DS Domination- The Truth About This Scheme Revealed

By | June 10, 2014

Name: DS Domination
Website: www.dsdomination.com
Price: $19.95 Pro/month, $99.00/month Elite, $249.99 unleashed training, $499.00   DS DominationMonopoly training + $9.95/month to be an affiliate.
Owners: Roger Langille and Kevin Hokoana
Overall Rank: 1 out of 5 stars

What is DS Domination?

DS Domination stands for Drop Shipping Domination and is a multilevel marketing pyramid scheme. The company is owned by Kevin Hokoana- an Air Force Major and Roger Langille that are both experienced affiliate marketers. The training starts from the basics of selling on eBay and moves up to more expensive levels of training known as Pro, Elite, Unleashed and Monopoly.

Many members didn’t find any value in the training at all and is believed that several affiliates of DSD are making their money by recruiting others and not doing anything with eBay itself.

A Little History On The Creator of DS Domination, Roger Langille

Roger Langille claims to be an eBay “Titanium Seller” for almost ten years and making millions of dollars per year. He has also been affiliated with My Shopping Genie (now a failed scheme), Visalus (a company that sells weight loss and muscle building shakes), and Sozo (sells   DS Dominationcoffee berry).

After all the eBay, PayPal, and tax fees, Roger didn’t make the amount of money he wanted to and usually ended up with six figures out of his million, so he started DS Domination- his own recruitment based scheme. What is also genius is that he makes Amazon commissions of all the people that fall into this program.

In the past, Roger was also using his eBay training as a way to steer people into Visalus that has a $500 startup fee and a $200 per month recurring fee in order to gain access to his support, training and tools. He also wanted people to completely focus on Visalus because he said it will make them more money. For each individual he signed up to the program, he would make $150 monthly recurring commissions. When people wanted a refund, he failed to reply. With his eBay course and Visalus, he would make at least $3,000 per person which was about 10,000 that fell into his trap.

The Drawbacks of DS Dominaton…

  • The program teaches retail arbitrage which is taking retail items and re-selling them. The profit margins are so low that  you would need to sell your product for at least $8 more (this is to cover the sales tax charged by Amazon that can be up to $5-$6, but Roger teaches to sell the products for a $3 profit which can result in a loss. Amazon’s sales price regularly changes resulting in an increased price of up to $8.
  • Customers have gotten angry when they discovered that a seller was buying and selling products for a higher price on eBay.
  • It can take up to two hours to find a profitable product where you can compete, you’re just not getting a decent return on your investment.
  • Companies can go out of stock on products that you’re trying to sell. It may be nowhere else online so you have to issue a refund. Items may also discontinue.
  • You are relying on third party sites like Amazon or eBay. If they decide to stop allowing drop shipping, it would be the end of your business.
  • A lot of the training can be found for free around the internet doing some research and it’s not worth the hundreds of dollars a month. You can get solid training on how to start a successful drop shipping business for no more than $200.
  • Thousands of people use this same method creating too much competition. Sooner or later, eBay and Amazon will take notice and this is why the program is not a sustainable business.

The Pros

  • Following the first level training, you may make four sales a month. Some people claim that the advanced training has helped them increase their profits on eBay. However, even if it does work, it’s not an ethical way to make money online.
  • They teach you not to use Amazon Prime, give you dozens of sites where you can find deals, and software to automate the process in the advanced training.

13 DS Domination Red Flags

  • The compensation plan can be seen by regulators as a product based pyramid scheme. They claim to be affiliates, but the compensation plan is ten levels deep. In order to be an “affiliate” for them, you have to pay a $9.95  fee and be the owner of the products. This can have them shut down.
  • The sales page is very misleading. When I watched one of their videos when they were doing a Google Hangout, they guarantee success and that you’re going to make thousands of dollars a month and that it’s the absolute best training ever. They claim that it stands out amongst all the other scams out there when in reality, the whole program is a big hype and it is intended to suck the most money out of you as they possibly can. Also, they make it seem like it’s only $20, not $20 per month. Yes, you’re paying $20 a month to watch 19 training videos.
  • No income disclosure. They don’t disclose how many people are currently in DS Domination or the average amount of money members make. A lot of people have left the program and at any given time, there was about 17, 000 people reading the how to get a refund page.
  • There was nothing in the “About Us” page in their website. They didn’t state who the owners of the business were. There is little information on the   training that they want you to pay for.

