Emobile Code System Scam- Run Away From This One!

Emobile Code System Scam- Run Away From This One!

Name: Emobile Code System
Website: http://www.emobilecode.com
Price: $47, + $100 per month per hosting+
Upsells: $197, $295 to $1,000’s
Owner: Portrayed to be Bill McKnight
Overall Rank: 0 out of 5 stars

“I can’t believe I made this money! And I really can’t believe it was free! $5000 in one day… that’s like wow! I was skeptical, but I shouldn’t have been, I mean… oh my God…. At this rate, I could make over one million dollars… This is the easiest money I ever heard of! Does anybody else know about this?”

The eMobile Code Sales Video Is Screaming Scam All Over It!

This is the most hyped out, in some parts freaky, most ridiculous and annoying presentations I’ve ever watched!

Let’s look at some of the scam warnings:

Actors- The real owner of this product, Ronnie Montano has such a bad reputation that he had to hire an actor, the so called Bill McKnight. You could just tell this wasn’t genuine, especially in the part where everyone suddenly started blabbing that they made thousands of dollars. Oh, and the scenes where that lady says that she quit her job at a bank and where the guy said he hardly makes any money as a waiter- they’re making fun of hard working people.
I could admit that guy Bill though did a great job playing his role though. He seemed like an angel and that he really wanted to help you out. Also, he really entices you by relating to you by saying things like, “I used to be in mountains of debt… I know you have been scammed…I know you’re skeptical…”

is eMobile code a scam

The JV Affiliate Page- This is by far the worst. Take a look at the creepy affiliate page and if you scroll down, you will see all the promoters of this scam and finally, a video where Bill McKnight starts cussing.  Click Here!

is emobile code a sscam

Leased mansions- The mansion doesn’t have any decorations or décor that you normally see in an inhibited house and the pool is bare. It is apparent that the leased mansion was lightly furnished for this sales video.

Leased Rolls-Royce– Driving away without a license plate, lol.

is emobile code a sscam
You have to pay. It says that it’s free, but you are forced to pay $49 of “chump change”. Believe me, there’s nothing free about this system. It is said that if you get everything they’re offering, you’ll spend about $45,000!

Bill McKnight and Jenna are wearing cheap looking clothing.

is emobile code a sscam

They’re using the first version of the ipad.

is emobile code a sscam ipad
Bill McKnight has his arm wrapped around his “wife” who’s wearing a bikini on a yacht.

Extravagant income claims with the push of a button, but you’re never told exactly what you will be doing to make money online.

Fake ClickBank earnings snapshots

is emobile code a sscam

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Emobile Code System Scam Overview- Ridden With Upsells

Emobile code is a product that automatically builds crappy mobile optimized websites ready to collect e-mail address on popular niches after you having to invest tens of thousands of dollars.
This is one of the few rip off programs that has been released before by Ronnie Montano, only with diverse names and programs including Easy Cash Code, Tube Cash Code, Commission Cash Code, Mobile Cash Code and Mobile Money Code.

The creators of Emobile Code are being investigated by federal and legal authorities for fraud and deception. The Washington BBB believes the company is based in Nigeria.

The street address listed on the website is just a postal box and their customer support is a switchboard.

They’re so called training is just a trap to get you into their sales funnel. Some other scammy products promoted are “Make Money in 60 minutes”- there is no such thing.

EMobile Code “Training”

The first video invites to join a webinar where they get you to buy a product for $1000.

You will then get a “free personal consolation” with a coach which is just a set up to sell you on more training, personal coaching and traffic.

Then, you will get a welcome video from Bill McKnight to convince you to buy the upsells if you haven’t done so.

You are given five free worthless templates are useless unless you pay for overpriced hosting and make the owner more money.

-The “Special Members Only Training” is another sales video to other scams.

-The software and training is nothing more than a software app to make websites mobile friendly.

-The bonus weekly webinars are just upsells and sales pitches.

-The weekly webinars are ongoing upsells.

