Four Corners Alliance Group- Will It Make You Wealthy?

Four Corners Alliance Group- Will It Make You Wealthy?

Product Name: Four Corners Alliance Group

Overall Ranking: 1 out of 5

Price: $18, $25, $60, $150, $300

Owner: David Harrison


We’re talking about an EXPLOSIVE wealth opportunity for a tiny investment, along with a safe and secure worldwide money in and money out option. This means weekly payouts like clockwork (and in some cases within 24 hours!)

Can you really fill up the matrix and become filthy rich?

What Is Four Corners Alliance Group?

Based out of Las Vegas, Nevada, Four Corners Alliance Group also known as 4Corners is a three year old multi-level marketing company and it’s a subsidiary of Cornerstone Alliance Group LLC. They focus on selling financial and online business education products and services.

For some odd reason, the Nevada Secretary of State website states Ian D. Harrison (David)? and James Yarbrough (Jim)? as sole company officers for Cornerstone Alliance LLC.

Four Corners Alliance Group Nevada Secreary of State
The Nevada Secretary of State website states Ian D. Harrison and James Yarbrough as sole company officers for Cornerstone Alliance LLC.

Four Corners Alliance Group claims that they have the best money making opportunity in the world with elite products, reliable support, massive potential, and an opportunity to become wealthy for a tiny investment.

About The Founder and CEO, David Harrison

With his past retail and technical background, it’s no wonder David Harrison quickly became a successful Herbalife distributor. He became an avid student of anything related to internet marketing. As the the head of the Technical Department of other network marketing companies, he realized that failure for them was inevitable due to their lack of business skills and decided to start his own scheme, Four Corners Alliance Group.

Before Four Corners Alliance Group, David was one of the business partners of Longetivity7- also an MLM scheme that sold a six part home study course with worthless products, but some of them being up to $3,000! He brought in one of his business partners- Jim Yarbrough from Longetivity to Four Corners.

The Reality

Four Corners Alliance Group is using cheap private label rights content to hide that they’re running a product-based pyramid scheme. An affiliate must own all of Four Corners Alliance Group’s products and services to be able to earn commissions on them and this is the main reason why products are being bought.

Selling private label rights content is a legit business model, but not when it’s tied to a scheme.

The Pros Vs Cons of Four Corners Alliance Group


  • It’s a low initial fee, but you will have to spend hundreds more to qualify for all the commissions.
  • They pay every Tuesday and you get paid even faster with DirectPay Express.

Four Corners Alliance Group Red Flags

  • They have been in business since 2013 and they still don’t have sufficient information on their income disclosure to prove that they can make you wealthy.
Four Corners Alliance Group Income Disclosure
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  • Their overpriced products can be found cheaper or free elsewhere.
  • Some of the products are “optional” to buy, you but you must own all of the products or you will lose out on commissions.
  • To remain an “active qualified affiliate” so you can get paid, you need to buy or sell a minimum pv (personal sales volume) of $10 pv every 180 days.
  • They have a very limited three day refund policy and they will just reimburse your enrollment and initial monthly membership fee.

Who Is Four Corners Alliance Group Really For?

Four Corners Alliance Group is for anyone worldwide over the age of 18 with the exception of a few countries.

However, if you didn’t get in early, don’t have a huge mailing list of prospects, or have any marketing skills, it’s unlikely you will make that six figure income they claim.

There’s More Fees To Come In Four Corners Alliance Group

Similar to most of the multi-level-marketing programs out there, Four Corner Alliance consists of a product hierarchy. Here are the products and a brief description.

Financial Education Set

32 financial education, mindset and motivation books that are distributed through 6 purchase levels. Remember that to purchase the top level books, you must be owner of all the products in all of the previous levels. The prices range from $10 all the way up to $300 when all these ebooks are available elsewhere for a lot less. If you can’t  find the exact ebook, you can find affordable books with great ratings covering the same information. Here’s some that I found on Amazon:

Four Corners Alliance Group Forex and Bitcoin

And here’s a book that I saw on Level 5 of Four Corners Alliance available for FREE!

Four Corners Alliance Group The Dow Theory
The Dow Theory is free!

Monthly Newsletter Subscription

Along with the products, members have the option to subscribe to a monthly newsletter covering topics on precious metals, market movers, foreign markets, and lifestyle opportunities along with a live interactive conference call. The newsletter is $29.95 per month. Why pay for it when you can get it for free? Here’s a free precious metal market news subscription and here’s free information on US market movers.

Starien Digital Marketing Academy

At $29.95 per month, the academy is Internet marketing training videos to help you start a successful online business. My #1 recommended internet marketing training  has everything you need to start a successful online business including hosting all for just $30 to $47 a month!

Product Commissions

Four Corners alliance group has a 4×6 matrix compensation plan and pay commissions on affiliate purchases on one of their six levels:

  • Levels 1 and 2 are $10
  • Level 3 is $25
  • Level 4 is $60
  • Level 5 is $150
  • Level 6 is $300

Due to the forced matrix, affiliates are limited to the amount of commissions they can earn per level.

four corners alliance group compensation plan

My Final Opinion of Four Corners Alliance Group

Four Corners Alliance group is another product based pyramid scheme where the affiliates are just buying the products to unlock a matrix level and be able to earn commissions on it. They use their products to make it seem like they’re legit, but the newsletter fee is nothing more than a way to keep commissions rolling each month.

It may seem like a very affordable online business opportunity at first only to find out you will need to fork out hundreds of dollars more to be able to earn on all the commission levels. They say that is just $18 but out of your commissions or not, you’re still paying for their overpriced products; especially because you will have to purchase them yourself since there won’t be much customer demand. If you take away the compensation plan, affiliates probably wouldn’t be spending hundreds of dollars for ebooks, making this a product based pyramid scheme.

Instead of being involved in a company that is bound to collapse, I recommend you start an online business based on your passion with the most powerful, most helpful, and the only all inclusive training platform you need in the internet/affiliate marketing world in the industry for under $50 per month.

Four Corners Alliance Group,  Just Another Pyramid

Product Name: Four Corners Alliance Group

Overall Ranking: 1 out of 5 stars

Price: $18, $25, $60, $150, $300

Owners: David Harrison – C.E.O.


If you have any experience with Four Corners Alliance Group and would like to share your thoughts and opinions, I would love to hear about it. Please leave any comments or questions below.

To Your Success,



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