Experts Academy Review- Is It Really Worth $1997?

Experts Academy Review- Is It Really Worth $1997?

Name: Experts Academy                                                                        Experts Academy Review
Price: $1,997.00
Owner: Brendon Burchard
Overall Rank: 3 out of 5 stars

Who is Bendon Burchard?

Bendon Burchard is a highly sought out motivational expert marketer and bestselling author of “Life’s Golden Ticket”, “The Charge” and “Millionaire Messenger.” “Millionaire Messenger” talks about how you can build your own marketing empire based around your passion or personal interests and is used to promote Experts Academy.

Burchard has worked with Tony Robbins, Richard Brandson, and Frank Kern just to name a few. He walks the walk, talks the talk on his marketing products and has the bank balance to prove it. As humble as Burchard may be, he does like to repeat the fact that he made $4.5 million dollars in less than two years.

Experts Academy Overview

Experts Academy is all about how to increase your income by positioning yourself as a highly-paid influential expert by teaching you to market your products in different formats including physical CDs, downloads, seminars, speeches, webinars, PDF guides and articles. The program also teaches essential internet marketing skills to gain a solid presence on the internet. By following his teachings, you may even be featured in television and radio interviews.

Experts Academy Training

Experts Academy consist of the following:

5 week Marketing Mastery Online Training-

The Marketing Mastery Online Training is a five week DVD series that teaches you how to make your own information products based upon your interest and expertise. Each week, you will get new lessons based on one of his five million making strategies and business models. Here are the five business models that are covered:

  1. An online email marketing sequence that made him seven figures.
  2. A book proposal that made over $500,000 in advances from publishers.
  3. A speaking campaign used to book $10,000-$25,000 keynote speeches.
  4. A seminar marketing campaign used to sell out $5,000 workshops.
  5. A coaching questionnaire used for $45,000 year coaching clients.

Generating seven figures from e-mail marketing requires a responsive buyers list which means that they have to trust you and that is gained by forming a strong relationship with them.

The last three business models do require that you have a lot of credibility, which he teaches how to gain this asset. It all comes down to how well you implement the information.

The Experts Academy Promotional Partnership Crash Course-

4-week online modules that teaches how to get affiliate, JV’s, Fortune 500 companies, non-profits, and major organizations, to promote their brand and/or products.

You also get …

A 20 disc DVD home study system – comprehensive training that includes transcripts, resource guides, marketing campaigns, and videos from legends in the industry.

And 2 Free tickets to four day Live Events- Not including hotels, airfare, or restaurant meals.

Pros Vs Cons


  • The creator seems to be a genuine. I liked that he spoke from the heart with a lot of passion and he is easy to understand.
  • The information can be useful if implemented right.
  • He states that this training is not a “get rich quick” scheme.
  • You can ask Brendon questions.
  • A yearlong business plan is given.
  • 100% 30 day money back guarantee– no questions asked.


  • The program is an immense onetime fee of $2000. This same $2000 can last up to 5 years with my number one recommended program.
  • This is probably not the end to your investment because he will walk you through ten steps that you need to do to build your million dollar empire. As you go through this, it is extremely likely you will be hit with more upsells from his buddies.
  • Burchard’s sales tactics to buy his program are very high pressured.
  • Experts Academy will show you how Brendon Burchard became an expert. This doesn’t mean you’ll become one because his teachings are difficult to implement.
  • A huge focus is on personal promotion, this is definitely a downside for anyone who feels their heart beating a thousand times fast and have to imagine the crowd are in their underwear whenever they have to speak in public! (I know I’m definitely in this category). To make this work, you must be outgoing, personable, and an excellent salesman.

Is This Product For You?

This product is for beginners to marketing gurus who have an expertise they would like to profit from and have the patience and the mindset to build a media empire. If you’re not confident, engaging, or uncomfortable with public speaking, I don’t recommend you waste your money on this.

Does Experts Academy Offer Quality Support?

You get to ask him question through your blog that he gives upon becoming a paying customer.

My Final Opinion of Experts Academy

This is a decent program all wrapped up in an overpriced box with a pricey bow. While I respect his knowledge, personal commitment and his amazing success, I find it hard to get past the hype and the price. Don’t waste your money on this if you’re not comfortable with public speaking because that’s what this product is, it’s all about branding yourself.

My advice to you especially if you’re new to internet marketing is to join Wealthy Affiliate where you will get to try their service for free for as long as you want and you will be given two free websites. Wealthy Affiliate is really all-inclusive. You will be given all the awesome training, tools including free state of the art hosting and a keyword tool, and support whenever you need it from a community of amazing and helpful individuals to help you become a successful affiliate marketer and there are no other upsells.

Experts Academy At a Glance…

Name: Experts Academy
Price: $1,997.00
Owner: Brendon Burchard
Overall Rank: 3 out of 5 stars

Final Verdict:




Though overpriced, hyped, and there may be more upsells.


To Your Success,





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  1. Dear Jennifer,

    Many thanks for sharing this review on Experts Academy. Your review is one of the most comprehensive and I got some great insights. Thanks for sharing this valuable information to help people like me. Keep rocking and posting this type of informative reviews. All the very best! I will come back to your website to learn more information.

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  2. Last night, I had a terrible, unpleasant experience with productivity guru, Brendon Burchard.
    On January 29th, he sent out an email saying – You all loved transformation week so much that we’ve decided to share my ENTIRE Wellness Master Class with you at NO COST over the next 10 days. I’m sharing the ENTIRE course via my podcast as well as via video on this page. But fair warning: Each episode is only up for 72 hours, so enjoy it now.
    Fast forward to yesterday, no new email sent out about Day 3, it was still locked, no Day 3 on the podcast! As I researched further into it, I found out that he shared a broken link to the class (because you had to sign up within 48 hours – if you miss out on the window of time, you have to pay $99 for the class) and he wanted to make sure that people missed that window of opportunity. One person said that it worked if they clicked “Back To Home” and when someone complained, he shared a 2nd link and there was a third, link, when people still didn’t have access to Day 3. People thought they signed up, but it didn’t take. I called them out on it and last night, the link was fixed within 15 minutes, and the podcasts and videos are up this morning, after I told them I was contacting the attorney general. Last night I took a photo at 8:23 and only Day 1 and 2 were up for the podcasts. And 9:42 they deleted Day 1 podcast. I got an email in between those times at 8:29, referring me to another website. They completely blew me off. At 9:38 I told them I was contacting the attorney general, which is why by 9:42 they had deleted Day 1 and fixed the broken link. They could have gotten away with passing the buck to the other website, but that didn’t explain the podcasts not being up, as promised. Then later they hid one of my comments and then when I called them out on it they unhid it. And then after a while I was unable to tag the people I was communicating with, exposing his scheme.
    These slimy business practices are all too common with people like this. And the most tragic thing to me is that they can say great things, but once they do something slimy, it loses its power.

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