Anthony Morrison Scam Artist- Robbing Innocent People Out of Thousands of Dollars

By | May 26, 2014

I decided to write this review of Anthony Morrison because I’m tired of seeing this guy selling false dreams and continually scam individuals. I have seen first-hand a woman that spend over $10,000 in her hopes to have IsAnthonyMorrisonaScammermore time and freedom in her life. Throughout my review, I will tell you why he is a scam artist and my story. I also included some of various complaints that I found throughout the internet.

Who is Anthony Morrison-The Millionaire?

Anthony Morrison became a successful internet marketer at a young age after his father lost all his savings and was facing foreclosure. He managed to save his family from hardship with his successful online business.

Now, he has made a name for himself appearing in infomercials and around the internet. He is the author of Automated Profits from Home, The Hidden Millionaire and Advertising Profits from Home and the owner of Success with Anthony, Traffic Sniper, CPV Domination and Invest Domains.

Due to the poor quality of his products and overpriced seminars, there’s a lot of angry people posting negative comments about Anthony so he created some fake blogs and ranked them on the first pages of Google so people who want to research him before they buy any of his training or programs don’t see these negative websites.

All the Awesome Training, Expert Help, Tools, and Websites You Need To Be Successful at Internet Marketing!

My Story and How I lost $1,497

I got a postcard from Anthony around March of 2012 when I lived in San Francisco for a free training event along with free lunch that I went to. I got excited when Adrian Morrison showed a video of him making $20 per minute and he said that he will show us how to do this if we invest the discounted price of $1497. My boyfriend kept telling me to not do it, but I decided to invest $1, 497 for the three day training event that was held at The Westin Hotel in Millbrae, CA.

All the buyers were given paperwork to sign which included a three day notice to cancel. That means that we had to cancel within three days to get our money back. I agreed to the dates written into the paperwork and signed.

To summarize Anthony’s “Super Affiliate” event, Tom Moore and Adrian Morrison wasted a good time emphasizing that after that event, we will know how run a successful campaign, making me a little frustrated because I wanted actual training. Anthony Morrison wasn’t even there. It was taught by Tom for the first day and Adrian taught the remaining two days.

The majority of the event only taught how to set up a Facebook ad including creative campaign ideas, how to effectively write and ad, hot niches to promote like dating and health offers, the importance of split testing and setting up a small budget of $5 when we are new to pay-per click. A lady requested for Adrian to set up a real live campaign while we were at the event and he refused.

We were given a list basic terms and what they mean and a list of affiliate programs with one of them being Wolf Storm Media. By the way, I got an e-mail from them stating that I had been banned from their network because I was a student of them.


Adrian was cool and made us laugh during the training, but at the end, both of them intensified their tone of  voice and got red as tomatoes as they pitched us with personal coaching ranging from $5,000-$20,000! A few   Is Anthony Morrison a Scammerpeople signed up for that and they emphasized how they are going to be very successful

After the seminar, I did use their landing page generator software and made one simple landing page and they  replaced my affiliate link with something else and after that, I just couldn’t trust using their software.

In the end, looking back, how I regret going to that event. Like I said, his ideas were enlightening in respect to setting up Facebook ads and for setting up a one page landing page promoting three offers to get the most out of your budget, but it wasn’t worth $1,500. With that money, I could have gotten myself five years of superior internet marketing education and be provided with all the tools and access to experts to make that happen.

Anthony and Adrian shouldn’t sleep easily knowing the heartbreak and financial devastation he has caused in the lives of innocent people that just wanted to be successful so that his family can live like superstars.

Fast Forward to Today, Anthony and Adrian Morrison Are Still Scamming People

In all of Anthony’s products, the support is nonexistent and it’s hard to get a refund. They get you in the door with a low ticket price of $30-$40 and then they use your information to solicit their costly personal coaching.

Past Anthony Morrison Complaints

Ramon Liamzon says:

January 22, 2014 at 3:28 pm

That bullshit Anthony Morrison, right after I unsubscribed from his program, I forego of my refunds and yet still make charges on my credit card and much worst his marketers’ software arm is also demanding a monthly fee from me. I thought that a person featured in CNN for his accomplishment will not be capable of cheating other people and I was wrong. Get away from this man or from his programs, you are bound to lose. Thank you.”

