’t have the money to do this and want to have financial freedom, I strongly recommend you join Wealthy Affiliate where you will be given all the awesome training, tools, and expert help whenever you need it.

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588 thoughts on “Is Primerica A Scam?- The Truth Revealed”

  1. Primerica is a SCAM. Legal but very unethical and deceptive. From the minute you encounter someone who tries to recruit you with a job interview, you are LIED TO, with a classic bait and switch. You will feel flattered and competent you may be working for a large business but they treat all recruits like GULLIBLE LOSERS! First the job interview is a cattle call with 20 other DUPED hopefuls who think they are getting an office job. They ask for $100 for a credit check. This should only be $30 and no one knows it is refundable if you don’t work for them. You will work selling life insurance to friends and relatives but only get a tiny percent of the commission, the lifestyle presented by the recruiters is fake. My cousin lived near a couple that were top recruiters. They have a large home where they host recruitment dinners every week. The house is full of tacky, white trash decor with an unfinished backyard. They try to present an image of success. They held fake charity dinners for nonexistent orphanages in India for poor women from her church and stole the money to use for themselves.

    • Yes, they deceive people to bring them in. I agree the credit check shouldn’t be more than $30, I paid $200 for it in late 2008. It is possible to get a refund, but you will have to keep badgering. Yes, new reps get about 25% commission and some of that is passed to their upline.

      That proves how needy, unethical and greedy these so called top recruiters are.

      Thank you for sharing your experience Olive.

      • Jennifer over half the things you are saying about Primerica are lies. People should not listening to you you are bashing a legitimate company for your own personal gain Wealthy Affiliate. Real people that understand the industry will smell you out. We have a lot of professional well known people that respect what we do and what we have done since 1977. You are hurt people and families financial by posting this crap.

        • What lies? I admit that I am human and I do make a few mistakes, but the majority of my content has been referenced and I have done my best to give an honest review.

          Oh, and so you do not try to recruit anyone into your downline or try to sell uncompetive products for your own personal gain? And yeah, you forgot to mention that I don’t make money when people join Wealthy Affiliate for free, unless they go premium which is $30 to $47 per month for all of their training, all 6 levels of their Online Certification Course, 50 websites with unlimited state of the art website hosting, unlimited keyword searches, website feedback and support, access to a community of experts, the ability to contact the owners privately, and more.

          • @ Jennifer I really, really hope you don’t carry any of this licenses because if you do I can clearly see your level of integrity by defamating another insurance company, and advertising in the same blog, I am not a pro Primerica but I am a compliance person that loves law and supports consumer rights and you are violating a few laws. Only uninformed people will support you in this blog because if you really have a complaint there are way more resources than a .com domain blog mainly created to promote business by damaging a company reputation

          • I’m really really not trying to damage a companies reputation. Everything in this article was throughly researched through trusted sources to help people falling from a scheme. And then I try to help them some more by recommending a completely free online business opportunity that could change their lives.

          • Omg, you are still trying to recruit and in MLM I think you need to listen to yourself and see if you even make sense????! I know that you know what you’re capability is and you know that you are not a good fit for an excellent company that have been in the business for 40 years…Reevaluate yourself please…

          • I don’t think what Primerica agents do makes much sense either. If they work for such an excellent company that was mentioned on Forbes, why when a potential recruit asks them what the company is, they only say, “PFS.” 🙂 You’re capability? 🙂

          • You are just trying to put people on your business, my coach warned me about people like you, you are butt hurt because it didnt work out for you and the only reason it didnt work out for you is because you didn’t follow the system or you were lazy and didnt put in the work. Let me tell you I been with primerica for 3 months now and its going great and you know why? Because we work and we do what they tell us to do, we follow the system. And for your info we dont make money when we recruit somebody, that person pays $124 for the life insurance license (which you need) and for the primerica app, where you give quotes and do your sales. Primerica is not a scheme. Its a conpany that gives you a opportunity to build your business. The way it works with the people I recruit is that I dont make money out of them unless they make money. So its a win win for both parts. And you can move up in the business but it all depends on how hard you work. Why dont you just tell people that you didnt put in thr effort instead of saying it doesn’t work.

          • I’ve read a horrible story about a man who put in the work and became RVP only to have his entire downline taken away from him and the only one who profits is the person that recruited him. What I am going to tell people if that if they put in the work in their own online business, the fruits of their labor will pay off many times over and my company is free to join, going premium is optional.

          • Wow this is review is incredibly wrong. People like you with little to no explanation hurt the young man/women that get home excited after someone gives the a shot to become something great. All the numbers are absolutely wrong. Literally all of them. So Forbes magazine names Primerica one of the top 50 most Finacial companies but Jennifer saids otherwise.. Lol,wonder who’s right.. I literally had to take the time to write something on here due to the fact that this company changed my life. Based on the information you provided I am 100% certain you have no Finacial experience.. Wells Fargo owns over 65,000,000 million in Primerica stock, fidelity millions as well. I’m really sorry for this page to be honest.. I really hope not 1 soul even takes this article into consideration. Amazing even with all the tools out there to do credible research Ignorance is still strong.

          • You go girl. I interviewed with Primerica two days ago and was one lie after another with those crooks. I have been an insurance agent for 18 years and I saw right through them. I said no thanks and walked away.

          • You are putting lies out there.. obviously from when you wrote this years ago Primerica has proved you wrong.. they are the only financial service in forbes top 20 that provide the most job security and that it being a business. Also you dont get any money from recruiting the person so thats a lie aswell . Also this is just online just like texting thru the phone spelling doesnt really say anything on here .. because in Primerica you still had to pass the same test so if you dont know what you’re studying you’re not passing that test by luck . People just try to justify why they cant make it in Primerica that is all.

          • Over half of your reasons to avoid the company are lies. I get that you are trying to be honest but you can’t really give it an honest review unless you have wholeheartedly tried it for yourself. Most of the people who says stuff like the content that you say you mainly referenced, usually come from people you either paid the money and didn’t really put effort into the business and quit because or people who didn’t really understand the process or had horrible up-lines who didn’t know what they was doing. This company is more legit than any company we put money into everyday like McDonald’s or well-known banks. Unlike many corporations, you actually get a chance at real ownership in Primerica. Agents in Primerica don’t make money when people join nor when they upgrade their service whereas you stated when people “go premium” on your blog/website they pay “$30 to $47 per month for all of their training, all 6 levels of their Online Certification Course, 50 websites with unlimited state of the art website hosting, unlimited keyword searches, website feedback and support, access to a community of experts, the ability to contact the owners privately,” etc and I assume you receive the whole amount of that $30-47 a month. Primerica’s version of “going premium” provides you with so much more than your website/blog for only $25 a month. So who’s really getting people to join for their personal benefit? The only way Primerica agents make money from the people they recruited is when the people they recruited makes a sale which is the override feature – something that naturally happens in pretty much every business anyway. The real and true Primerica genuinely cares about their clients, and people who are tired of being a slave by corporate America and tired of participating in the Rat race of life.

          • You own nothing when you’re involved in an MLM.

            No, I receive 50% commissions.

            Lol, if it truly helped reps than why are so many failing?

            Not according to JD Powers Customer Satisfaction 2018 Life Insurance Study.

          • Primerica preys on the weak. It is in the business of recruiting, not selling good financial products. they constantly look for gullible, desperate people with no education to shake down their own relatives, which could ruin their relationship, and then they move on to the next new recruits. The people at the top are unethical. they tell people that steady employment is risky and not reliable. OH REALLY? Having full health benefits, even as a teacher pays at least 7 times more than working for primerica!!!!

          • I agree with everything you said Pamela. This is how they supposedly want to “help” people by encouraging them to leave their jobs to join a MLM scheme?

            I have nothing against jobs, they provide a liveble wage with benefits and some people really love what they do.

            But for those that want to start their own online business because they can’t work, hate their jobs, want extra income, or just want to make passive income to have more freedom, I recommend they join this program that is free to try out and members can remain free for as long as they want. 🙂 They walk you step by step and anyone with basic computer skills, desire, and ambition can do it.

          • They are wrong to say you lied, but you are misinformed on a few issues.

            First of all, let me start by stating that I am a licensed financial planner, but not with Primerica. I am independent and, I guess you could say, a competitor of theirs.

            Starting off with a commission of 25%, and an upline earning the difference doesn’t mean they take 75%. Their contact too, is less than 100%. I do agree, from a leadership perspective, that senior partners didn’t spilt commissions they are already overriding. It helps you personally short term, but leads to less teamwork long-term.

            MBAs are not required for any brokers, nor would they be beneficial. Primerica’s agents are ” properly trained”, in that they do the same licensing exams and courses as all others. Their level of competence, really, like any financial advisor, broker, insurance Agent, etc., is entirely on the individual.

            There is a two year non competition clause for everyone in the life insurance industry before you can go independent. This is a legal requirement to ensure not only the competence of the newly licensed agent with the service products, but also their ethical practice in a fiduciary role.

            It doesn’t ruin relationships. People do. Friends and family who’s love is conditional on either getting involved with a company, or someone belonging to a company, are not fulfilled relationships in the first place.

            Do you really think that investors and insurance agents in any other company don’t also want their friends and family to support them, at the same time get properly protected and secured for their future?

            Is Primerica an MLM? Well,I guess that depends on how you define an MLM. But so what? Some of the most prolific business owners, and superachievers in the world have praised MLMs, and for good reason. As a business owner, the fundamental most important part is growth. And nothing grows more rapidly than MLMs. By understanding this method of distribution, and using it to reach the masses, Primerica aims to help every family, which requires growth in agents as well. Do I agree with Primerica’s decision for products? Not necessarily. To someone looking for while life or universal life, Primerica is a wrong fit. I have several term insurance companies I regularly use that I have beat Primerica’s rates on. But what they are doing to reach every family, teach and educate on how to become financially independent, and help protect everyone, is admirable, even if I disagree with some of their financial advice.

            Do I recommend Primerica to anyone? I’ll recommend the exact same thing here I do to ask of my clients: go check them out, listen to what they have to say, see what they can do, and compare it with what I can. Talk to as many companies as you want, and let them try to beat me…. Because at the end if the day, I share a mission with them, and that is to leave no family behind, and to make sure everyone gets the best advice and services they can get. So if someone else offers them better rates, and better plans for them, then I truly want them to take it, because that’s what is best for them. There are plenty others that I can be the best for.

          • I was called a “financial advisor” at the young age of 19 when I was in this business and I wasn’t even trained yet. I’ve read about people that were trained with other companies for at least five weeks and are now able to write their own policies. Primerica rushes the training into three to five days and goes over the bare minimum for agents to pass the test.

            It matters because multi-level marketing is a scam. I bet that’s exactly what Herbalife distributors were told and so many of them lost thousands of dollars.

            My main problem with Primerica is that they had the lowest rating on the J.D. Power Life Insurance Study and they only offer a term insurance that doesn’t have the option to convert and they don’t even compare against other companies. How is this truly helping people?

            In my opinion, it is to their benefit to teach people a few things about finance, impress them, then try to recruit them into their awful business opportunity or if they can’t do that, they try to sell them an uncompetitive life insurance product.

            I really think that you are helping people and most Primerica agents are mislead into thinking they are helping people.

          • Anyone can post any kind of nonsense they want, about any company. Primerica is not a scam, it is a legitimate company with many successful agents on a mission to help people. Google: Walmart, McDonalds, Sunlife, Cooperatiors, etc, and there will always be some uniformed individual calling the company a scam. If anyone want to know the truth, they need to speak to a professional primerica agent, who has had results, not some self proclaimed critic, with zero knowledge on the facts.

          • And so they make you believe that you’re helping people, but how are you truly helping people if you can only sell them term insurance that’s overpriced and investment products with high fees? People have different needs and term insurance isn’t appropriate for everyone.

            “Rebecca Walser, a wealth management advisor who specializes in financial planning for high net worth individuals, tells CNBC Make It that the rich use plenty of tricks to build wealth, but “the most common one is something that most regular Americans don’t even know a thing about: Investing in permanent life insurance policies.”- CNBC

          • Are you in Canada?

            Much of what is posted in your review is not accurate. I don’t wish to argue but I would like the information to be true and accurate. I have been with Primerica for over 8 years and I’m sorry it is not true.

          • Whatever corrections you wish to make, you may do so, but I have various links to sources where I got my information in the above comments.

          • Look i agree there were many inaccuracies built into the claims you make. Yes we do up to 35 years and our products are competatively priced however we refuse to gut our products unlike othe companies with exclusions to try to get out of paying. Buying financial products is not like buying a tv where u should always try to buy the cheapest. There is reason one term policy is 50 and another is 70. When i compare other term policies, i actually show the customers the exclusions and how our policies are different. So they realize the value in working with us. In terms of the distribution of wealth when a sale occurs, dont u think ppl deserves to be compensated for the months of hardwork in training a new rep to go out there and be successful

          • Yes, buying financial products is not like buying a tv. I want a product that is highly rated on J.D. Power and offers me an easy and convenient quote online. Furthermore, I want to work with an agent that is highly knowledgeable and experienced in the financial industry.

        • Yeah, it’s no surprise that these people were duped after reading their comments. I mean, just read this sentence:

          “People should not listening to you you are bashing a legitimate company for your own personal gain Wealthy Affiliate.”

          There is a self sufficient adult out there, that apparently works for primerica, who wrote this garbage. I honestly feel sorry for them, and it’s a shame their parents didn’t provide a more educational enviornment for them when they were children.

      • I am at a battle now with Primerica. They lied to me and scammed me. I was hired as a health insurance agent- I have my own license and paid for it. I have not received one dime yet and can not get any of my questions answered. Once brought in and I started to question my recruiter by the name of Denise in Boca Raton, she has not accepted my calls, emails, or voice mails. Not one idiot in the company knows what is going on- all they care about is recruiting people for money.
        I still have not received one answer on my commissions even though the video says that I will make alot of money by selling four polices and make a residual income. A rep will earn at least $10,000 a year for just 5 policies.

        I signed up over $ 53,000.00 and a total of 10 clients in policies for the 2016 term that I spent alot of time on helping them select the plan and I have not received one dime where I was told I would make a minimum of 1 percent or more a month in residual income. They told me one thing then it changed week to week after you signed up healthcare individuals.

        I telephoned this morning and still have not received one response. I was charged 25 dollars per week and finally cancelled it because they have been stealing my money… Nothing on health commissions have been posted all year. A bunch of cheating lying morons. I am seriously thinking of finding a lawyer for being frauded and using my health insurance license to their advantage, and deceiving me into their plot….

          • Hi Jennifer,
            I dont work with them but their representative just got me out of money for life insurance.
            I’ve been asking them to cancel my policy and they just kept saying “Don’t cancel, why would you do that? They have opportunity,” and blah blah blah. If I ask them to cancel my policy, they should of just done it the first out of the four times that I asked instead of trying to talk me into staying. They never did cancel before my 30 days were up and took money when they knew I wanted to cancel. I felt like they were trying to prolonge until my 30 day cancellation was up. They just kept telling me to not cancel and that they can lower my payment. Maybe I would have stayed, but I caught the girl in a lie a couple times and I felt like they tried to play me. And everything you said is how they represented themselves and were saying trying to get me to join. The one guy just kept harassing me about joining after I told him I didn’t have transportation to get to the meetings. when I am ready I would check it out. So I feel what you are saying. Anyone who hasn’t had any dealing with this company should not have anything so say 🖐before you voice your unwanted opinion. 😝😝

          • Lol, everyone should be cancelling their policies with them because their term policies can’t be converted to a whole life policy. If customers want to keep their policy, they will pay an arm and a leg once their temporary term policy is up. This is what Primerica agents fail to tell people.

            Thank you for sharing this and I hope you are now with a better company like State Farm who has won the J.D. Power award for five consecutive years. 🙂

        • I had an interview tomorrow in Cheshire CT and my sister found this site. I’m so happy she did. The woman I spoke to told me they are getting ready to open 7 more offices and
          She’s looking for a manager. I think I might still go and tell her that I read about this company and what liars and rip off artists they are. I am so mad now.

        • Wow, so disappointing to hear all this negativity about Primerica! A lot of misinformed, ignorant, and even misanthropic people posting and bashing Primerica.

          You know, Forbes published a survey about America’s most trustworthy financial companies, and Primerica tied for first place.

          As for our credentials, many of us are college educated. I myself have two baccalaureates and a master’s degree.

          I have had extensive training on all types of Life Insurance products and it is true, we only market Term! About 80% of Americans are SOLD Whole life, the most expensive product in the life insurance industry. Ironically, I have never heard of anyone becoming rich investing in a whole life policy, or a universal life policy, interest sensitive, and the myriad other flavor of the months the marketers develop for their companies.

          We are proud to serve main street America. Most of your large brokerage firms won’t even bat an eye, much less go visit you at your home, to encourage you to invest $50.00 a month in a quality mutual fund.

          As far as the companies we represent, they obviously trust us and want our business! We market American Funds, Franklin/Templeton, Oppenheimer, MFS, Alliance, America Century, Voya, MetLife, Liberty Mutual, AXA and others.

          Indeed, because we have so many qualified registered reps, we are often the largest marketers of their products.

          We have all the sophisticated tools anyone has, including Morningstar recommended and monitored portfolios.

          Our Term insurance is NOT the cheapest in the world. And it does NOT expire after 20 years! We have 35-year term and our prices are super competitive. Indeed, a hell of a lot cheaper than whole life policies that are so expensive the average customer is under-insured.

          So, we show them our Buy Term and invest the difference philosophy and reveal to them the myth that whole life policies are “investments.’ Indeed, all one need do is call right here in Louisiana the Insurance Department and ask.

          Whole life is junk! You pay a much higher price for two products: Life insurance and a savings plan. However, the vast majority of policy owners aren’t aware that should they die, their beneficiary receives ONLY the face amount, NOT the savings. Oh sure, some policies have an Option II provision that does pay the face amount and the savings, but it is even more expensive!

          What doesn’t car insurance have a “savings” plan? Or homeowner’s insurance? Or disability insurance? Or health insurance? Hmmmm

          The average return, according to the FTC, is about 1.5% on a savings in a whole life policy. But hell, it really doesn’t matter, as many policies show NO money in the savings part of the policy until year seven. Now did this, the majority of insurance polices are dropped by year seven! How convenient! But if you do keep it, and you or your loved one dies, it doesn’t matter how much profit the savings made because you don’t get it!

          What idiot here posting, pontificating about the evil Primerica empire would put money in the bank or some other investment and agree to allow the bank or investment firm to KEEP their money upon their death and not give it to their beneficiary?

          People buy whole life and universal life and other shades because they are SOLD them.

          Our mission is to make the person money, and I dare say a high quality mutual fund from American funds is going to pay a hell of a lot better than a whole life savings, should you decide to take it out or even more stupid, borrow against it! You are borrowing your own money!

          When a person has acquired enough wealth, the insurance is redundant and we advise that the client can then drop it. RICH people do NOT invest in whole life policies!!! They are not stupid! They learned and they have accountants.

          The poor working bloke in America desperately needs financial education, motivation and inspiration. I try my best to provide that. I am on call 24/7 for my clients.

          Try calling your New York Life representative on July 4th to come to your home. I delivered a claim form for a client today for the death of their daughter. I spent one hour driving there, showed them how to fill out the claim form, and then drove another hour back.

          I do NOT get paid for that. I did it because he and his family are loyal clients, ex-clients of Prudential.

          Call Smith Barney, Wells Fargo, State Farm, All State, to come to your home on a holiday and make NO money. They won’t come even if they do make money.

          As far as education and professionalism, I have more degrees than the average person. But more importantly, I have the same licenses (state and federal) that others in my industry have.

          I am in a very, very competitive industry, but am very successful in not only educating people, but also removing them from inferior products SOLD to them by insurance geniuses!

          We at Primerica don’t go to a person’s home to bad mouth our competitors or disparage the other salesperson. YOU guys do enough of that.

