Ipas 2 System Review- Will It Make You Rich?

Ipas 2 System Review- Will It Make You Rich?

Name: Ipas 2 System
Website: http://Ipas2-system.com/
Price: $7 for a 7 day trial, $47 per month + upsells
Owners: Chris Jones and Chris Campbell
Overall Rank: 1 out of 5 Stars

Ipas 2 System, Product Overview

Created by Chris Jones and Chris Campbell, Ipas (Internet Prospect Acceleration Systems) 2 is a sales management and funnel system to automate the process of collecting leads and converting them into sales.

Other features such as in-depth analytics, traffic sources, online marketing tools, training, income calculator, and personal coaching are included.

The whole thing is intended to drive you into the Empower Network scheme and spend thousands of dollars.

Here are their very misleading income claims:

“How YOU can easily earn an extra $3,000 this month!
How YOU can make $500, $1,000, and $3,000 per sale!
How YOU can start making money in the next 7 days!
How YOU Can Get Started Today, Risk Free, Guaranteed!”

Chris Campbell has been involved with other schemes including Pizza Boy Millionaire.

They say you will go broke if you don’t promote products with at least 80% commissions and they offer 50%-70%.

They have used various domains to promote Ipas including, isuccessformula.com, ipassuccessformula.com, ipaswealthformula.com, ipasoffice.com, ipasmillionaire.com, ipasshortcut.com, and ipasgiveaway.com

Pros & Cons


  • 7 day $7 trial
    It saves time and makes it easier to complete tasks.
    They have been working hard to make this system better.
    Community, help, support and mentorship is provided to members.


  • You can’t get a refund after 30 days that you purchase the Empower Network products.
  • Empower Network and Ipas both have a strict refund policy.

Ipas 2 System Strict Refund Policy

Empower Network Strict Refund Policy
Empower Network Strict Refund Policy
  • You can’t be a member of Ipas 2 without joining Empower Network and solely focus on teaching you how to promote them.
  • You’re selling the different levels of the Ipas 2 pyramid scheme.
  • You don’t get commissions for the products you don’t own and every other sale is passed up.

Ipas 2 System every sale after

  • It’s overpriced and there are too many fees. You need to buy the $3000 Ipas black card to receive the highest commissions.
  • They recommended buying traffic through them and to use solo ads that can be very risky and an expensive way to drive traffic to your website.
  • Many people are losing money. 91% of affiliates earn less than $100. The average affiliate spends between $500 and $3,000 in expenses as they build their business. Less than 4% earns sufficient commissions to cover their costs of the Empower Network products.

Ipas 2 system Income disclosureIpas 2 system Income disclosure

Avoid The Ipas 2 Scheme. Check Out My #1 recommendation.

Ipas2 System Training and Membership Levels

Upsell: $47 Ipas System 6-Figure Shortcuts

Ipas2 System Pro ($191.95)

  • Ipas Success System
  • Empower Network Viral Blog
  • Earn $70 + $17.50/month from Profit Maximizers
  • Live phone and online chat support
  • 50% commissions on Ipas trip wire, core offer, and upsells

Ipas2 System Silver ($500)

  • Earn an extra $350 per customer from Profit Maximizers
  • Empower Network Costa Rica Intensive course
  • IPas Mastery Coaching Course – These are step-by-step videos teaching you the basics of internet marketing.

IPas2 System Gold ($1000)

  • You’ll get all the benefits of the silver membership, and
  • Earn an additional $1600 Per Customer from Profit Maximizers
  • IPas2 Mastery Coaching Course –More advanced traffic strategies that will help you get more people to your website everyday.
  • 50% commissions on iPas Tripwire, Core Offer & Upsell
    Empower Networks $15K Formula

Ipas2 System Black ($3,500)

  • Get all the benefits of the Pro, Silver & Gold membership and more including
  • Ipas System Business Coach assigned to all of your new team members
  • Exclusive VIP Access Black Membership Card- you’ll get an elite metal black membership card in the mail so you receive VIP access to live events, dinners, entertainment, private masterminds and discounts on other iPas2 product releases.
  • Earn an additional $3000 per customer from Profit Maximizers.
  • Ipas Mastery Coaching Course – Expert training, step-by-step over the shoulder training on traffic strategies and advanced marketing concepts
  • 70% commissions on iPas Tripwire, Core Offer & Upsell
    Masters Course
  • $19.95 Black card membership (and receive a Black card)
  • $97 Ipas system coaching subscription (for people who you sign up)

How Does The Ipas2 System Truly Cost?

After the seven day trial, the least you would have to pay is $47 per month for the basic membership. In addition, you would have to spend money on domain names, hosting, and autoresponder fees.

Also, to get more training, tools, and higher commissions, you will need to upgrade into four of their other membership plans Pro, Silver, Gold, and Black with of course Black being the most expensive and supposedly more beneficial.

On top of the membership fees, you will have to pay an additional $47 per month Ipas fee, $25 per month for the Empower Network viral blog, $100 per month EN Inner Circle, and $19.95 per month affiliate membership fee.

Ipas Basic – $47 and Ipas fees of $47/month
Ipas Pro – $191.95 plus Empower Network fees of $144.95 per month +Ipas fee of $47 per month
Ipas Silver – $500 plus $144.95 per month + $47 per month
Ipas Gold – $1000 plus $144.95 per month +$47 per month
Ipas Black – $3,500 plus $144.95 per month + 47 per month

My Final Opinion of The Ipas2 System

Ipas2 System in essence is a set of training, tools, and support to market one get rich quick scheme after another get rich quick pyramid scheme that offers overpriced internet marketing training products. The main reason why people buying Empower Networks products is so they can resell them. Only a small number of people are making an impressive income from this schemes and those that do do so of their downline who are most likely to fail and lose a lot of money.

Instead of losing thousands of dollars with Ipas 2, I recommend you check out my number one recommended program where you will be given industry leading internet marketing training, all the tools, and have help whenever you need it.

Ipas2 System at a Glance…

Name: Ipas2 System
Website: http://Ipas2-system.com/
Price: $7 for a 7 day trial, $47 per month + upsells
Owners: Chris Jones and Chris Campbell

Overall Scam Rank: 1 out of 5 Stars



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  1. Hello Jennifer, thanks for your review of ipas!! I have looked at over a dozen but yours is the first one that I feel is an honest review. You confirmed some of my suspicions and I am staying away from them. I am involved with Wealthy Affiliate and support your recommendation of them. I have a question, how do I get your newsletter?

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