Robbie says:
November 21, 2013 at 12:50 am

… I bought into his 3 day -in-person- $3000 affiliate marketing program held by his brother Adrian Morrison. All he did was teach you how to put ads on Facebook. He didn’t teach about marketing to specific groups, or even making fan pages. He said to put a border around the picture, set it to $5 a day and watch your bank account grow. I learned 100 times the information on a product called 2 cent facebook clicks than I did with this garbage.” Complaints

Submitted: Wed, April 30, 2014
Reported By: nick — lantana Florida

Back in August ’13 I lost an important sum of money in the stock market. I got suckerred in to Anthony Morrison’s internet marketing classes after attending a seminar. I paid 2,000 for a 3 day class and at the end of those classes nothing seemed clear enough so I could start on my own, so I purchased the 5,000 package the third day thinking this should do it… They gave me a call a while later and the tutoring sounded so good that maybe this would answer my prayers so after a 45 minute conversation of a very well done sales pitch, the bottom line was: $6,700 more for tutoring…

I worked hundreds of hours, opened accounts everywhere, I was dead set on this and so serious that I put myself in quarantine away from any distractions to be able to master this marketing technique. I had a second chance to re-surface and I was not going to fail!!!

I joined the “Partner with Anthony” program, they offer webinars almost every night until September 10, 2014. Let me tell you that the “SOLE” purpose of that is to offer software after software, claiming to be the “inventors” of these programs, when I know now that a URL scrapper can be found elsewhere, it is not new and they did not invent it…

I purchased a few pieces of software at the rate of $997 ea. and convinced that this would be miraculous. Well NO, the examples that were used for this demo were impossible to achieve for me and the Morrison’s could not even do what they were teaching for several reasons but mainly because Direct CPV does not have the equipment to do such Pop-ups and I was told that this software is not at all what I needed for what I wanted to achieve.

My ads were denied (I replicated exactly what I was thought, even with the same company name).

My campaigns were turned down etc… I was in the middle of nothing and $11,000 in debt. They encouraged me to finance my new venture, that this would be the “BEST INVESTMENT” of my entire life.

The support is NON existent: “We will be holding you hand all the way, you will get FREE one-on-one tutoring, you can talk to me personally etc…” If you ever spoke to anyone on the phone, they are rude and really don’t want to answer your questions. I felt lost in that maze and every move I made cost me money and then FAILED.

If this is our “young America” blooming there’s going to be a lot of dried flowers laying around soon! I hope their days of fame and fortune are OVER.

They took a few months of my life and turned it into HELL, the money is not all that matters, but HIGH HOPES!!! My bubble just burst BIG TIME!!!

Anthony and Adrian are selling Pipe Dreams not Internet Marketing.
Thanks for reading this until the end. – Nick

Reported By: Johnny — Antelope California

We though the class was good since we had no knowledge of making money on line. When we got home we could not make any money! More classes, more time, and months later still no money. We were given a coach who trained us again to no avail. After calling and asking for help there was no response. Next I started a letter writing complain but again no response… We lost money equal to the cost of a luxury car! We never made money online. Do not buy into this scam NO matter what level. If you pay a penny then you paid too much! After complaining to Anthony Morrison several times with no solution we gave up. Presently, we are looking for a class action law suit.”

Submitted: Tue, May 06, 2014
Reported By: Joseph — Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

…I purchased “Traffic with Anthony” and never received the product… The next day, I received an email stating that they were having difficulties and were in the process of fixing it. In the meantime, I must’ve received a minimum of 3 upsell emails a day for a week. After a week, I emailed his various addresses requesting him to send the info or refund my money. No response. Then I called the 6 or 7 phone numbers he has listed. Every one of them is either disconnected or the call goes to voice mail with no one returning your call. I’m pretty sure this guy is a scammer, and a good one at that. From all of the upsell ads I’ve received, I don’t believe that anyone actually gets what is advertised. He probably doesn’t have any information or products to deliver, just more and more empty promises. My advice to anyone is don’t ever get involved with this guy.”