DS Domination

  • There is no refund policy. There have been instances where members cancel their membership and they will still continue to be charged in their account. Also, they don’t give you a decent reason why you have to keep paying the $19.00 a month once you have gone through all the training that the Pro plan offers. Some people even had a hard time leaving the program.

DS Domination

  • There is no agreement with Amazon. People doing this don’t have Amazon’s permission and there is no relationship because Amazon is a retail company.
  • They teach you to use copyrighted material. They teach you to copy and paste the exact picture and description from Amazon to eBay which is illegal.
  • They don’t teach you to state who you’re supplier is in the description. The FTC has passed a lot of federal laws that mandate anyone that offers a product or service online whether it’s a digital or physical product.
  • It’s against Amazons Terms of Service- Amazon states you cannot use any of their services for commercial use.

ds domination

  • People have complained about Kevin Hokoana and Roger either being rude or not answering emails.
  • They have been known not to pay their affiliates. Roger and Kevin are unreliable and don’t appreciate their affiliates.
  • They use Wal-Marts name. They don’t allow any network company to use their name.
  • You can get in trouble with your taxes if you don’t report all your sales tax.

Want to build a solid business online that provides industry leading training, tools, and expert help whenever you need it and everything you need to succeed? Checkout my number one recommended program.

DS Domination Tools and Training

DS Domination Pro- The first course teaches people to copy and paste products higher than $30 from Amazon to qualify for the free shipping to sell it for a higher price on eBay. This is not drop shipping, this is retail arbitrage. Once your product sells, the customer pays you first via PayPal so you can place the order from Amazon and have it ship to the eBay customer as a gift to hide that the product came from Amazon.

DS Domination Elite- More sites like Overstock, Wayfair, Walmart, Northen Tool, BJs Wholesale, and Ltd commodities are revealed, problem is that it’s hard to find lower prices than on Amazon. More less competitive products are also revealed and how to increase your profits. More software is provided to automate your listings and track the price changes.

DS Domination Unleashed- This is now teaching drop shipping. It includes Roger’s top picks and a list of cheap suppliers to increase your profits.

DS Domination Monopoly- How to sell products on Amazon, optimizing your product listings, a UPC generator tool and increasing your product rank with reviews.

DS Domination Complaints

Submitted: Fri, August 16, 2013
Reported By: OnlineScams — New York New York

…, paid by credit card said that after purchase there will be an email sent out, no email, tried to both contact email addresses on the website and try to contact the person posting this ad on craigslist nobody would respond including Roger Langille the Ebay Trainer and Kevin Hokoana no response from either, I was surprise that Roger Langille did not response, but so I am out $47 and they got the funds…THIS IS A SCAM in every sense STAY FAR AWAY.
Since I paid by credit card, I will be contacting them to file a dispute against this company and they will contact them and will apply a refund of the amount that I paid.”

ds domination

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How Much Does DS Domination Cost?

$19.95 monthly for the Pro level –Training and videos and how to start  selling on eBay using solely Amazon and it’s focused on retail arbitrage.

$99.00 monthly for the Elite Level- More websites are revealed, more training and videos.

$249.99 one-time fee for the Unleashed training course- Software and videos

$499.00 one-time fee for the Monopoly training course- Software and videos on how to sell on Amazon.

$9.95 monthly to be an affiliate

$199.00 one-time fee for Market Extreme – Marketing materials and training for affiliates

My Final Opinion of DS Domination

For the $20 a month Pro Plan that teaches you to use Amazon as a supplier, you’ll hardly make any riches as they promise in the video. To make the big bucks, you need to upgrade to learn about the reliable drop shipping companies.

Due to Roger’s history of ripping people off and Kevin’s poor customer service, I wouldn’t trust this program at all even if it did work because I’ll probably have to cancel my debit card and get a new one to prevent charges.

What a way of making money, what a way to teach people to use copyrighted material and not put who your suppliers are if you’re drop shipping. And the $9.95 fee reminds of the fee that Empower Network has.

If you want to sell on eBay, there are cheaper courses that you can buy for no more than $200 for advanced training than having to pay $100 per month. In reality, if everyone knew this, there would be no demand for this system making it a product based pyramid scheme.

You can start drop shipping for free or with minimal start-up cost from a variety of other drop shippers or buying straight from the manufacturer.

