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Search Engine Optimization Mastery- 13 On and Off Page SEO Strategies

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? Search engine optimization is simply the process of preparing a website to rank high in the search engines in order to increase organic traffic, which is your websites visitors that are coming to your site for free through search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. This is the most… Read More »

How to Easily Find Profitable Keywords in Three Steps

Marketers heavily relied on Google’s free keyword tool, but since it has been replaced the Keyword Planner, a lot of things have changed and they can’t solely rely on Google anymore. Another problem is that other keyword tools provide irrelevant data. See my review of my #1 recommended tool here. Finding profitable keywords for your… Read More »

12 Tips to Writing Great Content for a Website That Converts

The internet marketing world is so much more than marketing, IM also  stands for influencing many and this is what you want to accomplish throughout your writing. Writing content for a website is similar to writing a research paper, except that in the internet marketing world, we’re using our content to entice visitors to take… Read More »

YouTube Video Marketing-How to Create and Rank YouTube Videos

YouTube now receives the third largest amount of traffic right after Google and Facebook-it’s no wonder why savvy marketers are using YouTube video marketing to drive targeted traffic to their websites, promote affiliate offers, and to build their list. People value receiving information through video rather than reading articles and videos are a lot easier… Read More »