The Core Fundamentals of Starting a Successful Business Online

If you are struggling to make your fist dollar online, you   How To Start a Business Onlineprobably don’t have a solid foundation in place that when applied, can bring your first sale within three months and turn into a full-time business within a year or two depending on how much time and effort that you’re willing to put in.

It may take longer, the success of individuals vary from one person to another. For me, I don’t really care how long it takes to eventually be able to not have to work for someone and to have the freedom to do whatever I want. Do you care how long it takes?

The beauty of internet marketing lies in the ability to make money while you’re sleeping and make passive income- that is money that keeps coming from work that you only did once. Anyone with patience, persistence and the desire to succeed can turn their passion into a thriving online business. Throughout this article, I will be revealing the core fundamentals of starting a successful business online.

how to start a business online

1. Have the Right Mindset

First of all, you need to have the right mindset. It is very important that you treat your online business like a business and not a hobby. It requires dedication and willingness on your part.

How To Start A Business Online

2. Get Everything You Need to Succeed

Whether you want to become an affiliate marketer, market your own product or start an e-commerce site, you have to learn internet marketing skills and be on top of what is working now and have the proper tools and support.

You do not have to enter this crazy world of online business alone and I don’t recommend it. Instead, you should speed up your path to online success within an affordable system that provides you top-notch training, access to expert help whenever you need it, and all the tools that you need including a free keyword tool and hosting.

How to Start A Business Online

3. We Are in the People Business

Marketers get so caught up in keywords and building their websites that often times, they forget that on the other end of everything that you do, there is a real breathing person landing on your website with honest intentions to trust what you are writing.

How To Start A Business Online

4. What’s Your Passion?

First of all, it is very important that you choose the right niche (your interest). Choose something that you are interested in. Having prior knowledge in that niche is          recommended because it’s going to be so much easier for  you to create quality and engaging content. Any niche can become a full time business. You want to make sure that you choose a buyer’s niche where customers are closer to making a purchase. Search your keyword in the Google search bar, if there’s a lot of ads it means that it’s a profitable niche.

How to Start a Business Online

5. Build Your Website

Using WordPress, it’s really easy to get your own website to build up your brand. A website is also going to allow you to create content to help visitors and generate revenue by monetizing it, one of the most popular ways is through affiliate programs.

If you already have a website and need help on setting it up, go here.

I recommend that you learn how to build a completely free website that’s also going to give you access to expert help whenever you need it, free training and tools.

How To Start A Business Online

6. Content, Content, and More Content

Come up with a couple of various and relevant keywords to base articles off of for your website. You have to understand that keyword phrases are coming from people that need help and you need to be able to think like your audience. If you can’t provide what they’re looking for in an easy to read manner, they’re going to click off your site and go elsewhere.

Write consistent content that converts. When you write, you want to be in-depth and try to answer as much questions that you think your audience may have.

The more content you have, the more authority you will gain, resulting in higher search engine rankings, more traffic, and greater opportunities for you to make money.

Search engine optimization is only one way to drive traffic to your website, but it is a long term strategy that can bring you an unlimited number of free traffic for years to come.

The most common mistake new internet marketers make is trying to focus too much on their initial keyword. Just write naturally and you will get ranked for a variety of keywords.

How To Start a Business Online

7. Traffic= Money

We have discussed one, but very important way to generate traffic and that is through the creation of high quality content that will lead to rankings. Once you have a decent amount of traffic, it will be easier to get approved for affiliate programs. There are millions of products that you can promote! It is recommended that you apply for two or three at the most when you’re first starting out.

How To Start a Business Online

8. Track Your Progress

It is vital to your success that you use Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools and Bing Webmaster Tools. These will gives you useful stats about your visitor’s behavior and are the only tools that you need.

Google Analytics will give your website stats to determine how people are behaving on your site. It will help you determine which pages on your website people are leaving on, how long they’re staying on your site, how they found your site, and what keywords they used to land on your page. You can then find flaws on your website that you need to fix.

Google Webmaster Tools allows you to submit a sitemap which tells and keeps Google updated of every page that exists on your site. It tells you how many times your website was viewed (impressions) and how many people clicked to your site. GWT also tells you of any website errors and backlinks to your site.

Bing still owns 33% of the search traffic online. To get ranked in Bing is not that much different than getting ranked in Google. To start getting more traffic from Bing, set up a Bing Webmaster Tools account and submit a sitemap.

How To Start a Business Online

9. Get Social!

Create short summaries of your articles and submit each and every page that you create to Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Digg, and StumbleUpon or any other social bookmarking site. Sharing your site will speed up your rankings. Also, make sure that you allow people to share your content. If you’re using WordPress, this can be easily done by adding the sociable plugin.

How To Start A Business Online

10. Focus!

Focus on one website at a time, research and write your own unique content. Remember that there are no shortcuts to success in building an online business.

Do you any other tips for starting a successful online business or have any questions or comments? If so, I would love to hear them below.

To your Success,



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