          We go with solutions. We give them a plan to get out of debt, become PROPERLY protected, and invest in such “scams” as Traditional and Roth IRAs, 401(k)s, SEP-IRAs, etc. You know, the investment vehicles MOST insurance agents are not qualified to market.

          We also educate the consumer on the constant bashing we receive from our “competitors” or disgruntled ex-employees, many of whom dropped out way to early.

          By the way, how about discussing the attrition rate for insurance companies as a whole? It is very high, and certainly NOT unique to Primerica.

          And yes, we do offer employment to people. We don’t have to, and many of us work solo. But, if we can show someone “how” they can work for us to make additional income, why not?

          I mean, how many people working at Wal-Mart, Costco, General Motors and anywhere are millionaires?

          Look, Americans need financial education, and NO ONE provides more than we do. NO ONE! We don’t just “sell” or “recruit.” We educate and that empowers people!

          I am not going to cast aspersions at the entire Financial Services Industry. There are good people (and I suspect bad people) at every company.

          But I will never feel guilty for reducing the cost of a life insurance policy while increasing coverage, or having them invest for their future in a great mutual fund(s) and showing them how to eliminate their debt.

          Rather than beating up on our competitors, the people I have known in Primerica for 27 years focus on the client and doing what is right. After all, that is our fiduciary responsibility and an honor and privilege to serve them.

          • Thank you. Very well said and written. I have been with pfs since 2000. I built a nice business only to have every one fall away due to their own poor choices in life. It devastated me and I went idle for the last few years. I kept current with my appointments and such. Now more than ever I have the desire to teach and educate people sound financial principles that work. To many people have little to no savings, little to no retirement. If they have life protection they do not have enough or they are spending way to much for it, not to mention the ” savings” vehicle is a joke.

        • The only reason you haven’t made “a dime” yet, its because your work ethic. Only way people don’t make money is because how lazy they are.

      • That’s completely untruthful, first the money is not only for the background check is also for the books, the class and the web account maintenance, second I have been with the company a month and a half and I am earning already 50% commission all because of my hard work and commitment, the fact that you are not successful being the own ceo of your company does not mean it the company

      • This is nowhere near an accurate review. As someone who has been in the financial services industry and left a large named company to work within Primerica, people need to understand something. All financial firm up-lines or management chains do receive pieces of commission when their reps or advisors sell financial products. Every single company, if they tell you different they are lying. Yes you do pay your IBA fee and 25 a month for technology…… So lets think about this, you pay 99 dollars, you get a live licensing class average cost over 200 dollars, your state exam is paid for 55 dollars, your license is paid for another at least 50 dollars dependent upon state. Also the fingerprinting you have to have done is paid for at least 35 dollars. At this point you have paid 99 dollars to receive no less than 300 dollars up to 450 dollars of licensing through your state. Now you make one sale, you are opened up to your securities licensing, which is more than twice as expensive as your life insurance licensing. Next if you were to go independent don’t forget your E&O insurance and all other costs involved in starting an office.

        Next none of this fee is paid to who ever recruits, that takes a level of MLM out of it where the only way most MLM’s make money is recruiting. In the business the only way an up-line can make money off of their recruit or rep is if they help make them money. Also when you look to other companies across the financial services industry there is nearly an 80% failure rate in financial reps. This is because most of them are not capable of enduring the word NO…

        Lastly since i feel I am spending enough of my life already replying to your ignorant post, you say classic bait and switch. Lets look at the last portion of your review where you are trying to funnel anyone who looks up Primerica into your Wealthy Affiliate site. You are a vulture and should be know as such.

        • 1. You can’t possibly be properly trained taking classes that are three days long.
          2. The fact is most people won’t make more than $6,000 a year, so why would anyone waste their time and money?
          3. I wouldn’t work for a company that robs money from people even after they cancel their account.
          4. I read some other complaints on Consumer Affairs that they wouldn’t pay an accidental death claim and another complaint where they just ended a disabled persons insurance after 20 years.
          5. Primerica doesn’t compare rates for customers through online quotes for term life insurance premiums.
          6. They rank low on J.D. Power Customer Satisfaction Life Insurance Study and numerous people are also complaining about their service on the BBB.
          7. Their term life insurance is overpriced, especially for those with medical conditions.
          8. Agents aren’t taught other permenant life insurance products and only sell term, which may not be the best option for some.
          9. Primerica is an MLM where the only way to be successful is to constantly recruit to build a large team to earn overrides.
          10. Their commissions on the sale of actual products are low.

          Really, I’m a vulture? 🙂

      • I had a,meeting yesterday with prime and it is a joke! I called bs from the moment she started talking. There is no business website to look at and plus we met at a McDonalds, which I thought to be very tacky. Thankfully I’m educated enough to know its crap! They wanted $124 dollars for a background check . And not to mention the job I’m at now, the guy walked in and tried to convince me to leave my job and work for him. Which I thought was highly unprofessional. Plus he gave me a creepy feeling and wanted to meet at a cafe shop. Ugh so disgusting the whole thing. So when I left McDonald’s yesterday I didn’t even stay for the whole thing the one girl text me( I happened to already know her) telling me that if I liked they would speak to my husband for me. I’m not sure why they told me that, when I’m very capable of speaking to him myself. I told him I’m not doing this scam .

        • Nice Nicole, I’m so glad you didn’t spent a dime on this company. Lol, leave your job? That doesn’t make sense. He’s supposed to say that after you’re on your way for guaranteed success, not when his barely recruiting you.

      • I guess you are one of the washed up failures who doesn’t know what it takes to build a business! You keep thinking small, and being small, and I wish you all the best as a bottom feeder!

      • This is not correct. New reps are at a 25% contract rate but rarely stay at that contract level for very long. The contract level you are at determines the money you make but that amount is not split with your Upline. I legally can’t take commission yet for life insurance because I do not have the state license yet. I did register for the test though. My office gave me a voucher to pay for the exam. I will probably never get paid on the 25% contract level because I will get my first promotion before I even get my license. This means that by the time I am licensed I will be at 50% contract and will make $500 per client.

        I am trying out the business for myself to see if it is good or bad. I have some extra time on my hands so I figured “why not.” The 25% contract is not split at all. They pay out 110% for each contract and if you are at 25% then you automatically get $250. The first promotion is easy to get. I only say it’s easy cause I have put minimal effort towards it and I am almost there. I am a pretty smart guy so maybe this was easy for me to do but I do think that if you apply yourself you could reach the promotion too. And the next promotion after that. And the promotion after that. And the promotion after that.

        I actually like the warm market approach. It might be weird to work with at first but I found it convenient. There was no way I was going to cold call strangers and this keeps you from doing that. Once you get a few friends/family that know you and understand what you do, you start getting referrals. It’s the same with any network. I have a friend that runs a UBreakIFix store. So if any of my friends/family have a problem with their phone I’m like “hit my buddy Mike up at UBreakIFix, maybe he can help.” I got another friend that runs a car garage. If anyone I know has car trouble I send them his way. I have another friend that is a personal trainer, so people looking into that I send to him. I can go on forever but you get my point.

        I have only been with the company for 3 weeks so I have not had the time to fully develop my opinion of the company. As with any job I think it is very true to say that it works for some people and it doesn’t work for others. The fact that Primerica is willing to give anyone the opportunity should not reflect poorly on them. View it like football. For all the hundreds of athletes that high schools and colleges recruit there is only 1 stud every once in a while that will make it to the NFL.

        I’m not claiming to be right or to have all the answers. I’m just stating my experience so far. The people in my office are super cool. There’s even a lady that wil split a pot of tea with me instead of coffee. Coffee gets me so vamped my heart pounds due to the caffeine. The boss of my office calls me personally to give me encouragement. His wife posts motivational memes and encouragements on our office Facebook page. I run a tour company as my main job right now. The day I got hired with Primerica my boss said “hey would you put together a tour event for the office employees? Can you keep it at $$$ price per person.” I was like “absolutely.” The event is already scheduled, booked, and paid for by my boss. I thought that it was really cool that he did that for me. He pushes and encourages me to work hard at both jobs. My boss also sent me links to a bunch of cool business speeches on SoundCloud to listen to. There is also a bookshelf in our office full of good business books. My boss happily let’s us burrow them.

        Like I said. I am very new to this company. There may be some things that I have not noticed yet. If you want, I can periodically check back in with this page and detail my thoughts. All in all, if it happens to be a scam then I am going to scam them back. I will have them pay for my licenses and then I will use those licenses to get a job with another company. I guess we shall see who wins, me or Primerica or both of us.

        I hope this was helpful. I am a real person, but I understand that since I didn’t necessarily agree with your blog that you might try to discredit what I am saying. That’s all good and well. I’m just going to keep truckin along with this thing and see wat happens.


      • Why is it greedy to get paid a % from sales made by people in your downline? That’s just how the business works. The main complain in this article is that there are no guarantees, which is a stupid complaint. There are no guarantees in life. Why WOULD there be a guarantee of making a lot of money working with Primerica? You get what you put in. If you are out every day, meeting people, and recruiting, then your odds of making money go up. If you’re lazy, you’re odds of making money are low.

      • You all have no idea what you are talking about, the so called “people at the top” started out just like anyone else starts out. It takes hard work to succeed and reach your dreams like anything in life. Do yourself a favor and make sure you know facts about things before you feel the need to post on the internet.

        • Shannon, it’s definitely worth breaking a sweat in a business that you truly own- not on a possible scheme where not only could you get in legal trouble, but lose friendships, the trust of others, and lose your whole business if it gets shut down.

          I researched this company enough to where I felt comfortable writing this review.

    • What is your financial background and credentials? Are you a certified expert on this topic? I am not affiliated with Primerica. I actually work with a larger financial institution that has been around for over 118 years. I know plenty about the industry and what you are saying can really land harsh repercussions. Just be sure that you have ALL material facts in order before you deface a company’s name. This company employs agents with licenses that have are under State and Federal regulations. …. FRAUD and SCAM do NOT fit in the same sentence. I can tell you that this company is NOT a SCAM. It is a NetWork Marketing company, but nothing in life is guaranteed. Sounds like you have just had some bad experiences. My apologies for those. However 1 persons experience should not attempt to deface an entire company!!

      • Thank you so much for this feedback. Primerica reps like myself find it hard to help people because so many people come aboard but don’t put the work in, so in their “opinion” its a scam. Its just a simple system that people can use to build a business and help families. For An average person like myself that doesn’t come from money, or any business background, its really been a blessing to my life. Just the positivity that radiates with all the families involved is enough for me to love it, nothing like working at a Job. Again thank you for this.

      • This is exactly the kind of response I am looking for. For a company to have 60% failure rate, I don’t think it would actually have that many people who are licensed. People who are working for themselves have to ask themselves “How much money does it take to make some more money?” I agree that you shouldn’t deface a company just because of a bad experience you may have had. Some don’t know how to work in the system are the main ones who want everyone to follow them with negative comments. I for one will not be following the negativity. Rome was not built in one day. Maybe you should have done more homework on how the business works. If you have not been in the world lately, most big companies uses network marketing to maximize revenue. One of the evolutions that we have in society today.

      • It’s not “1 persons experience”. It’s the average persons experience that matters.

        “In 2012, $509,227,049 was paid to its sales force, an average of $5,513 per life licensed representative.”

        Of course there were lots of people that made more than this, but that just means that a lot of people also made less. Sure, it’s not fraud, but saying it’s not a scam when they sweet talk you into thinking you’ll besome rich off of their system without issue is unethical at the least.

      • Actually I just recently went to an interview with Primeamerican and everything she said was true. My mom’s co-worker’s son was hired and has not been paid yet. They fill you with whatever you want to hear. Being paid 6 figures every month and making the company look flawless. They made me pay for a background check by taking my credit card number. Employers are NOT supposed to do that whatsoever. So I believe that they are indeed scammers.

      • ONE person? Read all the comments here. They have been scamming people for decades. They should not even be mentioned in the same breath with real financial service companies. They exist to profit from membership fees, not to sell financial products.

        They lured me in under false pretenses also, like many others, including former coworkers of mine. Their shtick was to tell us they were opening up new offices in the area and were *hiring* for those positions. Then you walk in, get a lame presentation, then get shoved into an office with someone to attempt to extort money out of you, claiming it is for training or licensing (they were very vague about it). I immediately smelled a rat. Since when did anyone have to *pay* to get hired into a job? Only when it’s not a job.

        When I walked out to say I’d “think about it,” they hounded me for weeks by email and phone. I finally had to threaten them and block their phone numbers to get them to stop stalking me.

      • Hahaha you’re pathetic you trying to scare people by using the “harsh repercussions” line…. Seriously go suck a dick. Primerica is the biggest crooks out there they are an MLM pyramid building scam at it’s best.

    • Preach bro Preach!!! All the haters can say what they want just because they hit a wall with there Warm Market… Primerica is where the winners are at…

      • Your spelling makes your opinion invalid.
        Primerica is a major business yes but morally they are wrong and misleading.

      • Listen my sister bought a term insurance and life another term insurance for my brother with existing heart conditions that they new he had, but when my sister turned 75 which she is ok with that, thank God she maded past that long but when they cancel her they also took of my brother insurances and he’s only 63 he still has 12 yrs to go til 75 now they saying that he didn’t have that heart problem when she got it she has a paper work from the fraud sales representative they won’t even try to allowed to pay for whatever they stop the policy which should allowed her to pay so he can have insurance for him she paid two yrs on a $15,000 life insurance and our brother hasn’t got any life insurance because they won’t allow her to pay to get it back on, now that’s fraud no returned calls or letters just nothing now thats a bunch bullcrap

      • hah fr and maybe that guy didnt got a commission because his dumb ass put the wrong solution number. on all the policies he sold.

      • The whole business model is trash and doesn’t make any sense. It’s for gullible people, Chris. I make more money than 99% of Primerica lackeys.

    • I am not familiar with Primerica but was involved in some MLM form of business way back in the past. All I can say is if you’re passionate for working long hours for so little money, this is the way to do it. Nothing really wrong with it as long as you’re happy doing it. Now that couldn’t be a full time work. May be a supplemental part time gig. But even then, some other part time jobs could probably offer more. On the cultic side of it, some of these are spiritually uplifting with their motivational speakers even using the stories of Jesus in their sales talk. But me being a Bible freak, I guess this is how they got me. It feels great really. But I didn’t realize my own religion offered me more spiritually even though I don’t earn money from it. I say keep a day job and get a better part time job or gig that actually earns for the little hours put in. I’m a musician on the street on the weekends and sell my own music records. I have earned little but I only put in little. Little hours equate little money. Anybody tells you different is a lie and scam. And they’re all over the internet.

      • really suck how you tell people to given up thing that can make good money and really help people. you have no idea. one thing is not everyone go look for life insurance and finance service. second people don’t understand it. that why there a lot work need to be done. it’s matter skill of how you communicate and what you doing. there are people making million out of it because simple fact not many people understand about it.

    • It’s funny how propaganda is used to sway your own personal feelings. There may be a SMALL group of individuals who do wrong, but that’s in every thing in this world. You have wrote this article with 99% inaccuracy. Only 1% of what you said is true. I say this because the small amount of FACTUAL INFO is laced with non-factual info. I only respond to this because there is a need to say these words. If you are looking for an opportunity, see it first hand not on the words of an opinionated article from an individual who clearly has a one-side message. Then ask would FORBES vote Primerica Financial Services one of the TOP 50 MOST TRUSTWORHTY FINANCIAL COMPANIES IN AMERICA.

    • Primerica is scam, but I love it because of the people you meet, the motivational speeches, and more importantly the TAX benefits. The tax benefits is the main reason. Listen you could lease a new car and write it off on your taxes and claim it’s for “business” also you can right off 25% of your rent because it is now a “home office”. God bless scammy Primerica

    • You’re a liar. It doesn’t work for people who don’t do the work or understand what we are here to do. We are listed in Forbes 2015 most trustworthy financial companies. We are THE LARGEST INDEPENDENT financial services marketing organization. If the owner of this page does not delete these lies, she will receive a lawsuit. We help people with their finances. We don’t get paid to recruit. We pay for people’s licenses to do investments and teach people how to make their money work for them rather than saving it at a bank and getting robbed. People don’t have life insurance, and if they do, they have whole life and universal which leaves them in debt, with 0 cash and 0 insurance at the end of the policy which is up to age 80. If anyone is a scam, it’s the major insurance companies and the people lying about our company that only does GOOD for people. If you’ve never gotten a license and if you’ve never sat in on an appointment where we actually teach people how to manage their finances, then you shouldn’t speak!!!

    • Weak people think Primerica is a scam because they actually have to go out and WORK. Strong people realise this is a chance to own your own business and the sky is the limit. Yes it take a lot of self discipline and work, if you want to be a top earner.

    • I’m 19 years old from Texas. I’ve been an agent for Primerica for a few months now. It’s not a scam. The difference that I’ve done in families’ lives has been a blessing and I’ve been earning $4,000 per month only working 8 hours a week due to college.

    • I know that you should get your facts together about a pyramid scam because if you aren’t educated enough then you should know that you are working a pyramid: here you work for a regular job as a regular agent you get paid a little you work hard but under paid while the ones above you makes more income for your hard work! As for me I love the freedom of having to fire my boss! yes fire my boss! and mind you all if you don’t like to help educate and protect your families and friends then yes this isn’t for you but to call us a scam that’s where you become the scam by not understanding and not going through the training and actually becoming licensed! You need to check Forbes as well as the Top most 50 trustworthy companies magazines and also which Life Insurance company paid out benefits in 9/11? now ask your self that?

    • Agreed, I’m a business owner and their actions in the firm are not the standard norm. They sound to good to be true and if it’s to good to be true it usually is. Now I may not have the best grammar or punctuation but I know for a fact that a company like that should have. The kid that attended me looked like he was 16 and he didn’t keep eye contact with me or even give me the proper copys of what I signed.

    • I have to say after reading this for over an hour I am very disturbed that you would talk about Primerica in such a negative light. My family has been involved with Primerica going on 20 years and have never been $100,000 dollar earners but have always understood that what you put into anything is what you get out of it. I was unsure about the business and researched the industry as well as Primerica for over 3 years until I finally joined my parents in their business. The Foundation of buy term and invest the difference is absolutely the best route a family can take as long as they follow the program to its finality. You claim that anyone can buy a term for cheaper but the reality is that if you sit with any agent from any other insurance company they will most likely try to sell you on a whole life product of some sort which with any amount of research you will see is really the biggest rip off out there! We never mislead anyone and make sure that they understand it will be really hard work to get to the $100,000 a year mark. I am not sure what happened that led you to believe that the company is bad or that it is a scam but I can tell you in the almost 20 years I have been around I have seen many become very successful in the business and many policies paid out that really saved families lives financially. You may not like how Primerica is structured, or what they sell, or how they teach people to build their business but by no means is it a scam, or fraud. I can tell you that from personal experience. I would tell you that my family strives to help families financially, spiritually and in any other way we can and its sad that someone like yourself has to stoop to this level to try to build your own business. Primerica gives people an opportunity to be big, never a guarantee. Kind of like a kid aspiring to be a professional athlete. Only a very small number will ever make it but I would never tell a kid not to try because the odds were against them. Lastly I pray you think twice before ever talking bad about anyone or any company, especially because someone might actually listen to your opinion and hinder their chances for a life changing experience. Thank you for reading my response and I pray that one day you will come to your senses and focus on your business and allow Primericans to continue to save families financially like they have for over 40 years. God Bless

    • Hi Olive, so what would you suggest if someone already paid the $99 and an extra $25 for a class? I went in for an interview and well I had to pay on the spot, they also got my social security number and information. Should I go back amd ask for a refund?

  2. OMG. You have no idea what you are talking about! First of all, you only pay $99 to get a background check because Primerica doesn’t recruit criminals. The $99 pays for that and will get a response 1 or 2 days after (times depend when you sign up). Then you only pay $25 a month for your Primerica online which are loaded with helpful tools to grow your business.