It’s not a sustainable business model because customers, Amazon and eBay will all find out and put an end to it resulting in new rules and regulations for legitimate sellers on eBay and affecting their income.

If you want to build a solid business online that provides industry leading training, tools, and expert help whenever you need it and everything you need to succeed,  check out my number one recommended program that has a free lifetime membership.

DS Domination at a Glance…

Name: DS Domination
Website: www.dsdomination.com
Price: $19.95 Pro/month, $99.00/month Elite, $249.99 unleashed training, $499.00 Monopoly training + $9.95/month to be an affiliate.
Owners: Roger Langille and Kevin Hokoana
Overall Rank: 1 out of 5 stars







If you have been a member of DS Domination, please share your experience below.

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31 thoughts on “DS Domination- The Truth About This Scheme Revealed

  1. Steven Mullican

    Great review..I almost fell for this a few months back.I stumbled across a website that exposed what you nailed..Roger is a genius “he makes Amazon commissions of all the people that fall into this program.”..I saw that and I knew it was a SCAM

    1. Jennifer Post author

      Thank you Steven :) I’m glad that you never fell for this silly scheme. ;) Yes, he makes commissions from not just Amazon, but
      the vacation and all the other products and services not to mention the fee that Wake Up Now distributors are forced to pay every
      month. Again, thank you for stopping by.

  2. Hayley

    I signed up to it and paid £12 something and cancelled it after 3 days of reading all this scam, but also working out what he was wanting me to do I could easily do it my self and pay no fee.. They don’t tell you all correct story till you sign up and pay a fee.. :( gutted

    1. Jennifer Post author

      Hey Hayley, I’m sorry what happened to you. You’re not alone, people fall for this type of scams all the time.

      But the good thing is that you found my review, you did your due diligence and you learned from that experience. I’m glad that I was able to help you out.

      Always research a product. I wish you much success and thank you for stopping by my site. I appreciate your feedback.

  3. Coolious

    Can someone explain how this gentleman makes money from the affiliate program? I can’t seem to understand how complex that would be and how he can even track so many people already doing this business? To me, the business is disgusting for taking advantage of people.

  4. Taz55

    so what is this other resource that teaches you so much for no more than $200? Wealthy Affiliate does not offer that, and affiliate marketing is very slow progress for commissions. I am looking for drop shipping and so far only place I learned or made money from the knowledge is DSD unless you can tell me about the less than $200 program.

  5. Karl Esolen

    You got your facts all wrong. For one thing, Rodger does NOT say to copy the descriptions of the items on Amazon word for word. He says to copy the bullet points only and to write you own descriptions.

    And I’ve been a member of DS domination since May of 2014. I’m still in Pro and NO one, not my affiliates or anyone else has ever even remotely pressured me to become an affiliate. True, you can make substantially more money if you’re a successful affiliate, but there are thousands of members who aren’t affiliates and are only in the Pro level (like me) who are making about $2k a month in profit every month, sometimes more, sometimes a bit less (like $1800.00) and I haven’t gotten rich on this by any means, but I was able to quit my full time job 2 months ago and I’m a simple guy so I don’t drive an expensive car or have a luxury home, but I can honestly say that I have all that I need and MOST of what I want because of DS domination. Can you say that about your job?

    1. Jennifer Post author

      Well that makes the program a little better, but where do you get your images from for your listings? Using the images would also be copyrighted material.

      The Pro level teaches retail arbitrage, it’s not even drop shipping. You’re admitting that you were able to quit your job in two short months after you joined the program by selling thousands of items from Amazon and Wal-Mart on eBay for a higher price and ripping people off?

      I’ m having a hard time believing that you and others are able to pull in at least $1,800 in profit at the Pro level as you would need to be an already established eBay seller for customers to buy from you. If you could provide some screenshots (use Snagit) of your earnings, it would be a different story. So, if you believe in DS Domination, Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to promote it in your own website and make a very nice extra income. Their Premium membership is only $360 a year for access to free hosting, internet marketing training, and expert support from full- time affiliates.

      It’s not easy at all to make a profit within the first two levels of the program as all of his
      secrets are revealed in the Unleashed training course for a hefty fee of $250. Both the Pro and Elite are a waste of money.

      All of the information you need to become a successful drop shipper can be found for free on eBay and other websites and they charge an arm and a leg for this information.

