Is Internet Income University A Scam Or A Worthwhile Opportunity?

Is Internet Income University A Scam Or A Worthwhile Opportunity?

Name: Internet Income University                                                                   internet income university
Price: Free (limited), $30+$20/month + A Galore of Upsells
Owners: Kevin and Darin Blue
Overall Rank: 1 out of 5 Stars

Internet Income University, Product Overview

Boasting over 4000 members, Internet Income University claims to be a completely free internet marketing training platform dedicated to teach anyone who is interested in starting their own successful online business in any niche that they are passionate about. Kevin and Darin Blue make it seem like they want to help, but in reality, they just want to scam you out of your hard-earned money.

Pros & Cons


  • Completely free membership option
  • Live chat and support has been added
  • More free useful content was added to the membership including motivational speaking, tool tips, internet marketing techniques, and free webinars every week


  • The fact that they have personal coaching services means they will ask you about your income and work, how much money you want to spend on your business, and other personal details.
  • There are so many up sells in the member’s area, it feels like a typical MLM (multi-level marketing) scheme. The shameful $500 per month is a crappy “SEO service” that can actually cause a website to be kicked out of the search engines because they do black hat techniques like link and social network spamming that can ruin the reputability of your website.
  • After you sign up, they bombard your phone with outrageous promotional messages.
  • The community feels dead.
  • They promote a pyramid scheme named ViSalus.
  • There is no step by step training on how to build a website or how to start up a successful online business.
  • They have the same ‘clients’ on almost all their websites with the exact same testimonials.

**Avoid Scams Like Internet Income University. Read about my #1 Recommended Product.**

Who is Internet Income University Really For?

Internet Income University is for those that are new to affiliate marketing. I recommend you take advantage of the free information, but don’t pay a dime to these scam artists.

Internet Income University Training and Tools


Their main content revolves around the ‘F.A.S.T. income plan’. Other training found is the ‘Personal Challenge’ and ‘From Start to Money’. F.A.S.T stands for:
(F) Fast Website Setup- They will get you set up with a ‘free’ basic WordPress website that’s preloaded with content and ads, but you need to pay $20 a month for their hosting, this is the only way Internet Income University’s support team will set it up for you. Their shared hosting is expensive (Hostgator hosting plants start from $4 a month)! In addition, you also have to pay a website setup fee of $30.

(A) Affiliate Income Streams- They make you think that you need these services to make more money.
They suggest that you promote their low quality products and the pyramid scheme ViSalus which can range from a few $50 to thousands of dollars. To be able to promote these products, you have to own them. Here are the costs to be able to promote the products:

Their hosting service is a one-time fee of $14.95

Their keyword tool is $97. A lot of newbies will think that they will get their return on investment on $97, but unfortunately, this is unlikely because there isn’t a step by step action plan to start a successful online business.

The Personal development plan is $177.

Visalus is $49/month

Kevin and Darin could of recommended reputable and trustworthy affiliate products in which there are plenty.
Throughout this section, they will continuously tell you to call their “trusted business advisors” that will get you to spend thousands of dollars into and overpriced coaching program.

(S) Scalable Advertising- This is their last attempt to scam you where they throw you with an outdated SEO guide and then upsell you with a low-quality SEO service that ranges from $97 to $497 per month!

When you begin internet marketing, you shouldn’t be spending money on this because your first few sites most likely will be pretty bad. First, you need to learn the basics of SEO before you start to outsource.

(T) Training and Tools- This is the only section of Internet Income University where you’re not pitched another product or service. They just tell you to head over to their community.

Personal Challenge

You get a free useless PDF that’s a 13 page slideshow and promotes their overpriced coaching along with other affiliate links.

From Start to Money

It consists of 7 hour long videos full of useful information. The backlinks video thoroughly covers the subject. Some of the Google Penguin updates are covered, but it was still pushing some of the link building systems that can lead your website to be punished by Google, but there are no updates to caution about this.

Keyword research, how to blog, and how to convert traffic into money is also covered.
Internet Income University Support
The community is pretty much dead. There are brief blog posts, motivational videos from YouTube and a forum that gets 2-3 posts a week.

My Final Opinion of Internet Income University

You should avoid any programs that boast to have a ‘fast income plan’ because they are just taking advantage of innocent people and try to suck thousands of dollars of them. They ask for too much personal information and your cell phone will be bombarded with restricted numbers to try to persuade you to buy their personal coaching. The training doesn’t outweigh all upsells.

Instead of being involved with scam products like Internet Income University, I recommend you join Wealthy Affiliate which is really all-inclusive. You will be given all the awesome training, tools including free state of the art hosting and a keyword tool, and support whenever you need it. Unlike IIU, it has a community of amazing and helpful individuals to help you become a successful affiliate marketer and there are no other upsells.

Internet Income University at a Glance…

Name: Internet Income University
Price: Free (limited), $30+$20/month + A Galore of Upsells
Owners: Kevin and Darin Blue
Overall Rank: 1 out of 5 Stars







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