    Let me tell you this, is your company on the 2015 Forbes list on the top 50 trustworthy companies? Please google it. You’ll also see that Primerica is on there!

    Pyramid Shmyramid. Did you know 90% of business are Pyramids? Lets see, McDonalds…You have the Owner (who make loads of money), then you have your Vice presidents, Store managers, Shift managers, Crew trainers, regular employees. What does that sound like to you? And MLM!

    Primerica doesnt make money off of the $99 that people pay to sign up or the monthly $25 for their Primerca online! Have you ever heard of the rule of 72? I doubt it! So please do yourself a favor, take the time to really know the business before you post false blogs about something you know nothing about!

    • A background check is usually free so reps are paying $99 for a class. No, they don’t recruit criminals but they do hire unqualified people. Primerica online should be free also.

      They mention that they are on the 2015 Forbes list of the top trustworthy companies to brainwash people.

      Yes, businesses are similar to pyramids but with a huge difference. In a regular business, people actually make a profit unlike pyramid schemes and no one has to pay a single cent for anything.

      The Rule of 72 is simply taking 72 and diving it by the annual rate of return so investors can estimate how long it will take for their investment to double.

      • Do you know of any business that has an overhead of only 25 a month??? No way. Any business you start you have to lay down thousands to start it. Not to mention Primerica pays for $1000+ for your classes, licencing, and home office employees to help you build your business. So I would pay 99 any day for this opportunity. Yes those who have more people working in their office gets paid more… But they all started at the same place. Those who work their butts off building their business get paid well because they deserve it. Not only do you help people become debt free, properly protected, and financially independent, We get to be compensated for it better than a merril lynch agent and thats only a part time position!! After you compare our insurance with other insurance you will understand why it is priced accordingly. We have a huge value for a great price and we dont try to convince you to turn your policy into a cash value life insurance ripp off later. Primerica has saved my family from heart ache and financial ruin when no one else has offered us a road map to financial freedom. Im proud of what I do and greatful Im in the midst of a huge company that feels like famliy and pushes me to think like a business owner instead of a trained industrial employee who works to build their bosses careers instead of building something your family can own (BUT YOU HAVE TO WORK FOR IT!!!)

        • There are complaints on that Primerica representatives have used the list of contacts or their references of their recruits to make commissions off them. There are also complaints that they want to advertise on their recruits Facebook.

          Their list of Top earners is a cumulative list and 64% of those numbers are prior to the year 2000. There is no opportunity, the facts are there and the reality is that most people will make less than a part time employee at McDonalds.

          People are better off working for a regular insurance companies because they will get compensated better, they will never ask you to recruit anyone and they will help you with leads- something that many people struggle with.

          And yes, it is great to have your own business and help people, but there are better ways to do this.

          • Jennifer i have no clue from which rock you crawled out of but your ignorance is coming out of your ears. spare us the BS. When you know what you are talking about then people will take the time to respond. until then it’s nothing but a bunch of nonsense you are spewing out. so do us all a favor, go get a life.

        • This is literally the bullshit they spew at you in one of their so called “interviews”. I’m actually 100 percent positive the people that are pro primerica in this comment section work for the company; which by the way undoubtably is a pyramid scheme.

          • I’ve attended a recruiting type meeting in 2008. I’ve seen right away that this business is a big scam, a pyramid scheme type. Glad to hear that many people realized that. Last time when I had to talk with an ‘agent’ which was brought as a friend of a friend in my house was in 2011. That agent made me realized that the evil got new wings. He told me that for professional people, they will provide offices equipped for your type of professional work (for example dental clinic, consulting, accounting etc), they will take care of licenses and you will be in a network to be protected by the network attorneys, and you will pay a high rent and fees for all these.

          • Exactly, everyone who works for primerica seem to be in a cult! I am a student in college and when they tried to recruit me I was convinced at first. And then I got a little skeptical when they asked me to miss 1. The day of class that I was supposed to take my final; p.s. I was smart enough to not miss it, and 2. They asked me to miss the first day of my summer school class to attend a rally (I was also smart enough to deny the offer). All they care about is the MONEY because they just brag and brag about it!!

          • Well Mike your wrong. In fact everyone on here posting negatively should take a better look. Yes I have Primerica insurance and became a rep. I paid the 99.00 for a Financial education that is on going and everyone should take, as it is not taught in schools. And yes you can own a business that is resealable in Primerica. It’s a commission sales business that offers the go getters financial rewards. Just like a realtor commission based the realtor company owns the office the realtors work for the company for commission same as Primerica or any other commission based company. I don’t work hard at it so don’t expect a lot out of it. I find most of those who complain never even tried are to lazy to attemp it or commission sales aren’t there thing. As far a lying never happened to me. Those who do are bad reps and should be reported. Term insurance is the way to go. Whole life, Universal, etc are just bad if you really look at them. Those are the reps that screw people over for more commission.

        • I have heard hundred of MLM businesses and Primerica is the unique than offer me to Pay State Licenses for me and give me a lot of time to training me about it with an investment of $99 for a background check (ONLY ONE TIME) and $25 monthly for the website tools. Do you know what is the cost of the licenses ? Do you know what is the minimum amount you need to pay monthly in the majority of MLM businesses? All businesses in this life required a minimum of money generally more than this amount and all successful business required a lot of time to build it.

          I am new on it but if I can’t build my bussiness with Primerica I am not worried about it because I received a lot of training, I have my State License and the investment was minimum, all the time thry talk me than I don’t need to left my current Job, only if the business works for me I can think on it.

          I am happy to try it.

          • Primerica is unique indeed. They are the only ones who sell their financial products through multilevel marketing, unlike State Farm, New York Life, and other trustworthy companies. 🙂

          • Nobody is denying that they were on Forbes and that in fact named them as a trustworthy company. Forbes also named NuSkin a trustworthy company.

            But did you know not everything you read on Forbes can be trusted. Here’s an article on The Outline entitled,
            “How Brands Secretly Buy Their Way Into Forbes, Fast Company, and Huffpost Stories.”-The Outline

            You are a very rude Primerican.

      • You are a lying idiot Jennifer Whats your background? FOR STARTERS THEY ACTUALLY ARE ON THAT FORBES LIST I LOOKED IT UP…After that EVERYTHING you claim is under a huge cloud of doubt in other words, You lied you got caught now shut up!

          • Primerica works if you put the work in it’s as simple as that. That’s like saying getting a gym membership and not going to the gym and expecting it to work. Take it from me, Primerica gave me a shot as a 19 year old kid and I am forever grateful. You get EXACTLY what you put in. Hate hearing people speak bad about the company.. The only people who don’t make it are the ones who quit. That’s like trying to become a doctor and taking advice from somebody who dropped out of me school. People who apply what they learn from Primerica are way ahead of the average person even if they are not even in the business.. THAT’S THE IMPACT.

          • > They mention that they are on the 2015 Forbes list of the top trustworthy companies to brainwash people.<

            Forbes can't be bought. Any company would be proud of that recognition in an industry otherwise tainted by corruption. Are people brainwashed by "honor student" bumper stickers? Proud People who found success just like to tell their story. Now Forbes is telling it FOR them. That is an honor.

            And NOW, Primerica was listed again last month by Forbes as 9th among America's top 20 most stable job opportunities. Here's the article:

            And, their stock is up over 100% this past year…

            And, Fidelity and Vanguard are two of their five biggest holders. Anyone hear of those two companies? Clearly THEY think Primerica is worth something good.

          • Dory, I found an article on The Outline entitled “How Brands Secretly Buy Their Way Into Forbes, Fast Company, and Huffpost Stories.” I didn’t meant to say that they bought their way into Forbes when I said brainwash, but they use it as a way to get them into the company and now, it is a possibility. The only information that can be trusted are real statistics and the experiences people have had by looking at reviews at and the BBB and so far, I’m still not convinced that Primerica is a stable job opportunity.

          • Thanks Jennifer, I enjoyed your honesty and your opinion. It helped me make a decision about either to join or not. Keep up your work and be yourself.

      • Who is truly qualified to do anything in this world unless they are trained. You make no sense Jennifer truly you have never been in or had a traditional business before. You have to pay for everything in a Traditional business. A McDonald’s cost a million dollars and you don’t truly own it you are leasing it for a period of time. Man you have to stop talking out the side of your neck because you sound foolish to someone that has owned a business. Get your facts together before you continue to post. Furthermore we have no control over what Forbes post so for you to say something so foolish tells me a lot about you. An if anyone listens to you I wouldn’t want them in my company no matter what company it is. #FOOLISH

        • True, when actually owning a business you tend to lease it, and you have to pay money for licenses, worker compensation, and other expenses. Problem is, your employees do not. When you hire a service worker or line cook at McDonalds, they do not have to pay a fee for background checks, or for getting drug tested, or for the Food Handler Permit, or pay a monthly fee for the ability to utilize store facilities. That is the big difference here. I won’t pick a side on this debate, but really, putting hashtags (#) and all caps does not help get your point across.

          • The reason why McDonald’s employees don’t have to pay is because they don’t own a single thing in that store. When you pay the POL $25/mo, you get your money’s worth 100 times over. I’ll give you an example of how powerful a resource it is. One of my friends owns a tax business with over 250 employees at his firm. He recently spoke with a developer to get a similar system for his firm and the developer told him that the resources and tools in that system would cost $3000/mo per user.

        • I went to a Primerica “interview” and everyone “working” in the office is doing interviews. After politely saying no I don’t want to be a part of your scheme they beg me to sign up and so I tell them I will do it when I get paid on Friday which of course I only said so they can let me out of that super disorganized office. Then for about the next three weeks I get calls everyday from the rep asking when I’m gonna go in and sign up lmfao what a joke. ITS TOTALLY A SCAM NO EMPLOYER WOULD BEG YOU TO COME WORK FOR THEM ESPECIALLY IF YOU DON’T EVEN HAVE THE RIGHT CREDENTIALS. So how about you shut up how could you guys live with yourselves trying to make money by screwing other people over. @CORY @THEONE @REIKO @ KAYLA

      • The class is free, and I was reimbursed for my exam and fingerprinting fees, fast. You just had an unorganized office.

      • How are you unqualified if u have to get licensed? Does that not qualify you I was reading thru it site and your bashfully bias as he’ll you obviously ddnt do well.

        • Taking a 3 to 5 day training class prior to taking a state exam for a life insurance doesn’t make reps qualified at all. How can anyone really learn life insurance after only five days? A real insurance company will train you for over two months.

          • actually the class and tests you do are to make sure you can actually write the provincial/state exams..i’m currently going through this now i just finished my course and the exams that follow and i’m in the process of registering to write my provincial exam.

          • ALL of the insurance companies (NY Life, Prudential, MetLife, etc) you name it, hire people, send them to training to get their license and within 30 days are selling insurance. It is not a requirement to have a background in sales. If you can pass the exam, you can sell. All of the companies above have an attrition rate around 85%. So if you want to pick on Primerica you can pick on everyone else too.

          • Yes, but Primerica only trains their agents for three days unlike other companies that train their agents for weeks. Apparently, Primerica agents don’t need to have a background in finance either to be called or hired as financial advisors, 🙂

      • I shouldn’t reply but what you said is stupid!!! Does McDonalds open and run there business with no expenses??? Do you think the Coporate Company receives nothing from the independent franchisee??? What kind of “regular business” are you talking about??? Understand what you are commenting about before you comment. And the truth is many people in this world won’t work hard to make life better for themselves or there familys’ because it’s all about “I”.

      • Hello Jennifer. I must admit that I feel that a lot of what you responded to this comment is all opinion based. Though a background investigation usually is free, as you said, there are many different types which do carry fees, such as a Federal background investigation, which is what this company seems to do. It also important to mention that some of your finishing points, listed under the reasons to avoid this company are somewhat irrelevant. For example, saying that it ruins relationships, sounds more like a personal problem, rather than a fact

        In regards to Forbes magazine, I have taken the liberty of providing the direct link to their page below, proving it to be a true statement. This alone, makes your whole review questionable.

        Also, on the contrary to what you said, ALL business actually do have to pay something, usually much more than a cent (try something like thousands); this is called a start-up cost. The vast majority of businesses will probably actually begin investing a lot more than they are profiting, at least up until the business takes off; once at that point, they will most likely only receive compensation on services rendered, or products sold, hence, a form of “commission.” Obviously, any employee (downline) would only make an hourly wage (a percentage), and the business owner or partners (upline) will be the ones to receive most of the profit.

        I would also like to address your statement in regards to using a “warm market.” From a business stand point, this is actually normal practice. Cigarette companies target smokers, diaper companies target parents, and etc., this is because these would be the people that will most likely become clients. If they target people that most likely wouldn’t become clients, then the businesses/companies would surely fail.

        Though the company does have higher higher prices than SOME of its competitors, I found that it has lower rates than SOME others. I also found that your statement regarding different rates for men and women is wrong, but, it appears that they might be changing that due to STATE regulations.

        Finally, it is extremely rare for any business to allow you to take their clients with you, if you decide to leave them. Many Independent Contractor have to sign documents that clearly state that. I also believe it to be good business practices to regulate any and all content that somehow involves your company, therefore allowing others to create and manage an individual website would imply to much risk to any business/company concerned with their image.

        All in all, I find your review to be very disappointing, and somewhat biased.

        • The truth is you are risking relationships, especially when they find out they could of gotten a better priced product with a more reputable company.

          NuSkin who has been declared a pyramid scheme has also been mentioned on Forbes.

          My business allows people to join and start a website for free. All you need is internet service and a laptop. This is truly helping people in my opinion.

          Okay, that is pretty funny. Targeted marketing is highly effective and Facebook ads allows you to do just that, unless you were solely trained to go after your friends and family and who’s ever a foot from you while shopping at Walmart.

          Yes, your typo of “higher higher” is highly accurate as Primerica’s term often end up costing consumers 11 to 29% more. And like I’ve said before, the inability to compare prices is a big disadvantage as people will have to rush to do this before meeting up with a Primerica agent.

          Right, that’s something to consider before starting.

          I find your opinion of my review disappointing too as I try my best and spent hours doing research on this company.

      • The $99 its not for a background check..its to get your life insurance license. And they the company pays for the fingerprints and everything else and the background is free. Before you pay the $99 and the $25 a month. They do a follow up with you and they explain to you how the business work and how we get paid. They lay eveeverything down on the table for you and then you make your own decision. So please your arguments are worthless

      • They also have an a+ on BEtter Business Bureau? I work for primerica and I do great, been here only a little while and I’ve made lots of money. This is far from a scam! I have life insurance through Primerica because I believe in this company so much! We help people, we change lives! My team is amazing and treat me like family! The 99$ goes to the state for a finger print background check! That’s how much you pay when you take one for any school system, I know from experience! You can think whatever you want, I love my company and I’m glad I’m apart of something so amazing!

      • but did you know the rule of 72 before hand so many complain about primerica because they have no work ethic and don’t take the time to actually learn and understand what your selling and how your approaching the clients, I’ve been in this company for 3 years have made 75,000 part time that’s 3 nights a weeks so does the company work I am an example of it does. It wont work if your a lazy unmotivated person and F.Y.I if you do your research you would know that the company has been rated A by the B.B.B and is #13 on Forbes. Also just a side note something that was forgot to be mentioned Primerica is the only company that will allow you to create and build your own office but there are guide lines threw the federal GOV. that must be done before hand this article that has been written is a joke and for anyone to believe this needs to do there own research because people like this bashing a company because they have no work ethic(in my opinion) this company has been around for over 30 years does what it says it will and that is paying out if you pass away or investing in your retirement. and also this company has been around for 30+ years so I think there doing something right.

        • Miguel, that’s a lie, I’ve read about plenty of people who gave it their all to Primerica and failed. But they found success working for more reputable companies such as New York Life. Wow, I mean, given the average amount of actual policies sold by agents per year which is about 1.5, that’s very impressive. Anyone that’s willing to pay the BBB will get a high rating. According to The Outline, brands can secretly buy their way into Forbes.…The Outline. It can take the FTC years to shut a company down. Due to numerous complaints about the product, I don’t trust Primerica. I rather go through a more trained and knowledgeable agent who can give me exactly what I need at the best price.

      • Primerica is actually rated on of the top trustworthy financial companies by Forbes magazine. You can actually look it up. I did!

        They are also A+ rated with the Better Business Bureau and A.M. Best. They’ve also won the Dalbar award 14 consecutive years. I am not a member of Primerica; however, I am a client. To become in the business, I only have to pay $99? For real? To own a McDonald’s I’d have to pay a million dollars or more. This sounds like a really good opportunity for people looking to build a business like myself!

      • Jennifer you sound really bitter I know plenty of people who have Primerica and they love it.Youre complaining about 99$ for a place in the business but it is way more money than 99$ to start any other buisness!!!!

      • Shame on you, Jennifer. We mention the Forbes article to “brainwash” people? What an infantile and pathetic comment to make.

        I don’t know why you are so bitter, so angry, perhaps unhappy. But attacking Primerica reveals a lot more about YOUR character than our company.

        And pray tell, what makes you an authority of the ethics and efficacy of a financial firm?

        By the way, pyramid schemes are ILLEGAL. So please, by all means, contact the Department of Labor, the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, and CNN to reveal Primerica is just a Ponzi scheme. I wish you well with that one.

        How about this, Jennifer? Don’t hate, appreciate!

        • Yes, I believe Primerica agents are brainwashed themselves. They love to mention not just the article on Forbes, but their high rating on AM Best, the BBB, and the New York Stock Exchange.

          The article on Forbes is from 2015, AM Best is just the financial strenght of the company; it has nothing to do with the products, anyone that pays the BBB can get an “A” rating, and NuSkin was also publicily traded on the New York Stock Exchange.

          I’m not bitter or angry, but when you write in caps, it signifies that you’re yelling.

          I’m just stating facts with opinion.

          Michael, the average annual earnings are about $6,000 and they had the lowest possible rating on J.D. Power.

          I have already referenced various sources in previous comments.

          I will contact all these sources Michael.

      • If we have to train and study for exams, how would that make anyone unqualified? These exams are state required just like you would go for real estate or drivers license. The reason why you are in the wrong, is because, your statements are in direct with defamation of a company! Defamation is when a person or business persuades others that one business is bad, due to what they perceive a business to be. Your actions are then considered to be criminal and legal action may be taken against you! Please realize that even if I am not the CEO and only a rep, my information is more accurate than yours. You clearly sat through training, but never really grasp the meaning of the business. It is hard to make it in the company, but only you can wake your mind up to become successful. Maybe try it again and this time, get licensed!!!!!

        • You call taking a 3 to 5 day crash course qualified? A State Farm agent told me that they train their agents for at least two months.

          It is further hard to make it once Primerica representatives reach RVP level and their dowline gets taken away from them.

    • I work at a shoprite and someone came into my line first bating me by telling me how great I am and having a good conversation. I only believed it because I’m a mathematics major and she said she worked in finances way before this. She offered me the job of “Personal finance”. In the meeting I was on my phone and thinking about a way to walk out of the bull shit. The quote “owner” asked me if I had somewhere to be in which I replied “yes yes yes”. Wasted an hour of my time but some chump was in that meeting a second time and brought his friend.

      What a load of shit. Also they said “We are one of the top 50” trust us. The figures he was showing me where how you go about getting a CD, and eventually having enough to retire with by saving a dollar a day. “The banks give free pens and lolipops because they make commission on your money”. Tell it to the lower economic class, even tho I am of that non-existent middle class I’m not buying your shit.

      • @Waste of Time wow a mathematician I assumed you are very successful have a lot of money in assets and don’t have time for this kind of bull shit, I mean since a “regular human being” try to educate you in retirement plans, you’ll rather make your profit at a bank that gives you, lollipops and pens.