      1. Joe

        who does he teach to use in the unleasehed training anyway, if that’s where all his real content is? It seems like you may have taken a look at this part of that program?

        1. Jennifer Post author

          He teaches to use wholesalers in which there is a risk because you will have to buy items in bulk to minimize the cost per unit and increase your profit margins.

      2. joe

        Lol, sounds like Jennifer is trying really trying to push Wealthy Affiliate…hmmm.

        I’ve looked into DS Domination. I didn’t end up signing up, but not because I thought it was a scam. Nor do i think arbitrage is wrong in anyway. People can sell what they want to whoever they want for however much they want. Its not ripping anyone off. Stores do it all the time. You can find things at masys that are $20 less at Walmart. Big whoop. People are stupid enough to buy it from Macys, then who cares. I did decide to do some drop-shipping on eBay which has been going well, but it takes 3 months to really be able to sell. Sucks. Oh, and affiliate marketing is WAY harder. You have to really know your stuff. I tried it for a year and it does take FOREVER to make a very small amount of money

        1. Jennifer Post author

          Wealthy Affiliate has the best internet marketing training in the industry. The advice and everything taught is set up to make you a successful affiliate marketer. There’s no other company like it, the advanced training and webinars that are full of information but with some humor, the community of the most helpful members, the tools- everything is given to you for $30-$47 a month.

          Like any other scheme, you have to buy into the system. They make it seem like it’s so easy to make thousands of dollars per month, I have yet to hear of any newbie in eBay prove me wrong.

          This product should be about drop shipping, not retail arbitrage. I agree that people can sell whatever they want, and the price they choose,but not break Amazons terms of service. That’s why I don’t shop at Macy’s :) But yet, how many people will you hear complain, “I got this shirt at this place and it was cheaper at that place.” Right, people feel like they got ripped off. I believe that its very important as a seller to be a trusted source for the best deals. The last thing you need are getting people upset because that can have a very adverse effect on your business.

          Yes, like any other business, it takes some time to built.

          No, affiliate marketing is not that much harder when you have the right support, tools, and training, but it does take effort. All it takes is to be good at one strategy and be consistent with it. Soon, you’ll be building passive income online.

          Wishing you the best Joe.

  6. Krystyl M

    Now, I’m not here for any kind of drama or anything, but i can agree with some of the information that is there.

    I have only paid 20…once, and haven’t needed to pay again… i don’t know if it is a fluke or not, but i was able to implement about 95% of the information given to make actual money, and it helped that i am a book seller so i have a good rating on Ebay as it is.

    I used the info they gave and some of the tools to drop ship (Actual DropShipping) from other sites…its not all bad

    1. Jennifer Post author

      Yes, it is easier for established sellers to make sales than for those that are new to this.

      From my understanding, people are getting charged a $20 monthly fee for the pro level.

      Yes, people can make money, but the information can be learned for cheaper elsewhere, I’m glad you only paid $20.

      Thank you for sharing your experience and your tips.

  7. Mats Skrede

    Jennifer right here is using a strategy where she takes a high traffic keyword, which is DS Domination, then bashes the company with misleading and downright false information.

    The post is designed to have the reader to think by the time they get to the end of this post:
    “DS Domination sounds kind of crap”

    “whats good then??”

    “OH, SIDEBANNER?!?!?”

    And Jennifer is doing the sales dance.. Shame on you ;P

    1. Jennifer Post author

      I’m using a strategy where I use a high traffic keyword and then let people know of an opportunity of how to build a real online business.

      In no way was my intention to bash DS Domination Mats. I have spend days doing research on DS Domination before I label this as a scam.

      All my posts are designed to help people so by the time they get to end of a post, they will decide whether or not they want to get involved with the program/company or not. Nowhere in my article did I write that DS Domination is crap. In fact, I wrote that the DS “Domination Unleashed” is the actual product that can help you become successful in drop-shipping, especially if you’re already an established seller.

      You know there’s a lot of warning signs with this company. The first level doesn’t even teach drop shipping, they teach “RETAIL ARBITRAGE” which is taking retail items from various locations and selling them at a higher price elsewhere. The practices that they’re teaching can get your Amazon account shut down and can cut into your profits.

      They don’t have an income disclosure and they don’t have a refund policy for their overpriced products.