Anthony Morrison at a Glance…

Anthony Morrison is a caring individual to his family and doesn’t care about anyone else. He is a scammer and will try to suck every single cent out of you. He targets the most vulnerable people that are single moms, retirees, and the unemployed.  All of his products don’t have support and often come with expensive product upsells. In some products, unethical practices are taught and “free” websites are provided that are not owned by you and are of very poor quality. His overpriced seminars won’t help you to become a successful internet marketer. My advice is to stay away from Anthony and learn the right way to learn a successful business with my number one recommended product that will give you everything that you need to succeed online. Best of all, it has a completely free lifetime membership.

If you would like to share your experience with Anthony, please comment below.

PS: Please share this if you found it helpful and to spread the word about Anthony and help others from being scammed. Together, we can make a difference.

To Your Success,


30 thoughts on “Anthony Morrison Scam Artist- Robbing Innocent People Out of Thousands of Dollars

  1. Wendy

    Jennifer, Thank you so much for warning people about this scam. I hate how these companies suck people in with all their hype.

    1. Jennifer

      You’re welcome Wendy. Yes, they make people think they need high ticket personal mentoring and software to be successful. Thank you for stopping by Wendy. 🙂

      1. Corey

        Anthony Morrison
        I’m gonna unsubscribe to his emails

    2. Dean Ethridge

      I can’t stand people that do this kind of thing! Empower Network is an army of the same kinds of people stealing money from people that don’t have it to lose. Pretty sad stories in the comments section. Met you over at Wealthy Affiliate which I’m a big fan of as well. Take care!

  2. Kyle

    I have been in contact with many folks that have been taken by Anthony Morrison and this unethical marketing practices.

    What typically happens (and as you have outlined here) is that someone will buy one of the programs offered by Anthony and co, usually a low ticket price…under $100.

    They will then use your phone number and contact details to solicit other much higher ticket price mentoring programs attempting to clean out your bank account. They actually know how much you have on your credit card.

    Once they have your money, consider them gone and the only way to usually get your money back is to contact your credit card company.

    Stay away from Anthony Morrison and his snake oil marketing tactics.

    1. Jennifer

      Yes, it’s been awhile since I wanted to expose these guys. I will continue to go after his products.

      Wow, I knew they were scammers, but not total crooks.Thank you for the warning Kyle.These guys need to be reported to the FTC. Yes, everyone should know about him. The free websites that he gives people are invaluable and often ugly looking websites.

      Kyle, thank you for your valuable comment. I appreciate you stopping by. 🙂

    2. Corey

      I watched his webinar and spammed the shit outta the text feeds. Wix does everything he says for free and for a little money u can have a web hosting services a d email list. I gotta stay away from these web gurues

  3. Steen Rasmussen

    another one of those shiny buttons are unfortunately once in a while going to press, I have not heard about the program before I hit this product, but I am very pleased that you have taken the time to get this scam up in the light

    1. Jennifer

      Yes, all his products are get rich quick scams. You’re welcome Steen. I feel feel blessed that as an marketer, I am helping people and warning them about people like Anthony and other con man.

      Thank you for stopping by Steen! 🙂

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  5. David Knight

    Hi Jennifer ,

    Like yourself I am also a member of Wealthy Affiliate. I think your website is excellent. There is so much information – detailed information at that!

    I really like the ‘scam’ section – it really is great that you are warning innocent people against getting involved with these con men.

    Keep up the great work Jennifer!

    Kind regards

    David Knight

    1. Jennifer Post author

      Hey David, I’m glad you found the community of caring individuals 🙂 It really is all I ever wanted 🙂
      Thank you for your compliments, I really do my best to provide quality information 😉

      Yes, one of the greatest things about internet marketing is that you’re are helping people on a day to day basis.
      That is one of my primary goals for this website is to warn people about scam programs.