    • Why should you pay for a background check. Good companies pay for it If they really want you you to join them . McDonald’s for example will pay for it. It is a tax write off for them. Also back ground checks are not so expensive.

      • What is expensive? 124$ to work for yourself? Do you know the company pays 1000s of dollars to license the people that work for them? They ask for a simple app fee to help with costs/classes/online access etc. Yes people can work for mcdonalds but at the end of the day, they work for someone else and their job is never guaranteed or will ever allow them to make income based on their performance, only their position. If a simple fee to start a business bothers people, they do not have the right mindset to run a business.

      • You’re right, background checks are not $99. Its $30 that goes to the FBI for the background check and $69 that goes to the state for your registration and appointing once your license hits. Mcdonalds does pay for your background check, youre right, but they also pay you pennies on the dollar as an employee so theyre getting their money’s worth on that background check. The company also reimburse you that $100 your first couple of days while you’re completing your training. So let me ask you this, if you’re getting your licenses ($1400 worth) paid for, reimbursement for you $99 investment within a few days, and the opportunity to make millions for the rest of your life, why wouldn’t you choose this over McDonald’s? The answer is, most people think there’s a catch…. and there is. You gotta work like a Hebrew slave for 3-5 years, but then you’re done working forever. People want a get rich quick and Primerica is not it. Nothing great is ever easy or quick otherwise everyone would do it.

      • I don’t know about where you are, but here all self employed contractors and similar people pay for the background checks because the law says they have to, and it’s a tax write off for them too.


      • I amazes me that people call things a scam for anything they don’t clearly understand or for something that may be different than they are use to. A $99 fee for a background check and training is not far fetched. To sell Life Insurance there is a state test which speaks to accountability. As for people not being proficient out the gate, no one starting out is an expert! I agree that there might be other insurance & financial companies who may pay better but there are also those who pay less. None of these points, or any of the other things mentioned, point to a Scam. Do you honestly think Forbes will allow people to pay their way into Forbes Magazine? I would think not! Can anyone buy their way into a positive position in the BBB? Certainly not. Stop trying to build an argument against a company that has been in business for 40 years citing clearly choices of “free enterprise.” I am sure there are companies that require less like the company mentioned herein and those that require even more as with some other companies. They are simply different and apply different policies & procedures, and business structures. So you don’t like Primerica, okay. There are companies, I don’t like. I know a 28 year old who is making six figures in the Primerica business. I have also met others who only supplement their regular pay. Nothing wrong with either, it is a personal choice.

      • Mcdonalds is a fast food restaurant with someone always above your pay grade and someone above that pay grade and someone above that pay grade and so on and so on. Until that “pyrimad” reaches the CEO (which you could never be), the “pyrimad” will reach the end, but below that is a “tree” of people in the business. Do you see the flaw in your statements?

      • Guys what do u not understand about this being a business not a job. With business, the costs of that business are on you. With a job the costs of the business are on the employer. The costs for primerica are just much lower then other more traditional businesses. The 25 a month is actually really cheap given the amount of software that goes into our business esp since it includes morning star.

    • I was an RVP and was forced to step down because I question whether the 35 year term is level or not! Glen Williams thinks I’ll jist be another number! We will see! My parents were killed in Afghanistan and I was a parent at age 7 to my 4 year old sister and I was a teenager ex muslim and vulnerable got sucker into this. Yes I got my ring! I’ll die before I give up! I’ll fight with everything in me to make sure all 6 million clients gets the truth that the 35 year level term is actually not level at all. And millions of FRS money we moved from FL workers should be investigated further. I’ll submit all unethical sales presentations to regulators and we’ll see how fast will this recruting taliban machine will go down!!!! Yes thas exactly what terrorist leaders do is recruit young and vulnerable peope!!! Primerica is a cult and they messed with wrong person!

      • It is scheduled to be level for 35 years, but you’re correct, not guaranteed after 20. Here’s the reason. One, it helps keep the premium down on the policy, meaning the client will pay less overall. IF they company needed to raise the price on the policy, they would do it on the entire class: all males, ages 35, that are Preferred, for example. It’s done in the event of MASS casualties, where the company needs to stay afloat in order to make sure death claims are paid. What I can tell you is that the company has never done it, not even after 9/11, and there is no plan to do it. In fact, did you know that Primerica is one of only two insurance companies to pay all death claims after 9/11 without a lawsuit? There are still lawsuits going on. You are more than welcome to take your chances with life insurance from another company, but unfortunately, your information is not accurate.

      • Hello Ishok I don’t work for Primerica or are pro Primerica my background is investments and finances worked for two national banks! But I’m not here to talk about my background, if the company really really is making frauds you should find resources out this blog, instead of using information that might not be validated in court, if you really to free millions of people do it the right way, you probably still have life and securities license and defamation can take you to an even worst, position in life.

      • It is level. Your client have a choice to decline the automatic benefit increase! As far as the money moved from the FRS if you are not qualified enough then you should call someone else to help you! The way that our FRS CLIENTS MONEY IS TREATED IS BASED OFF OF THE EXPERTISE OF THE AGENT.

    • Reiko if youre so into finance, you would know that McDonalds doesn’t have “an owner”. It has several thousands of owners because it is a publicly traded company. If youre talking about the dividends they pay out (which I doubt you know what that means), they’re minuscule. So mere ownership isn’t enough to get a good cashflow coming in. In that case ita be more about long term capital gains. But again, I doubt you know what any of this means…

    • Reiko,
      Great response. If you someone is going to post about why a company is a scam at least have all of your information correct. Pyramid schemes are not traded on the NYSE. Primerica is no different from any other insurance company besides the fact everyone has the opportunity to have a brokerage. You idiots that think that your job is not a pyramid have been brainwashed and uneducated. Plus I am not sure that pyramid scheme says that you have to be licensed in order to make money. Maybe the DMV is a pyramid scheme because you have to get your drivers licensed before you can drive. Anyway, most people quit because they are QUITTERS in all areas of life, not because of Primerica. Most people aren’t smart enough to pass the test and they quit before even going to class because they read dumb shit like this and think that they are listening to people that know. I’m sure Reiko none of them know about the rule of 72 or the Cash Flow Quadrant.


      • Uh I quit Primerica and I am not a quitter. Not everyone is meant to take this direction in this life. And yes I made it to a division leader. I have nothing against the company. I’m actually grateful for it and made life long friends but not everyone has the same experience we had in our Jay Wright office.

    • Silly people once you sign enrolment with Primerica and paid the fee for backround check your bank account (bank card used) will be charged every month of $ 29.99 for Primerica Online. Oh…and you’ll never be able to cancel it or get out from their fingers. Period

      • Making money from friends or family is even more stupid. If a person can go that low, he or she will be much more successful in any other fields.
        If my kid asks me to buy something from Primerica, I rather give her some cash, Cuz I know, to me, that means she is living well.

      • Please be a better loser! First of all, POL is $25.00 and cancelling it or reactivating it is just a phone call away. And I am more than willing to pay $100.00 a month to have a completely mobile office. You can literally write business from anywhere at any time of the day. All you need is a mobile device. Let me know of one other company that can provide that level of support to help you build and succeed. By the way, did you ever get your licences????

    • Why won’t they give me my money back I specifically told the rep to run my card Friday he kept pressuring me so I said MAYBE Wednesday they took my money Wednesday I said I wanted it back because we didn’t agree to that I’m still waiting for a refund after two weeks and he just spoke with me and said I can’t get my 125.00 back because of some bull shit and he has to “send the papers AGAIN” and I would play get 70.00 back

    • Employment at a company shouldn’t require payment to the company. It’s a pyramid scene. Your level of denial is cult-like and it’s laughable.

    • You my son must be the most gullible individual in the world. Comparing Walmart to Primerica is the most 3rd grade level debate on here. There is a huge difference between pyramid and position level. Let’s just touch on the most obvious since I don’t want your head to explode. So in your Primerica pyramid everyone up to 11 levels above you make money off from every sale you make, simplistic definition of pyramid scheme. A Walmart manager makes a salary not a commission, which means he makes that amount whether he shows up to work for 40 hours or 140 hours. But the main obvious difference here is notice his pay isn’t revolving around whether or not he or the store sells anything. Rather he is getting paid for his experience and knowledge, not his sales pitch. Furthermore on the Forbes List of most trusted companies you obviously believe everything you read on the internet. How about you instead do some real research and you would see that statement is false. Furthermore do research on the Founder and CEO and you will see how they have several similar business going and they let them run until their financial advisors tell them to sell off in the stock game. They just keep repeating this to earn the insane amount of money they have. Are the people who are at the top of these pyramid schemes smart, absolutely without a doubt. But you my son need to learn how to reference and research and validate the credentials of the information you are trying to push out.

    • Employers are NOT supposed to take your credit card number whatsoever. You’re basically giving them all of your money; as a result, they take it bit by bit without you knowing.

    • Yes. People are blaming the company for it supposedly being a pyramid scam but im sure most people here have superiors that have superiors and so on. Also recruiting, any job that posts a for hire sign or states anything of that sort being even online is recruiting! It may not be for everyone. People say oh I tried it already. Not for me, well maybe you didnt try hard enough. Going off an opinion verses facts show how closed minded people are. Be wise. Open your mind to whats real. Not to what some lazy or maybe some that lack self confidence in something that is legit opinionizes for some self satisfaction. Feel bigger now? Doubt it.

  3. Jennifer you stupid. Just because you couldn’t do anything doesn’t mean you can step over on somebody. This is not a pyramid scheme retard. This is real to a lot of people. You probably just suck and couldn’t make the cut so you putting crap on this page to make yourself feel better. Grow up and back off. Get the real meaning of pyramid scheme you dummy

    • There are complaints on that Primerica won’t give your beneficiaries the money of their life insurance policy just because they missed a few payments.

      Hector Lamarque was a millionaire Primerica representative back in the 90’s with thousands of reps under him. When Primerica ended their relationship with Citigroup, his income dropped to $360,000 per year, so if the average person can’t even recruit 9 people, that means your income will be close to nothing. The projected income per year for a Primerica representative is less than a part-time employee at MC Donalds. People are better off working for State Farm.

      • Every insurance company will not pay a claim if the policy has terminated. Missing a few payments probably means the policy has lapsed. Policyowners are given a grace period for missed payments but once that period is over, the policy will be cancelled. That isn’t a Primerica thing, that’s an insurance thing.

        Insurance is just a contract between the policy owner and the insurance company that says that as long as you pay them the premium, they will pay you an agreed to amount in the event of a covered loss. If you don’t fulfill your end of the contract, why should they?

        • How do you explain this?

          monica of Macon, GA on Aug. 30, 2015

          Unfortunately, both my sister and I have had a bad experience with Primerica. My father purchased a paid in full, paid-up policy with Primerica, where my sister and I were the beneficiaries. My stepmother provided us with the policy documents after my father’s death. We contacted Primerica within 2 weeks of my father’s death and was told that the benefits were not paid out as they should, but rather rolled into a policy of our own. What a rip-off. What is the point of paying your hard-earned money for a life insurance policy for your spouse or children, only to have the life insurance company attempt to find a loophole to get out of paying as they should and to find a way to, in the end, keep the monies to themselves.

          • Primerica doesn’t offer paid up policy. You said it in your post we offer Term Insurance. So by you not reading and posting this you contradicted yourself by posting this. Tell us your story you had a bad experience with someone in the company. Now you are bashing the whole company. That’s just like going to a restaurant and having a bad experience with the food at one and blaming all the rest for your bad experience. Tell us your story we see you are looking for attention. It’s ok. Really

          • Okay, here’s another dissatisfied customer:

            I know nothing about life insurance. When Primerica (wife of the agent) had me signed my policy in 1995, she did not disclose that at the end of 20 years, premium would increase & have no cash value. I was not informed that at the end of 20 years, premium would go up to more than 200% per month (from $79.85 to $218 for one policy, thereby increasing every ten years). Had the agent been honest and disclosed the truth, I would have cancelled it right away. She never explained nor gave me an idea about term or whole life insurance. Agent was not honest in disclosing the truth. She took advantage of my ignorance. Obviously, agent misled me as she was only after her commission. She never called again to follow up.

            This is a total rip off. I have paid a total of $30,436.91 for two policies. For your information, I cancelled both as I can’t afford to continue paying the outrageous premiums. I live on a fixed income. I would appreciate if Primerica would return my money for being dishonest and misleading to customers. I need your expertise and help. Thank you and God bless!


          • That story is either a lie or the result of some very misinformed people. Since Primerica deals almost exclusively in term insurance, how could a policy be “paid in full”? More importantly, why would any idiot “pay in full” a term policy? It’s a ridiculous claim that makes no sense.

          • There is no such thing as a paid up policy in primerica they onky sale level term life insurance. Are u sure its not Transamerica? For they sale paid up policys.

          • Thank you for the correction. It’s better working for and being a customer of a company that gives people different options when they purchase their life insurance. Also, a lot more people are buying online where they can easily compare products, rates and receive instant quotes where Primerica is solely direct sales.

          • you need to learn to stop listening to the right people and hang around people who have been influenced greatly. Primerica changes lives, it’s as simple as that. I’ve experience first hand families cry in gratitude because they are able to retire with dignity, or because we were able to deliver a death claim. The financial services industry is the most corrupted and Primerica is the only company that stands right 100% of the time, if you really understood the business, you would know that. Sorry to break it to you, but the other TRUE Primerica agents who understand the industry and the business, they will read this will agree 100%

          • Something doesn’t sound on the up and up here. A paid up policy. Primerica policies are monthly or yearly renewable. Not life paid up. You better look into this again. I know stories of Primerica paying out polices no other companies would. One example World Trade Center. Something is terribly wrong with your story.

          • Um no the change from citigroup has nothing to do with his income. Currently hector makes over 2 mil a year. The only way someone who is retired would have had their income drop is if alot of reps had left their sales org and new reps needed to be trained. This may have been caused by 2008 crisis. At that time we also stopped doing mortgages. Do to potential risk related to the market

      • Hector lamarque’s income dropped? What does your income look like? If my income dropped to 300k I think my family will still survive. FYI meet the man first and walk a thousand miles with him before you talk about him. If u know the rule of 72 then I’m assuming your doing well financially, if so great! We teach families how money works and how to win with simple concepts that they don’t teach us in school. But before you judge us, ask yourself these questions.. are every single family members of yours are successfully winning financially? I mean 100% completely debt free and on track to retire even through generations because if theyr not debt free and no proper savings then your holding back on them and your not taking the time to educate them what you already know specifically the rule of 72 and that’s because you have no insensitive value for their success. So please before you judge us understand really why we’re willing to drive overy 30 miles per way to make sure your friends and families can sleep well every night knowing both ends of their financial life are in order and secure. I value everyone’s opinion that is why I took the time to learn more about your blog but you should do the same, have an open mind why Primerica is still in busInes since 1977 I’m sure before you were born and ask yourself what it takes to take a company’s ipo share from $15 to now $49 within just 5 years of going public. Nothing good ever comes easy and to triple it’s growth is truelly self a explanation track record. Again thank you for giving the time to write about our company but just give it a little more time to really understand OUR MISSION STATEMENT.

        • Yes, but you don’t have thousands of reps under you and the fact is that the majority of reps won’t make enough to get by.

          You’re a very caring person and you’re better off working for a company that will pay you a decent salary.

          Just because Primerica or any other MLM hasn’t gotten shut down doesn’t mean it’s legitimate as the FTC can take years to declare a company a pyramid scheme. If I made an illegal u- turn and didn’t get caught doesn’t mean I didn’t made the illegal u-turn.

          • You don’t need 1000s of reps under you. I am making $7000 a month and I have 10 licensed agents under me. You probably work at McDonalds yourself.

          • I almost commented on Lula’s comment but I’ll stop before I get mean. You people love discussing ‘salaries’ and categorize yourself in ‘earning categories.’ For the record, I think Primerica provides a decent product (not great, but decent.) However, you people are nuts.

            In no world, except yours, do people quantify business acumen and success by announcing their annual salaries. It’s tacky; it’s uncouth; talk about how many family financial plans you’ve re-engineered instead. Talk about how many kids were able to attend college due to the restructuring of their savings vehicles. The problem is, you can’t… as stated above in the annual report for number of representatives lost per year, and if you include new representatives added per year and the fact that each one is required to purchase a policy, you’ll find that 50% of Primerica’s annual policies written are to INTERNAL customers. Well, not really internal, they don’t even give you your own email address.

            The last thing I’ll say, stop calling yourselves financial advisers. The grammar and spelling of everything on here would lead me to believe we are talking AT 10th graders typing from T9 Nokia keyboards as opposed to professionally licensed insurance agents. You just don’t help your case when you sound uneducated and repeat the same regurgitated taglines that they feed you at the annual conference.

          • I recently started at Primerica, and I, a skeptic, am curious about all of this information. Before I continue with what I have to say, I’d like to establish a few things:
            – I will keep an open mind. When I mentioned being a “skeptic” I wasn’t exclusively referring to what you had to say. I’m examining the behavior of Primerica as well.
            – I do not seek to participate in a debate. I was on the debate team and understand the methods utilized. People simply become entrenched in their views and the conversation, if you’d even call it that, goes nowhere. I intend to establish a dialogue in which we both learn from each other in this exchange.
            – I speak only from my own understanding, which is very limited. If I’m wrong, do not punish me for it – inform me (which is something you are good at, you write and explain things very well). Misconceptions may exist on either side of this talk and I would like for those to be resolved. In lieu of making mere claims, I would appreciate a link to a page that can more thoroughly explain what I would like to know (if you can provide multiple links, that would be even better).

            Now, as a new member of Primerica, I have a few questions/requests. I do not care for myelf too much in this arrangement with Primerica. If I am scammed, I learn and carry that information with me. If someone I care about (those in the Warm Market and even those in the Cold Market) is adversely affected, then I will probably fall down a very painful slippery slope as a result of guilt (This is not an exaggeration, I have serious guilt issues and hold myself accountable for far too much, which is why I am often skeptical. I’m honestly having a hard time typing due to my nervousness and concern).
            In what you’ve written, you make multiple claims regarding the insurance provided by Primerica (e.g. it’s overpriced, illegitimate, etc.). But from what they taught us, the opposite is true. With customized plans intended to identify and develop healthier spending habits for customers, we provide a path for struggling families to not only obtain life insurance but to establish a secure way of life now and in retirement. The product, which they usually call a “Strategy”, is one of my main concerns since it can potentially provide a beautiful future or a bleak one. I want to build families, to ruin a family would be awful. You mention alternative providers that are supposedly better options, but I would appreciate some numbers/sources on that claim. I, too, will look into it, but I’d like to see your references as well. I also intend to question Primerica on this so I’m receiving information on all sides and filtering it accordingly. In this process, I courage you to check the sources for your sources as well as funding for investigations in certain studies to try and eliminate as much biasedness as possible. Not to say you haven’t thoroughly looked at this already, I just want to be certain. I will most definitely share what I learn from my research and the information I receive from Primerica, which I expect to be limited to what was already presented to us. I have a few more requests, but for the sake of time and focus I will leave it at this. If this is in any way an inconvenience, I apologize in advance. I would appreciate any degree of additional effort you invest in assisting me in forming a knowledgeable opinion on Primerica. I only ask this much of you because I live by the following statement: “You must approach your doubts with the same degree of doubt you had when forming them.” By this, I seek to better understand and mitigate any and all problems that are a product of misinformation.

            Thank you very much for what you’ve said already and for whatever response you come up with!

      • Would you like me to post Hector’s last 12 month income to expose you? Also, there are incomes that dropped, not to the extent that you claim, but many incomes dropped when we left Citi. Do you know why? Because we stopped doing mortgages through citi and chose not to pick mortgage business back up. If someone chose to build their business using mortgages and mortgages disappeared, their income might kinda drop, huh?

        • What a waste of their time and energy for those reps that decided to build their business on mortgages. It’s like if I dedicated my time and energy promoting a service and all of a sudden that service disappeared. I wonder why such a thriving company like CitiGroup decided to separate itself from Primerica.