      They have recently updated their website, but in the past, they had a support site where the most read Knowledge Base article at any given time was more than 21,000 people. I wouldn’t think people will try to cancel their account if they were really making money.

      You need to buy the products to be able to receive commissions in inclusive to the affiliate fee. This is not affiliate marketing, it’s more of a multilevel marketing scheme.

      And yes. the side banners are for internet marketing programs that are completely free to join. Wealthy Affiliate has the best internet marketing training that I have ever seen. For the low cost of $30-$47 per month, they will provide expert support, awesome training, and all the tools that you need to succeed as an affiliate marketer.

  8. Jesse Singh

    This is what “Wealthy Affiliate” members do. They ALL do the same thing :)

    They make a company look bad and then preach how Wealthy Affiliate is the best program in the world.

    Take note of this everyone :)

    Next time you read a review, see if it’s from a “Wealthy Affiliate” member LOL.

    DS Domination flat out works, don’t let these fake negative reviews destroy your chances of joining this company.

    1. Jennifer Post author

      Wealthy Affiliate members are not taught to make a company look bad at all. We are taught to do research on a company and create an honest and balanced review about it.

      Don’t assume things Jesse. We as affiliates can join any scheme if we choose to and praise it and receive a quick affiliate commission. But I care more about my integrity more than anything else.

      And no other company in this unethical industry provides a completely free lifetime membership, access to expert help whenever you need it, free world class hosting, a free website builder with unlimited website installs and awesome training that will keep you updated to what is working now to succeed in affiliate marketing. Once you’re a member, you eliminate all these fees and have everything you need to build a successful online business for the low cost of $30-$47 a month.

      Wealthy Affiliate has created several successful marketers including Travis Sago and Jennifer Ledbetter.

      And yes, this is the best training in the world. I am so blessed to have found Wealthy Affiliate.

  9. Jason

    Hi, Jason here,

    Let me say this. I was once a member of DSD and I can tell you that the whole time I had an uneasy feeling about what was being taught. An earlier comment stated that Roger doesn’t teach you to copy and paste all content, but just the bullet points. He does in fact teach you to copy images and to employ the DSD “Image Scrambler” to avoid “having your images stolen”, but also quickly adds “Taking Care Of Copyright Issues”. ????? Clear-Cut violation of Amazon’s TOS.

    AND if you read the TOS in Overstock, Walmart and Amazon it says “Content in WHOLE or in PART”.. meaning that you can’t copy ANY of it, including bullet points. Any content within the site is protected by copyright laws. If all these companies decide to get together and launch one big lawsuit, it could get nasty FAST.

    Roger has a way of explaining things to make it seem as if all this lawbreaking is no big deal. It is in fact a serious issue, especially if taken to court. And because it states in the Agreement upon signing up for DSD that DSD holds NO LIABILITY, if something like that were to happen they could go after Roger and his cohorts, anyone affiliated or associated, and its members. Anyone who has made a profit with this system could very well be sued for damages. And Roger would only be accountable for himself, because by signing up, you agree DSD is not liable. Beware folks, I’d think long and hard about this…

    1. Jennifer Post author

      Hey Jason,

      Yes, the image scrambler it’s just Roger’s way of deceiving people and he knows it’s not taking care of any copyright issues.

      Thank you so much for warning people about the shady tactics being taught and that it can get everyone involved in legal trouble. Roger doesn’t care about anyone but himself.

      I wish you much success in your future endeavors.

  10. Cindy

    I have used Wealthy Affiliate and DS domination (most recently). I think any company works if you work it. I consider DS Domination to be brilliant in their marketing and teaching tools BUT the drop shipping and moving on to bigger ideas such as Genesis had it get a little out of hand. I decided to just buy and resell on eBay, but even that has its issues. I loved Wealthy Affiliate and haven’t really made a go of it, but I learned a lot (from both companies). I have not made any money in affiliate marketing, but that is because of me and no one else. I would not call DS Domination a scam. but I do agree not all the “right” information is given when you first start. I came, I saw, I conquered and now have moved on. With Wealthy Affiliate, its constant teaching and communication and I love that! I am going to focus more on affiliate marketing.

    1. Jennifer Post author

      No doubt that DS Domination works Cindy, but you have to pay an arm and a leg to make this work and you can also get in legal trouble for copyright infringement.