      I will David 🙂

  6. Ryan

    You should be ashamed of yourself! You write a review that tears a company down then you pitch a another product on here for people to sign up with. The truth is I make money with their system. I also make money paying for other software $130 a month. The truth is it takes work. I made money because I knew someone who made money who showed me. Call him my mentor or whatever you’d like. Your experiences might be real, but you are discredited at the end for pitching your own stuff to make money at the end.

    1. Jennifer Post author

      You are probably the first person who has told me this. I’m not ashamed for sharing my experience and those of others in my blog.

      The truth is one doesn’t have to invest thousands of dollars to get started making money online. And the truth is, I’m not ashamed to refer people to the only internet marketing education platform that has a completely free membership.

      If people actually got rich using push button software, there wouldn’t be numerous complaints around
      the internet regarding Anthony’s products.

      Perhaps you could point me to your website or blog where you prove your affiliate income.

      Some people may appreciate it, others may not. But those that do take advantage of the free program
      I’m recommending can change their lives if they are willing to work hard just like you said.

  7. Christa

    Hi Jennifer,
    This is an excellent article you have written on Anthony Morrison. I too was scammed by Anthony, and after being scammed by him and introduced to two other scams I had decided I was no longer going to pursue an internet online income.

    Yet then I “accidentally” found Wealthy Affiliate which I still would never have even entertained giving a second thought to, except for their 100% absolutely FREE opportunity go inside and investigate their program!

    I am so happy to have found Wealthy Affiliate, they truly are the Best online opportunity!

    Thank you for spreading the word on Anthony Morrison!

    Blessings, Christa

    1. Jennifer Post author

      Yes, it’s people like Anthony that make internet marketing seem like a scam.

      I’m glad that you believed it was still possible to make money online and we share the exact same story. 🙂 I also found Wealthy Affiliate by accident.

      Yes, no other program offers that much training for free and for a lifetime.

      You’re very welcome Christa.

      Wishing you much success.

  8. Laura L. Smith

    I got one of those Anthony and Adrian Morrison’s slick ads for “Internet Success Strategies” and knew it was the same old dog and pony show I have seen from other scammers. But instead of signing up here is what I do.

    I print out my photography guide book flyer, and hand write items on areas of the flyer such as–“the bonus gift”, “valuable information” and “don’t pass this money making offer up!”. Then on the front of the hand addressed envelop to Anthony and Adrian Morrison I write “Time sensitive material” and write “A bonus gift is reserved in your name”. Then I mailed the envelop. In two weeks I will follow up with another direct sales letter about how my book explains how to do your own free promoting using Google key words.

    Hey–I figure one good turn deserves another.

    1. Jennifer Post author

      I’m glad you didn’t get scammed like so many other people like me that thought that Anthony was legit.

  9. Caron

    I too was scammed by Anthony Morrison, and his Secrets of an Internet Millionaire seminar.

    I’m not unfamiliar with internet marketing. I have had a frustrating, and difficult experience in internet marketing with very little success. After attending the free seminar (with free lunch), I chose to sign up for the Secrets of an Internet Millionaire seminar to the tune of $2500 (which included his mobile marketing webinars in addition to the live seminar).

    As mentioned by others, the seminar was just a lot of fluff! There was no real substance to it. In reality, it was nothing more than a very expensive and glorified upsell event. On every break, Morrison’s salesmen would speak with each of us (“us” being the attendees of the seminar) individually, trying to get us to sign up for the MUCH MORE expensive training. When a person wouldn’t buy (such as myself), the salesmen would reduce the price by half! (And, of course, all the time telling you not to say anything to anybody else! Like they were giving you a really great deal by cutting the price in half). But I felt I had paid enough and chose not to take the upsell.

    I should mention, of the 30+ people/contacts that I met and made connections with from the seminar, NOBODY succeeded in getting a campaign off the ground, much less made ANY money!!
    It should be noted that we all stayed in touched for months after the seminar.

    To add insult to injury, the software that is “given” to the attendees of the seminars, is not software that we download onto our computers. So, we never actually “own” it. It can only be accessed via Morrison’s website. Therefore this software/website can be taken down at ANY TIME! That should be noted by anybody contemplating attending a seminar. In addition, the mobile marketing is nothing but worthless prerecorded webinars with little to no substance. And, once again, Morrison can take down the website at any time, leaving the purchaser with nothing!