          • Because Citigroup took a bail out and made a deal with Primerica. Citigroup still makes money off of PRI stock.

          • Citi was trying to sell Primerica because we were turning a profit. We decided to go public. Guess what? We out grew Facebook and Tesla in stock growth since 2010. Started at $15 a share and now we are trading at over $100 a share. I grew up in the business and after going to college decided to join the business. You have told so many lies it’s ridiculous on this post. We don’t sell paid up policies and I’ve seen 100’s of term policies and they all become more expensive at end of term.

          • Facebook got a 3.8 out of 5 star rating on Market Beat while Primerica got a 2.8 out of 5. –

            That’s why people should buy a term policy that allows them to convert to a permanent policy.

          • SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) — This week’s Primerica Inc. initial public offering is a small step in the reorganization of parent Citigroup Inc., but it’s a giant leap for the life insurer itself.

            The offering is scheduled to be priced Wednesday evening and the stock, under ticker PRI, is due to start trading the following morning.

            Citigroup C, +0.31% plans to sell 18 million shares of Primerica and raise about $236 million, assuming they’ll price between $12 and $14 a share.

            The bank is also selling more than 17 million Primerica shares to private-equity firm Warburg Pincus, along with warrants to purchase roughly 4.3 million additional shares. Those sales will generate more than $200 million for Citigroup.

            In its heyday, Citigroup grew into one of the largest financial institutions in the world, but the company had to rely on $45 billion in government support to help it survive the financial crisis.

            Since then, it’s launched an ambitious plan to sell hundreds of billions of dollars in assets and businesses while repaying taxpayers. Thus the Primerica spin-off.

            “It’s a relatively small part of the whole equation,” Chris Kotowski, a banking analyst at Oppenheimer & Co., said in an interview. “They’ve announced that they have lots of asset sales in the works.”

            Breaking away from the parent amounts to a much bigger deal for Primerica than for Citigroup.

            The company traces its roots to an insurance agency called A.L. Williams & Associates. Founded in 1977, the firm popularized the strategy of buying cheaper term-life insurance, while investing any cash saved.

            A.L. Williams quickly became one of the nation’s largest sellers of life insurance to individuals. Citigroup acquired the business in the late 1980s.

            Primerica won’t be getting any operating capital from the IPO. However, the offering will help the firm provide new stock-based incentives to some employees.

            “The IPO will take Primerica out from under the shadow of Citigroup and allow them to pursue a future free of the controls imposed upon their parent company by government regulators after the federal bailout,” Scott Sweet, senior managing partner at IPO Boutique, wrote in a recent note to investors.

            Primerica was the largest provider of individual term-life insurance in the U.S. in 2008 based on the amount of in-force premiums collected, according to LIMRA International, an independent market research organization.

            Primerica posted $495 million in net income last year, up from $168 million in 2008.

            The company makes money by collecting premiums on those policies and investing it, before paying claims. It also sells investment products like mutual funds and variable annuities that generate commissions and fees.

      • Jennifer, stop pulling information from this consumer affairs. Will you take advice from a college student who dropped out or the one who graduated? Would buy insurance from an insurance company if they over charge you? Why would you listen to a few people that couldn’t make it than 1000s that had made it? Primerica is a business not a job. To build a successful business, it takes time and effort. Please….. You don’t know what you’re talking about. Stop deceiving people from grabbing onto the opportunity to achieve their dreams and goals.

        • All I know is that I wouldn’t buy insurance from uneducated agents, the same way I wouldn’t let a so called cardiologist do surgery on me without his/her degree.

          I’m no way would stop anyone from finding a great opportunity. I love finding great companies to make money with, unfortunately Primerica isn’t for me.

          I have spent a great deal of time and effort doing research on this company to provide facts to the best of my ability-statistics don’t lie.

          • I find that hard to believe Jennifer. A company by the name of Walburg Pinkus invested $15mil into having us investigated. Once the investigation was over, they turned around and invested $140mil into our stock. You say our clients hate us and get taken advantage of, but yet we’ve won the Dalbar award (customer satisfaction) 14 years straight and counting. You say we take advantage of uneducated people, yet billionaire investor Warren Buffet advices people they should have Primerica in their portfolio. You say you’ve done your research, but yet A.M Best, the leading and oldest insurance company rating company gave us an A+ superior rating. You also say we’re a scam, yet FORBES listed us earlier this year as #9 in the top 20 companies with most career security. You also say people are better off working at McDonald’s and that nobody makes money in Primerica unless you’re at the top, wrong again. FACT: Primerica has more women, minorities, and people under 30 making 6 figures than any other company in the U.S… we also have more 7 figure earners than any other company in the U.S (this claim is verifiable in any legitimate source). You wanted legitimate sources so I just provided you with only a few of the accolades this company has rightfully EARNED. Will you still find dissatisfied clients or bad agents? Yes, just like you’ll find that not every apple from the healthiest apple tree is good. Some are bad, Wal-Mart has tens of thousands of client complains online and McDonald’s does too. Does that mean you don’t shop at either of these companies? Doubt it. Don’t ruin an incredible opportunity for other people based on your own biased opinions and if you’re going to do research on anything, REALLY do your research, dont just google something because as much as you talk aboit degrees, im sure your college professor wouldnt accept a research paper where your facts are all from google… theres a reason for that. I apologize if i offended you, that isnt my goal. Just thought I’d she’d some actual verifiable truth on this post.

          • You forgot to mention that Primerica got a mediocre 2.3 rating on J.D. Powers 2018 life insurance study while State Farm got a perfect 5 star rating.- J.D. Power If you’re not involved in a multilevel marketing company that offers quality products and services, then you’re not involved in a good MLM company.

            Yes, there is job security for Primerica employees, not the undertrained salesforce. There is a huge difference and I thought having a job stood for just over broke, yet their employees make an average of $58,000.- Payscale

            As much as I scoured the internet to verify your six and seven income claims, I was unable to find anything so it would be really helpful if you could provide the exact reference to that. But it just doesn’t correlate with Primericas statement that the average earnings are about $6,000.-Primerica

          • what makes an agent uneducated. All insurance agents and all people that do investments have to study and take the same test. So uneducated isn’t a correct term. Im not in Primerica my step mother was an agent. The reason I started researching is because I received a check from them when she passed. So Currently I am researching trying to decide if I want to join. When you go and work for other companies you start out on salary and move over to commission this is true but those are full time gigs. I couldn’t make it on 32k a year. insurance is insurance, whether I get my franklin templeton from a primerica rep or my edward jones rep its the same.

          • What I mean is that Primerica will recruit anyone and most of the agents don’t have a college education. The training they provide is a three to five day course and then they tell you to recruit and book appointments.

          • Stats can be distorted and manipulated in order to support any position a person wants so its not that stats dont lie but that ppl distort facts based on them.

      • State farm??? Are you serious?? Where they rip people off and are not honest at all? Please in Primerica they show us how state farm, aflac, allstate and others rip people off

      • Most people, who just want to clock in and clock out for a minimal paycheck, SHOULD work at State Farm, you are correct! The few who are willing to work a little harder and develop their business acumen for their family’s financial security should take a good HARD look at Primerica.

        • The average earnings at State Farm is about six times more than Primerica. People who want to work for minimal commissions should work for Primerica. I still think Primerica is a waste of time. They don’t train their agents properly, the average number of sales of policies per agent is about 3 per year and they make less than $6,030 per year.-Primerica

      • It’s pointless you are trying to reason and assist a bunch of 3rd grade education level adults. Let them figure it out for themselves and continue to learn the hard way versus do some research

    • That is by far the most eloquent response imaginable. I guess she hit a little too close to home for you to respond like that. You are a sad little man and unfit of a name like Christian.

    • I think the company hires uneducated idiots like this Christian person who obviously cdient have very good grammar.holy cow.

  4. The Company itself is not a pyramid scheme but you may come across shady franchises/base shops. It seems to me that the writer and others came across a shady base shop. Also, things have changed from the time of their experience to now.

    Let me Explain…

    The starter fee is $99 and is not an entry fee. It pays for your STATE PRE-LICENSING course and materials, fingerprinting, background check and other paperwork. You have to be licensed because this is a legitimate business. The money doesn’t go to your upline or the company but to THE STATE WHERE YOU TAKE YOUR license. How is that a scheme?

    The warm market means the people you may already know that you have INTEGRITY WITH so that they may help you in your training. Its NOT IMPERATIVE to recruit them or make them a client. They are used only to help you train to get better. If they see the value and want to join or become a client, then its a win-win. How is that scheme?

    You move from your warm market by getting REFERRALS. Because you presented value, easy to understand concepts, and credibility to your warm market, they CHOOSE to give you referrals. From those Refferals you get more and so forth. You also do PROSPECTING such as face-to-face conversations with strangers. You have to go out and find people to talk to, such as at events. Or make your own events, seminars, webinars. You don’t harass anyone to be a recruit or client. That’s common sense. You have to be creative. How is that a scheme?

    The levels you progress to, its all about reaching the level in order to create a SELF-SUSTAINING franchised business. And the promotions you receive come with its own perks and compensations. But in order to level up, you have to put in the work.

    This isn’t a job! Its a business. You are working as a self-employed entrepreneur towards being a business owner and an investor. There are no guarantees like a regular job and in today’s ecnomic times, not even jobs nor a pension are guaranteed.

    I just started with this company and within 35 days, I already have a recruit, made my bonus, and made a sale. I didn’t harrass anyone. I didn’t pull anyone’s body parts. I don’t have to lie because people do lie but numbers don’t. You can easily look up a rep’s numbers anytime in your dashboard. Nothing is held over a sheet in this company. Knowledge is spread so that everyone can make money.

    If you are in a baseshop that are shady, you need to report them to the company and leave that base shop. You can transfer. But saying how the whole company is shady is simply not true. No one pulled my chains, harassed me, lied to Me, and I’m an educated graduate with a bachelor of computer engineering and I already have my own business. I saw value and I CHOSE TO INVEST in it.

    • Primerica is a bad investment. Only 2% of their representatives are making between $35,000 to $100,000 a year and only 1% are making that 6 figure income they make people think they can make.

      • Name a company that has more 100,000 annual earners! I am so sick of these no last name bots lying about Primerica. Primerica is a tremendous opportunity, but yes you have to do the work in order to get paid. She gives no specific details, all vague comments. Yes people quit, but she doesn’t say why they quit. How many people quit Walmarts each year? In the state of Texas, if you are in a mlm company you need to have a mlm license. You don”t need a mlm license to work as an agent for Primerica. The whole time she admits to being in some mlm.

        • According to Time Inc, some of the companies where half the employees make $100,000 or more include Alphabet Inc (Google’s parent company), Ebay, Verizon, and Pandora.-

          Can you provide a credible source for your $100,000 claim? If there were so many $100,000 earners, the $6,000 average annual earnings for Primerica reps would be at least 17 times higher. 🙂

        • Ebay, Verizon, Pandora, Microsoft, JP Morgan Chase, and ABC Inc. are some of the companies with the most six figure earners. Primerica is nowhere to be found on the article. Ebay, Verizon, Pandora, Microsoft, JP Morgan Chase, and ABC Inc. are some of the companies with the most six figure earners. Primerica is nowhere to be found on the article. Ebay, Verizon, Pandora, Microsoft, JP Morgan Chase, and ABC Inc. are some of the companies with the most six figure earners. Primerica is nowhere to be found on the article. Ebay, Verizon, Pandora, Microsoft, JP Morgan Chase, and ABC Inc. are some of the companies with the most six figure earners. Primerica is nowhere to be found on the article.- TimeInc

    • The bad baseshop line is a futile attempt by Primerica to try to convince ex-reps to re-sign up. With over 1.5M ex Primericans created since 2009 alone, they are running out of “virgin” prospects. A different office still operates under the pyramid system.

    • It’s a business that feeds off people. You use your recruits to make you money. You know that their face is going to make the client put in their money because they want to help their friend. So you make the money off their families or friends sympathy. You prey on it and call it training. It just happened to me. “Your cousin is in training and this will help her. She’s almost ready to go on her own.” Lol! While she’s sitting there and then they’re asking me for 10 more referrals. They used her and me.

    • Another brainwashed person. That’s how its stock can still reach $55. But be aware, every story has an ending. When people stop buying the story, it’s the time to short.
      Not too much damage on individual “business owners”, but for shareholders.

  5. I want to add that you keep mentioning how the Primerica products are expensive. That’s not true and you are spreading false information.

    It does not ruin relationships. You ruin your own relationships. I haven’t lost none of mine. My network is growing actually.

    After you get licensed, you become a senior rep and then can continue on to get promoted. In order to be promoted, you have to qualify. Just like normal promotions at regular jobs. To be qualified, you need a minimum number of recruits and premium sales. You are compensated by contractual agreements at every level. Each level has a certain percentage. You DO NOT REMAIN AT 25% when you get promoted. The highest level is 110% commission plus overrides, bonuses, and personal production.

    At least have updated information before spreading your opinions.

    • There are more competitive products such as Banner Life, Prudential, and Genworth. Also, customers are faced with an Annual Renewable Term after their level term period ends so they face a higher price every year. Primerica doesn’t bother with giving their customers more affordable rates.

      • You are the most non educated blogger I have ever seen, what Primerica offers is annually renuwable term which means you pay a little more in premium and also your death benefit grows 25 thousand dollars, you are very ignorant I can’t believe you were allowed to post this trash all is bs

      • Thank you for being a voice of reason against these people. I was contacted by someone i trusted and i watched a 45 minute video and then googled primerica to have some background before i talked to the “recruiter”
        Its just weird, they have 100,000+ (agents) running around but only 2,500+ – “employees” and its true AF, the compensation they paid out in 2015 to their “agents” averages a tad over $5000 per agent for the whole year. Good luck with that, doesn’t pass my sniff test

  6. Jennifer is spot on, and there are approx 250,000 reps who also agree, and leave this scam annually. Those are Primericas own figures by the way!

    • You talk about the 250,000 or so that leave. What about the 100K+ that have stayed and are LICENSED? What about the numerous licensed reps that make over $100K/year? Or the people that make over $1Mil/yr? Which at last count was more than 72(note: there are at least two of those that I know of that just reached that goal in the last year or so…one of them at the age of 29). The truth of the matter is that most won’t make it in the business. Most won’t earn more than $5/6K a year. Most do it part time. But there are plenty of people who have and are making a good living in this business. They don’t rip people off. Thier belief is that if what they are doing, including what they currently have as far as proper coverage, then they don’t want your money. Not to say everyone is always on the up and up. But you can get that from anyone in this industry or from any types of sales related business for that matter. There dishonest people in every profession. But to say they are a scam with nothing to properly back that up, other than those who quit, couldn’t handle it or even didn’t have an up line train them properly is dishonest.

      • That $100k earner list is a cumulative, not annual one, since Primerica began. It doesn’t say they repeat that income ever again. Its simply their best 12 month rolling window performance. In fact, of those on the list, 64% made that number prior to the year 2000. Only 5% of their 98,000 force earn more than $36k. The rest earn way less than the stated average, at best, LESS EXPENSES!

        • Again, do legitimate research please. First of all, we don’t have 98k reps, we have 117k and the number of people making that income is based on recurring 12mo income, not cumulatively. Also, that list is updated every year. One last thing, Primerica has someone cross 50k, 100k, or increase their income by 100k every 36hours.

      • You refer to a list of $100k earners? Are you aware that their big earners list is a cumulative, not annual one? It refers to any rep, who during a “best” 12 month rolling window, achieved those numbers ONCE, since 1977. Many never repeated those levels ever again. In fact, 64% of those on the list made it prior to the year 2000. In 2011, for instance, only 5% of their entire force exceeded more than $36k in earnings.

        As for the reps that stay, its a known fact that a relatively small percentage who got in early have any seniority to speak of. 35% of their licensed force quits each year, including RVPs, and/or those with many years experience. Those leaving are replaced by the 16% of recruits that actually get licensed, and this cycle repeats itself each and every year. Over the last 6 yrs, 1.275+M have been recruited and 84% of them left before even obtaining a license.

        In 2015, the average number of new polices sold per rep was only 2.54 FOR THE ENTIRE YEAR, which was up from 2.28 in 2014. Commissions per rep average actually dropped from 2014. And before you say that many reps are inactive (after bragging you’re the biggest?), realize that even if only 10% of your entire force was active, it still would only average out to 25 policies sold per rep FOR THE ENTIRE YEAR, or about 2 policies per month.

    • Jennifer is just stupid, tried the company it didn’t work out for her now she wants to say that it’s a horrible place because she was not a good salesperson. We understand it’s not for everyone if becoming successful was easy everyone would do it. Maybe if you stayed until you atleast got your license you would think otherwise. Probably one of those people that pay the fee then quit saying they got ripped off.

  7. So first of all the FORBES story is legitimate. They were #13 on the list. I don’t know how that can be mis-construed as brainwashing. A+ rating by AM Best and A- rating by the BBB. So you have 1) Trustwothiness, 2) Stability and 3) Credibility. And only ignorance keeps people believing that it’s a pyramid. Or even MLM. The potential BUSINESS opportunity that is offered is by far better than most things out there. Oh and that $99 paid in goes towards a background check and a small portion towards obtaining a license to sell insurance. Which depending on which state you reside in could cost as much as $350 or even more. And BTW there are incentives in place to recoup that $99 and a bit more. Next time please feel free to educate yourself on any business opportunity more diligently before you decide to rail against it.

    • Yes, it is very legitimate that Primerica paid money to be named one of the top 50 most trustworthy companies . The same with the BBB, any company can pay for an A+ rating and companies that refuse to pay them get an F rating.

      Primerica is a pyramid scheme because they recruit anyone who is willing to pay them the fees meaning that most of their representatives aren’t qualified to be a Financial Needs Specialist. Their representatives get paid a low commission for selling overpriced insurance. They have a very high turnover rate and the majority of them aren’t making enough money to live on.

      Your upline and Primerica could care less if you quit, that $99 fee and that $25 a month being paid by their thousands of reps is making them billions.

      And yeah, that $99 fee used to be $200. To become a State Farm Agent, you only pay about $50 for your certification and people make ten times more money than Primerica.

      • JENNIFER….
        Is it very legitimate that a company paid money to be named one of the top 50 most trustworthy companies? And, The same with the BBB? Really…? any company can pay for an A+ rating? and companies that refuse to pay them get an F rating?

        Ooo my gosh…..!

        So it means that any company been on top 50 has no credibility.


        Your whole set up for financial freedom, That you strongly recommend to other people to join WEALTHY AFFILIATE has no credibility at all. Everything you want is to reclute people in.

          • Here is a complaint about Wealthy Affiliate from, looks like a scam to me, hard to take anything you say seriously.

            Well, well, well. I was thoroughly convinced that this company was legitimate. Even after I spent significant time researching them, going 10 to 20 pages deep into their google presence, I was still game. This is the ruse:

            They are a very clever marketing company, and are everything they say they’re not. Beware, and please read. They are smarter than most, which is why they have so many followers. They claim to have the key to training a person on how to successfully create their own lucrative work-from-home blog sites. They do claim to be a lot of work, require a lot of patience, blah blah swoon. You almost had me.

            I was told by Nathaniell, on a pretty good site that I thought was legitimate, that I could enhance my existing site by adding marketing for products related to my already niche field of Kitchen Design, and get paid for it! Silly me! I thought it was somewhat curious that I could go to a company like Design Within Reach, and ask them if I could market for them, and have them pay me. I didn’t see how this could work. There was some kind of program partnership that wasn’t fully explained. So after much resistance I signed up with a backup email to try it out for 7 days, and see if I could learn as much as I could.

            I had my “Write Access Revoked by Admin” almost immediately by Kyle, one of the ‘founders’, eh. It turns out that a lot of the first training courses had to do with setting up a site, blah blah I already have one. So I wanted to get right to the juice of it, because I’m trying to see if this is legit, so amuse me, OK?