      Do understand that affiliate marketing is also a business that takes time to build. I’m glad that you have now focused all your time on the awesome Wealthy Affiliate platform. I’m sure if you focus, work hard, and give yourself time, you will be very successful.

  11. James

    Great article. I signed up for it for several months with very little profit from my sales, and little sales at that. I was on pro and I have to admit they do have extensive training videos, but all that training is about the same thing -copying what you see on Amazon and selling it on eBay with a mark up. There’s so much competition with other sellers doing the same and no matter how you rename your listing, your profit margin is still little. I’m still drop shipping, but from 3-rd party sources and also purchase from wholesale to make more $$. Still looking for good drop shippers. Thanks for the good write up..

    1. Jennifer Post author

      Hey James, thank you for honest experience with DS Domination. It sounds that their training in the pro is really lacking and they’re charging people $20 on a monthly basis for this. Yes, that’s why making a decent income on eBay can be a challenge for new sellers because they’re also in competition with the more established sellers.

      I wish you great success with your drop shipping business James. I recommend that you listen to this free informative podcast by Pat Flynn that discusses buying and selling an Amazon.

      Also, if you want to ever create your own niche website to sell products, Wealthy Affiliate will teach you skills you need to start a successful online business. I met this guy in there that had such a beautiful and amazing site and he was selling name brand clothing from drop shipping companies.

  12. Deshayla

    Hey Jen,

    I came across your review on Google. I read your review and I must say that you have the wrong impression about this company.

    This company is actually one of the best companies I have been in.

    As far as bashing another company just to promote your own business it kind of makes you look bad.

    I feel as though if you have never personally tired something you have no right to personally review it.

    As for the pro membership what you don’t know is that thing are constantly updated.

    Pro is $20 a month 1 because it comes with 2 softwares. One tracks all of your inventory at amazon.

    If the price raises of the items goes out of the stock the software removes the listing. Secondly there is a automation software that helps you find profitable items faster. Thirdly, there are weekly seminars with Roger to help you find items and get your questions answered.

    As for the profit in pro $3 per sale is the bare minimum. Truthfully you can mark you items up to the profit you desire and it still SELLS. Trust me I do it all the time. I never mark anything up to make $3 its always $20 or more!

    Ds domination has changed many lives i have done over $30,000 in sales within 4 months. Jesse Signh who commented back in November, is a 6 figure earner in ds domination. He has done over 800,000 in sales in 12 months. He is one of my team mates and has helped me as well as others.

    There is nothing against you or your post I just feel you need to try something for yourself before you give a review.

    From what im reading you going off of other people experiences or opinions.

    Those who don’t do well in this company simply just didn’t try. That goes for any program or company you have to put in work to get results.

    Thank you for your post though. God bless!

    1. Jennifer Post author

      Hey Deshayla, as I have mentioned before, my intention was was never to bash this company. I spend hours and hours of research and there’s
      a reason I gave this company a negative review.

      Updated, software, weekly webinars- what they teach is still against Amazon’s Terms of Service to use their service as a “warehouse.”
      And once again, gathering images and content from their site is copyright infringement. There compensation plan can be seen as regulators as a product based pyramid scheme because their compensation plan is ten levels deep and affiliates have to pay a fee of $9.95.

      When I wrote this review back in June 2014, there was 17,000 people reading the how to get a refund page! I would also avoid any company that has a no refund policy.

      I think if Jesse was really a six figure earner and you really make $30,000 every four months, you wouldn’t be wasting your precious time writing a 400 word comment on my blog.

      So, you’re saying that thousands of people have failed to make this work?

      Thank you for your comment and I wish you the best.

      1. thomas newman

        Thank you for opening my eyes and mind. I recently out of work and was thinking about trying this scam and waste money i don’t have to waste. Thank you so much.

  13. Laurel

    You’re full of crap! DS domination is legal and does work. Now you’re promoting your company off of saying another company is a scam….PLEASE give us a break!

    1. Jennifer Post author

      DS Domination can make you money, but what he is teaching is against Amazon’s Terms of Service so it’s not a sustainable business model. Dropshipping is a legit and ethical business model, not retail arbitrage. The compensation plan can be seen as regulators as a product based pyramid scheme.

      When you get banned from Amazon, you will come looking for me again to join Wealthy Affiliate, a genuine way to make money online through affiliate marketing.


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