    Morrison’s customer service department left much to be desired. Often, calling out of frustration just resulted in a hostile response from his CS representatives. Thus discouraging further phone calls from his seminar attendees.

    I filed a dispute on my credit card (which I recommend that everybody do because if the CC companies get enough complaints, they will stop doing business with vendors like Morrison). It went on for MONTHS. But the bottom line is, Morrison’s groanies would just rebuttal with the same old, tired information over and over. The credit card companies basically won’t do anything. They are unconcerned with the substance of the complaint. I was unable to succeed in getting a refund, and finally just gave up. I have since canceled that credit card and will NEVER do business with them again!

    File complaints with the BBB. That adds up and can eventually erode a reputation.

    A class action suit is a great idea and something I am more than willing to participate in! I doubt if I’d recover a penny, but the satisfaction of taking Morrison down would be worth every penny.

    People that have paid over $9000 can actually file an individual lawsuit and stand a good chance of recovering all their money. Most defendants are willing to settle out of court to avoid additional expense and hassle. Trust me, it’s worth the time and effort.

    Bottom line is: Anthony Morrison’s seminars, training, software, programs, etc. are hollow, and HUGELY overpriced. While you may glean a little value from his trainings, it won’t be enough to have a successful online venture. BUYER BEWARE! You’ve been warned!

    1. Jennifer Post author

      Hey Caron, that is a great loss you have taken. Yes, this proves to show how greedy Anthony, Adrian and all his salespeople are and don’t care about anyone.

      I remember when I was at his free seminar and when they finally pitched their hugely discounted seminar, I had an uneasy feeling. My boyfriend tried to talk me out of it and I almost didn’t do it. They assured me that I will have access to the seminar in dvd and further training at, so I paid for the training. After I was unsuccessful with making sales, I kept thinking that it was my fault and I didn’t try to get a refund at the time. When I wanted to, it was too late.

      To me, it’s sad to think about all those people that this scam artist robbed, some of up to $30,000! There’s no reason at all to pay that much for a quality internet marketing education. I’m glad you didn’t got taken for a second time.

      I’m not surprised nobody succeed in launching a successful campaign, we weren’t taught the right way to start an online business nor have the proper support or tools. What surprises me even more is why couldn’t he create a campaign live if it really were that easy.

      Yes, people have no control over it and the software and training can be taken down. But if that happens, people should complain as you stated because they made it clear that what you pay for is for lifetime access.

      Exactly, everyone should file a complain with the BBB and file a class action lawsuit.

      All of Morrisons products are lies and scams and I can’t wait the day he gets taken down. It would save many people from facing financial hardship.

      Thank you so much for sharing this Caron.

      I wish you much success.

  10. Sean

    WoW, I’ve been getting email(s) from Anthony Morrison for 2 years now. I was just about to join his program 20 minutes ago. I did a final search of his name, and I got your web-site! I’m glad I put it off for so long.

  11. Don

    Was reading up about how well Anthony Morrison’s marketing was great. I was buying into everything about your article, feeling really bad and all. Read all the submissions you gathered from other people. But what really threw me off is when you try to perform the same bullshit at the end, hahaha love the internet.



    1. Jennifer Post author

      I was simply recommending a service that is free for life or for the low cost of $30 to $47, people have everything they need to start a succesful online business. Try it before you judge.

  12. Bino

    I also invested about $1,000, buying Anthony Morrison’s products. I registered my name for a tutor. The guy called me and I tried several times to get in touch with him. I left several messages, but nobody ever called me back. I was out of $1,000. They have no supporting system to their system. So far, it seems like a SCAM

    1. Jennifer Post author

      Thank you Bino for sharing your experience with Anthony Morrison. File a complaint with the FTC and file a lawsuit.

  13. Tony

    Anthony Morrison is one the biggest snakes on the Internet. His brother Adrian and two other snakes (Barry and Roger) are in this list also.


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