-There’s basically nothing of value.

-You will simply be shown to create a website with an opt-in page based around your interest using their templates

=The training section it’s just a repeat of the initial seven steps. There’s only one training link within those steps that promotes free coaching. You are also given the option of registering for training that occurs live twice a week.

You’re Set Up To Fail…

They’re not showing you the right way to start an online business. It’s not about putting up low value websites and flooding people with e-mails and promoting mediocre products to them.

There’s no valuable training at all within the members area. Everything in there is designed to take your hard earned money. Nothing is innovative about eMobile Code or any other “code” programs. A secret code to making money online doesn’t exist.

You’re given the exact same website that everyone else will be using, which won’t make your site unique. Building mobile friendly websites it’s not hard, you can do this with a responsive theme.

Other things to be cautious about is that they don’t offer refunds. They are not very helpful over the phone and members have claimed that it can take months for them to get their money back.
Also, the stuff that they have you download carry viruses.

is emobile code a sscam

How to Get a Refund and File a Complaint

Call 800-719-1832 and have your transaction ID number ready for your purchase.
You can file a complaint with the FTC online or call or call 1-877-FTC-HELP for consumer fraud and deceptive trade practices.

My Final Opinion of Emobile Code System

This is by far one of the shadiest, most shameful and disgusting scams I have ever reviewed on this site. The whole members’ area is a huge upsell for you to spend thousands of dollars and the downloads carry viruses. There is nothing of value that you’re getting and it’s all a big scam. They don’t offer support to their members and it’s really hard to get a refund. I wouldn’t even pay $1 for this. The owner of this program has run various other products like this one and has no integrity. I’m glad that they’re being investigated by federal and legal authorities.

I recommend Wealthy Affiliate where you will be taught the right way to build a profitable online business and you’ll have access to awesome training, a community of friendly and helpful individuals, and everything you need to succeed. They are also the only program with a free lifetime starter membership.

Emobile Code System at a Glance…

Name: Emobile Code System
Website: http://www.emobilecode.com
Price: $47, + $100 per month per hosting+
Upsells: $197, $295 to $1,000’s
Owner: Portrayed to be Bill McKnight
Overall Rank: 0 out of 5 stars



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7 thoughts on “Emobile Code System Scam- Run Away From This One!”

  1. You can see the scam just seeing his actress wife wearing a cheap bathing bikini top and her hair was a mess. At the mansion, the wife’s dress looks like it came from DEB dress barn and very cheap shoes. Also, I have to agree on the way he was talking about hard working people being a waitress and working in a bank. Just imagine if everyone was getting paid for his internet theory than no one will be working because everyone has a cell phone to receive their money just by doing nothing. The commercial did not make sense on where the money is coming from, but the $49 was very clear he did need that from everyone to sign up. So, the emobile code was not free, because he can’t afford to pay his own employees himself instead of the new clients. Any time when a company wants you to pay for information than it is a red flag to delete.

    • Lol, yes Ellen… this was a very badly done promotional video 😉 And yeah, I hated how they were making fun of people like that. Yeah, all Bill McKnight kept saying is the riches you can make with his push button system and how he supposedly wants to help you out. It was not told to people exactly how to make this money, but they were running an “affiliate marketing scam” where affiliate marketing is a legit business model where people promote other products and services for a specified commission per sale and it is possible to become a millionaire doing this, but it will take a lot of hard work. There are numerous products like Emobile code that try to scam people and make them thing it’s possible to make overnight riches. If you want to learn how to make money with affiliate marketing, I recommend you check out Wealthy Affiliate because they have a completely free lifetime membership and their low $47 or $360 per year annual membership will give you everything you need to start a successful online business with affiliate marketing including industry leading training, awesome weekly webinars, keyword tool, free state of the art hosting, unlimited website installs, and help whenever you need it.

      Yes, it was mandatory to give your $49 to gain access to his training, it’s just a marketing ploy. Lol, yes, exactly.

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