            I repeatedly asked, in the general forum, for help on finding out how to do what I was led there to do. I had NO interest in creating a WordPress blog page that would promote Wealthy Affiliates. And yet, this was all they seemed to cover. I kept asking questions and received several responses to just go through the training. For what? To buy into the gimmick? Tell me EXACTLY which training of the 10 to go to so that I don’t waste my time. After all, you’re selling yourself to me for me to buy into your membership at some point.

            I don’t have time to la-dee-dah here. Just tell me where to go! If I feel that I need to take a few steps back I will. But no. Kyle HIMSELF made a rude comment to me. This girl suggested that I watch the Alphabet Soup section of the training, that it would help. I said this was for keyword help, and I don’t need that. Kyle said that if I didn’t know what keywords were for, then I had no business being on the internet. Excuse me??? I was simply stating that SHE did not understand, and led me somewhere I ALREADY KNEW ABOUT. He was rude. And within seconds revoked my ability to respond with his powerful finger.

            He didn’t want me to write, but I just felt the need. So, here I am. No, I wasn’t dumb enough to pay for it, but it seems that, unless you want to be a Wealthy Affiliate robot you are not welcome, and will be coaxed VERY tenderly into paying for it. In fact, I was told that the core of what I wanted to learn was in fact in the premium membership, lucky me! If I was some poor beginning I would’ve fallen, green money hard.

            The ONLY way you will make money is by creating a ‘practice’ blog page (which becomes your sole purpose) that markets your affiliation with Wealthy Affiliates! In fact, so MANY pages have been created for this purpose that their SEO is AMAZING! It’s genius really! They made it so that even if you look up complaints you will be hard pressed to find me, and instead only sites that are cronies just promoting themselves. It’s the worst case of writing reviews for yourself that I’ve ever seen.

            You will get paid $22.50 for every person who actually buys the monthly membership, poor souls. $147 if they buy into the annual membership! Seriously?

            ANOTHER marketing scheme for you to harrass your friends with and beg them to work-from-home and make money by blogging about what they ‘love’, when they will really end up monitoring one blog, the one that pays them for every fool who follows that yellow brick to Wealthy Affiliates and the dope behind the curtain. If you know anything about internet marketing already, you will see right through this.

            Brainwashing SCAM Unless you want to be a robot and lose all your friends, then enjoy. Thanks Kyle. 😉

          • Here’s the link to Design Within Reach’s affiliate program:
            Fortune 500 companies use affiliates to promote their products because they only pay them on performance whether its making a sale or bringing leads and it’s a very low risk form of advertising.

            Wealthy Affiliate is for all levels of experience starting from “newbies.” They do teach you how to build a successful online business step by step. New training is updated everyday and one live video class is done every week. In order to access all of the courses and live video classes, he had to upgrade to premium. This person was very skeptical from the beginning and didn’t put in the time and effort to succeed in affiliate marketing.

            I have been with Wealthy Affiliate for almost four years and I’ve said things to the owner Kyle that would of caused him to take away my write access, but he never did. This is what he had to say:

            “As for people getting cut off, it happens once in awhile (a handful of times out of over 230,000 members in the last 2 years. The reason this happens is when people spam the community or they are violent towards others. Two things we do not tolerate here at WA as we are a helpful, friendly community and we have not plans to let a few bad apples ruin it for everyone else”.- Kyle

      • Please give me some insight to your claim about the Forbes article being pay to include. Especially if there metrics involved to rate them. Then no one on the list is legitimate. I am aware of the BBB doing that and most companies do. AM Best isn’t a paid affiliate and they have an A+ rating there as well.

        All businesses have startup costs involved. Primerica’s just happens to be only $124(you pay for 1st month of access to POL for running your business plus $99 for your IBA(which you never contested the fact you can earn that money back within the 1st month. Which means you can potentially only lay $25 for online access.)). So compared to State Farm(which for some reason you like these guys A LOT) it’s a heck of a lot less to start and run your own business.

        One piece of information that i know for a fact you have incorrectly stated is after the 20yr period go straight ART. That is completely false. It is renewable at 5yr increments at the age of coverage for the renewable period. And stays that way til age 70. After such it is ART. Who else offers that? Most others offer either ART or conversion to a permanent life policy. Which one does State Farm offer?

        Pyramid? In a “pyramid” scheme the lifeblood is commissions made from the paying into the system. Uplines all the way up make money from the signing up of new blood. This is not how it works in Primerica. No Rep makes ANY money from the signup. And there is no product to buy or resell. The only time any commissions are paid is when a sale is made. Like real estate. Think about it… I as a real estate agent am licensed and want to sell homes. I can only sell homes from a Broker’s listings. In order to do so I must work for a broker(any real estate company you work for) or deal with a Broker. Either way you have to pay a commission to the Broker. Same concept. Nobody makes any money til a sale is made. No inventory. Work out of your home(if you want). Have more control of your business. State Farm uses captive agents as well. And they will push you to buy a whole/permanent life before they even consider a term life policy. I work with former agents that were on the other side with companies like State Farm, Farmer’s… You name it. I’ve seen what they push on people and policies they turned in to go with our product.

        I could go on and on but it would be mostly a waste of time. Primerica has never claimed to be the cheapest. And from what I’ve seen for other term products from other insurance companies large and small it is competitive and offer a good product. Cost is only a concern in the absence of value. Cheap is not the best and the best is not cheap. And it’s a hell of lot cheaper and better than anything offered in a cash value policy.

        • Even NuSkin was named one of Forbes most trustworthy companies of 2010.

          I just went to SelectQuote and this is why I believe they’re a better option.

          Looking For The Best Life Insurance Companies?

          Every life insurance company that SelectQuote represents has been rated A- to A+ by A.M. Best* for financial strength. By offering term life insurance from several leading companies, we’re able to provide our customers with the power of choice – and the opportunity to pick their lowest rates. The insurance companies we represent have also been carefully chosen to provide favorable rates for people with certain medical and lifestyle risks…

          American General Life Insurance Company.Banner Life Insurance Company.Fidelity Life Association.Globe Life And Accident Insurance Company.Protective Life Insurance Company.Pruco Life Insurance Company.ReliaStar Life Insurance Company.SBLI of Massachusetts.Transamerica Life Insurance Company.United of Omaha Life Insurance Company.William Penn Life Insurance Company.

          *SelectQuote only represents companies that have earned three of the highest ratings of 16 by A.M. Best, America’s leading life insurance rating service…”


          Cheaper? Those $25 for online access is a monthly expense. As it was stated, unlike Primerica AllState also helps you with leads, you’re not asked to recruit anyone, it’s a one time charge of $50, they can help you pay for your license and will start making a decent living from the start.

          If real estate is not a MLM company than is not a valid comparison.

          Primerica is mostly focused on recruiting people and that’s how they will advance, not by selling uncompetitive insurance.

          Primerica is 11 levels deep, this means most people will get scammed and only a handful of people will get rich off them.

          • That’s fantastic that you stated real estate isn’t an mlm. Were you aware Primerica isn’t either? FACT: MLMs aren’t illegal, but MUST be registered as such in the STATE they conduct business. Primerica is listed as a distribution company for life insurance and investments.

      • Really ?? Do you know who are Forbes magazine? ? Its an independent magazine that do their own studies on companies. You cannot paid them to be on thrir magazine because they’re INDEPENDENT! ! Learn the info first!!!

      • Awww your really this mad to go on and talk for MONTHS about how bad the great Primerica is??! Lol, I’ve been licensed 2 months and have made $3,000+ each month. Not too bad “working” 8 hrs a week, yeah that equals 32 hrs in a month if you needed help with that. Your pathetic and sad. I’ll pray for you.

        • Wow Jerry, congratulations. You’re in the top 1% of the 11 tiered multilevel marketing system. I personally wouldn’t work for a company whose sales force tried to convince Florida firefighters and teachers to switch to high risk retirement products.-Wikipedia

      • Primerica has the MLM system but it is not registered as an MLM. They also use the overriding buisness, and the distributing system (lik mcdonalds) of having multiple franchisies (to grow faster).
        Also, the IBA fee and the $25 monthly fee for pol is not a profit for the upline. They don’t recieve 1 penny off of that.
        I can’t correct you on your state farm comment. Because I don’t know about that. But I do know state farm doesn’t give you ownership rights to own your own state farm franchise. Where paying $99 with Primerica, you are buying your own franchise, that’s why it’s called an IBA ( independent business owner Application).

        • You’re paying $99 to have the right to sell their low rated products and to convince people to join a business opportunity where the annyal average for sales representatives is $6,000.

          You don’t own anything being with Primerica. Franchise??? Lol

        • This is why it is important to have a whole life policy. Term life is temporarily and I think it is an excellent idea to get a term that has an option to convert to a permanent policy while people are in their 30’s so they can lock their rate at an affordable price. Yes, whole life is six times more expensive but this is because your death benefit is guaranteed. Only 1.5% of term policies are paid out and once your policy ends, your premium will increase to a point where it becomes unaffordable.

    • A. M. Best rating is strictly rating the financial strength of the corporation. It has nothing to do with their products, or the opportunity offered;

      “Ratings opinions address the relative ability of an insurer to meet its ongoing insurance obligations. The ratings are not assigned to specific insurance policies or contracts and do not address any other risk, including, but not limited to, an insurer’s claims-payment policies or procedures; the ability of the insurer to dispute or deny claims payment on grounds of misrepresentation or fraud; or any specific liability contractually borne by the policy or contract holder. A Strength Rating does not address the suitability of any particular policy or contract for a specific purpose or purchaser.

    • Primericas own literature identifies them as an MLM as well as about 100 other reputable sources. Jennifer is spot on with all of her assesments
      Is any business that great if you have to spend so much time defending it? I tell people what i do for a living, anyone is free to google it and 100+ pages of negativity don’t pop right out at you.

  8. Business is not for the weak. Only the strong survive. Primerica sells hope, freedom, and good product. State Farm has to overcharge because they have to pay for their comedic primetime advertising. Millionaires and successful people don’t waste their time ranting on reviewing giving stars to online sites. Only losers are reported and talk bad about the company. Mentality and perseverance is what differs the 99% to the 1%. Have fun slaving your life away for benefits that are not really guaranteed in your retirement. Dive into business so you can live your life better. Use your creativity in a business. It’s hard because people are programmed to be close minded. You probably don’t even believe in yourself enough to start a business and make a 6 figure income, Jennifer. But it’s okay I hope anyone who reads this opens up to the opportunities America has at hand. Americans really are so spoiled. Pursue Freedom. Not 9-5 slavery. Education and Imagination are some keys to life. Have a great day yall

    • Primerica has uncompetitive overpriced products, please read the endless complaints on People that realize they are being scammed also talk bad about a company.

      People should invest in their retirement, but not with Primerica.

      • You keep posting this website. The only people that complain about the company is the ones that never tried. Money does not fall from trees. You must work hard to earn a descent living.
        About the pyramid scheme let me ask you this, do you have a job? do you have a supervisor/manager? Does your supervisor/manager makes more money than you? Does their manager/supervisor makes more money than them? If you want a promotion don’t you want to work hard to earn it? Is the same exactly thing. Ask any person that is a millionaire or wealthy if they just got money like that. No one will tell you yes it was easy, all of them worked hard to get where they were.
        Regarding the fees: Texas Insurance License Exam: $48, Insurance App Fee $50, Fingerprints $43. That’s a total of $141, more than the $99 initial fee. Now the $25 monthly fee. If you want to be a blogger you have to pay for a domain and a site to keep your blog going (if you want to be legit, unless you want cheap illegitimate crap). If you sell one life policy a month and your commission is $100, that’s $75 more you did not have before. How many times have you had gym memberships that you do not use, $40 a month wasted, at least here you can talk to one person and make some money.
        To wrap it up, stop complaining it did not work for you because you weren’t willing to work hard to earn the money. There’s no such thing as a free lunch, work hard, earn your money and be happy.

        • Your job is not a pyramid scheme as most people with a full time job will receive benefits and make an actual living as opposed to the $5,600 or less with Primerica. In a job, you will never pay them a dime and if you do, you will likely get compensated or the small investment will pay for itself. I agree that a job is not the best way to make a living as you’re underpaid while helping your company make millions.

          Yes, I’m a blogger and pay just $47 a month for almost everything I need to run my online business including industry leading hosting, a powerful website building platform, a superior keyword and competition research tool, awesome weekly live video classes, thousands of training modules, 24/7 support and much more.

          The problem is that the average rep will sell about 2 to 3 policies in a whole year and that’s a win win for Primerica.

        • Thus, hard working is a bridge which connects success to all the jobs.
          However, hardworking is not a priority character for a good salesperson.
          You gotta be either Bullshitting or sexy. Otherwise, leave sales.

      • I agree with Jennifer 100%, i have not done all of the independent research myself. But after discussing how the business works with a Primerica it seems to be based in very shady roots. Any company that needs a 20 person seminar like this was a Tony Robbins class is not a good sign. And anytime a company is set up in a upside down multilevel fashion means the little guy is not getting the money they deserve.

        Its also not about being able to cut it in a sales environment. I have worked in sales for years and if you sell something you should be paid for it. Not have someone take 75% of your sales because you are not a high enough level sales rep. It also seems like a bunch of people from the Primerica company have found this page and seem more worried about putting down Jennifer then building up their company. This is the scientology of the insurance game- they want you to feel good why they steal your money and make it seem like your making a difference to people. Also what kind of pig thinks that selling your family and friends insurance is not ruining relationships. If you were real sales professionals then you could go out and make the cold sales thats not on grandmas dime.

      • Its funny how i watched a 45 minute “recruitment” video and not once did they give any specifics about their “products”. Instead its endless pipedreams about if i recruit 3 people and each of then recruit 3 people etc..etc… Before long there’ll be 1000+ people below me and i’ll be making 100k a month with no effort (whatever). Bentley in the driveway, convertible
        Porsche for my daughter (blah blah blah). Readily available figures don’t support the pipe dream being sold

        • I didn’t watch the video when I joined Primerica back in 2008, but those are traces of a scheme.

          The meetings did really started to get really boring with our RVP always telling the same success story of a man who now only works 9 hours a week and spends his days playing golf and the same training about the quadrants. I was also told to practice my script which made me sound more like a commercial and made my sponsor laugh ‘til her cheeks hurt. 🙂

      • Primerica helps people save for their retirement. Primerica is partnered up with the biggest mutual fund firms that have been around for over 100 years plus. Companies like invesco, legg mason, Franklin Templeton and more… with all do respect jennifer, but idon’t think you know well enough of this company to be making posts about it.

        • People can just go to these companies themselves. Primerica is very smart indeed. They have done everything in their power to add credibility to their bottom line.

      • Its because we put alot of protections in place that other companies dont have and i have beaten those companies in quotes many times. Im sorry but there are many agents that are

    • Josh, you say that, but yet youre here on this site…. Makes me think you’re not a true millionaire, then again what am I saying, of course youre not. You probably dont even know how to read a financial statement.

  9. You should really do some CREDIBLE research Jennifer!! Primerica is the largest Financial Services Marketing organization in North America!! We have the most 6 and 7 figure income earners! Whatever a rep makes is his or her choice. You get from it what you put into it. If you don’t work you don’t get paid. If you recruit and push people up by helping them be successful and eventually be able to open up their own office, everybody wins. The families that I help get to financial independence in retirement, the reps that I help promote, myself and everybody all the way up to Head Office. Everybody wins. If the newest person works harder than the people above, that person can pass them. Everybody gets what they want here by putting in the necessary effort. Nothing comes for free. Primerica subsidizes the IBA fee to make it affordable. As for the Primerica Online fee. That’s all the overhead that anyone below Regional Leader pays. Its priceless as far as our businesses are concerned!! Consider the Source people!!! Do your own research!! People can put whatever they want on the internet!!

    • Credible research was done Shar and my conclusion is that Primerica is not a wise investment for the entrepreneur nor the customer. Their level premiums are only guaranteed for 20 years where others can guarantee for 35 years, they employ captive agents, their rates are the same for both genders, all their mutual funds are load funds and they are 10 to 50% more expensive than other companies. Over 60% of their agents fail and average just a little over $5,600 per year. And yes, to earn a decent living agents have to work very hard. If it was to the best interest of Primerica for all their representatives to succeed without any risk, there would be no fees at all. Primerica online should be free.

          • They don’t shop around when they know that all other life insurance products that have a cash value attached and are whole life are not good policies. I sat with a family last week speaking with them about their policies. They had a 100,000 policy for $90 a month. If they paid 90 a month for the rest of their life…we will say 70 years because she is 30. She will have paid 75,600 towards that policy and was accruing money at 4.5% interest rate. But if she takes any of her savings out, she can only take it as a loan that has an 8% interest rate. If she does not pay the cash value back they will reduce her death benefit. If she decides that she wants all her savings out, she loses the whole policy. All other insurance companies off two products with the intention of only making good on one product. Is that fair? Pmerica offers the lowest price for more coverage only for times when you need it. After you have raised your children, paid car notes and mortgages, then you need liquid cash in the latter years. Which is why you are encouraged to pay less on DEATH benefits and invest more on LIVING benefits based on your risk suitability.

            As far as the business, the website offers you so much dollar value just like your website offers. It is not just a website for potential clients to look at but it has reputable training; access to Kaplan website to get your life insurance and securities licenses. You could leave Primerica and work anywhere with these licenses. I have started a income tax and notary business on my own and i recognize the difficulty in running a legitimate, ethical and COMPLIANT business which is why they give you a script and closely watch your words and engages your warm market for comfort in your initial training.

            It is serious and genuine. Yes, you encounter people that market this as a job and are totally out of alignment with the standards that Primerica is based on. Just like I prefer to go to the Denny’s on the north side of Houston as apposed to the one off of 288 on the South. The customer service is better at the one on the North and at the one on the South, their waiters and managers don’t know their menu.

            I think it is best that you say what you know about exactly with whom you did business with. Some of the quotes you brought in were untrue because those types of policies don’t exist and then you came back and criticized the fact they don’t offer different types of policies. Just stick to the facts and promote the truth. Your business will do great without you having to bash others simply because you don’t know all there is to know about Primerica. I think people are smart and capable of making decisions without having to be convinced. I am a middle school math teacher and know numbers in black and white don’t lie. I pray for success for your business. We can all share in the wealth that this world has to offer.

          • As with anything in life, everything has its pros and its cons. Every single Primerica agent has failed to mention that when a term period expires, their rate increases 10 to 20 times more. This leaves most people in a situation where they have to cancel their policy.

            I think it makes sense for most people to buy a level term policy while they’re young to lock their insurability that will provide them with the option to convert to a permanent policy. Whole life policies remain level and death benefits are guaranteed.

            If you want to win, you have to die while your policy is in force.

            Being fair is being able to give your customers options and giving them the ability to easily compare quotes.

            State Farm was ranked “among the best” for five consecutive years while Primerica had the worst rating.

            So if you do the math, a client who has an expired term policy that doesn’t have the option to convert and they buy another one will end up paying way more in the long run and possibly dying without their death benefit.

            Death benefits is a gift you’re giving to your loved ones, it’s not really something people should skimp on. People can easily save money in other less important things like cutting their cable, spending less money on Starbucks and fast food restaurants, and quitting smoking and drinking.

            If Primerica online was really valuable, why are the majority of agents failing?

      • Yes, and i trust jennifer, someone who Google this stuff and is obviously an expert! Obviously the IRS BBB American Customer Satisfaction Insex Forbes Magazine, 50 state insurance comissioners, the National Securitoes commission, New York Times yhe New York Stock Exchange, and all other government regulated bodies can’t be trusted.

