Auto Traffic Accelerator Review- Not Another Scam

Auto Traffic Accelerator Review- Not Another Scam

Name: Auto Traffic Accelerator
Website:       Auto Traffic Accelerator
Price: Two payments of $49 or a one time payment of $67
Owner: Anthony Morrison
Overall Rank: 1 out of 5 stars

What is Auto Traffic Accelerator?

All over the internet, Auto Traffic Accelerator is claimed by Anthony to be a very powerful piece of software that drives thousands of targeted visitors to your affiliate link guaranteeing instant commissions. Anthony promises that it took him six years along with $50,000 to develop this push button software.

Check out all his websites designed to fool people. What gets me real mad is that he created a website called with his own positive review.

How does it Work?

All you do is type in your keyword and specify the least amount of views and increased views that you want and it returns several videos matching your search criteria.

It comes with two modules which are Video Messaging and Video Ripping. Video Messaging involves automatically sending messages to the video owners to agree with them to put your straight affiliate link in their video description for an agreed amount of money per month- about $30-$50.

Is Traffic Accelerator a Complete Scam?

Video Ripping involves downloading and stealing other people’s viral videos and uploading them as your own to your YouTube channel with your affiliate link on it. This comes to show the unethical practices that he teaches and how much he only cares about taking your money and nothing else.

Your success will be short lived using this strategy because it’s violating YouTube’s terms of service and it’s a really fast way to get your account suspended.

Tired of Getting Scammed by Anthony? Get expert help whenever you need it, all the tools, superior training, and unlimited websites with free state of the art hosting to accelerate your success.

And you don’t need this software to apply this video marketing technique. You can find viral videos on YouTube yourself and make these kinds of deals with video owners because YouTube gives you this information for free.

All you do is search for videos related to your product and then go to “Filters” at the top left hand corner. Go under “Sort by” and click on “View Count”.

Auto Traffic AcceleratorThen, click on a video with a high number of views and go under statistics on the bottom right    hand side of the video just left where the flag is. This allows you to quickly analyze if the video is expected to receive more views.

Auto Traffic AcceleratorFinally, if they don’t have an affiliate link or a website URL contact them and tell them that you’re willing to pay them some money every month if they put your link under the “about” section in the description, preferably both your affiliate link and website address at the top and bottom. Below is a very popular video I found about a man’s weight loss success story.

Auto Traffic Accelerator

The whole program also comes with two more modules and software’s which are Twitter and Pinterest Traffic that states to increase your Twitter and Pinterest followers. The Twitter software is a web based application that allows you to preload Twitter messages and specify when you want to tweet them. I personally don’t recommend using software for anything in internet marketing. It’s social media marketing, not social robot marketing. To be effective in social media, you have to build a relationship with people first to build trust and a following.

Not only that, but I wouldn’t buy anything that Anthony Morrison sells. This guy has a Auto Traffic Acceleratorreputation on stealing people’s money (he handles his own payment processing). He’s very hard  to get a hold of and provides very low quality support. His products are all junk and come with an endless amount of upsells and expensive “personal coaching.” You should also be prepared to risk your money on pay per click, pay per view, and cost per action campaigns. Just because this guy has been featured on CNN doesn’t mean you should trust him. Also be prepared to be bombarded with offer after offer if you subscribe to his list.

My Final Opinion of Auto Traffic Accelerator

Anthony wants to talk about selling hot dogs in a busy road, well his hot dog method doesn’t work. Using any kind of software is a big mistake in internet marketing. There are no shortcuts to success. Internet marketing is about putting in the time and effort in something that you’re passionate about and building relationships with people so when you recommend a product, they are more likely to  buy it. There are no shortcuts to riches. Do not waste your time or money with this financial abuser.

If you’re tired of getting scammed, I recommend that you read my review on my number one recommended product where they have a free lifetime starter membership and has all the tools, superior training, and expert help that you need to build a successful online business.

Auto Traffic Accelerator at a Glance…

Name: Auto Traffic Accelerator
Price: Two payments of $49 or a one time payment of $67
Owner: Anthony Morrison
Overall Rank: 1 out of 5 stars





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14 thoughts on “Auto Traffic Accelerator Review- Not Another Scam”

  1. Phenomenal review on Traffic Accelerator & Anthony Morrison Jennifer.
    I’ve been scammed by Anthony 3 times. The guy is very smooth talking in his videos and has such a baby face. Plus being on CNN gives Anthony credibility, (what a shame!)
    I did get refunds on everything. Can say this much about him, and that’s about all.
    I did not know some of Anthony’s practices were illegal.This makes me wonder why YouTube has not picked up on him.
    You go girl!!! Great site with wonderful content.

    • Thank you Joann. It really frustrates me of how wonderful people such as yourself get scammed by this crook. Yes, he
      is and he does. The fact that he has been on CNN I believe is the biggest reasons why people are falling for him, but
      people need to understand that just because he has been on CNN doesn’t mean he’s legit. I’m glad to hear you were able
      to recuperate your money back. 🙂 Yes, in this specific product, he teaches people to download copyrighted videos and claim them as
      their own. I don’t recommend any of his training or seminars as they are way too overpriced and are solely based on paid
      advertising methods. I have learned more on Wealthy Affiliate for 1/3 of the cost for a full year of amazing internet marketing training than any of his seminars. Thank you again Joanne! My blessings to you and your success.

  2. It’s refreshing to see an honest review. Most reviews have a headline like, “XYZ Product, is it a scam”, and then they praise the product.

    I had a bad feeling about anthony’s you tube software, and your review confirmed my suspicions. Thanks Glenn

    • Yes Glenn, this is what most marketers do to grab your attention in their blogs and YouTube videos. I know how you feel when they mislead you like this.

      Yes, like you, I trusted Anthony. I now know that all he does is keep creating what they call “push-button” software products to generate thousands of dollars online. These type of products are scams and the reality is, it takes hard work and determination to make money online.

      You’re very welcome Glenn. I’m glad I could help you out. 🙂

  3. Your information helped me realized that buying this product is very useless. I am so tired of the grimness in marketing, media, and making money. Gurus today are so into the dollar vs having something that actually does what it says to get people back. They lie to get your money. I want to do the opposite actually tell the truth to get money so that way people see the quality.

  4. Hi,
    I must tell you I now read this and I am too cheated. I listen to this Anthony Morrison video that he send me one day on my post email, one of my friends said to listen this video because I wish working on network and when I stop listen this I pay $49. I first thinking then he help me more about this, but no absolute nothing, I paid for this product for nothing. I only lost this money and i send him an email that I paid and he didn’t answer me. One day he called me on my phone and asked me how much money i have in my bank and how much my salary is. I didn’t tell him anything. I done myself stupid he say this help me if i tell him, but I don’t and he doesn’t talk to me anymore, but still now send me the same video about pay this $49 .
    i just want to tell one people is really very bad and rude and doing face so cute, but a real face is different only lie and nothing more and because of his lies that he is rich, because he steals money from many people

    • I’m sorry about what happened to you Marijana. Try filing a dispute with your bank and file a complaint with the BBB to help stop him from conning individuals. But yeah, as I mentioned in an article I wrote about him, Anthony Morrison doesn’t care about helping you make money online. It’s in his best interest to scam you out of thousands of dollars. Anyways, I hope you check out my free affiliate marketing recommended program… I promise it will be the best decision you’ve ever made.

      Much success to you.

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