      • Yep…school has fees, college & universities all have tuition and book fees. Hmm.. I think going to college must be a scam. I’m 148,000 dollars in student loans working as an intern clicking just a few bucks over minimum wage, THAT is the real scam people. You couldn’t make it in Primerica or perhaps you’re upset that your coach was a worthless coward who put a bad taste in your mouth and now you project all the garbage from that specific half wit. If I were you, look into the opportunity again with a real coach who has the best intentions to develop you into an RVP.

      • That’s just like saying get your own bakery and the rent is free… By the way primerica is a ownership company… were not here to produce forever once you make a certain amount you can sell or hand down your business to your kids…

      • I do not think you know much about mutual funds, there are two main kind of mutual funds, load funds (front end charge and back end charge) and no load funds. a load fund charges a commission fee that goes to the broker, whether its on the front end or back end. A no load fund does not have a commission for the broker, but just because they do not have a commission fee does not mean you will not pay additional fees from the bank/broker, they will charge you a purchase fee, account fees, exchange fees, redemption fees, all these fees are not technically a sales commission fee which is why it is not called a load fund. load funds are only allowed to charge a maximum of 8.5% sales fee, but the majority of funds are around 4-5 percent. googling complaints is not doing research, every single company has complaints from people about something.

      • I was offered a 30yr policy based on my age. Got a higher policy for the same price as Farmers but was able to add my baby for the same monthly and she got her own policy amount. My children got up to 35yr policy for much less monthly fee than with Farmers and a higher policy coverage . All term policy thats all Primerica offers. Mine were Universal with Farmers and after 10 yr there was only 78dl into it.

    • Are you aware that their big earners list is a cumulative, not annual one? It refers to any rep, who during a “best” 12 month rolling window, achieved those numbers ONCE, since 1977. Many never repeated those levels ever again. In fact, 64% of those on the list made it prior to the year 2000. In 2011, for instance, only 5% of their entire force exceeded more than $36k in earnings.

  10. 100% agree with Jennifer! I was with Primarica for a few months, it was the most terrible experience in my life. People, please do not join this company. You will end up spending hundreds of dollars and make nothing at the end.

    Reiko, Christian, you both suck! You guys most likely have no education. Take a look at those people works for Primerica, none of them have master or PHD degree. Also, how do you guys make money? You guys got paid by educated people? Or need to sell insurance so you can get paid?

    • Sky WOW! How do you know these gentleman to speak on there education. Furthermore if you do your homework it takes more than a few months to grow anything try years. So you have no credibility in business sense to even speak. Talk with people like Mark Cubin, Warren Buffet, , Bill Gates,Amancio Ortega, Carlos Slim. Oh you wouldn’t no the last two because you’re not educated in money only what the schools gave you. They didnt graduate from college, however they are billionaires. Talk with so called professor’s and see if they are all happy with there pay. I will do you one better talk with your high school and elementary teachers. SMH #FOOLISHNESS

      • “Oh you wouldn’t no the last two because you’re not educated in money only what the schools gave you.”

        Wow. That statement (complete with grammatical error) just says all you need to know about Primerica reps.

    • It is unnecessary to hurl insults to get your point across. If you do not like the company it is your choice. I just joined Pirmerica and I will make the amount of money I choose by working hard. I am very educated. I have a Bachelors in Nursing and I am getting ready to start Law School. I just want to make extra money. I really depends on why a person gets in involved. Most educated people know you should buy term and invest the difference. I’ve known that for years. Anyone that reads Money magazine or listens to the financial advisors they have been saying it for years. It is the young people that have no clue what to do with their money and will invest in whole life. It is unfortunate that Primerica will recruite anyone and that people are dishonest.

    • Primerica never worked for you because you are probably one of those people who think they know it all.. Not coachable…

  11. Can’t believe how brainwashed Primerica reps are. They still point out to an outdated Forbes magazine for legitimization. Hey, guess whole else was in Forbes? Enron? Bernie Madoff? It doesn’t mean anything. Do people even read magazines now? The products are presented as if they have a giant market, but when people find out they are overpriced they leave in drones. The market is so limited and closed and the money comes out of recruits hard work while the people in the top get all that money. People in the 21st century have the Internet to reach millions of customers and these guys think they’re changing the world selling overpriced products to the uneducated door to door. I mean these guys go fresh out of high school to sell the stuff- it’s sort of evil. Do people a favor and save them billions of dollars with other reputable companies that doesn’t prey on people. It’s not an opinion, it’s a fact. Do your research outside Primerica and it’s obvious they act like people bashing are just haters and are famous for the bashing with the only companies in comparison are other mlm companies. MLM poisons people’s heads on business- it’s like cancer. I swear, they even defend millionaire leaders who are clearly exploiting their gullibility. I can’t wait tell people to wake up and smell the smoke in mlm companies.

    • There are several scam companies that have been shut down by the FTC that have received prestigious awards like the Stevie Awards and yes, you’re exactly right Karry, it doesn’t mean anything.

      Yes, most people in MLM companies are like robots- they think and act the same.

      People sell insurance programs that nobody has ever heard of, but they do it for the money.
      Yes, that’s what separates a pyramid scheme from a corporate job.

      Karry, thank you so much for your insightful comment. You will help more people than anyone can being a Primerica agent. I wish you the best in your endeavors.

      • Primerica is not a scam and it is not a MLM scheme. As a person who has joined and left, I can vouch that there are a few things that you mentioned that were true but much of what you posted were wrong. I never left Primerica because of ANY of the reasons you mentioned. I actually made money and it was through sweat and blood. I understand it’s necessary to make a business work, just like you want to make your business at Wealthy Affiliate work.

        I have also joined Wealthy Affiliate and I can say that I’m glad I did. The reason why I joined Wealthy Affiliate is because it presents a 100% work-at-home opportunity, whereas Primerica does not. It does not mean that Primerica is totally useless, nor does it make it a scam.

        Want to know the reason why I left Primerica? It was because I was looking for a 100% work-at-home job. I don’t drive. I still don’t drive so it’s hard for me to meet up with my uplines for training and to meet clients and other possible recruits. Primerica is about making the life of the consumer as well as the life of the business owner easier, just like Wealthy Affiliate.

        So many personal factors could be the reason why people leave Primerica, just like it was the case for me. The Primerica opportunity, though it was not for me, has changed the lives of so many people. At least people who own their business with Primerica (instead of working at McDonald’s) can control their schedule 100% of the time and their efforts are rewarded accordingly because they control how much they make, whereas working for McDonald’s does not provide you with the freedom that you need, nor does it give you an unlimited income potential. You blog and earn your living through your posts so I’m not gonna go through the advantages of a business compared to a regular job. You know what they are already.

        Owning a business is much more than just the money. You should know that better than anybody else, as a fellow Wealthy Affiliate member.

        • 2012 Florida lawsuit and settlement

          “In 2012, Primerica was the target of multiple lawsuits alleging that the company’s representatives sought to profit by earning commissions after convincing Florida firefighters, teachers and other public workers to divest from safe government-secured retirement investments to inappropriate high-risk retirement products offered by Primerica.” I wouldn’t want to work for a company like that.

      • Every company is MLM. Thats a fact. Its only a scheme if there is no product or service rendered. As for all the awards and the ratings that they have gotten, you cant necessarily say the company is bad because the site isnt credible to you. Blame the different sites. It might not have worked for you but as you stated their are wealthy people in the company. And I did a federal background check recently and it cost more that $100. And why should the company pay for your background check when you’re supposed to be investing in yourself. You have to spend money to make money. You cant really blame Primerica for not making you rich. It was a chance you too, it didnt work but now you can learn from it and apply it to yourself. Im not trying to plea for the company. But in the business world of things you get as much as you put in.

        • Not all companies are MLM, but Primerica has 11 levels.

          A scheme can have a product or service and they can be used to mask a scheme. If the product is low quality and overpriced and the majority of sales are from the reps themselves, you’re in a pyramid scheme.

  12. and their comebacks are scripted like they are robots.

    No advertising, lol! Billion dollar companies nobody has heard of is good for MLM companies since they could continue what they do without anybody asking nosy questions, not good for the distributor morons.
    Corporate America is a pyramid? No it’s not-
    even the ones in the bottom are paid a liveable wage. Could people in MLM in the bottom feed their family? I don’t think so.

    Another funny one is oh we work with reliable companies advertising the shit out of other companies but themselves. You don’t hear McDonald’s advertising more Coca Cola then themselves. Citibank spun you guys off so they don’t have to deal with your future. No more stealing credibility from others who earned it. You guys are so blind, it’s amazing. You want to be rich? Go to the ghetto and recruit the homeless and get them licensed. Aren’t you changing their lives? Helping peple? With what clearly don’t be so open minded, your brains fall off.

    • People at McDonald’s are paid liveable wages? People busing tables at restaurants? The commission from one Primerica sell is a month’s worth of minimum wage pay, lol. The people at the bottom of your typical company that doesn’t require expensive education SELDOMLY make liveable wages. What world are you talking about? If 60% of people in Primerica fail/quit, (often making maybe 2 or 3 sells before quitting) then how is the average income of a rep even a useful number at all? Especially when people move from rep to district leader sometimes in under a month (putting them in an entirely different category smh) 9 in 10 businesses fail within the first two years… universally… Primerica has this number at 6 in 10 which is CONSIDERABLY lower. Everybody aint able. But I’m a digital art major in the dumbest state in the union and even I know that 6 in 10 is a lower fail rate than 9 in 10. Try harder lol. If you had a 40% chance at creating a successful business, you would have to be a fool to not at least give it a shot. You’re even dumber if you get to RVP and quit, lol wtf you can make thousands by doing nothing…. Let’s not forget some people get to RVP within MONTHS. Primerica is a Godfather deal. Period.

  13. The sad thing is that people who got started with Primerica will read these reviews and actually believe it. Primerica is an awesome company, FIND OUT FOR YOURSELF. For example, this article writes about Primerica only offering a 20-year guaranteed premium term – are you crazy?! We offer 35 years! It makes me think – who are you? And where are you getting your infomation? Also, Jennifer is a State Farm agent. She is in competition with agents from Primerica. Of course she’s going to say what she’s saying!

    • Primerica promotes canceling any permanent insurance one might have to buy term life insurance and investing the difference in mutual funds. That’s not exactly a smart thing to do because there is a place for permanent insurance and in some cases, not term.

      If someone becomes uninsured during the term of their insurance policy, they end up without any insurance after their policy expires and their insurance becomes unaffordable in many cases as they become older.

      • Jennifer- way to not address the main point that Tijana made in that Primamerica does in fact offer 35 year term insurance.

      • Well Jennifer, Tijana does have a point. Primerica does offer 35 years. Also, buying term and investing the difference does make since if you are older because whole life is costly. All insurance companies are placing bets that you don’t die so you are a pawn in any case. Whole life only makes since if your parents buy it for you at a very young age. Nice job on your post though getting people to follow you even though all of your facts aren’t correct. You should at least update

  14. Jennifer,

    I personally own a 35 year policy with Primerica. My rates were set for 35 years. I am renewable and non cancellable even if I get cancer, heart disease, etc. I have it in writing. I googled best term insurance, and their name came up as #1. A few companies have tried to beat my policy and couldn’t match it. Primerica also pays out a higher percentage of policies than any other company. They paid out during 9/11. Also, I have funds with them. They are not all load funds. Yes, they are mutual funds and there is a MER…is that what you are saying? In the old days prior to the agents having Mutual Funds licenses, there were just seg funds that carried a load…but now, depending on your timeline, some of mine are 0% FEL and some are DSC…it depends on what your investment is for…retirement, education, etc. As well, they are required to be licensed by the state or province. I know a lot of people that have failed those exams a lot and couldn’t pass to work there. That’s why a lot of people don’t stay I guess. I think you should do a bit more research before you post? There are some things that are true, but you kinda twisted them….

    • When I googled best term life insurance, TransAmerica came up as #1.

      Other ones I came across include New York Life, Northwestern Mutual, State Farm, Met Life, AIG, Prudential and Banner Life.

      I rather shop for term life insurance on the internet because I don’t have to have a salesperson breathing down my neck. It’s also easier and faster to comparison shop for quotes, something Primerica agents won’t do for you.

      These sites include,,,,,or

      • You simply sound like an unsatisfied person that wanted to get rich quick and soon found out that’s a pipe dream, primerica works in large amounts for those who work hard themselves, you can go through a long list of complaints on primerica and there is always one common denominator, lazy people that want something for free.

        • I don’t believe in get rich quick, everything takes time, effort, and dedication. There are many complaints, including the products themselves. Why would I want to work for a company where the majority of reps hide that they’re with Primerica and post fake interviews on Craigslist just to get people in their downline and rip them off their money?

      • Transamerica #1 ? Ha! Once again just goes to show how idiotic you are. Transamerica, which is the underwriter and issuer of WFG’s (World Financial Group) I.U.L.(index universal life) is in a class action law suit because this product and WFG is so scandalous. Lady do some freakin research before you just grab crap off of google and spew it. You are truly ignorant! And by the way the post I made yesterday will never be seen on here isn’t that right Jennifer? Why? because you have a review process and you wouldn’t let it be seen because I just blew your whole Libtard movement by revealing the truth! Primerica is a great company. I hope you get closure on whatever is wrong and messed up in your life to make you spew venom and lies. Here is a challenge I will issue to you, Contact Primerica’s home office in Deluth, GA. Ask them for a guided tour. They give them on a daily basis, you will get to see with your own eyes and hear with your own ears everything that is good that they do and then you will realize the rest of the industry is corrupt and that everything you are spewing here was all founded and rooted in complete ignorance. I challenge you to do this. Get the facts! If you wont get the true facts and seek the truth then you are delusional and there is nothing anyone can do to help you until you are ready to face that. If after a tour of home office, fact checking thru credible research, and so forth, I would then be open to hearing anything you can legitimately prove is skewed or misrepresented or wrong etc…Challenge issued!

        • I would just like to ask first and foremost, what are your credentials for all these reviews?And how much do you make again? Also if you are going to do an honest review of a company, you shouldnt try to turn around and try sell something trying to get people to buy into in return. That says alot about your reputation and poot business tactics. I feel like your evaluation of Primerica are definitely under false pretenses without enough info to back it up..😂🤦‍♂️🤔

  15. “244,756 people were recruited in 2011”

    and in actual fact, of the 244,756 recruited in 2011, 211,045 quit, for an 84% turnover rate.

    Over the last 6 yrs (2010-2015), 1.275M have been recruited, 1.07M of those left.

    The turnover rate for licensed reps is 34% yr after yr.

  16. I used to work for Allstate and when a friend of mine approached me about Primerica I was shocked by what she told me. Legitimate companies do not work this way. Jennifer is dead on with this and obviously you other guys work for them and haven’t learned the cold hard truth yet. Also, I am currently a nursing student that had to pay for a NATIONWIDE background check and it was $40. Also the commissions were much much better at Allstate and I was never asked to recruit anyone and they provided the leads. And even better, the agent I worked under paid for me to get licensed and I was able to work there as a customer service rep while going through the process. I tried to warn her but she was recruited by her mother….

  17. Jennifer, I think your analysis of Primerica is incorrect. First recruits only pay $99 to obtain a license and the company pays for your insurance class, your fingerprint and your appointment with the State. I spent a bit more because I wanted to take my license quicker and took an audio review course for the life insurance exam at…..The monthly POL fee is optional and you can choose not to enroll. But considering if I wanted to get this same license at a community college, I would pay a huge sum amount of money. Now, I don’t think the Primerica business is for everyone but it sure isn’t a Scam.

    • 5% of Primerica reps are making over $36,000 a year. 84% is their turnover rate over the last 6 years. In 2015, an average of 2.54 policies were sold for the whole year.

      In regards to their products, Primerica only sells term which can turn into an annual renewable term after it ends which increases in price every year.

      They don’t compare rates and aren’t as competitive as other well known insurance companies like Prudential, Banner Life, or SBLI.

      Many of Primerica’s agents are inexperienced and don’t have the knowledge that an Independent Life Insurance Broker has because they only work part time. Would you want a part time optometrist doing surgery on your eyes? Probably not, so why let them handle your family’s financial future?

      Primerica only sells term life insurance, but no permanent policies. These are for seniors to cover funeral planning.

      • Just like you stated in your post, Primerica is here to cancel whole life policies and to use the same amount of Premium to pay for a Term life Insurance policy with them, and the difference put away as savings.

        Whole life policies are designed to be paid until the insured dies whereas an insured under the Term Life policy has the choice to cancel their Term Life at the end of the term and recuperate their savings.

        Why would anybody need a whole life insurance policy, just to keep paying premiums until God knows what age, if at the end of the term of the Term life policy, they have enough to live off of and pay for their funeral? On the contrary, Primerica is helping people save more in the long run by protecting investments at every stage of their life AND helping them save for their future.

      • That is the point of buy term and invest the difference. U dont need insurance after initial term or if u do keep it u can reduce it to just burial but most get rid of it because they have accumulated money.

        • Or do you?

          Jay of Denver, CO
          Verified Reviewer
          Original review: March 21, 2019

          Run fast! Colorado more specifically scam headquarters address 9725 E. Hampden Ave. Denver CO 80231. The so-called Vice President, named Fat-** (from East LA), a fast-talking bi-lingual, admitted high school dropout and narcissist. I held my composure throughout his scam pitch. After he vomited all over us about his flashy lifestyle he proceeded to tell us that he started 24-months ago and earned $500k in the first 18-months. Then he proceeded to say he didn’t start spending money on his flashy lifestyle until he earned 3 to $4-million in 2-years. Wait a minute, Mr. East LA?? You just said you earned $500k in the first 18-months and now you’re a multimillionaire. WTF!?

          I had to see how this scam was going to end so I stuck around to ask questions. Keep in mind, Primerica is a “TERM” Life Insurance and Mutual Fund financial management company aka Scam Company. No High School diploma or Degree or MBA required to become a VP in 24-months. Really? Everybody in attendance looked like they barely had a license to drive a car and they considered themselves to be so-called licensed Financial Advisers/brokers? I’m sure your mom left the dishes for you to wash too when you came home to her house.

          Here’s the truth… Fat-** avoided me once I started asking questions about specifics as it relates to Whole Life Insurance also known as Permanent Life Insurance vs. Term Life Insurance. Let me be clear… TERM Life Insurance and Mutual Funds “make” not “earn” MAKE, Primerica billions because your beneficiaries will never receive the death benefit policy payout. NEVER! Mutual Funds are heavily laced with broker/agent fees and then Ordinary Tax implications eat up the rest of your distribution. You’ll never earn a dime but Primerica and Mr. East LA-Fat-** will get rich off the commissions of your pea brain youth and novice knowledge on how to recognize a scam.

          They literally instructed me to allow the Term insurance to lapse at the end of the 30th year. Wait? What happens to the $100k I paid out of pocket over 30 years plus my compounding interest? Oh, wait… I forgot, Mr. High School dropout, Fat-**, and Primerica Executives kept my $100k plus interest. Thanks. But no thanks! Taking advantage of young impressionable minds should be outlawed. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) frowns on MLM’s but are hesitant to shut them down. Let me guess why? One word… Lobbyist! No wonder everybody wants to come to North America. Home of the free, the brave, the snake-oil salesmen and suckers waiting to buy the lie! I digress…

          Cynthia of Bellmore, NY
          Verified Reviewer
          Original review: March 12, 2019

          I’ve had a Primerica IRA for a few years, any money that was made always seemed to end up paying their huge fees. I decided to do a rollover, into a company that does not have such shady practices as Primerica does. One where I could actually build on my money and not support Primerica’s agents. I filled out the proper forms for my rollover, the transfer was requested to Primerica, should be very simple, right, after all this is why they have rollovers. Not so with Primerica, did not hear a word from anyone until I had to call my agent to follow up, who just fed me a load of horse ** on why this is being delayed, from the forms weren’t filled out right, to it’s not going in to another IRA , etc yada yada…just kept making up excuses after excuses, some very stupid that made no sense.

  18. Some of what Jennifer is saying is true, but saying that Primerica doesn’t offer term up to 35 years is a straight lie.

    I like how Jennifer keeps saying how Primerica has overpriced products. Because if you look at anything that is sold, you can always find a cheaper price somewhere. Same with term insurance.

    But fact is, if a client still needs insurance once their initial term period is over, Primerica has the best end of term options out there. And definitely the best prices in the market if someone is in their 60’s & 70’s still need insurance. So even though you keep saying Primerica’s products are over priced, Primerica can definitely beat the price someone will pay if they still need insurance. And that’s also why other companies prices may be cheaper now. Because after the 35 years, the new policy’s price for other companies will be 30 to 40 times higher than they were paying for the first 35 years.

    Also like your style Jennifer. I don’t think most people noticed this but I like how you wrote your own “review” of Primerica then put you link to the product/service you’re promoting. That’s a great business move. I bet you get quite a bit of traffic and make quite a bit of money from this site. Not bad. I would love to meet you one day. Lol.

    • Primerica reps don’t give the best price because they don’t shop around for their clients.

      Seniors need permanent policies for funeral planning and burial policies. Primerica only offers term.

  19. I also wanted to note how you keep mentioning the turnover percent. If you look at any company’s entry level positions, their turn over rate is high. For example, Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company was listed as having the highest turnover rate out of all of the Fortune 500 companies. Other companies that have high turnover are McDonald’s, Walmart, many retail stors, Amazon, Google, etc. And all of these companies are large, well know, and profitable companies. They don’t care about the turnover because they are always going to RECRUIT someone else to fill that spot.

    I just want to know mentioning turnover is so important to you?

    • I wouldn’t imagine if this company could make you a millionaire why the turnover rate would be so high. Unlike Primerica, all these reputable companies paid their employees a decent salary.

      • Hi Jennifer you are hypocritical.
        Your brave enough to make a post that Primerica is a scam and name bash other companies alike.
        I’m sure the company you work for and the products you buy and use daily all those companies are legitimate and honest right?
        If I were these companies I would sue your sorry stupid ass,
        REGARDLESS of what you think these companies are still around & making money…..what do you know that the governing bodies can’t figure and their ONLY jobs are to find and shut down bad companies…these companies have been around years and still standing SHUT up…
        Your just stupid EVEN having a lemonade stand requires spending money upfront. now do us a favor….shut up and go away…you have no business being in primerica or any other business with that mentality….and the sight ain’t much better either….good rid.
        P.s to ANY ONE who wants to start ANY business, ignore this post “Say YES and go for it” if it doesn’t work you gave it a shot and if it does WELL I’m happy for you! & JEN YOU “GOOGLED THIS & GOOGLED THAT. WELL I GOOGLED YOU TOO!

        • Yes, it can take many years for a company to be shut down. Right, it takes money to make money, nobody is arguing that.

          Do me a favor, if you’re not going to be respectful, you stay away from my website.

          Aaw, you’re so kind with your words of encouragement.

    • “I know a lot of people that have failed those exams a lot and couldn’t pass to work there. That’s why a lot of people don’t stay I guess. ”

      Why do you think so many don’t pass the test, and who is responsible for preparing these people for the exam? And why has that same company had the worst passing rates the last 10+ years?

      Could it be that a recruit’s purpose is fulfilled long before they even write the exam, that being, to be sold a policy themselves and provide a list of warm market leads? It would seem that little priority has been given to improving their training methods despite being aware of their dismal test results.

  20. I am with Primerica and I have two master’s degrees, so Sky you are wrong. I is clear that Jennifer has very little knowledge of the company and what it takes to be successful in it. Do you know the breadth of products that Primerica offers and how they market to middle american families that most high end financial institutions won’t touch? I would say it is not for everyone. If you want to punch a clock, get paid a fixed rate for fixed hours of work and hope that you can get promoted someday, then this is not for you. It is a business, so it will take work, and lots of it to build a client base and make some serious income. Most people aren’t willing to do what it takes to be successful in it or any other business opportunity, but if you do the work you can be successful.

  21. Notice how everyone who has commented and is pro Primerica has gotten super defensive about how great Primerica is, and they tell you to “do some CREDIBLE research”, and they find any means to prove that the business is actually legitimate, and isn’t out there to “scam” people. Why don’t you do actual research and realize that businesses like this aren’t the best way to become successful. The success rate is so low and like many other people have said, only a select few actually make a good living out of this, and earn that 6 figure income they constantly brag about and make people believe that they can make. They make that money because thousands of people are too ignorant and gullible to know any better than to waste their money and time. These people are experts at brainwashing you into thinking that this is actually a good idea. Please BE SMART and look into things and don’t be dragged into something simply because someone hints at the possibility of success. You don’t need a degree to figure out when something is not right.

  22. Primerica-The real numbers! Primerica’s big earners list is not only cumulative back to 1977, but also cumulative by level (ie: a $1M dollar earner is also counted as a $100+k and $50+k earner, etc). When you factor out this accumulation, here are the true counts of individual reps at the maximum levels each achieved, for any one “12 month rolling window”, as of 12/31/14. (Primerica “Destiny” Book)

    $50+k earners-3067 individual reps
    $100+k earners-2845 individual reps
    $1M+ earners-51 individual reps
    $2M+ earners-16 individual reps
    $5M+ earners-1 individual rep

    That is a grand total of only 5980 individual reps who ever surpassed the $50k level, at least once, during a best 12 month rolling window, including any advances, out of the 100’s of thousands of Reps who’ve ever worked there, since 1977. Many on the list achieved that level only once. Since 2009 alone, there have been over 349,167* individual reps alone. This is the equivalent of any company with 100 employees having only 1.7* people who ever exceeded $50k once, or more.

  23. I just went to your term4now and Primercia was cheaper them any coverage from them. Also I get the one on one you don’t get from just getting a quote online.

    • There are many other sites you can use such as Quotacy, PolicyGenius ,1stOptionInsurance,, AccuQuote,or

      I like the ease of shopping for term life insurance online because I don’t like to be pressured by a salesperson. It also allows you to comparison shop for quotes in minutes.

  24. Wow! I joined Primerica to offer financial services to my clients , being i run a succesful tax business , some times our orices are cheaper and some times not that is not a scheme , life ins, pays out ,incant say that for many companies , I am happy with Primerica, I am educated have a masters in accounting and business management , so where youbalk get thatcwe are uneducated is sad, maybe you had a bad experience ,or your just posting and know nothing of Primerica, but i love the products and the fact that i get to iffer my clients financial planning makes me feel great ! Like insaid to each their own opinion. But you get what you out into it and i dont have too gather my family and harass people , I have i offer the services and i try and get them a good price. That is all.

    • In regards to Primerica’s term insurance, Primerica reps won’t find their clients the best product at the most affordable price for their individual situation. Their investment products are restricted and their sales fees are immense. A better option is going through an online broker and investing in no load mutual funds. If Primerica’s products were so great, than why does each rep manages to sell an average of 2 to 3 policies? If you ask me, that’s easy. One sale would be to myself, one to my mom and one to a best friend.

      • Thank you for sharing this Joe. Your time and effort wasn’t worth spending at Primerica. I can tell you are a very hardworking and dedicated man that will be successful working for a company like StateFarm. To your success 🙂

  25. I sat next to a couple of Primerica reps of about 30+ that were on my flight this morning. They told me they were Financial Services Educators and they educate families and businesses about 401K’s and personal investing. I ended up here at this blog because hearing them talk to one of their “vendors” who sat across the aisle, and he was a guy selling newly created investment types. It sounded shadey. He was in his mid 20’s and he nor anyone else around me sounded educated enough to educate others. I didn’t understand why a free educational service would pay for employees to go on tropical vacations twice a year and have vendors do presentations. Vendors of what? They kept saying upline and building their base as wide as possible and that screams pyramid. Sure enough, all my online research has backed up my feeling of creepiness about interacting with them at all.

  26. Jennifer that is not a true statement. There are cases where you do not want to cancel a permanent insurance policy. But the primary goal of insurance is to cover income costs during a time where it would be catastrophic to go without income.

    Most permanent insurance policies are so expensive the insuree cannot afford enough coverage to prevent a financial disaster. They are a scam that pays huge commissions to their agents.

  27. I also tried Primerica…TWICE!!! I didn’t like it. The second time I tried it, I had to take an oral swab test and my results came back positive for tobacco. I HAVE NEVER SMOKED IN MY LIFE! I felt that I was being scammed so I end up canceling both times.

  28. Thank you so much Jennifer, I was approached by a couple about this company. I was already kind of skeptical about it but after simply knowing that it is MLM is all I need to know. It’s garbage. I don’t know why these other idiots defend it so much, they could be making real salaries and real commissions selling for a real company. Sales is a very lucrative profession. But a word of advice, stay away from pyramid schemes. The odds are stacked against you.

    • You’re welcome and thanks for your feedback. Exactly, there’s is no opportunity with Primerica since the average rep sells about 2 policies per year and one of those sales is to themselves.

  29. Stats speak for themselves. Jennifer sounds like she didn’t have what it takes to be an agent with Primerica. The fact that all of these income averages are based off of ALL INDEPENDENT AGENTS should point out a couple things. Our part time people will not make your 32k like you do at State Farm. Factor in the people who literally do nothing every other month. I see you left out the facts that Primerica has the most 6 figure and 7 figure earners (74 reps currently get paid in excess of one million dollars annually) out of EVERY COMPANY IN NORTH AMERICA. 1 in 35 fully licensed reps make 6 figures. As far as people calling it a Citi Group spin-off… Primerica bought itself out of the contract. Their companies achievements were being undermined with a company that was failing. Your copied post about the paid up policy that rolled over… Hmmm. Primerica doesn’t even offer that as a payout option. So I would say that is false much like the majority of this page. Now to the next lie about the overpriced coverage. If Primerica had coverage that is so expensive, why is it that every time they are cheaper on renewal? Load fund… Jennifer. Oh please. Get out a calculator and please tell me when a non load fund BEST SUITS THE CLIENT. You need to double check your math. There are two scams in the life insurance industry. The first is Whole Life products which are overpriced and insufficient for INSURANCE COVERAGE. Their returns on investments never add up to what they project. The second would be the DRAMATIC INCREASE IN COST when it comes to renew or exchange. Primerica is the ONLY company that offers TERM TO TERM conversion with NO MEDICAL CHECK. Get your facts right before you make false claims. If you are that upset because your clients keep switching then I have a saying for you… If you can’t beat them, join them.

    • A Primerica rep will make an average of $5,600 and this is between full time and part time reps. I wouldn’t doubt if a full time rep made this much per year. Wow, sounds like there are many people who can’t sell your noncompetitive life insurance.

      Only 2,913 reps have made more than six figures since Primerica’s big earners list is cumulative since 1977 and by level.

      There have been instances where if a customer declines to make a change, the policy converts to an increased flexible premium without an exam. In some cases, Primerica offers annual renewable term after the level term period ends which increase in cost every year. Also, Primerica reps can’t compare rates to more well known insurance companies for their client.

      No-load funds generally have lower average expense ratios than load funds which mean higher returns that can put thousands of dollars over time in savings and compound interest.

      • Really? 1 in 35 makes $100k+? Lets do the math on that one. There were 106,000 reps last year. Using your ratio of 1/35 would mean over 3000 of them made at least $100k. That would equate to $303M in total commissions for that top 2.8% (at the minimum). Reported total commissions were $594M which leaves $291M left for the remaining 103,000 reps. or only $2825(at the maximum). When u subtract the earnings of the few who exceeded $50k as well, that $2825 maximum drops to well less than a $1000 maximum for the majority of reps. Thank you for describing the true nature of an MLM.

      • No loads are non managed accounts. The issue is that reps are trying to find funds that beat these threshholds thereby justifying the load on the fund. Expense ratios while important are not the only consideration when choosing the right fund for the customer

  30. @ Jennifer.

    I would definitely love to hear your research on what insurance companies out there teach you how to get out of the need for life insurance. I would love for you to actually go into these banks that are giving you .05% rate of return and ask them why do they not tell us how much they are making off of our money. I would love to see how many people you sold a whole life insurance to them when they don’t need it, because what they need is to be self insured. I have personally helped one family get out of debt 31 years earlier then at the rate they were going. Their life insurance was $100,000 for 20 years at a rate of $186/month, we were able to provide $250,000 for $91.92/ month for the same 20 years. So tell me how did you help them by making them pay their whole life? and also stealing the cash value behind their back? Here is a link to statefarm being a NON-ACCREDITED BUSINESS according to There is primerica with a A+ rating for the past 35 years. But hey why believe what information I just looked up it is only from the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU.

    • If you guys did so many miracles for people, why hide who you are and make people beg for more information in fake job interviews?

      Wow, Primerica’s been paying thousands for almost four decades for accreditation and to gain trust. Nice marketing move.

      StateFarm simply refused to get scammed and though pricey, they’re one of the best life insurance companies and have a broad selection of coverage options and diverse policy riders.

  31. 67% of people who have gym memberships never use the gym. I bet you that they were lured in with False dreams of being in shape and healthy.

    56.1% of college students drop out after the first year. They make you pay thousands of dollars in tuition, fees and book with out even a promise of a job. What a scam!

    45-55% of marriages end in divorce.

    Only 54% of Americans are 100% self sufficient when they retire

    Nothing’s wrong with marriage, college, or going to the gym, or Primerica. Each system works, if you work hard and don’t quit. Most people quit when anything gets challenging .

    Yes, some people are deceptive, but just like any other field that doesn’t mean all are. I have had a bad experience with an individual and the next agent helped my family tremendously. I’m not even 30 yet and I have investments for retirement and college funds for my kids. I have a will, living will, and POA. I will be completely out $126,000 of debt in 3 years.

    All because I did not let one bad experience stereotype the whole company.

    Your choice, but my family and friends are a lot better off because I decided to see for myself and not listen to “educated” blogs like this 🙂

    • Your comparison between Primerica and marriage, college, and going to the gym is irrelevant as the odds are stacked against Primerica reps. In this case, instead of stating irrelevant facts, keep yourself on topic with Primerica rep facts. And it’s more of a challenge when you’re trying to sell uncompetitive insurance with a company who’s reps lack the financial knowledge and experience of a real Independent Life Insurer has.

    • Hello Marie, can tell me a little more about your experience with Primerica, I am new to this industry and I am kind of worried about this being a Pyramid Scheme. Have you experienced real results? How do you get leads? How do you make money?

      Any advice is better than none. If you like reach out to me at

      Thank you,

    • What exactly does a gym, college or marriage have to do with earning an income?? Would you also like to add why oranges are orange, and apples red?

  32. Thats wrong you do not cancel your insurance unless you are qualified for Primerica’s insurance I was a client before I joined Primerica.,We make sure ppl dont cancel their polices unless they qualify for our insurance. If the person cancels and is uninsurable they will b without coverage so we do not recommend that. So that makes no sense and u mustve made that mess up. You seem very like a very upset whole life agent. Did you create this site for leads? Like who really sits around and creates a hate blog. And as far working for Genworth, Banner Life and other companies you must have years of experience to even get an interview…. for all those ppl who never worked in the lucrative world of finance, Thank u. So Jennifer this is not a way to get clients by bashing a company that has helped soo many families including mine? If we werent legit how in world are we fingered printed and take state test? Explain that? How is that we have to take the same test every else that qualified to work a financial institution took huh? How did we manage to become the Largest Financial Marketing Organization, how did we sneak that one pass the good ol State and Federal Gov’t? We teach ppl how to eliminate the need for insurance by showing them how to become self insured so clients dont have to worry about paying for insurance for their whole life unless they wanted to but the focus is teaching ppl how to manage their money better and save for a comfortable retirement, to be happy but I bet you knew that already. And if Primerica is a scam why we they allow us to recruit our own clients?????? How would we secretly slide a scam pass everyone we train and develop? U should have seriously thought this blog thru before creating it. Anyway enjoy this nonsense.

    • State Farm only requires about one year of experience and/or college graduates. I wasn’t fingerprinted when I got recruited by them back in mid 2008. So they do make people take test which makes them seem more legit, but it doesn’t hide the fact that the majority of the people will fail trying to sell insurance for double the price of other companies like in all upside-down pizza slices-11 tiers to be more detailed.

      Primerica- the largest financial marketing organization??

  33. Jennifer,
    I have read all the posts. This is what know! If you try hard enough to find something wrong with a company no matter if its network marketing or regular corporate, you will find it! No company is perfect! I have not worked for a company in the past 10 years that hasn’t had complaints because you cant satisfy everyone. I see a lot in here about the average person fails. That is true! I also know if it was so easy for every one to make it big then it would not be called success! People quite network marketing, there jobs, there marriage, even there church everyday. Bottom line, your not a fan of network marketing and no one will be able to change your mind about that. I see there is a divide in the thread, those that dislike Network Marketing and those that like it. Remember, its nothing more than a business model.

    • Yes, success is hard but it’s better to spend your time, money and effort on a legit company. I do like networking marketing but there are a few legit companies. It’s better to be involved with a company selling products at fair prices to the general public.

      • Over priced is based on a deep analysis of what u r paying compared to what u get. How do u define if something is over priced in ur opinion? Further more if its just based on price point there is always someone that is cheaper and especially in finance since every company has their sweet spot who is the best fit will always be based upon the individual profile of the person in question

        • According to J.D. Powers 2018 Life Insurance Study, State Farm, Northwestern Mutual, and Nationwide were ranked among the best, while Primerica had the lowest possible rating.

          In regards to their mutual funds, I’ve read about people complaining about their high feees and switched to companies like Fidelity or Vanguard.

  34. No one should ever be persuaded to drop their current Insurance before approved for new insurance. That’s not how Primerica does it, that’s not how any business should do it. I just had a client with a whole life policy that could not get approved for new insurance due to medical reasons and she is to pay her policy on what she has right now with another company.

  35. That’s very true about whole vs term life. Also mutual funds aren’t a very good investment because of all of the loads. Simply investing in an index will almost certainly duplicate the results. If you want to find out if a salesman is full of it, ask them how exactly their product accomplishes what it does. Ask them how exactly they achieve those returns. If they can’t tell you, then they don’t truly understand and are just repeating what they’ve been told to say. Do you want advice from a parrot? Or a real expert? Because you wont find any real experts with Primerica.

  36. Jennifer is right. There is something wrong with this company. Today the 4th person from Primerica called me about working for them in the last 3 months. I had to dig just to find out what the position was. I know who they are as I am a seasoned finance professional and I was once a licensed insurance agent. The gentleman (and I say that loosely) refused to tell me what the position was. He repeatedly told me I will have to come to their office if I wanted to know. I have been contacted by dozens of companies about employment and no reputable company forces a potential candidate to beg for information. He wouldn’t tell me the title of the position. He didn’t know what the job responsibilities were. He didn’t know if it was a commission based position. He insisted I would have to come in to find out those key facts. I told him 3 times, thank you for contacting me, but I wasn’t interested. He eventually just hung up on me. I have been in the business world for 40+ years, and I have never seen such unprofessionalism in my life. Except, by scammers. I will complain to them directly. I will also let them know that not only would I not buy their products, I would not work for a company that has no respect for potential candidates or customers. I will also spread this information by word of mouth and I know 100’s of people. Good luck to those who are lured into this dark hole.

  37. I found this post when I was looking up Primerica because I had someone attempting to recruit me at my job while I was taking a smoke break. I am a sucker for people selling me shit and even to me this smells like a scam.

  38. Jennifer,

    I would like to see your sources stating that you can pay to be on the Forbes lists and the rating for the BBB. I’m curious because I don’t believe that for a minute. Your basically saying any company (Google, Apple, Microsoft, etc) all pay to get on that list…somehow I don’t think that is quite accurate. I’d like to see credible sources for those statements. Anyone can make a claim, only real claims can be backed up by actual evidence.

    Provide the actual evidence besides people that couldn’t hack